Jade is back in Bridgeport trying to start over after her heartbreak. When she arrives in town, there are majors changes, and she is happy to be home with her family and friends. Nasir is the furthest thing on her mind. She runs into Daemon after meeting him in the mall five years ago, and they spend a lot of time together, making Nasir jealous. Jade’s new man isn’t the guy she thinks he is. Daemon is tall, dark, and handsome and out for revenge; he does not care who is hurt in the process. Will Jade find out about her new man before it’s too late?


When Jade left without saying bye, Nasir moved back to New York and made changes to be a better man. He runs into Jade at a party and old feelings come rushing back. Dealing with his feelings for his Jade isn’t the only thing he has to worry about. Detectives are trying to find answers for the kidnapping and death of Mia and Dex, and their main suspect is Nasir. Not only are detectives out for him, but he is also being targeted by someone else.

Kiya and Heem eloped without telling anyone. They are navigating through life as a married couple. Kiya was suspicious of Heem because of the late hours he spends at work. To Heem, he isn’t doing anything wrong until one of his employees oversteps her boundaries. They are planning to have a huge ceremony to celebrate with their family and friends. Will they make it to the altar after Kiya finds out about the secret he’s been keeping from her?

Chapter 1

Jade -2018


           It’s been a while since I’ve been in Bridgeport, but some things just couldn’t be left behind. I felt like I was missing so much of my little brother’s life, and I missed hanging out with Kiya and my mom. New Hampshire was so boring. I guess I was just used to living in the city. I finally graduated from college and worked at an elementary school as their psychologist. The pay wasn’t that great, but since I just graduated from college, I accepted the job. I laid in my bed scrolling through Kiya’s Instagram and realized how much I missed my best friend. We spoke on the phone, and she came to visit me a few times, but between school and Heem, it wasn’t that often.          

“Hey, Best friend!” Kiya screamed.  

“I miss you so much, Kiya.”         

“I know you do. You need to move your ass back home; you graduated a year ago. I know you didn’t let Nasir ass run you out of Bridgeport.”

    I sighed at the thought of him. “I just needed to get away from all the violence. I’ve been thinking about coming home. My mother said she could get me a job at her friends’ clinic since I’ll be going back to school for my masters.”


“Yayyy! You need to take it. You’re missing so much by living out of town,” she said.    

“I know. I’m going to put in my two weeks’ notice at my job and start looking for an apartment, but nothing in Bridgeport though.”

             “If you don’t move by Trumbull or Fairfield and be quiet, girl.”

              “Whatever. I’ll call you tomorrow, I’m about to take my behind to sleep. I have to work in the morning. I love you, and hopefully, I’ll be seeing you soon.”

             “I love you too. Goodnight.”

 Guess it was time to look for apartments in Connecticut. I plugged my phone into the charger and tried to get some rest. The next morning, I had to drag myself out of the bed for me to make it to work on time. It wasn’t that bad, but it wasn’t for me. I needed to work somewhere that I loved to wake up to and couldn’t wait to get into the office. I honestly think I didn’t like it because I felt out of place. All my co-workers act like they didn’t want to talk to me. They were all stuffy and boring. I was the youngest person working there.


            I arrived at my job on time despite me sleeping through my alarm clock. When I got out of the car, I noticed Jake walking towards me, calling my name. Speeding up, I tried to ignore him, but he caught up to me and held the door open.

             “Good morning, Jade. You didn’t hear me calling you?” he asked.

“I’m sorry, it's just one of those mornings,” I chuckled.

             “Monday’s, right?” I moved the strand of hair out of my face and continued to walk towards my office.

             “What can I help you with, Jake?”

   “I wanted to see if you thought about going out with me. I asked you a few weeks ago, and you said you would get back to me.”

    I sat at my desk, crossed my arms, and thought of a way to let him down easy. “Listen, Jake, you’re a nice-looking guy, but I’m going to have to pass,” I told him.

             “Is it because I’m white?” he asked me.

           “Precisely.” I walked over to my office door, motioning for him to leave.

             “You didn’t even try to let me down easy,” he chuckled.

            “Listen, you’re a nice guy, but you’re just not my type. Plus, I’m not even about to be living here anymore. I’m going back home.”

“Oh, so you’re moving out of town? That’s why you don’t want to date me,” he said. I blocked him out because he wasn’t listening to anything I had to say.

             “Yes, I’m moving, that’s the reason.” Closing the door to my office, I went and turned on my computer so I could send my resignation e-mail to my boss. I went on an apartment searching site to find something, so I could hurry up and head home. Moving back to Connecticut was something I did not plan on doing, but the pay was better, and my family was there. I wanted to be able to spend more time with my little brother. Also, I planned on applying to Sacred Heart to get my master’s degree. I came across a 2-bedroom, 2-bathroom condo in Shelton. It had access to a pool, gym, tennis court, and a business center. I applied and paid my application fee; the rent was a little pricy, but I was dead ass serious about not moving back to Bridgeport.

             “So, you’re really leaving?” my boss, Christine, came barging into my office and asked me.

 “I’m extremely grateful for you giving me this opportunity, but I got accepted into school back in Connecticut. Plus, I’m homesick,” I told her.

   “I’ll miss you, but I understand. Your education is very important. I left home because I hated everybody’s freaking guts, and I will never go back until it’s time to bury my parents.” My eyes widened at her choice of words. Christine was a white lady in her mid-50’s, who was very outspoken and maybe sometimes could offend you if you didn’t get her sense of humor. We spoke about my last day and a few other things before she went back to her office. I replied to a few e-mails before my appointments with the children started.                                              

A month later

I finished unpacking the last box, and I definitely needed a glass of wine and a nice hot bubble bath after the day I had. Nobody knew that I was back in Connecticut, and I planned to surprise everyone tomorrow, but first, I was going to relax.

When pulled up to my parents’ house, I noticed they re-did the landscape, and it was nice. I got out of my car, walked up to the front of the house, and rang the doorbell. The spring air caused a chill, and I rang the bell again. It was a little chilly today, and I wished they hurried up and opened this damn door.

            “Jade, is that you?” my father said. He pulled me into a big hug and held me for five minutes.

              “Dad, let me go.” I pushed away from him and smiled. He grabbed my hand and led me into the living room.

             “Honey, who was at the door, we weren’t expecting anyone? This is our alone time while Jaden is at Anthony’s sleepover!” My mother yelled. We walked in, and I saw that there were candles lit and a bottle of champagne sitting in a bucket of ice.

             “Ewww, what were y’all doing in here?” I asked.

            “Jade!” My mother ran and gave me a hug and a kiss.

             “Get your lips off of me. I don’t know what you were doing.”

            “Be quiet,” she laughed. “What are you doing here?”

            “I moved back here a few days ago. I wanted to get settled before I told anybody.”

           “Why didn’t you move back home? We still have your room the way you left it,” my dad said.

             “I’m an adult now. I can’t be living with my parents.”

             “I’m so happy. Now we can do Mommy and Daughter dates again, I hate being the only female in the house.”

             “I missed our dates too. But from the looks of it, you guys were busy, so I’ll go check on Kiya, and I’ll come over here tomorrow when Jaden gets home,” I told them.

              “You better bring your ass back over here tomorrow too!” My mom said. I gave them both a hug and headed to Kiya and Heem's new house.

 Kiya and Heem needed to hurry up and get married. They been together for almost six years and they even bought a house. They lived in a 4-bedroom, 5-bathroom house in Trumbull. When Kiya showed it to me, she was so happy. Kiya’s father gave them the down payment for the house as a graduation gift and Heem has a few restaurants and gyms around CT and NY. Plus, Kiya was a Dental Hygienist making almost $50 per hour, so they were able to afford the house. Now me, on the other hand, there was no way I could afford to buy a house that nice. And I wanted to wait ‘til I was in a relationship before I even thought about buying a house. I parked next to Kiya’s 2018 Jaguar SUV. I had to go to the dealership tomorrow and upgrade my car, I still had an older model car.

*Knock Knock*

 The door opened and it was Heem.

              “What’s good, Jade? It’s been a long time. You just missed Nasir,” he said with a smile.

    “Nothing much, I just moved back here a few days ago. And I’m not worried about your cousin. Where is Kiya?”

    “It was messed up the way you left him like that with no explanation.”

    “You’re are like a brother and all, but I didn’t come here to talk about him.”

            “Still mean as fuck, I see,” he laughed and shook his head. “Kiya is upstairs; she’s sick, so she’s been in the bed all day.” He showed me where the room was and went back downstairs. Kiya had her back towards me and was facing the window, so I climbed into bed and wrapped my arms around her.

             “Heem, I told you to leave me the fuck alone!” She yelled.

            “Damn, what the hell did he do to you?” I asked her.

            “Jade?” she turned around and smiled at me. “Girl, what the hell are you doing here?”

             “I moved to Shelton a few days ago. I wanted it to be a surprise, so I didn’t tell anybody.”

              “Girl, you don’t know how happy I am that you came back home.”

            “I bet. So, what’s wrong with you? Heem said you were sick,” I asked her.

            “Me having my period is sick? That man gets on my damn nerves.” We both laughed, and she got up and went into the bathroom.

             “What are you doing? You were in there forever?”

            “I was taking a shower and putting some clothes on. Let’s go out to dinner, I hate sitting in the house all the time.”

             “Where you want to go? I kind of miss the food here. Let’s go grab some Tomlinson’s and go watch a movie after.”

             “Damn, I didn’t eat there in forever. I could go for their chili cheese fries.” We let Heem know we were leaving, got in Kiya’s car and headed to Bridgeport.

            Tomlinson’s was packed like always, so we got out of the car and got in line to order our food. I looked over, and it was a guy looking at me. He looked familiar, but I couldn’t remember where I knew him from. Once we got our food, we found an empty booth and sat down.

              “Jade, that nigga been staring at you since we got in here. Now he’s about to walk over here.”

              “I noticed. He does look familiar though,” I said to her. I looked at the dude walking towards me and he was very handsome.

             “Jade, right?” he said.

             “Yes. Do I know you?” I asked him.

             “You probably don’t remember me, but I met you at Stamford mall a few years ago.”

            “That’s where I know you from. What’s your name? I have a horrible memory. I can’t remember something from almost five years ago.”

             “Daemon. I wouldn’t forget that name or face no matter how many years went by.” I blushed and turned to look at Kiya, who acting like she was going through her phone.

             “I’m about to leave and had to come to shoot my shot before it ends up being another five years. Are you still in a relationship?” he asked me.

              “I’m single this time.”

            “So, can I have your number? I would love to take you out.” I grabbed his phone and put my number in it then gave it back to him. He took his phone back and walked away.

             “Okay, I see you. Haven’t been in CT for a week and already got a nigga. You didn’t even try to see what Nasir was up to.” Kiya laughed.

 We ate our food and was in the parking lot of Bow Tie Cinemas waiting for our movie to start. We decided to see “Rampage,” starring the Rock. The movie started in 30 minutes, so we went to catch up in the car. Everyone was always going to bring up Nasir, so I might as well just ask about him so they could stop bringing him up. No matter how hard I tried to forget about him, I constantly thought about him. Did I overreact and just leave without letting him explain himself? Maybe, but I was pregnant and hormonal. After I lost the baby, I was in a space where I needed to get away from everybody.

             “Y’all going to keep bringing him up, so what has Nasir been up to?”

            “You want to know? I didn’t speak ‘til Nasir until that bitch gave birth and he got a DNA test. I was so mad at him because he lied when all he had to do was tell you the truth. I blamed him for making you lose the baby and you moving away. After all of that, the damn baby wasn’t even his. We talk but not how we used to. It just wasn’t the same knowing that he caused you pain.”

             “Wow!” All these years I thought he had a baby, so I blocked him so I wouldn’t come across a picture of a baby knowing that I lost ours. I feel like an idiot. I should have let him explain everything to me.

             “Yea, I tried to tell you, but every time I wanted to, you cut me off,” Kiya said.

             “Well damn, I guess I overreacted.” We both started laughing so hard that tears came out of our eyes.    

            “Un poquito.”

            “Bitch, what?” I asked her.

             “It means a little in Spanish.”

             “You been hanging around Mia?” I said, and it made us laugh even harder.

             “Bitch, you are going to hell! You know that girl is dead.”

             “I forgot. Damn, they never found her body?” I asked her.

             “Nope and they been stopped looking. Not to be a bitch, but that’s what she gets. All the drama she started; something was bound to happen to her.”

             “True. Let’s head in to get our snacks.” We got out of the car and made our way inside the movie theater.


             It was great catching up with Kiya. I missed my best friend, but we couldn’t stay out late because she had work in the morning and I had an interview. I applied for a few jobs, but I got a call back for the one I wanted. It was a psychology office manager position. It would be an opportunity for me to learn both the business and clinical side while I was still in school. Plus, the office was located in the same building as Kiya’s dental office.

           I wore a pantsuit with a white button-down shirt and my black Jimmy Choo heels. I grabbed my bag and headed to my car. The office was only a ten-minute drive from my house, so I got there early. Walking into the building, I looked for the suite number, got on the elevator, and went to the 2nd floor. The interview went well. They offered me the job on the spot, and I even had my own office that overlooked a man-made lake with a fountain effect. It paid more than my last job and I had an excellent benefits package. Everything was going well, so I stopped at the BMW dealership in Bridgeport before I headed to my parent’s house. I saw a white 2018 BMW X6 M with red interior that I just had to have. By the time I traded my car, I didn’t have to put a down payment since the book value was still high on the Bentley, and my car payments were cheap.


           My mom was getting out of the car with Jaden when I pulled up, so I waited ‘til she parked, walked to Jaden’s door, and opened it.

            “Hi, sissy,” he said to me with the cutest smile.

             “Hi, fat man. What are you doing?” I unstrapped him from his car seat, hugged, and kissed all over his face. Jaden was almost four, but he still was chunky and had all of his baby fat.

             “Come watch the Lion Guard with me.” We held hands and walked to his playroom, which used to be my mother’s office, but she since she worked close to home now, she did all of her work at her office while Jaden was in daycare.

             “I’m making him a snack; do you want something?” My mother asked me.

            “Well, what are you making him?”

             “He likes to eat dino-nuggets, mac & cheese with chocolate milk.”

            “Sissy, you going to eat the same thing as me? Yayyyy,” Jaden said, interrupting me.

            “I guess I’ll have the same thing.” My mother laughed and shook her head before walking away. I watched the show with him, and it was pretty good. I tried to figure out when Simba and Nala had a son? I loved the Lion King as a child, and it was fun to watch this show with my brother. I stayed and had dinner with my parents, and my little brother begged me to stay the night with him, so here I was sleeping in my little brother’s room on his trundle bed. I wanted to sleep in my room, but he wasn’t having that.

             “Are my babies ready to be tucked in?” my mom came in and asked.

            “I’m ready. Are you ready, sissy?” Jaden asked me.

            “Yes, baby, I am.” My mother took out her phone and took a picture of us.

             “What are you doing?”

             “This is my dream to finally have my babies together again. Wait ‘til Facebook sees this.”

              “You know what? I don’t even care, just take the picture.”

            “Before I leave, can you bring Jaden to school in the morning?” she asked me.

            “No problem, I can bring him the rest of the week. I don’t start work until Monday.” I loved my brother, but I wouldn’t be staying the night in his room again. His mattress was good, but the one that was under his bed was not. The next morning, I made him breakfast and got him ready for school. It would be my mom to have his daycare on the other side of town, his school was in Trumbull, and she lived around the corner from Fairfield. I dropped Jaden off and went home so I could take a bath and lay in my bed. A lavender bubble bath was needed after the night I had. Hearing that Nasir didn’t have a baby was like a slap in my face. All these years I avoided talking to him, and even though he lied to me, I played a part in our falling out.

          I undressed and climbed into the warm water. Scrolling through Facebook, I decided to unblock Nasir so I could go through his page. Damn, I couldn’t see anything because his page was private, and since I blocked him, I wasn’t his friend anymore. It wasn’t meant to be. I put on some Bryson Tiller and put the phone down so I could relax. After 30 minutes, I got in the shower so I could wash the lavender oils off me. I grabbed my UGG robe and walked into my room to put on some clothes. Laying down, I thought about how everything was coming together. I just was waiting on my acceptance letter from Sacred Heart, and then most of my goals for 2018 were complete



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