Childhood traumas brought Keonte and Shea together so many years ago. Growing up, they truly became friends with benefits, but in the sexual sense of the term. They grew up almost like siblings; inspiring, motivating, and pushing each other to be the best versions of themselves.

It would look to everyone around them that the two are in a relationship although Shea has been married for two years. However, Shea’s happy marriage isn't all it looks to be. She's controlled and cheated on by her wealthy husband, Jason, leading her to reach out to Keonte for peace and freedom.

But what happens when one fateful night, Keonte and Shea cross the one line they've never crossed before. After a heated night of bliss, a passionate affair begins and friends with benefits takes on a whole new meaning for the two.

Keonte and Shea have always been friends with benefits, but will now going beyond the benefits cost them the greatest friendship they've ever had?

Prologue I - Melissa’s Delight

I entered the room to find Keonte lying naked and bound on the mattress in his room. I’d tied him up five minutes ago. He’s shivering a little with cold or anticipation perhaps. The room is a little cold and quite dark. His hands are tied above his head, bound with velvet rope. The knots are quite firm but not harsh. He has chafed his wrists a little in his struggles against them. A velvet blindfold covers his eyes. How he fought when he was tied, it was quite the struggle not to hurt him or allow him to harm himself. Our words of comfort did not seem to have any effect. Such a proud creature would not bow so easily, it is what makes him all the more desirable. I staked my claim immediately, this one is for me. The others are disappointed, let them find their own.

He heard me enter and turned his head towards the sound of the door. I closed it firmly behind me. I wait to see if he will speak, but he doesn’t. By my feet is a soft cashmere blanket he has thrown off in his struggles. Gently, I pull it over him. He shivers away but is unable to move much further from me. I reach out to his face and gently stroke his cheek. He recoils as if slapped. It is to be expected; he knew what I was there for and what we will do to him next. Again, I softly stroke his cheek and neck, taking care to keep clear of his teeth. It is only to be expected that he will try and attack in any way he can. I do not begrudge him this, it is his right.

“Don’t touch me,” he snarls.

I ignore him and continue my gentle caressing. He struggled a little as I firmly hold his jaw and move in to sensually kiss his neck. This confuses him and for a moment, he relaxes. How warm, how lightly bristled the feel of his throat, the firmness of his jaw, the softness of his hair as I run my fingers through it. He is shivering again, and this time I am sure it is with confusion and anticipation rather than fear.

I sit up and lift the blanket away so that I can fully enjoy the view of his body. Muscled limbs, broad smooth chest, and a light coating of hair on his stomach. His biceps swell as he once more struggles against the rope secured to the bedpost. I wait for him to relax again, to give in. His penis lies flaccid on his thigh, one ankle shackled to the wall to prevent escape. A short chain prevents him from giving me the kicking I’m sure he would prefer. I smile to myself. His body is breathtaking in its muscular beauty.

I stand and slide my clothes off, taking care to keep them out of his reach. He appears to be listening, although he does not move. This time I move over him, letting my warm calf touch his leg to reassure him. He shivers but does nothing. My hands caress his throat, his chest, move down to his hips and thighs. I stroke between his thighs, taking care not to touch his penis, now beginning to swell in spite of himself. His back arches up as my hands stroke him all over. I firmly hold his face again and kiss the other side of his jaw, my lips moving down over his chest. My breasts sway beneath me, stroking his body with my nipples even as my lips kiss and caress his chest and stomach. Moving lower, he arches his back again. This time he is erect, and his quivering is of need and desire. His penis is hard, a small drop of pre-cum on the tip as I blow my warm breath upon it.

He gives a low moan of desire. I breathe again onto the warm velvety head of his penis, now mere millimeters from my lips. When he arches towards me, I move away, laughing softly in pleasure. He curses me in a low snarl that stops midway when I engulf him in my mouth. The snarl turns to a groan of pleasure. I savor him, my mouth moving up and down his rock hard erection. My hands caressing his balls and stroking between his thighs, but only for a little while. It’s my turn for pleasure.

I move over him, brushing the tip of his penis against my clitoris. I am soaking wet with excitement, and it sends a thrill of electricity through me. I cannot resist brushing against him again, even though my whole body demands penetration. I must move slowly or it will all be over too soon. Rocking back and forwards, I begin to slowly impale myself on his rampant cock. He has stopped moaning, and his breath steams out in sharp exhalations. He moves against me, desperate to possess me, but I hold him at bay, moving even more slowly. Little by little, I am slowly moving down his length, my gentle rocking giving lie to my desperate need for release.

I am impaled completely. Our pubic bones meet. I pause for a moment, enjoying the feeling of fullness. My hands hold down his hips, preventing him from moving. I am afraid it will be over too soon if he begins to move. Now I start to ride him, my desire quickly mounting as I slide up and down his length. He is struggling again, but this time he wants to touch me, to thrust into me, but must be content with growling out his enthusiasm and excitement.

I feel my orgasm rising from my toes. I arch my back, throwing my head back as I give in to the rising tide of ecstasy that engulfs me. I cry out, grinding hard onto his cock as he thrusts against me in his own passionate need. Waves of pleasure break over me again and again. I am giving sharp animal cries as I ride him furiously. My orgasm is animalistic in its intensity. I am almost unaware of my body gripping him so firmly between my thighs, my clitoris twitching and my breasts heaving with each upwards clench of my vagina. He cries out as well, a gasp of surprise as he begins to twitch with his own orgasm. 

I am subsiding now, slowly coming down from the intense volcano of pleasure that has engulfed me. Waves of warm sensuality lap gently about me, so different from the tidal wave of lust I was riding before. He has subsided too, his thrusts becoming softer and his moans of pleasure decreasing with his movements. He twitches as his orgasm slips away.

I slide off him while his penis is still semi-hard. I move to replace the blanket; it will soon start to feel cold in here.

“Wait,” he says, his voice raspy with spent need. I lie next to him, pulling up the blanket and twining my arms around him. I rub my warm legs against him, holding him gently. I feel sorry he has had to wait here for me. He turns his face towards me, so I feel I need to reassure him.

“I’ll untie you in a minute. And if you continue to be a good boy for auntie, I won’t hurt you.”


Prologue II – David’s Delight

Young pussy makes me feel young again. Knowing that I’m the only one who has been inside of Shea, sex with her is even better. I can’t wait until she gets home after school. It’s only going to be me and her here, and I’m surely getting a piece of her in broad daylight. My foster-daughter filled out as a woman at an early age. When she was twelve, she already had breasts, and I couldn’t wait to have them in my mouth. It was always a mystery to what her pussy felt like, but not no more. Now that she’s sixteen, she has it all. A nice round ass, nice wide hips, a flat stomach and we can’t forget the perky breasts. She’s everything I need in a woman, even though she’s sixteen. Just thinking about when she gets home got my dick hard.

I remember my first night with her. She had just got back from her grandmother’s house. After her shower, she had just got done putting on her night clothes when I had followed her to her room.

“You know you’re growing up fast, right? You just as sexy as your mother.” I started moving closer to her.

“David, what are you doing? Why are you in my room?”

Stepping to her, I pushed her on her bed while she was fighting and screaming for me to get off of her. I ripped her pants off with one hand while holding her sixteen-year-old body down with my other. With my right hand, I started to strip away her childhood.

She was fighting with all that she could, but my muscular body was too much, and it was a fight she couldn’t win. That’s when I wanted to pull out my penis and start penetrating her young body. While I was penetrating her, her young body started shaking, and the screaming and shouting stopped. All she was doing was crying now. After I was done, I came on her young body and told her if she ever told anybody about what happened, I would kill her. Just as easily as I came in, I left out her room. I couldn’t wait for tonight. My dick wanted to be deep in her walls.

I don’t know what it is, but it’s something about young girls that made my dick hard. I don’t know if it’s their innocence or what, but whatever it is, I like it. Her stupid mom made it even easier for me to have my way with her daughter. If she wasn’t in a rush to get married, she would of did her research and she would have known I am a convicted sex offender with multiple victims under my belt. I know my dick is what kept her going and makes her want to be with me even more. She doesn’t want to give this dick up. I had her just where I wanted her, so that means I can have her daughter whichever way I want her.


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