Can someone find true love while working in the most ghetto retail store in America? Warehouse worker Trey Johnson is about to find out after he and his childhood sweetheart have a falling out just as his graveyard shift at Wally World begins. Frustrated with her disrespect, Trey looks to find a way to take off for the night without being fired by his evil store manager, Appleton, who is looking for any reason to terminate him.

Aramis, who is Trey’s most trusted friend and co-worker, is faced with an awkward situation herself as for years she’s built a strong friendship with Trey, but in her most private moments always wondered what it would be like to date him. With the rift between him and his girl, she’s torn between maintaining the friendship she loves or putting it all on the line to pursue a romantic relationship with him.

Trey’s other trusted co-worker, Malik, struggles to keep his friend out of trouble as well while also pursuing the new girl, Kisha, to add another notch to his belt. As the self-proclaimed playboy of the store, Malik works tirelessly to run through as many women in the store as he can, while still being there for his friend.

It’s a story that takes place over a one night shift, where all the workers not only must deal with their emotional pursuits, but also with the nightly activities that come with the job such as a sexy but lazy jewelry worker, two incompetent profiling security guards, strippers and crack heads, and so much more. These are tales from the graveyard shift. This is Wally World. 

Chapter 1

10:00 pm – Start of Shift

  After clocking in, Malik makes his way outside of the store, as he normally does at the beginning of his shift, to collect the shopping carts that customers left scattered throughout the parking lot. He didn’t mind it much as it allowed him to get a quick smoke break in before starting his day officially. He looks around the parking lot and chuckles noticing all the trash in the area and the run-down surroundings. Wally World is one of the biggest retail stores in the area selling everything from groceries to electronics. It’s a twenty-four-hour store, but pretty slow during the overnight hours which allows the employees to restock the shelves and get the store ready for its peak morning hours. The location of the store is located in one of the most crime driven neighborhoods in the city making it one of their less desirable locations to work. Malik begins collecting carts with a cigarette balancing from his lips when he notices Trey and Latoya pulling up to the store. He can tell that the couple is arguing and sighs.

“Aw, shit. Here we go,” he says to himself before taking a puff of his cigarette. “Gonna be a long ass night.”

After a few moments of watching the altercation, he goes back to collecting the carts in the area as the heated couple continues to go back and forth with each other.

“You must really think I’m fuckin’ stupid don’t you?” Trey says in anger. “I mean you get all dressed up like you about to go fuck another nigga, and I’m supposed to sit here all quiet and shit?!”

“Trey, I ain’t goin’ nowhere,” Latoya quips while rolling her eyes. “I’m just going hang out with Tashika, that’s it!”

“Lookin’ like that? Cause I honestly gotta ask if you and her are fucking at this point,” Trey argues pointing out her sexy outfit. “No chick goes hangin’ with her girl dressed like she’s dick shopping! I mean, open toe heels, tight ass skirt, and… wait, it’s that the Chanel top I bought you for your birthday?! I mean what the fuck, Toya?!”

Latoya looks at her lover as if she’s offended by his words.

“So what are you tryin’ to say, Trey?” She asks as if she’s the victim. “You’re sayin’ I’m fuckin’ someone else? I can’t go out looking nice to feel good about myself? What, you want me in my grandma drawers and pajamas all day?”

“I didn’t say all that, but what I am sayin’ is-,”

“Bull shit, nigga!” Latoya fires back cutting off her boyfriend. “You ain’t gotta say shit cause I see it all in your eyes. All these years together and you still don’t trust me? After all the shit we then been through, you still treat me like I’m some side piece? That hurts, Trey. That really fuckin’ hurts.”

Trey sighs as Latoya’s victim tactic seems to be wearing him down.

“Well, I mean, dressed like that and all, what am I supposed to-,”

“Fuck you, Trey! Just… just fuck you!” Latoya yells, turning away from her lover.

Trey wants to continue the argument but can tell that this isn’t going anywhere with her. He falls for her scheme as she genuinely seems upset that he’s calling her out. After a few moments, he settles down looking to square things with her.

“My bad, okay?” He apologizes as Latoya slowly turns around. “It’s just… I don’t know. You know I don’t like other niggas seeing you like that and shit. You know how niggas be out here, and that shit would have them on your ass like white on rice, for real.”

Latoya finally manages a smile and leans in to share a quick kiss with Trey.

“Aw, that’s so sweet,” she says, smirking. “My boo is jealous. It’s so cute. Baby, you know I only have eyes for you. I don’t know why you even trip like that.”

Trey nods his head with a smile as he gets out of the car, and closes the door behind him. Before he can make it into the store, a vindictive Latoya lowers her window and gets his attention with a sinister grin filling her face.

“By the way, I was fuckin’ with you, Trey,” she says causing Trey to turn back towards her. “You were right. I’m about to hook up with ten inches of dick tonight, which by my count is seven more inches than you have!”

“Come again?” Trey says with anger building inside of him.

“You’re tired, Trey. You’re a going nowhere ass nigga, and I’m not gonna waste my firm years fuckin’ with your broke ass no more,” Latoya fires back, infuriating her lover. “Look at you, damn near thirty still workin’ a job that high school niggas work! Raggedy ass ain’t never movin’ up, but nah, baby, you ain’t gonna keep me down with you. Fuck that shit! I’m makin’ my move, and guess who’s getting left in that dump you call an apartment?”

A stunned Trey is about to approach the car when Latoya quickly flips him the bird before speeding out of the parking lot. Trey is pissed off and is about to run after the car when Malik hurries over and stops him.

“Yo, chill out, my nigga,” Malik says. “Unless your name is Action Jackson, you’re not about to catch her.”

“That fuckin’ bitch! I’m gonna kill her fuckin’ ass!” Exclaims Trey.

“Yeah, that’s all fun and good, but you about to lose your job if you don’t clock in,” Malik reminds his friend. “You’re already seven minutes late and shit. You really want Appleton on your ass?”

Trey checks the time on his phone in terror before quickly running into the store to clock in.


In the store, Trey peeks around the corner towards the time clock area located in the breakroom looking for any signs of the store manager. The coast seems clear as he quickly runs over and grabs his time card punching in on the old fashion time machine. He breathes a sigh of relief as he places his card back in its slot next to the machine. He’s about to walk off when he’s surprised by Appleton, who is standing just behind him. The pudgy, bald store manager frowns as he looks towards Trey. His face is slightly red with anger, unlike his normally calm pale face. Trey nervously chuckles as he greets his manager.

“Appleton, anyway ever tell you that you move real quiet for a big guy,” Trey jokes trying to ease the mood.

Appleton is not amused.

“Mr. Johnson. Late again, are we?” He responds.

“Look, my bad, dude. Me and my girl got into some shit. We was right in front of the store, and I lost track of time. I didn’t mean-,”

“Your bad? Your bad? Let’s see, you’ve had three your bads in the past week.  No, Mr. Johnson, I think your bad has run its course,” Appleton replies, tired of Trey’s excuses.

“Dog, look, it wasn’t that much time. I can-,”

“Dog? My name is not dog! It’s Mr. Appleton to you,” the store manager responds, cutting off Trey. “You really should learn how to address your superiors with a little more respect!”

Trey sighs as he backs down, not wanting to make things worse for him.

“You’re right. My bad… I mean, sorry about that. It won’t happen again,” he says trying to move forward.

“Trey, you’re on a very short leash, my friend. Ever since I’ve taken over this shift I’ve had nothing but issues with you and your running mate out there. I run a respectable shift here and don’t need the likes of you running amuck. Any more trouble out of you, and I’ll ship your black ass out of here faster than a toupee in a hurricane, are we clear?” Appleton says surprising Trey.

“Did you say black ass?” Trey asks for clarification.

“Yeah, so what?” Appleton replies.

“I mean, ain’t that against some HR guidelines or something?” Trey responds. “With you being white, and me being black? That’s kinda racist, don’t you think?”

Appleton chuckles while shaking his head in disbelief.

“Trey, with your record I can call you a nigger and not get in trouble,” Appleton snaps back, enraging Trey. “I’m the one who runs the shop here. If you have a problem with that, boy, you know where you can go.”

An angered Trey approaches Appleton, much to the store manager’s delight.

“Yeah, that’s it. Come on! Hit me!” Appleton goats. “One false move out of you and you’re back behind bars getting your ass plowed for cigarettes! Come on, do it! Do it!”

As much as he wanted to deck his boss, Trey knows just like Appleton knows that he needed his job as part of his parole requirement. It took him forever to get this job, and without it, he could be subject to violation. Appleton has been the night manager for a little over six months now transferring from the Metairie location, and he’s never liked Trey. He thinks of him as a thug and has made it his personal goal to get Trey off his shift. He constantly overworks him, talks down to him, and shows little to no respect towards him in front of others. He is miserable at his job night after night having to deal with the store manager. Trey, knowing he can’t win against his boss, sighs before deciding to back down.

“Is that all?” Trey says to a disappointed Appleton.

“Damn. Well, we both know you won’t last much longer,” the store manager replies. “One more violation and you’re out of here. Now, hit the floor!”

Trey nods his head, still upset with his treatment before walking off to the main floor area. As he makes his way down the aisle, he runs into Aramis and Kisha who are walking together. Aramis smiles as she tries to introduce Kisha to her longtime friend.

“Hey, Trey. I wanted to introduce you to-,”

“Fuckin’ bitch!” Trey exclaims catching both Aramis and Kisha off guard.

“Excuse me?” Kisha says with an attitude.

Aramis can tell Trey is upset and he motions Kisha to calm down.

“Let me guess, Appleton?” Aramis asks.

“I swear, that fat bastard is tryin’ to get me caught up for real,” Trey says. “You should have heard the shit he just said to me! That nigga is a racist, and somebody needs to call him out on that bullshit!”

“I don’t know why you let that fool get to you like that,” Aramis chimes in. “You know he’s just tryin’ to get under your skin and shit. You let him do it every time too. Just… just breathe like we talked about. In and out, in and out.”

Trey looks at Aramis as if he’s confused while she demonstrates a breathing exercise to her friend. After a few more moments of demonstrations, the two friends burst into laughter. She always knew how to calm him down after an Appleton confrontation. Trey knows that without Aramis he probably would have been fired months ago. The two have been working at Wally World for years and have a special bond with each other that nobody outside of them could understand. Most people just naturally assumed the two were sleeping with each other, which is normal chatter in a retail environment. Aramis’ antics lightens the mood for a moment as Trey looks at his friend.

“Something’s really wrong with you,” he says with a smirk.

“Yeah, I’m not gonna argue with that,” Aramis replies before turning her attention back towards Kisha. “Anyway, this is Kisha. She just transferred in from the Kenner store.”

Trey looks at Kisha strangely.

“Kenner? Why would you transfer from Kenner to this dump?” He curiously asks.

“Change of scenery, school schedule, and commute time,” Kisha responds as she and Trey shake hands.

Kisha shares a look with Trey, seemingly attracted to him. Her eyes quickly get a look at him from top to bottom, impressing her. Before the conversation can go any further, Malik quickly slides between the two with a smile on his face.

“Well, hello, hello, hello,” he says grabbing Kisha’s hand. “And who might you be, pretty young thing?”

He kisses Kisha’s hand as both she and Aramis roll their eyes at him.

“My name is Kisha, and I assume you’re the self-absorbed man hoe I’ve been hearing about,” she says as she quickly jerks her hand from his grasp.

“That would be me,” Malik responds proudly with a smile. “Malik is the name, and gettin’ in your drawers is the game.”

Trey shakes his head with disbelief as Aramis waves him off.

“Nigga, please. She’s not here for all of that. I’m training her tonight, so hands off the merchandise,” Aramis warns.

Malik ignores Aramis as he continues to try and work his magic on his new coworker.

“You have to excuse my friend Aramis here,” he says to Kisha. “She hasn’t had no dick in a while so she can get a little cranky and shit. She hasn’t been with a real man before so you can kinda understand her moodiness. You, however, have the chance of not only being with a real man but one who will make sure every facet of your body is satisfied from head to toe. Don’t be moody like your trainer. I’ll make it my duty to see that you’re relaxed in every way humanly possible.”

“Boy, and I do mean boy, nobody wants to hear your hoeish shit! Nigga visits the clinic so much they have him on payroll deduction. And for the record, the only real man standing here right now is Trey,” an agitated Aramis replies. “Now, if you don’t mind, we have work to do. See you later, Trey.”

Trey nods his head as Aramis and Kisha quickly make their way down the aisle. Trey looks at his friend with amazement.

“Dude, you betta watch that shit,” he warns Malik. “You don’t even know ol’ girl. She’s from the Kenner store, and you know how uppity them folks are. She could go to HR on your ass over that shit.”

“Please,” an unbothered Malik replies. “That girl ain’t gonna do shit. She’s curious I can tell. Aramis is trying to shield that ass, but I promise you, Ms. Kisha will visit the love pad before the night’s done.”

“So that’s what you’re calling it now?” Trey responds as he and Malik make their way down the aisle. “I mean I wouldn’t call the back of the storeroom you funk up every other night a love pad. It’s more like a dirty dungeon or some shit.”

“Call it what you want, but it’s gonna get a lot of use tonight. Bet that,” Malik replies causing his friend to chuckle. “What you worried about me for anyway? What you need to do is get in Aramis’ ass, on the real.”

Trey shakes his head, dismissing his friend’s comments. Malik sighs before going further into his thoughts.

“Dude, don’t be actin’ like a bitch,” he says as the duo continue to make their way down the aisle. “I know you notice how she’s always up in your grill and shit. You see that shit she said about the only real man standing here is Trey? She wants you for real. Half the store thinks y’all fucking anyway so you might as well make the rumors true.”

“First of all, she only said that to diss your ass. That girl ain’t worried about me. Secondly, and I know this shit wouldn’t make sense to Mr. Super Dick, but I’m happy with Toya,” Trey responds as Malik grabs him by his arm.

“You talkin’ about the same Toya who just said she’s about to fuck another nigga?” Malik asks his friend. “I mean come on, dude. Are you serious right now?”

“She’s just actin’ stupid. She didn’t mean that shit,” Trey replies. “She always says shit to get under my skin. She’ll be back at the crib when I get off apologizin’ talking about she didn’t mean this and that. You know she’s throw’d.”

Malik hated to see his friend like this, but he knew there was no changing his mind on Latoya. He’s tried in the past to point out her indiscretions, but Trey wouldn’t listen to him preferring to live with his head in the ground. He and Malik have been best friends ever since Trey started working at the store, and Malik is only looking out for his friend’s best interest.

Before they are able to continue down the aisle to their destination, they are approached by both Lance and Mahoney, two of the white plainclothes security guards in the store. Malik and Trey can’t stand the two because they feel that the security personnel uses profiling to harass black customers and employees. Anytime something is missing from the store, the two always blame Trey and Malik which has caused a rift between them. Lance has a big smile on his face with his flowing blonde hair as he steps to the friends.

“Gentlemen, how are we tonight?” Lance says, greeting Malik and Trey.

“Dude, get your rent-a-cop ass out of our way,” Trey says, showing the security members no respect.

“Careful there, sport. Heard you’re one violation away from the chopping block,” a sinister Lance replies. “Wouldn’t want to get that parole revoked, now would we?”

Trey once again backs down after hearing the threat of violation. Malik, however, steps up, not afraid to speak his mind.

“My boy might be hesitant over that shit, but I ain’t,” he says getting in the face of Lance. “On the real though, you talk all that shit thinkin’ you the man up in here. You wanna go at it, we can go at it, ya heard me. I wouldn’t mind takin’ your fake cop ass out back and beatin’ the white off you, so you need to chill with that bullshit!”

Both Malik and Lance stand toe to toe, with neither backing down.

“Don’t get on my bad side, Malik,” Lance warns, staring into the eyes of his adversary. “I know it was you that lifted that forty-inch flat screen the other day. Eventually, everyone gets caught in their web of lies. Remind me again where you were the night of the big TV heist.”

“Like I told you when you interviewed me the first time. I was up at your mom’s house fucking her in all three holes,” Malik replies with a smile, enraging the security guard.

Lance and Mahoney are both squaring up with Malik as Trey stands by ready to assist his friend if something jumps off. Before any conflict can start, Mahoney notices Nekhole making her way down the aisle.

“Oh my god, look!” He says excitedly as everyone turns their attention towards the jewelry clerk.

Nekhole slowly makes her way down the aisle, loving the attention she’s receiving from all the men and several women in the area. The light-skinned worker made sure that everyone sees her all-in-one form-fitting pink sundress outfit, with her hair flowing down her back and perfectly manicured nails. The sundress she’s wearing leaves nothing to the imagination as the thin garment reveals the thong she’s wearing under the dress. Unlike the other workers, Nekhole works behind the jewelry center where uniforms aren’t required, much to the delight of the men in the group. She puts on a fake smile as she passes Trey and the others making her way towards her workstation which eases the tension between the security crew and the two friends.

“Later, hoodgroes,” Lance says with his eyes following Nekhole. “Remember, I’ll be watching.”

Both he and Mahoney quickly make their way behind Nekhole greeting her. She smiles at them as they strike up a conversation with her, admiring her body. Malik chuckles, shaking his head.

“Yeah, he’ll be watchin’ alright,” Malik scoffs. “Watchin’ Nekhole’s ass at the jewelry center all night.”

“Nigga, like your ass, ain’t watchin’ too,” Trey chimes in as he and Malik continue down the aisle.

“Oh, no doubt Nikki’s a bad bitch,” Malik responds. “Perfect body, curves, sexy like a muthafucka.”

“More like a lazy bitch,” Trey points out. “And what the fuck, it’s like ten-twenty and her ass come trottin’ in here like it’s all good.”

“And?” A confused Malik responds.

“Let that shit had been me, and Appleton’s fat ass would have been all over me,” Trey points out. “The favoritism in this spot amazes me, for real.”

“I know you not comparing yourself to Nekhole,” a dumbfounded Malik fires back. “Nigga, I bet if you had a set of tits and ass like Nekhole, Appleton wouldn’t bother you neither.”

Trey bursts into laughter as the two make it to the maintenance area that housed the brooms and mops.

“Speaking of Nekhole, you want some action on it tonight?” Trey asks.

“I’m thinking about it,” Malik replies as he grabs a broom. “Why, you in?”

“Yeah, I’m down. What you got on it?” Trey asks before grabbing a broom as well.

“Give me fifteen,” Malik replies, stunning his friend.

“Fifteen? Get the fuck outta here. In that dress? At least twenty-eight,” Trey replies. “That’s her legendary ‘I’m looking for new dick’ dress. No way she settles for fifteen tonight.”

Nekhole is such a thirst queen that Trey and Malik often like to bet on how often men looking at her will be so distracted that they will run into a nearby support beam next to the jewelry station. Her pink sundress is a favorite of Trey’s and he knows whenever she brings it out of the closet that it would drive her normal numbers up. Malik on the other hand isn’t basing his number solely on the dress. It’s been slow the past few nights, and he didn’t anticipate the number going that high this night. It’s a science that these two always compete on.

“Twenty-eight, huh?” Malik says while considering his friend’s proposal. “I don’t think twenty-eight niggas are coming through the store tonight. I’ll give you one more chance to back out.”

“Nigga, is you in or is you out?” Trey replies holding out his fist.

Malik thinks for a moment before dapping his friend off.

“Shit, I’ll take easy money since you giving it away,” he says with a smirk.

“Yeah, we’ll see about that,” Trey says, with a smile.

He’s about to head back onto the floor when his cell phone suddenly rings. He checks the caller ID and notices it’s Latoya calling.

“Oh shit, it’s Toya,” he says to his friend. “Probably calling to say she sorry and shit. I told you I know my girl.”

“Yeah, whatever. Don’t let Appleton catch you on that shit,” warns Malik. “You know he’s looking to violate your ass for any fuckin’ thing.”

“Yeah, yeah, I know. I’ll holla at you in a bit,” Trey replies as he ducks back into the maintenance area.

After Malik walks out he takes a deep breath before answering the line.

“Hey, Toya. Look, I know shit was crazy earlier but-,”

Trey stops in midsentence, confused as he hears what sounds like sexual moaning on the line.

“Toya?” He says trying to figure out what’s going on.

“Oh… oh… oh hey, Trey,” Latoya responds trying to form a complete sentence in the midst of a sexual encounter. “You remember your partna Daryl from back in the day? Well, he… Oh my god, baby… wait… wait! Damn, that shit feels good. Like I was sayin’, he’s got all ten inches in me right now and, baby, he is working the shit out of that thing! Wait a second, say hi, baby.”

“What up, Trey?” Daryl says enraging Trey. “I’m all up in your girl ass right now! She fine, nigga, she fine!”

“You muthatfucka!” Trey fires back. “When I get outta here, I’m gonna kill yo-,”

“Wait, hold up a second, my nigga. Let me make her make that noise,” Daryl says.

Within a few moments, Latoya begins moaning loudly as Trey is beside himself with what’s going on.

“Yes, baby. Right there, right there, that’s my spot! Oh my god, that’s my spot! Oh my god, oooooooooh,” Latoya screams before a distraught Trey hangs up the line.

Anger fills Trey’s as he growls after the disrespect he’s been shown between both his old friend and his girlfriend. He takes the broom and slams it on the wall in a mad rage. He continues to slam the broom handle until it finally breaks off. He can’t believe Latoya would do something like this to him and begins to plan his revenge on her.              



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