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Who said younger women have all the fun? What happens when you have it going on, and you're over the age of forty. What causes others to frown on their faces, makes you happy. You enjoy every minute of your freedom, so you claim. You have everything going for yourself, as it seems. You create and live by your own rules, so you say.


Lynn loves the company of younger men. She claims to be picky about who she lets in her bedroom. She thinks she has everything figured out when it comes to her love life. She is damaged from her past. Will she learn you must heal to have what she truly wants?


Katherine is a woman all about what makes her feel good. She doesn't have any reservations when it comes to the bedroom. Her tastes will eventually catch up with her. She doesn't believe in the word no. However, her choices may lead to outcomes she never expected.


Gloria uses her previous job title to get what she wants. She loves a good time as long as the company is right. Gloria loves to indulge without consequence. She claims she's on her grown woman sh**. Gloria doesn't realize her past has played a part in her future. Will she grow up before it's too late?


Follow Lynn, Katherine, and Gloria as they learn age is just a number.

Sometimes our choices reflect the opposite of what we want. Sometimes we have to grow up no matter how old we are.

Lynn Sullivan

Sex Lies By Mulatto

You know it's a vibe, going all night

Look me in the eyes, tell me sex lies

Aww baby, it's a vibe, going all night

Look me in the eyes, tell me sex lies

Yeah, yeah, yeah


I need to stop fucking with these pussy ass boys because they bleed more than me. The sex lies they tell to get some pussy. Life is too short to waste time. I was two seconds from hanging up on this unstable creature. Why the fuck is she calling my phone about her man? As if I knew he had a woman.


“Listen here you unstable creature, I have nothing to do with Teddy. I am trying to be nice.”


“Listen, you old decrepit bitch, you fucked my baby daddy. You've been blowing up his phone for weeks.”


“Bitch, please. Teddy has been calling me and I returned his calls. I'm quite sure he wants some more of this tight pussy. He told me you were wide open and for the neighborhood.”


“Grandma, you can't be serious. How old is that sewer between your legs? Stop playing with yourself. You know exactly what it is.”


“Little girl, I haven't played with myself since I was able to walk and talk. Your man was definitely available to play with this pussy. Now, get off my line and figure out your relationship.”


“I have figured out my relationship. If I catch your number on my man’s caller id, I'm going to find you and beat your old ass. I have no problem with elderly abuse.”


“Funny looking bitch, I will whoop your ass as your mother should have. I love handing out ass whoopings to kids. My old ass never gets tired of corporal punishment. The next time I see Teddy, I'll make sure he beats this pussy up since he said I'm the only one that can  handle it!”


I didn't wait for a response. I hung my fucking phone and blocked both of their young asses. Y’all have to excuse me sometimes because I can get carried away. I see y’all caught me at a hectic time. I try not to allow a muthafucker to take me out of character. I figure I'm old enough to know better. However, today I wasn’t with the shit.


Let me introduce myself to y’all before I get to tell all my business. My name is Lynn and I live life on my own terms. I mind my business and hopefully, all of you do the same. I am a retired VP of Human Resources for Scullin Steel. I have all the free time in the world but none for bullshit. This phone call reminded me why I needed to leave these young ass boys alone.



I met Teddy at the gas station. I was in a rush so I stopped in the city to fill up my tank. I pulled my 2021 Audi S6 Sport Sedan. It was a birthday gift to myself. I usually don't splurge but it was worth it. I designed it myself. I parked in front of the gas pump and hopped out. I was in a rush to get home because the Lifetime Movie network was calling my name. I wanted some snacks too so I went inside. As soon as I opened the door, the attention started.


Most people say I resemble Halle Berry. I don't see it but whatever works. I wear my hair in a short razor style. My brown skin glows effortlessly.  I guess that's the reason for the resemblance. I am short with brown eyes and dimples. My measurements are 34-28-42. I had two bee stings on the top and all ass on the bottom. I didn't look my age even though I acted it. I was okay with living like an old lady.


The gas station was packed. The summer heat brings everyone out. I knew to stay focused and make my transaction as fast as possible. I grabbed my snacks. The hood always has the best snacks. Where I lived, they didn't have any of the good shit. I stood in line and I felt heat on the back of my neck. I mean the body heat kind. I was about to go the fuck off until I turned around.


His smile lit up the room. He had a grill in his mouth and it fit him perfectly. My eyes roamed from the top to bottom. He was dressed in the latest. I didn't know what because I wasn't into fashion. I had on a pair of leggings and a tank top. He had dreads that were long and maintained. He had an athletic build with tattoos everywhere. He definitely looked like a youngin. I hurriedly turned around. I had a fetish for a certain type of man. We’ll get to that shortly.


“Now why do you wanna go and do that love? It's a beautiful day and I just met a beautiful woman. My name is Theodore but my friends call me Teddy.”


I turned back around and I couldn't help but smile. “Theodore, yes it is a beautiful day, and thank you for the compliment.”


“Can I pump your gas for you? A woman of your caliber shouldn't have to pump your own gas.”


“You know since you're being a gentleman, I will let you do that. Thank you so much” I flirted.


“No, thank you. The pleasure is all mine.”


I made it to the counter and was about to pay when Teddy offered. I politely accepted. We walked out of the gas station. His eyes were roaming over my body. I knew I was old enough to be his mother. Nevertheless, age never mattered to me if you were mature.


I watched him pump my gas. I made a mental note that he wasn't sagging. I can't stand to see that shit. A man doesn't have the need to show his underwear. A real man has his pants around his waist along with a belt if needed. I definitely was enjoying the view. He caught me a few times staring. We made small talk.


I ended up exchanging numbers with him and planned to have dinner. We met up three weeks later for dinner at my favorite restaurant, Little Italy. I enjoyed the conversation and we flirted the whole time. I invited him for dessert. You already know what that means. If most of you don’t, that's too bad. I enjoyed my late night, early morning. We’ve enjoyed each other's company in more ways than one.


Now apparently, his bitter baby momma on my line talking shit. I decided to end it before the shit the fan. I don't play with little ass girls. I will stop being the classy lady that I am and lay hands on a young bitch. I never understood why women address the other woman as if her man is innocent. A woman should address her man because hes the one that owes her a fucking explanation. I am aware of situations where the side chick stepped to the main. That's another story and a woman should proceed accordingly. I didn’t know shit about their relationship. Teddy made it clear he was dating. So she should have never called me because I never knew.


I hate messy ass situations. It's the main reason I'm not married and single at my age. I enjoy dating without attachment. I don't believe in sharing a man. So she will never have to worry about me again. Although, the dick was superb. I can't risk my peace. He’s out like yesterday’s trash. I told him from the beginning and he fucked whatever we had over. I guess it's back to the demon time for a new buddy. Yes, I move on that fast. I don't have time to waste.