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Heart is known to be a powerful last name. Courageous, fearless, and loyal to a fault are who the Heart brothers are. Out of the three brothers, Savage Heart is the meanest and coldest heart of the trio. After being heartbroken and played to left the day before he was supposed to get married, turned him into a vicious and heartless man.


The baby of the clan he owns his very own nightclub: called Club Savage. His focus is his club and expanded until he hires a very sexy bottle girl. She gets under his skin with her bad attitude and smart mouth. Sia Pierce is one helluva woman. She’s a firecracker ready to pop.

She has some dark secrets she keeps buried deep within. The almost only pleasant thing about her life is working at Club Savage. The benefits and the pay are what keeps her happy. The only thing that drives her up the wall is her mean and ruthless boss, Savage Heart. There is raw attraction between the two, but both do everything in their power to fight it.

One night of one too many drinks lead Sia and Savage down a road neither of them wanted to steer. What happens when drama and secrets invade what could be a beautiful thing? Will the two be able to withstand or will trust issues and fear lead them astray from love?

Chapter One


Three Years Earlier

    Savage stood out on his upstairs balcony lost in thought. He was thinking about how life was about to change for him in the next forty-eight hours. He was nervous and excited at the same time. Savage was about to become someone’s husband. He and Rayna had been together since their last year in high school. 

    Those two were inseparable. His parents adored her just as her parents adored him. Just like any other relationship they head their share of problems. They learned over the years to communicate their feelings. He could honestly say things had been great. The two had gone and bought their first dream home a year ago. Savage wanted to have kids right away. She didn’t have a problem with that.

    “What’s good, bro?” Sylas the middle brother asked.

    “Shit, just out here thinking about how a young nigga about to be married. I thought it would have been you are Syncere being that y’all the oldest.”

    “Nah, baby bro shit doesn’t always have a specific time. Hell, Syncere might as well quit bullshitting and get with his best friend Royce. He been wanting her since she was twenty-one. Now that nigga thirty-two and still wanting her ass.”

    “Facts! What about you though Sy? When you gon’ find that special someone?” Savage stared intently at his brother.

    Sylas ran his hands over his dark thick waves. “I haven’t met a woman who is worth my time. Enough about me and big bro. You ready for this big day though?”

    “I was ready the moment I first laid eyes on her. I knew in my heart she was the one.”

    “I still can’t believe your evil ass is really getting married. This shit wild as fuck, but I’m happy for you though.”

    “You ain’t shit, but I appreciate it.”

    The two brothers talked more before Sylas left to go handle business at his office. At twenty-six Savage was finally finished with his master’s in business and was about to branch out opening a few businesses. The first business he wanted to open was a nightclub. Rayna voiced her opinion on him opening a nightclub. She stated that nothing, but hoes and trouble came with a club. 

    He assumed that’s why he hadn’t rushed the urge to do so, Rayna needed to trust him. In a way she made him feel like she didn’t. There was no bitch alive who could take her place. Even out of all the bitches who tried throwing their pussy at him didn’t move him to cheat. He was loyal as well as faithful as fuck. There was no need to cause problems in a relationship with bullshit ass cheating.

    He smiled when he saw his beautiful fiancée getting out of her custom Mercedes. She was the only woman other than his mother who could make him smile. Rayna was a beautiful caramel complexion with long wavy hair with hints of blonde peeking through. She was slim-thick due to her working out constantly.

    She made her way towards the door, and he could hear her yelling “baby” throughout the foyer. His smile got wider which caused his deep dimples to appear. The pearly whites of his straight top teeth were on display while he had his evenly straight and white bottom teeth covered in a gold grill.

    He ran his tatted hand across his dark thick waves as he jogged down the circular stairs to meet her. Her brown stare met his light stare the moment his foot hit the landing. Savage reached her in record time. His muscular tattooed covered arms wrapped around her waist.

    “What’s good, beautiful. You finished getting everything done you needed to?”

    “I did. I can’t wait to become Mrs. Heart.” Rayna smiled brightly.

    “Is that right?”

    “You know that’s right.” She rubbed his chest.

    This man was everything to her. He was rough around the edges, and he could be hell on wheels. His name wasn’t Savage for nothing. He had a temper and could be rude as fuck. It was something about Rayna that calmed him. She was his calm before the storm. When those hazel eyes turned almost dark, she knew trouble was on the horizon.

    “So, what do you have planned the rest of the day?” Savage asked.

    “I have to go out and meet my MUA in a few. Then I’m going to my parent’s house for a little bit. What are you going to miss me?”

    “Hell, yeah. Do your thing though. I gotta holla at Syn about some shit, so I’ll see you later. You need anything before I go?”

    Savage stared down at her with those intense eyes. She looked back at him with smile because she needed about a grand to handle something. When she told him what she needed he didn’t exchange words other than asking her was that all she needed. He kissed her goodbye and told to be safe, and he loved her.

    Rayna watched her fiancé as he walked out the door. He was so fucking fine with his smooth peanut butter skin covered in an array of tattoos. Now he didn’t have any on his face. He did talk about getting two tiny tattoos on his face.

    As soon as she heard his car pull out of the driveway, she went to her contacts. She licked her lips as she pressed his name. She knew she was wrong for how she was living, but when she laid eyes on him, she knew she had to have him. Cake was made for eating, so she was going to have her cake and eat the shit too.

    “What’s good, baby?”

    “Missing you. You know this has to stop after I’m married?”

    “The fuck you are marrying that nigga for when you know you don’t love him. The only fucking thing you love is his money.” His voice thundered.

    “You love his money too, because you don’t mind taking it or spending it when I give it to you. In fact, I just got money from him for you, so you shouldn’t be tripping over shit you know ain’t gon’ change.”

    “That’s what you think, huh?”

    “It’s what the fuck I know.”

    “You don’t know my cousin like I do. That nigga is certified crazy as fuck. You just bring out his softer side because he doesn’t know the snake ass female you are.”

    “You the leader of snakes because you the nigga’s cousin! Who fucks behind their family?”

    “One who doesn’t give a fuck. Don’t act like you wasn’t throwing that pussy at me every chance you got.”

    “And just like a dog in heat you took this pussy.”

    “That I did because a dog will always catch a bone. Your stupid ass better hope he doesn’t find out. Now you are pulling up or what?”

    “I’ll be there.”

    Rayna hung up the phone deep in thought. She knew she was wrong as hell but getting with someone like Savage was a blessing. She couldn’t resist his money. Rayna knew all about the Heart family. Their money was long as fuck. She knew after today she would have to cut him off. If she wanted to stay kept, she had to let go of her side nigga.

    She still loved Savage, but she wasn’t in love with him the way she used to be. Maybe it was because they had been together for so long and she never experienced anything other than him. When she laid eyes on his cousin a couple years ago, she fell in love all over again. The two had been messing around since they first laid eyes on each other. It was the thrill the excitement for her. 

    Finally getting herself together she made her way out to go see him.


    “What’s good, baby bro?” Syn pulled him in for a hug.

    “Shit wanted to holla at you about some business shit.”

    “What’s up?”

    “I’m planning on opening a nightclub in the near future but wanted to know did you think it would be good for the city with so many spots filling Atlanta.”

    “Most definitely. You just gotta think bigger and smarter. Be extremely creative in what you are going for. I know you so there will be no question that your shit will be legit. How does Rayna feel about that?”

    “She doesn’t like the fact of me wanting to do so because she knows it will be filled with women. Bartenders and bottle girls as well as waiter’s and waitress.”

    “I don’t understand the problem though. She knows you only want her spoiled ass.”

    “True. Guess she just jealous”

    “Maybe. So, on some real shit are you really ready to get married?”

    “Indeed I am. The fuck kind of question is that?”

    “A good question. I know you are, but do you think Rayna really is?”

    “Bro, the fuck you are you getting at?”

    “Over the years I have noticed a lot of shit about princess Rayna. Out of respect for you I kept what I thought to myself. And trust I’m not trying rain on your parade. It wouldn’t be me if I didn’t look out for you.”

    Savage looked at him with narrowed eyes and a clenched jaw. His brother always made sure him and Sy was good. Now he was doing too much. “The fuck are you talking about?”

    “Rayna is all about attention and appearances. She has become very pretentious in the last couple of years. She acts like you owe her shit when in fact you don’t. Everything you do is off the strength that you love her. Hell, you are in love with her. I just feel like she’s not as in love with you as she once was all I’m saying.”

    “Sounds like you jealous. Just ‘cause you can’t get your shit straight with your best friend don’t be coming for me and mine. I came her to talk about business not my got damn life. At the end of the day we are in love with each other regardless to what you see or what think. Just ‘cause you not owning up to your feelings with Nova. I’m out!” he yelled over his shoulder.

    Syncere blew out a deep breath. He didn’t want see Savage hurt because he was hell to deal with. Deep in his heart he could feel his brother was going to get hurt and he didn’t know if he would recover from it.

Wedding Day

    “Son, I need for you to breath. I don’t need you passing out before you get married.”

    “I’m good pops. Just nervous and excited at the same time. I can’t believe I’m about to be a married man. Just thought it was always one of my older brothers.”

    “They will have their time. Now is yours.”

    Savage looked over his father’s shoulder when he saw both Rayna’s parents headed our way followed by his brothers and mother. Something was wrong he knew. Savage stepped around his father to see what the hell was up.

    “What’s wrong? I can tell by the urgent looks on your face something is off.”

    “Rayna isn’t here, and we have been calling her phone all morning. It’s going straight to voicemail,” Rayna’s mother spoken up in a worried tone.

    “This isn’t like her at all,” her father voiced just as worried.

    Savage stood their feeling he was ready to explode. On top of that his heart felt like it had dropped to his feet. This could not be fucking happening. Today was supposed to be a beautiful day filled with love and joy not bullshit and drama.

    All of a sudden there was a loud commotion coming from the front. Savage pushed through everyone when he heard Rayna yelling. Who the fuck was she yelling at and why was she yelling? When he made it where she was, she wasn’t alone. A very angry Dre stood towering over her. The fuck was she doing with Dre? Savage thought.

    “Fuck is going on here?” Savage asked towering over both of them.

    “Ask your faithful fiancée,” Dre said sarcastically.

    “Dre what the fuck are you doing with her?” Syncere asked.

    “Nah the real question is why is she with him?” Savage stared at Rayna deadly.

    Rayna’s parents looked mortified. Her mother already knew by the look on her daughter’s face she had been living a double life and with his cousin at that. This was a damn mess. There were people sitting out there waiting for a wedding to start and sadly there wasn’t going to be one.

    “Go ahead and tell the man what he needs to hear.”

    “Nigga ain’t nobody talking to you!” Syncere boomed.

    “Y’all motherfuckas always thought you were better than me. The jokes on y’all though because yo’ bitch been on this dick for the last two years. And she been taking care of me with your money.” Dre smirked.

    “Rayna tell me this muthafucka’ lying! Tell me right got damn now you haven’t been fuckin’ this nigga. Tell me! Rayna on everything I fuckin’ love tell me you ain’t on that type of hoe shit.”

    Nobody dared to say anything because Savage was about to go straight into savage mode. The hurt behind those beautiful eyes broke everybody who was witnessing the heartbreaking scene. Rayna stood there with the audacity to cry. How the fuck did she have the nerve the cry when she was the one who had fucked up and broke his heart. She had shattered the motherfucker.

    “Don’t you dare stand there and muthafuckin’ cry. Yo’ ass wasn’t crying when you was fucking my cousin and giving this nigga money! My mothafuckin’ money!”

    “Savage I—”

    “Don’t explain shit when you and I know the truth. You told me you were only marrying this nigga for his fuckin’ money. Besides you pregnant for me so how that shit gon’ work?”

    When Savage rushed Dre, it was over from there. Every punch that landed you could hear something crack. They tore the whole hall up as Savage savagely beat Dre to a pulp. It took his brother’s and his father to finally pull him off Dre.

    Dre lay there bleeding from his nose and mouth. Savage was breathing like a raging bull as he looked around at everyone. The sadness and pity in their eyes angered him. His eyes landed on Syncere’s. When he felt a small hand on his back, he turned so quickly it scared Rayna. She should have been scared, scared for her fuckin’ life. She had never seen Savage like this and sadly she brought this side out. Dre had gone and fucked up everything by turning her phone off. He had done that shit on purpose.

    “Don’t put your fuckin’ hands on me. Yo’ shit will be outside waiting for you to pick up. If you have any sense in your got damn head, you won’t try to contact me. Matter fact I’m getting everything changed as soon as I get the fuck out here. Fuck you, Rayna! You fooled me, but you’ll be the last bitch to fool me.” He brushed past her.

    Her parents looked at her with disgust. As soon as Savage made it outside the cameras started flashing. He hated this shit was going to be all over the media. This would be the talk for a while. Sirens blared in the distance as he pushed through the nosey crowd. His brothers were his keeper because they shielded him from the crowd. This would forever change Savage heart and his heart would never be the same.



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