A smile is something that is used sometimes as an open invitation, but an open invitation to what exactly?

Meet Kadence. Twenty-two, smart, beautiful, and confused about her life at the moment. Meet Roux (Roo). Thirty, very conning, manipulative and trying to figure out his next target. And finally, meet Ryland. Thirty-five, handsome, established, and just trying to better his future. What these three all have in common is that smile. That one open invitation.


Kadence is juggling school and her personal life, and by personal life I mean, Roux. Things are starting to become too much for Kadence, so she’s left with the decision of either letting Roux control her life, or leave him for good. October, Kadence’s best friend is always in her girl’s corner, trying to keep her from messing up her life any further than she already has. October knows that the only way her friend will ever be free and not feel held down or held back is if she let that weight that’s holding her down go, by the name of Roux.


Roux has always been one for a quick come up and not too worried about getting things done legally or on his own. With being the provider for his sister and his daughter, Roux always does what he has to do for money even if that means setting up the next man to feed his family. Always being one to always be a little bothered, things start to get more complicated for Roux when it becomes too hard for him to keep his demons beneath the surface.


Ryland’s life is good. Business is booming and he is currently trying to get back into school, so that he can better his future and career, by getting his masters. So, how does a man that stays out of the way and under the radar finds himself in a tangled web of deception?


Find out how one smile and one conversation can lead to all things of deception. 


“When it feels so good, but it’s bad for you. Can’t say I don’t want it ‘cause I know I do.” -Normani

Six years ago.

“I’m on my way now. I had to stop and get gas and then I’ll be on my way to you.” Kadence assured her best friend, October.

“Bitch, you always gotta get gas. Hurry up Kadence, yo ass always late.” October didn’t leave Kadence a chance to reply back because she hung up the phone.

Kadence rolled her eyes as she pulled up to a pump at the gas station. She was silently kicking her own ass for not letting her mama boyfriend, Charles,  know beforehand that she needed gas. Charles, always made sure that Kadence and her mama car was on full for the week and he would always take their cars for them. Whenever the time came, Kadence, knew that whoever wanted to be her boyfriend had some big shoes to fill, because not only did her mama boyfriend spoil her, but so did her daddy. Kace, Kadence’s father wasn’t around much, but he made sure never to disappoint when it came to taking care of Kadence financially. 

“I hate doing this.” Kadence complained as she got out the car and walked over to the pump to insert her card.

“I can help you with that, baby girl, if you like?” Kadence turned around before she was able to insert her card. Kadence wasn’t expecting to come face to face with a man that she was pretty sure God gifted to women himself.

“Uh, I got it. Thanks though.” Kadence turned around swiftly so that she could pay for her gas, pump it, and get to October before she called complaining again. When Kadence saw an arm reach passed her face she turned around again with a frown on her face.

“Uh, I said I got it myself. Thank you though.” Kadence added a little more sass to her words. She didn’t know the man that was trying to help her from Adam, so she wasn’t understanding why he didn’t take what she said to him before and leave.

“Baby girl, you can take some of that sass or bass or whatever the fuck you want to call it, out your voice, and let a real nigga take care of this shit for you. Why yo nigga ain’t doing this shit for you?” Roux pulled out his card and insert it where Kadence was about to insert her card before he pressed the premium gas button and started pumping gas. Kadence was driving a Range Rover so he knew what kind of gas her SUV took.

“I don’t have a man, and I’m not looking.” Kadence leaned against her car as she watched the stranger pump her gas.

Just from the few minutes of Roux being in Kadence presence he could tell what kind of girl she was. He was judging the hell out of her because of her nice car, and how she was speaking to him. From where Roux was from they would say that Kadence spoke as if she was white or better than the rest of the people in the hood. Roux knew that Kadence was young and naïve and he was about to use that to his advantage.

“What’s your name?” Roux asked staring at Kadence. Baby girl was beautiful and he knew once he trained her and worked her out a little she would bring him in so much money.

“What’s your name?” Kadence stared at him with a blank face. It was safe to say that Kadence wasn’t amused by Roux and his antics at all. She was silently wishing that the whole pumping the gas process would hurry up because she was ready to go.

“Roux.” Kadence cocked her head to the side and gave Roux a funny look.

“Your parents named you Roo? Wow.” Kadence was openly judging Roux about  his name which was rubbing Roux the wrong way. He was seeing that he was going to have to shut down her smart ass mouth as well. Kadence wasn’t sure if she was tripping or not, but there was something that changed with Roux’s face. The more she looked at him the more his eyes started to look different.

“It’s not spelled that way. It’s spelled the same way as the color.” The pump clicked letting them know that Kadence car was full and the two were happy about it. Kadence was ready to get to her destination and Roux needed to get away from her before he cussed her out.

“Alright you all set baby girl. Where ya phone at?” Roux closed up Kadence’s tank as he waited on her to pass him her phone.

“Dude, I don’t know you. Why would I give you my phone?” Kadence turned to walk towards the driver side of her car. As she opened the door Roux put his hands on it closing it back.

“Get ya phone, baby girl. Don’t make me ask you again.” Roux licked his lips as he smirked at Kadence. His voice changed a little, which Kadence caught. She didn’t know him, but yet there was a tingling feeling in her stomach that felt like butterflies moving around in her stomach. Kadence had never been in such close contact with a boy let alone a man, so she was nervous was she was curious as well. Roux was fine as hell, but Kadence had a feeling that he was dangerous and that part turned her on.

Kadence looked at Roux for a few more seconds before she turned to open her car door so that she could grab her phone. Kadence unlocked her phone and handed it to Roux. He smiled as he saved his number into her phone and then proceeded to call his phone from hers. He handed Kadence her phone back as he spoke again.

“When I call you need to answer.” Kadence looked at Roux as she rolled her eyes and proceeded to get in the car. Roux closed the door behind Kadence and then motioned for her to let the window down.

“Kadence.” She finally replied once the window was down.

“Hm, Kadence. That’s a pretty name for a pretty girl.”

“Yeah, I know.” Kadence smirked as she got in her car and proceeded to drive off.

Kadence felt like she wanted to know more about Roux because of the feeling she was getting in her stomach, but little did she know that could have been a sign to run away from him instead.



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