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Music is love, heartache, passion, and pain mixed together in a tight ball of chords and melodies. These are pieces of my story.


Everybody has a story to tell and let me tell you this story will take you to the highest of highs and the lowest of lows but through it all I let my Harmony shine through.


My name is Harmony Jones and this is my story.

Chapter One: The Beginning

“When I wake up in the morning and the sunlight hits my eyes, I give him all the glory because I’m still alive.” Harmony sung softly.

“What’s that you’re working on honey?” Her father asked.

“Oh, nothing dad just mixing and matching.” Harmony replied with a bright smile.

She released the breath she had been holding as her father walked out of the kitchen, she loved her father, but he had this overbearing presence to him that would wrap you up and suffocate you. It wasn’t on purpose; he was literally the hottest music producer in the game right now. He had hit after hit and of course with the fame came the paparazzi and the crazy looks and stalkers. Imagine being 17 and a senior in high school and having to deal with bitches just wanting to be your friend for the chance of fame or niggas trying to be in your face for the clout of dating Terry “Ghost” Williams. Therefore, she always kept a tight circle around her. It was just Melody, Passion, and her. She glanced down at her phone that was vibrating on the kitchen counter and accepted the facetime call.

“So, are you planning on coming to school today or was this ditch day and I just didn’t get the memo?” Passion said.

“Really bitch?” Harmony laughed.

“I’m just saying first period starts in 10 minutes and from the looks of it you still in pajamas in the kitchen bitch.” Melody yelled over Passion’s shoulder into the phone.

“Aw you bitches miss me already huh?” Harmony joked.

“Nah we ain’t say all that.” They laughed.

Harmony watched her mother strut into the kitchen looking like a million bucks and shook her head. Her mom was the world-famous porn producer and former porn star Michelle “Honey” Jones. Yes, its true she was the product of a music producer and a porn star so you can just imagine how much shit she had to deal with daily.

“Good Morning Harm.” Hey mom sang.

“Hey mom!” Passion and Melody sang through the phone.

Her mother tossed her head back and laughed.

“Hello my other daughters.” She replied.

“Morning mom.” Harmony mumbled.

“Busy day today?” Her mom questioned.

“No, not really I got a late start today.” Harmony replied.

Her mom stared at her over the top of her coffee cup, she would never understand why her daughter always seemed to have a slight attitude with her.

“Good Morning love.” Her dad said while stealing a kiss from her mom.

“Morning sweetie.” Her mom replied.

Harmony slammed her cup on the counter and rolled her eyes on her way out of the kitchen.

“What’s her issue today?” Her Father said.

“Who the fuck knows, maybe she’s having a bad hair day.” Her mom shrugged.

Harmony swiped away the tears that she did not realize were sliding down her cheeks. Normal just didn’t come easy in this household. She headed upstairs to get herself ready for school. She barely watched tv anymore seeing as every time it was on one of her parent’s face was always plastered across the screen. She walked right past her tv and turned her Bluetooth speaker on and let Future’s Too Comfortable blast through her speakers. She opened her walk-in closet and just stood and stared, she was tired of having to be somebody different every day. She had to look the part all the time, cameras around every corner, people watching her every move. She snatched a pair of cut-up jeans and her Nirvana shirt down off the hanger and stormed into her bathroom. She quickly showered and blow dried her hair. That was one thing she had to thank her mother for, she had long thick curly hair curtesy of her mothers Indian and Dominican heritage. She slid her clothes on and sprayed some of this TruVizion body spray from a up and coming care line her mother was sponsoring. She stared at her reflection in the mirror and saw nothing but perfection staring back. She knew nothing but perfection since it was drilled into her head all her life.

“I love myself.” Harmony scowled.

Well, that’s what her shrink told her to tell herself whenever she had one of her episodes as her parents call it.  When In reality she was just fucking miserable from never having a real childhood, but that’s a different story for another day. She shook of her daily demons grabbed her bag and car keys and made sure to turn off her speaker and walked over to her bedroom door. She stared over at her bed with thoughts of just crawling back in her sheets and hiding from the day ahead of her before shaking her head and walking down stairs.

“Bye Dad.” She yelled out.

She walked outside and the flashes didn’t disappoint this morning.

“Harmony over here.” One reporter yelled.

“Is that a Nirvana shirt? Are you a fan?” Another reporter yelled out.

“Do you have any comment about your mother deciding to start back doing porn?” A third reporter yelled out.

Harmony almost stopped in her tracks, but she held her composure and slid into her 2020 Mercedes Coupe and sped off into the hot streets on L.A. She couldn’t believe what the hell that reporter had just said to her, was her mom really about to come out of retirement and start doing porn movies again?

“Fuck my life.” She growled as she spotted the paparazzi not that far behind her in traffic.

This would be the day her normal shadow Eric called in sick leaving her to have to handle her own problems for the first time ever. You’re probably trying to understand why she was attending a public high school hell she needed some type of normalcy with her life. She pulled up to Reality High and hopped out and took off running towards the entrance, she was running 10 minutes late for second period and she didn’t want to her Mr. Warren’s mouth this morning. She tried to sneak into class but that was short-lived.

“Oh, would you look at this, Ms. Jones has finally decided to join us today.” Mr. Warren sarcastically said.

“Sorry sir.” Harmony mumbled while taking her seat.

She felt her phone vibrate in her pocket and knew it was Melody and Passion asking her what’s going on with her this morning. The sad part is she didn’t even know what was wrong with herself in general. She half listened to Mr. Warren lecture on about world politics and countless other things that just didn’t hold her attention today. She watched as Jason raised his hand and listened when he turned her day from crap to shit.

“I heard on the news this morning that the famous Honey Jones is stepping back into actually doing porn.” He laughed.

It almost felt like all the air was sucked from the room, all eyes seemed like they were on Harmony until Passion spoke.

“Seems to me like you’re mad because no pussy in this world wants that small ass dick in your pants Jason.” Passion giggled.

The class erupted in laughter and Harmony let out a sigh, see this is why Passion and Melody were her day ones. They had her back through all the bullshit.

“Alright class simmer down!” Mr. Warren yelled out over the chaos.

She felt Melody squeeze her shoulder and instantly felt a little relief.

“Pull your books out and turn to page 67.” Mr. Warren yelled.

Chapter Two

“He’s a bitch.” Passion mumbled.

“Well, what do you expect.” Melody rolled her eyes.

She watched Harmony’s shoulders cave in a reached up and squeezed her friend’s shoulder. She had no idea how Harmony dealt with the everyday craziness because she didn’t have famous parents like hers, but she knew that shit had to take a toll on her on the daily. She adored Harmony’s mom but she couldn’t imagine having a mom like hers. She wasn’t passing any judgement but shit her mom was a fucking porn star and not just any porn star at that. She pulled her phone out and instant irritation shot through her whole body her cheating dog ass boyfriend was texting trying to plead his case as to why he couldn’t seem to keep his dick in his pants. The more she thought about it the more pissed off she got.

“Bitch, fuck Devon. I know that’s why you over there with the stale face.” Passion said.

“Mind yo busines.” Melody replied.

“Duh you are my business bitch.” Passion replied.

The bell rang and nobody wasted any time running to the door, they had two free periods before lunch, so they headed out to the parking lot which was fairly quiet.

“Alright bitch, spill it.” Melody said.

“It’s nothing to spill.” Harmony shrugged.

Melody and Passion shared a look before staring at Harmony like she was crazy.

“We’ve been your friend since the sandbox bitch, you don’t think we know you by now?”

“You wouldn’t understand it because I barely understand it myself.” Harmony sighed.

Passion shook her head, Melody hated when Harmony got like this she really wished it was something she could do to get Harmony to open up and tell them what was bothering her.

“Is it home issues again?” Passion asked.

“I’m fucking miserable and I don’t want to put my misery on ya’ll.” Harmony replied.

“Misery loves company and we yo damn company.” Melody replied wit a smile.

Harmony sighed and stared up at the sun.

“I’m just ready to graduate so I can get the fuck away from here.” She replied.

Melody just stared at her, she would never understand why Harmony wasn’t more happy about the fact that she was rich, spoiled, and shit she could do anything she wanted to do with no questions asked.

“I never seen a more miserable rich bitch than you.” Passion laughed.

Harmony cracked a smile.

“Trust and believe everything that glitters is defiantly not gold.”



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