In the mindset of Genesis Dupree, she’s more than a side chick being engaged to her married fiancé. After five long years of loving Roderick James, their relationship became predictable and comfortable. Now Genesis was ready for more, which puts her ultimatum in motion. Will Roderick give up the perks from his current marriage to spend every holiday with his side chick/fiancée?


Will Genesis figure out precisely what she deserves as she reflects on what happened to her in her past to understand her future?


Buckle up! This standalone gives a turbulent ride, devious surprises, and maybe a happy ending!


I bust the windows out ya car.

And no, it didn’t mend my broken heart.  `Jazmine Sullivan


Genesis Dupree



The sound of glass shattering on the concrete pavement set off three car alarms, including the car of the man who had stolen my heart exactly five years ago. Fuming mad, I could care less if I got caught. Right now, the man who asked me to marry him had me completely fucked up! I’d played second fiddle too many years in this relationship. Fed up wasn’t good enough to describe the way I felt. I was over Rod’s absentee behavior. Not to say that I wasn’t absolutely in love with him, because I was. But I wasn’t taking his shit anymore. Snatching away the black and gray camouflage ski mask I decided to wear so I could hide my face tonight, I stared into the eyes of the man I love as he stepped out of the house he shared with his wife. Soon as I saw her fat ass, I rolled my eyes. That bitch was one surgery away from looking like Lil’ Kim’s clone. And she thought she was a baddie. That bitch was a fattie.  For the life of me, I would never understand why he chose her. They were complete opposites. She couldn’t have been his type. I thought when she peeped her head out the door.

“Baby! Get back. Go in the fuckin’ house!” Rod barked at his wife as she veered her head from behind him once the door opened.

“I'm calling the police." She shouted just as Rod slammed the door shut behind him. Walking out with his gun pointed like he was on the swat team about to raid a drug house, he looked all around trying to find the culprit.

There was no need for all of that because it wasn't some thugs who busted out his car windows; it was all 160 pounds of my thick ass. I considered yelling out those exact words as Rod made his way to his car.

Stupid bitch. I muttered under my breath when he ran out towards his 2020 blue metallic Mercedes E 450 Coupe. In the darkness, he stared across the street, but with the way he squinted, I know he couldn't have realized it was me. Not until he focused his eyes. Yes! It was me. I callously thought when I smiled at him. He might as well wipe the surprise look off his handsome face. I, the woman he claimed he loved, had come to set it off in his quiet suburban Cordova neighborhood. And I did just that.

I was ready for war! At this point, forgiveness was irrelevant. Rod had shown me his true colors. Now I was prepared to paint his heart with mine.

“Genesis, come on! Bitch, I'm not going to jail for you. I'm supposed to be getting some dick tonight.” Cynderella, my best friend, shouted from the driver's side of her car. She stood in between the open door as she watched the scene like a reality tv show.

I turned my head so fast; I felt my bones crack. My scrunched-up face gave nothing but death vibes when I rolled my eyes at Cynderella. How dare this bitch? I mumbled, turning away from her to face Rod. Feeling the cool breeze didn't stop me from sweating. My face felt all sticky from my foundation smearing. I can only imagine how ridiculous I looked. Why the fuck did I wear make-up anyway? I thought, shaking my head.

"Baby, what the hell you do?" Rod's deep baritone echoed on the quiet street. His facial expression had turned to disbelief. He reached his hand behind his back to push his gun in the back of his pants. He was surprised, but this was really his current reality. After listening to Cyn, I knew I had to get his attention no matter the consequences. Calling, texting, and leaving voice messages on his phone was useless. He wouldn't respond, and with a little peer pressure from my best friend, I took matters into my own hands. "Why the fuck you come here, Genesis? Where's my son? Why you out here, clowning?" he queried, and that ugly mug appeared on his face again. His eyes trailed to the passenger side window of Cyn's silver Nissan Camry sitting on 24-inch wheels with pink neon under glow lights illuminating from her car. A chill came over my body when he gave me a murderous stare. He'd seen our son asleep in the back seat. I knew then he wanted to fuck me up. But he had never hit me since we've been together. Tearing his eyes away from our son Rod took a more in-depth look at what was once his car window, which was gutted and scattered on the ground glistening like diamonds. "Baby, you know better than this. What the fuck, Gen? Now I have to fix this shit. Damn, man!"

His frustrated frown meant that he knew I wasn't playing, and I had turned from miss little innocent accepting whatever he told me. To a full-fledged bitch on a mission to hurt his ass. I was happy to see him panicking. That meant that now he gave a damn. My eyes followed his tall, lean frame, pacing from one end to his car to the other. That lasted about ten seconds, and then he took a step back as if that would give him a better assessment of the damage.

"Fuck! Fuck! Fuck! Look at my shit, Genesis!" His face immediately became so warped that he looked like a different person. He arched his body at an angle and rubbed his fingers across the dents on the passenger side door. "What the fuck, Gen!" he gritted when he noticed four slashed tires. When he saw the two cans of spray paint that I hadn't used, he damn near shot me with those hazel brown eyes of his.

I love Rod's dirty ass drawers, but I was happy to see him hurting right now.  At first, I had reservations about tonight, but I wasn't remorseful for coming here and banging-up his car. Why should I be? He kept me hidden for years, and he wasn't the least bit apologetic about treating me like I was just a lame-ass side chick. I was a baddie. I think he bumped his head at some point in our relationship because he was the one who proposed to me with a princess cut diamond engagement ring. Then after I agreed to be his fiancée, he begged me on bended knees to let him get me pregnant because he and her— the wife had failed at starting a family.

"Go home, Gen!" He huffed. His voice had this Melancholy tone. Rod was stress the fuck out about his car.

He must've thought I would never trip like this, but he was highly mistaken. I wasn't weak. I just loved him. Paying him no mind or the heartbroken stare on his face about his car, I threw more gasoline on the fiery flame. I turned around and began twerking to a nonexistent beat. Then I chanted repeatedly  Ayy, ah bet you won't get none of this no mo' at the same rhythm that my ass bounced.

 It didn't help matters that my bestie was in the background, being my hype woman telling me to Get it bitch! Even though I was getting a laugh out of pissing him off, I was hurt. But no matter what I went through with Rod or any other nigga, Cyn was always down for whatever when it came to me. She was even there when I gave birth to RJ because Rod couldn't get away from his wife; it was their anniversary or something.

I'm going to be honest; I was comfortable with my relationship with Rod. I was cool with him being married and coming over whenever I needed some dick. I felt that I had the advantage for the simple fact that I had the condo with my name on the deed. The car in my name. The ring he put on my finger. The child he begged me to have. And most of all, I had Rod's heart even though he was married. But to be completely honest, I never wanted to admit to myself that something was missing.

"Fuck you, Rod!" I stopped twerking, pointed my finger in his direction, and told him how I  really felt. "It’s time the fat bitch knows who the fuck I really am. How long do I suppose to be imaginary to you? I’m real, Rod.” I slapped my hand on my chest repeatedly to get my point across to him. “A real woman with deep feelings for your heartless married ass.” I sassed, and I meant every damn word.

“Genesis, take your ass home now! We gon’ talk about this bullshit you just did when I get to the condo. You need to leave before the police get here. Mari already called them niggas thinking it was some kids who did this shit.” He barked orders like I gave a fuck. Being the obedient fiancée was a thing of the past. That has only left me lonely at night and calling and texting his phone like I’m a stalker bitch.

Folding my arms across my chest, I asked him if he thought I cared about going to jail. Because right now, at this moment, that was the furthest thing from my mind.

“Genesis—Bitch let’s go!! Damn girl. The nigga said he is coming through.” Cynderella whined as if her words had some magical powers, and I would follow her command. I did that shit already. She was the one who hyped me up to come over here in the first place.

Pacing across the floor of my condo after putting on all black, I listened to my best friend make me get more in-depth in my feelings about my married fiancé. “Rod wouldn’t be keeping my fly ass in the dark for no five damn years. And you got his baby too! Bitch we need to go over there and handle this nigga. And let his wife see she got hella competition.”

Thinking about earlier tonight, I couldn’t roll my eyes at her hard enough. I was saying really bitch in my head. Cursing her out was at the top of my list, but the blaring sounds of police sirens made me come to my senses. I couldn’t have RJ going to protective services because his daddy got me in my feelings. Saving my words for Cyn for a later time, I backpedaled towards her car and yelled out to Rod that I hated him and that I hope that he gets killed on his way to my condo. Me and RJ would be better off without him anyway, and I told him that too before throwing up the middle finger and jumping in Cyn’s car. Peeling off, my best friend and I got away, passing police cars as we turned off Bazemore Road.


Cyn turned the corner so fast we almost hit the light pole. I made her stop the car before she killed us and RJ, who had slept through the entire ordeal. Once she jerked the car in park, I got out of the car and walked over to the driver's side door. After then the whole ride home was quiet as hell.

I knew she felt some kind of way about me taking Rod’s shit. She was never a fan of his and always tried to set me up with different men who didn’t have all the extra baggage—wives. Since Rod didn’t spend the night too often, I would sneak out of the house and go on a date or two, but it never amounted to anything because I was in love with my child’s father.

Now I wasn’t stupid enough to act like one of those women who believed he would ever leave his wife for me. Married men always said that shit to low self-esteem bitches, and I definitely don’t have those problems. But what I would not stand for was still coming second in Rod’s life. I know I cannot be first every day, but at least one day out of 365, I should come first.

I was part owner of his heart. We had gone half on a baby, and I hadn’t told him that I’m pregnant again. From my calculations, I’m just a couple of weeks pregnant. I hadn’t even told my best friend that I was pregnant because she would have something negative to say. I wasn’t sure how Rod would react, but I didn’t plan on surprising him with the news until Valentine’s day. And since he didn’t want anything particular this year, I would put the pregnancy test inside the gift box along with the Gucci G Timeless Red-Green Striped watch I would surprise him with. And I didn’t give a damn if his wife found the watch inscribed personally from his son and me.

How unusual is it for a mistress not to want more from the married man she has been in love with for the past five years? Well, that’s how I used to feel. It’s crazy, but it’s true. I was satisfied with having him part-time. Now though, I needed him more, especially for the sake of our son. And with me being pregnant by him again, I think… No! I know I want all of him. All the time. I wanted to give RJ the life he should have with his father being a full-time daddy. As my thoughts raced a mile a minute, I glanced over at my friend. She was a little too into rapping Savage lyrics.

I’m a savage (yeah)

Classy, bougie, ratchet (yeah)

Sassy, moody, nasty (hey, hey, yeah)

“Whatttt?” Her voice cracked in a raspy pitch when she stopped rapping. She veered her head around like a fuckin’ owl cocking her head towards me.

“What do you have to say? I know you got something to say about tonight. You always have an opinion when it comes to Rod.” I eased off the breaks when the light turned green. I was about ten minutes away from my condo in downtown Memphis.

“Well—“she popped her lips in a Tamar Braxton fashion. “That nigga is trippin’.” She sneered. Her voice sounded like she’d smoked a pack a day for twenty years. Cynderella better be happy she was beautiful and had a factory-made body. Because if a nigga had to choose her for her voice alone, he was sure to pass. “His wife is either slow, or she’s fuckin’ on the next nigga. And don’t care that he was arguing with a bitch outside of their house. I know she saw us. Why didn’t she bring her ass outside?”

“She didn’t see us. Believe me, that bitch is crazy, and she stays ready.”

“Girl…” she shook her head. “So what are you going to do? Keep letting him sleep next to his wife in his nice comfortable life or make him come home and be RJ’s daddy?” she had this candid look all on her face when she asked me that. She then looked over at Rod’s twin's on the back seat, making little snoring sounds as he slept.

“Honestly, I don’t know. I mean,” I huffed. I didn’t want to lie because I had preached to the choir about being cool with the relationship we had, but my best friend knew me. She knows how much Rod means to me, especially for me to have his child. I had never planned on getting pregnant by any other man. After that first abortion, when I was fifteen years old after being sexually assaulted by my own father,  I promised myself I would never get pregnant again.

Cyn was right there with me because I was too afraid to tell my mother what my father had done. She worked nights mostly as an RN leaving me prey for my daddy to fuck on. After I got rid of his baby, he never had the chance to fuck on me again. Cyn, with her evil ass, replaced all of his asthma pumps with empty ones. He died a few weeks after my body healed from the abortion. I threatened to tell my mother if he ever stepped foot in my room again. He never touched me after that. He died from having an asthma attack while having sex with my mother.

She took his death hard, but secretly I was happy as fuck that he was no longer breathing. Really, he deserved a more undesirable death, and I wish I could have given it to him. The rape had me so messed up, and I had attempted several times to swallow a handful of pills. I guess that was my way of dealing with it. And Cyn always seemed to pull me away from the ledge.

“You mean what?” she turned the radio down and gave me a pressing stare breaking my thoughts.

“I mean… I love Rod. I always thought that would be enough for me. But look at my baby.” I peeped at him through the rearview mirror, grinning a smile so big that my cheeks started to hurt. He was the best thing Rod and I could have ever done. “Cyn, I don’t want to give him an ultimatum, like that. Leaving any relationship takes time. I have him. I have it all. Why change that? And I can’t just throw an ultimatum out there like that.” I knew I sound as dumb as fuck, but I was real about the way I felt.

“Bitch aren’t you tired of the Side Chick Holiday. Valentine’s is not February 13th or February 15th or even a weekend before the fact. Isn’t that usually when you see his black ass during the holidays. What about when RJ is older than he is now, and he starts asking questions? Rod doesn’t even do right for Christmas. It’s always the day after or before.”

“What about it?” I scrunched my nose up at her taking my eyes off the road for a second. “Rod loves his child. Remember, he begged me to have him. And he does see him on Christmas.” I defended, knowing I needed my ass whooped for doing so.

“Blah. Blah. Blah.” She replied with an attitude shaking her head. Her long wavy hair fell off her shoulders. “Your answer to everything is that he begged you to have RJ. Girl, bye! Don’t you want him to have more? Bitch, I’m just saying, it’s not my god baby’s fault that his daddy is a married piece of shit and that his momma is settling because the dick is bomb. RJ should wake up to both of his parents on all holidays. And bitch, you should want to see that nigga on Valentine’s day and every other holiday.

I thought long and hard about what my best friend just said to me. She’s right. RJ deserves better than what he’s been getting. I had to change the scenario of what being the other woman meant. Maybe when I first started messing off with Rod, it would have been easy for me just to pick up and move on to the next nigga.

He was going to be the nigga who took care of my wants and needs. I never planned on anything as serious as where our relationship had gotten. But I love him now. I have his child and one on the way. I have given this man my whole heart, and it was time for him to give me all of his. I want to be his wife. I want our children we created together to be his everything.

Taking a look at my best friend, who had been waiting on my response, I huffed then finally responded.

“You’re right, Cyn. RJ deserves better, and I’m going to make sure he gets it. If Rod does what he’s done for the past few years, I’m going to break things off.” I told her, swallowing my words. I never thought about ever ending the relationship we had. I had to put someone other than myself first. It was all fun in the beginning. It felt good to be wanted, needed, and loved on. I wasn’t thinking like a boss or a bad bitch. I had the mentality of a side bitch, thinking that was my only worth.

I looked at it as I had a fine ass man, with swollen pockets to match his sexiness, and he was keeping me dicked down and had my bank account overflowing. Not that I needed his money. I was okay financially. I was living good, but I have been living better since I got with Rod. But side bitches had to get tired of the same predictable shit. And now, I aspired for more than just material things.

 Rod was just an average man. He wasn’t famous, he wasn’t celebrity rich, but he never hesitated to take me on shopping sprees or give me his full attention when we were together. It just was time for a change. I shared him with his wife long enough. Now I wanted all of him. We already have the family. We just needed to be a family.

“Look.” she paused, half laughing. “I’m not saying all of that, but the shit you did here tonight was not pretty.”

“Are you serious?” I laughed, nudging her shoulder. “You are the reason why I went over there and destroyed Rod’s car. I acted a complete fool because you encouraged me.”

“I did. Didn’t I?”  She had this sneaky evil grin on her face like she was proud  that she had that much influence on me.

We both laughed, then I playfully hit her shoulder, and she playfully hit mine, causing me to swerve. “Biiiitccchhh.” I sassed because that’s the way we communicated. It was our way of showing love for one another. After gaining control of the steering wheel and making sure that I didn’t collide with another car, I drove the rest of the way home in silence.

The short drive gave me clarity about Rod, our son, and the new baby. I knew what I wanted, and maybe an ultimatum was the only way that he would listen. After all, my little stunt tonight got his full attention. He was mad enough to fuck me up. I could see it all in his eyes, but he would never lay a hand on me.

I decided that whenever he came home tonight, and after we argue about what I did, and even after he scolds me about my behavior, I would ride his dick until my pussy was sore. Then I would throw out my little ultimatum.

Am I wrong for having a change of heart?

I have his children now. He couldn’t have thought that this part-time relationship we started would be our forever. He has to remember that he was the one who asked for all of this. I never pressured him for a ring or a baby, but I wanted more than just seeing him on Side Chick Holiday.


There’s no need to say, you feel some kind of way
Just do what you need to do. Do what you need to do  `Toni Braxton

Genesis Dupree

One hour later…

After getting out of the shower and wrapping my towel around my body, I pushed my feet into my Ugg slippers and looked in on RJ. The smile on my face was something I often did when I looked at my baby. Never really wanting a child after what happened to me when I was a teenager, the feeling I get about being RJ’s mom was invaluable. I loved this little boy, and I loved this baby growing inside of me.

Kissing his forehead softly, I backpaddled away, leaving the door somewhat cracked. Even though RJ is two years old, I kept his baby monitor on just if he woke up in the middle of the night, which he hardly ever did unless he was sick. Walking inside my bedroom, I jumped, seeing Rod’s tall, lean, caramel-colored frame with his back turned to me. The Scorpio sign, among other tattoos on his back, flexed when he slightly moved. That nigga was fine as fuck, and I loved every inch of his ugly ass. He was consumed by whatever he was looking at on his phone that he didn’t notice that I was staring a hole in the back of his head.

Clearing my throat, I walked right past him to my vanity table. I picked up the bottle of my Bath and Body Works aromatherapy lotion Passion in the scent Tuberose and Ylang Ylang. I pumped the pastel-colored lotion in my palm and went to work caressing the lightly scented cream all over my mahogany-colored skin. Bending slightly to rub the remaining lotion on my calves, I felt his eyes ogling me so hard that the hairs on the back of my neck spiked like the sharp spines of a porcupine who felt threatened. Taking the remnants of lotion left on my hand, I turned my head up slightly and rubbed up and down my neck when my eyes met his.

“You ain’t got shit to say to me?” he stood there waiting, mad that I hadn’t acknowledged him or what I did tonight by apologizing. I motioned my shoulders up and down, taking a look at my glistening body. “Your actions were fucked up tonight. Genesis, that shit wasn’t cool. It makes me wonder how many times you have actually come to my house stalking me.”

“What nigga? Stalking you?” I frowned, curling my lips up then I started laughing. “We’re in a whole relationship, and you really had the nerve to say to me that I’m a fuckin’ stalker. Rod, you’re so full of shit that you’re starting to smell foul as fuck!” I hollered, then lowered my voice, realizing that I was becoming too loud. RJ’s room was just down the hall, and I didn’t want him hearing us. I never wanted him to witness Rod and me mad at one another. But how dare his black ass! “You’re unbelievable. Your fiancée and the mother of your son is stalking you.” I rolled my eyes then sat my lotion back on my vanity table. I then stood up and puffed a really hard breath when I looked at him. I walked my naked body over to the other side of my bedroom, where my dresser sat. After pulling a pair of panties out of my panty drawer, I held them up, making sure these were the ones I wanted to wear to bed.

“Pulling up unannounced and doing the shit you did, knowing that my wife was home ain’t stalking me? I had to tell her and the damn police that I chased two black ass niggas off who did this. Gen, you knew I was coming through tonight. I had business when you called and texted me fifty fuckin’ times.”

“Fuck you, Rod. It wasn’t no damn fifty times. All you had to do was respond once you read the damn messages, which you didn’t do because your read receipts were on. And it’s always something else before us. Your excuse was always business or Shamari’s fat ass.”  I smartly shot back after stepping into my panties. I wiggled the entire lower half of my body like I was putting on a pair of too-tight jeans as I pulled my panties up. I walked past him again then yanked the covers back on the bed. Rod was with the shit. And to think I was about to fuck his brains out, so when I gave him my ultimatum, he would be so pussy-whipped that he couldn’t help but to agree to my terms.

“G, where the fuck is all this coming from.” Rod followed behind me as I jerked the covers back and threw pillows onto the chaise lounge at the end of the bed. “G… do you hear me? Man, come on and stop being so dramatic. You ain’t ever had a problem with me putting you on read.”

I  took a break from my pillow, throwing only to give him a look when I put my hands on my hips.

“Rod, you take me for granted because I allow it. You got a whole wife at home. A luxury car sitting in the driveway, and your side chick/ baby momma/fiancée on the other side of town. Why don’t you tell me why I am acting this way?” I asked him with so much sarcasm I could feel myself shaking.

“You acting like this because you choose to let Cynderella hoe ass put shit in your head. She’s probably the one who told you to come to my crib and do that little girl ass shit with my son in the car. Genesis, you know you better than to have my son out here while you wildin’ like a Muthafuckin hood rat. I have never lied to you about shit, but you pulling up on me like you on some gangsta shit is not you. Baby girl, you know that ain’t the shit you on.”

“You’re right, Rod. I ain’t never been on that type of shit until I started loving your married ass. I think you should be a daddy to your son from over there with your wife. We’ll come up with a visitation plan. I think you should leave. Go home to that bitch. I meant what I said. RJ and I will be good. Remember, I have my own business. I’m not some dizzy bitch with her hands always stuck out.”

“Whoa, Gen, you trippin’ hard as fuck.” He laughed, climbing in the bed on his knees after I laid down.

“Nah, I ain’t trippin’ on nothing. If anything, my eyes are opening because of all the bullshit I’m smelling. Rod, we have been together for five years and have a 2-year-old son together. How long do you think we’re supposed to keep doing this?”

“Gen, I’m for real clueless about what you are talking about. We just got back from a weekend together, and that shit wasn’t easy to do, but I did it because I know you be missing me. Baby, I know what we have is fucked up situation, but this is what you signed up for when you fell in love with me. I’m a married nigga, but the heart wants what the heart wants, and I want you. I love you, and I love my son. Baby, you giving me him was the best fuckin’ thing that ever happened to me. So why the hell are you talking about some visitation shit?”

“Just leave me alone, Rod! That weekend away was because you knew you would be with her on New Year’s Eve and not me. What’s crazy is that my dumb ass went right along with it. What’s the use? You don’t care anyway! ” I accused, pulling the covers up to my neck, then scooched over, struggling to get as far away from him that I could. It broke my heart to play this game with him.

Rod was right. I never had a problem before with what we had. I just hate that it’s eating away at me that I do now. I’ve seen bitches give men ultimatums, and that shit never worked in their favor. The only difference is that I have Rod’s child, which could make a difference in how he responds. Forcing him to choose could hurt more than just me. My children could suffer because now I want more.

 I couldn’t keep complaining and saying the same damn thing. I just had to do it. Rod needed fire put to his ass, and I was giving him an ultimatum. It would be his choice to make the right decision. It was either me and his son or the woman he married.

Feeling my stomach trembling nervously, I waited to see what he would say next. I got chills when I felt his hard-warm body lay down beside me and wrap his whole self into me. And the sound of his voice telling me that he cares and that he loved us made my heart nearly burst. I fell deeper in love with him. I got goosebumps from the touch of his fingers strumming across my belly as if he knew his second mini him was nestling inside of my womb.

I know I was making this harder than it had to be. But thinking back to how I sit on the sidelines every Valentine’s, Thanksgiving, Christmas, New Year’s Eve, and even on my birthdays, encouraged my fight for what I wanted. I had worked hard on being the greatest me I could, especially after the things that happened to me from the age of twelve to the age of fifteen.

Since then, I had been on that fuck men vibe, and when I met Rod, that’s what it was supposed to be. But I started to have real feelings. I mean those feelings that make you cry yourself to sleep at night after an argument. I fell so hard for Rod that I always had this vertiginous feeling. He had my mindset clouded, and after giving birth to his firstborn, I became so soft, I allowed him to pushover my feelings.

“Babe.” He said, pecking a trail of soft kisses along my bare shoulder. “How can you say I don’t care? I’m in this because I love you, and honestly, I thought you were cool with everything.”

“Roderick Devonte James—” he cut me off before I finished.

“Yeah, this is deep for you to call me by my whole shit,” he muttered, then laid on his back with his hands behind his head. “What’s going on, Genesis?” he huffed. His breathing was unrelaxed. He knew I was about to get deep with him.

When I turned my body over to get closer to him, I noticed his eyes staring straight up towards the ceiling. Slowly shifting, then gazing at me with those gorgeous hazel brown eyes, I had become weak. I wouldn’t let his bedroom eyes make me vulnerable. I was on a mission, and after what I did tonight, I needed to follow through.

All I could hear was Cyn’s voice telling me to be a woman and just tell him how I felt. If I didn’t, I wouldn’t hear the last of it. She had already text me when she got home that I better not bitch up. She said either he loved me and would do what I want, or act like every other nigga with a dick and be a pussy little boy and walk away.

Blowing out intensely and placing my hand on my belly, I expressed to Rod in every detail how I was feeling and how long I had felt this way. By the expression on his face, he looked staggered. He thought with all his heart that everything was copasetic between us when all this time for me it wasn’t.

There was a long, and I mean, an exceedingly long silence after I told him that he had to choose our relationship... our family. Then the phrase Side Chick Holiday made him laugh as if he was at Chuckles. He laughed some more then asked precisely what side chick holiday was. So I broke it down for him in a way that he would understand.

“Babe, you know me, and I never tried to make you feel inadequate about anything. I lie to her but tell you the truth. If that doesn’t make you feel like you come first in my life, I don’t know what will. You have my seed. You have my ring. You have my heart, G.” He grabbed my hand, placing it on his chest near where his heart sat. I felt some type of way by his sentiment and watched his every word come out of those beautiful soft pillowy lips. He had deep dark eyebrows that almost connected and pink kissable lips with tattoos on places on his body that I loved. He could have been in the NBA as tall as he was, or even a model. I often teased him, saying that he resembled that actor Steph Santana from that tv series A House Divided. Brushing off lusting over his attractiveness, I couldn’t divert from the problem we currently have. He has to understand that no matter how much he loved me, it still didn’t change the fact that I was getting his wife’s half-ass seconds.

“And I believe you when you tell me you love me, but how long are we actually going to do this? We’ve been engaged since before I found out we had RJ. And that used to be good enough for me. I never want to make you choose her over me, but I have more than me to think about now. RJ is getting older, and soon he will understand that daddy is not at home at night to tuck him in or only sees him the day before or after the major holidays. I’m not trying to make your life hell Rod, but I need reassurance. I need to know that in the end, we will be a family.” I revealed without any regrets.

“Genesis, so what are you telling me?” he asked me as if he didn’t understand what I was saying.

Those damn hazel brown eyes of his were fuckin’ me up bad, making my pussy a hot dripping mess. But I couldn’t let her make me weak. Five years was long enough for Rod to either fix whatever was lacking in his marriage and be faithful to her or finally love me and RJ the way he claims he does.

“I’m telling you I want you.” I climbed on top of him, straddling his legs and putting my hands on both sides of his head. “I need us, baby. I want you, me, and our son to be a complete family. I yearn so desperately for what the ring you put on my finger symbolizes. You wanted the woman, the child, the family, and I gave you that. Rod, it’s not my choice to make things complicated, and that’s not what I’m doing. But let’s be real. If I don’t do this, I’ll have this ring on my finger for another five years, and RJ will be seven asking why his daddy is never here. Love all of me or none of me—no more side chick holidays. I want every holiday with you and our son. Or I can’t— No! I won’t be in this relationship any longer.”

“I hear you, G.” he nodded his head while swiping his tongue across his bottom lip. He was a little calmer than what I thought he would be with his fine ass. He probably thought this was just some bullshit game I was playing. But he just didn’t know this was just as profound as breathing to me.

Looking up into my eyes, his large hands grabbed hold of my hips, and I wondered what he was thinking. I had planned on giving him the best sex of his life then throw out my ultimatum, but it didn’t work out that way. Seeing him infuriated me more than I thought it would. And when he told me in so many words that him putting me on read never bothered me, it actually hurt my damn feelings.

“Baby, I hear. You know I love you and RJ. Man, I love y’all like I have never loved anyone in my life. Shit at home hasn’t been right in years. You know that. You work with her. So, you see for yourself the kind of shit she does on a daily.”

“Yeah, don’t remind me that she’s part-owner of Boujie Boss Salon.” I sighed, hating that his wife and I were owners of one of the top five hair salons in Memphis. I knew her before from when we went to hair school together. And I ran into her at the mall one day, and somehow, we got on the conversation about opening up a salon because, at the time, I was in someone else’s shop renting a booth.  It’s crazy, but we had the same damn vision, and she was good with cuts and color, and well… not to brag, I was just that chick who was good at everything hair. So we started a partnership. She was the Boujie, and I was the Boss in our salon. That’s how I met Rod.

I didn’t hook up intentionally with Rod, but after he showed up much later at our grand opening of Boujie Boss Salon to support his wife after all the guests, including his half-drunk wife, had left, things happened between us. One minute we were cleaning up the mess from the grand opening, next we were having shots of vodka, followed by wine, and the next thing I knew, Rod had me pinned to the wall, and my legs were wrapped around his waist while he was pounding away at my kitty. From that moment on, we had been sneaking around, and Shamari didn’t know the wiser. I smiled in her face and fucked her husband behind her back, and now he and I have a whole family together.

“Genesis, I want out of my marriage.” He claimed, but I wasn’t convinced.

“Wanting and doing are not the same. Rod, I can’t be second, and that fat bitch continues to be first. I did something she never did for you. I gave you a child. I have loved you unconditionally for five years, but today conditions apply. It’s already January, and before we know it, February will be here. I’m going to be nice about the whole situation. You have less than a month, Rod. If you are not here with me on Valentine’s Day, don’t bother coming back. I will have a locksmith on standby to change all the locks, and I’ll hire a moderator so we can put together a visitation plan for you to see your son.”

He sat up, looking confused as fuck. “You’re serious, G?” he half laughed, thinking I was bluffing as he wrapped his hands around my curvy ass.

But he should have known better. We had never had a conversation so serious, not even when he proposed and asked me to give him a child. I know that was irresponsible of me. As I said, I wasn’t thinking like a baddie. I was thinking like a side bitch, knowing that I was too fly to be nothing other than his forever bitch.

 “Dead.” I nodded. I climbed off of him, got back on my side of the bed, and no sooner than I closed my eyes, I had fallen asleep.



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