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Ave Coletta discovered her passion for the pen when she was just 15 years old. At the time, she did it for her own personal happiness and had no plans of pursuing it any further. In 2013, after a life-changing event and becoming a single mother, Ave Coletta’s passion for the pen was ignited again. Under the name Authoress Ave Coletta, she began a new journey as a fanfiction writer on the free reading site Wattpad. There she gained her confidence to create while mastering her craft and gaining almost 750 followers.

She has since gone back to school and is now earning her bachelor’s degree in health administration management. In her leisure time, she reads urban fiction, and devotes most of her time to her family. She loves on-line shopping, designer handbags, she’s a make-up fanatic, and she pampers herself as often as possible. Ave Coletta continues to reinvent herself by stepping out on faith, loving God, being true to what she loves, providing for her family and never giving up on her dreams. For information on her new releases please follow her on Instagram and Facebook. For exclusive giveaways and sneekpeeks follow her Facebook group She Writes Urban.

Check out her releases below...

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