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At a tender young age B. Commodity learned what influence a good book can have on you. Being the granddaughter of a life-long theater actor, she always knew that the love for drama and storytelling was in her blood; and it wasn’t long before she realized she had a knack for it. By the time she was ten years old, B. began to write numerous short-stories and began to share them online as an incognito writer. Hundreds of people would tune in begging for more of her work and wanting that special flare that only she could bring.

Throughout the years, she fell in love with novels like The Coldest Winter Ever, To Kill a Mockingbird and her all-time favorite Their Eyes were Watching God. By the time she turned 18 she began to work on own her first novel, now known as Greed, which she believes she grew up with since it took her nearly ten years to find her ending. B. Commodity’s writing is raw, sexy and life-changing. She offers her readers a chance to relate to each one of her characters on various levels through the visionary tales she shares and the life-lessons you receive.

Just like her pen-tress name, B. Commodity will always leave you wanting more.


IG: b.commoditywrites 

FB: Author B.Commodity or Beonca Duncan

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