As the old saying goes, a man never knows what he would do until he’s faced with adversity.

Carmelo Davis AKA Big Mel was the owner of one of the hottest Record labels in the industry Black Money Empire. At the peak of his success an advisory from the past that came back with intentions of seeing his empire crumble.

What was all good just a week ago turns into a total nightmare…

Big Mel and his BME family found themselves in a fight until the death. As lives are lost and lines get crossed, witness the true definition of love and loyalty as they help each other survive by any means necessary.

“Chapter 1”


One year ago

Big Mel

         My name is Carmelo, but I go by Big Mel. I was one of the hottest music producers in the ATL. My record label was called Black Money Empire BME. Although this is my story, I share it with my wife and twins, my nephew Yungin Tooley whose also an artiste signed to my label and Juicy my female artiste.

      “Grand risings king todays the big day, here put something on your stomach.” Nevaeh, my wife announced as she walked into our room. She sat a breakfast tray on the dresser, then pulled the curtains back to let the sun light in.

        “I’m about to go start the shower so we can get in.” She spoke.

      As soon as I sat up, she placed the breakfast tray across my lap then headed towards the bathroom.

       “Bae, hold up right quick.” I said and placed the tray on the nightstand pulled back the cover, then hopped out the bed. She moved fast and I could tell her anxiety was about to flare. So, I grabbed her by the waist and pulled her towards me.

     “Grand risings to you as well queen, I see you’re excited.” I said as I gave her a quick smack on the ass then kissed the side of her neck. She just smiled and laid her head back on my chest.

       “I’m loving this glow you got about yourself, babe. I just want you to know that I’m truly proud of how far you’ve come.” I mentioned as I looked her over.

     I watched her put in a lot of work towards her profession over the year’s. Even when I had to do that 10 years in the joint, she singled handedly took care of our then newborn twins, passed the bar exam, held down the house and still managed to secure a big bag. She was the true definition of a queen and I was blessed to have her in my life.

      “Yes, babe this is the moment that I’ve been waiting for. I am about to start my own law firm. We’re just a few hours away, from meeting with my senior, junior partners the rest of my attorneys and investors. After we seal the deal this part of our family dream will have come true.” She rejoiced then turned to look me in my eyes.

       “Nah for real bae, after seven years of grinding your ass off look at you now. You finally won enough cases, made enough money, and built up a nice reputation that’s respected enough for you to move on.” I spoke.     

     “Thank you, Mel, after putting up with Nick and all those other pricks, that made partner before me. I must say, it’s been a long time coming.” She sighed with relief.  

      “You should’ve seen the looks on their faces, when I announced that, I was leaving to start my own law firm?” She bragged as I followed her into the bathroom.

       “I bet it was so quite in that room you could hear a mouse piss on cotton.” I joked as she took off her bath robe put on her shower bonnet and stepped in the shower. 

      Bae stayed on the treadmill and was a big fan of squats. So, seeing her naked always made my dick hard. She was lucky it was her big morning; otherwise, I would have been terrorized her short self in that shower.

      “You know it was babe, and oh, I already picked out your suite too.” She mentioned as she lathered up her towel then handed it to me.

      Every time I washed her back, she always leaned forward and use her hands to brace herself on the shower wall then, poked her ass out towards me. That shit looked sexy and made it hard for me to stay out of her. It was no wonder why she got on birth control after she had the twins.

   “Whoa calm down boy,” she joked when she felt my erection. All I could do was smile.

     “On god, you got me right bae.” I said after I got dressed, I looked myself over in the mirror. I looked like a god with my long bread, fresh braids, and razor-sharp line up.

     “Glad you like it.” Nevaeh answered as she walked over to my closet then bit down on her bottom lip. I always admired her beauty and could tell that she admired me just as much.

     “I got a little surprise for you I’ll be right back.” She stepped into her closet then came back around with her hands behind her back. She had the smile of an angel on her face.

     “What’s behind your back?” I questioned, with a charming grin of my own.

     “Well seeing that you are about to be the man accompanying the woman of the hour. I could not see you wearing that fly ass suit. Without theses to go with it.” She mentioned then presented to me a small box.

    “Oh yeah, what’s this?” When I opened the box, it was a pair of diamond cuff links. She never ceased to amaze me when it came to our appearance.


    “Bae you look amazing,” I said as we stood in the lobby hall foyer of an office building that was filled with her investors, staff, and caterers. I looked over and saw that she was in her element on some boss shit she had on a long sleeve blazer dress some nice hills that matched the Birkin bag she got as a parting gift from her former law firm.

      “Come on bae it’s that time.” I said as I hung her full-length Black mink coat on a hanger.

     “Thank you, babe, this moment is so surreal for me right now. I’m about to have everyone escorted into the luxury conference room so we can start collecting those checks.” Nevaeh stated then gestured for her security team. They opened the doors, and everyone started to walk in.

    “Okay, I’m about to go to the restroom right quick bae.” I said then walked off.

   “Excuse me bro, my bad.” I said and stepped to the side when I accidently bumped into one of the security guards on his way out of the restroom.

     “It’s all good bro, long time no see.” Dude said with shiesty grin.

      When I walked into the restroom, I kept trying to think of where I knew dude from. Nothing clicked right away. After I finished, I stood at the sink washed my hands and gave myself a quick overlook in the mirror. As I made an adjustment to my tie, I heard what sounded like a couple of gun shots.

    I rushed out of the bathroom and across the hall. I hoped I was just tripping then I heard a couple more shots. That is when I knew it was real.

   I managed to crack the door when I peeked in my heart dropped. I saw the entire security team bae hired with their guns out as they committed an armed robbery. I could see her on her knees right in front of me as one them held a gun to her head.

      As a man I felt helpless and couldn’t believe I let my wife down like that. I was unarmed and had begun to sweat profusely. I was nervous and did not want to make the wrong move.

   “I want everybody in this mothafuckin room to remove your jewelry, come off them cell phones, then drop all the checks and personal belongs in these bags as they pass by.” The guy I bumped into at the restroom demanded.

    “And don’t make no sudden moves or we’ll start killing all of you one by one.” Another armed assailant yelled from the other side of the room.

    “Please whatever this is about it isn’t worth it. Just stop this nonsense and leave.” Bae pled with her hands in the air.

     “Shut up bitch! Once we get what we came for. We’ll be on our way.” He answered.

     “I’m not your bitch, and if you knew where you were, you’d notice that your holding up a room full of Judges district attorneys and ex law enforcement. Now, are you sure this is what you really want to do.” Bae questioned, angered that all her hard work was in jeopardy. So, the gun that was pointed to her head meant nothing at that moment.

     “I said shut the fuck up!” They guy yelled out once again, it was like he didn’t care where he was. Once he took off his covid mask, I knew he was there to hurt somebody, and the robbery was just a cover up. He motioned as if he were about to pull the trigger.

     “Fuck you!” I yelled as I used my shoulder to shove the door with all my might, they guy was tall and skinny. The force from the door made him fall forward and his gun dropped.

       That was when gun fire began to ring out. All I could do was cover my wife. What seemed like forever only lasted 15seconds.

     “Mr. and Mrs. Davis come with me!” Some man yelled after he tapped me on the shoulder.

      “Go babe, it’s okay he’s with us!” My wife assured.

    On my way out I looked back and saw two assailants shot dead three others were wounded and restrained. One was getting away with my wife purse and a bag that was filled with stole goods. My adrenaline rushed so I wasted no time and ran after him.

      “Mel no! Let him go!” Bae screamed but I wasn’t trying to hear it.

   He busted out the back door and took off down the ally. I was in high pursuit, the only advantage I had was all the ice on the ground. Dude tried to turn the corner and slipped before he could make it on the street.

       I heard a gunshot, so I quickly ducked, I looked around and didn’t see anyone besides us. I heard dude groan then saw blood stains on the snow. He shot himself but still tried to get away.

   “Stay down!” I yelled infuriated, I was only a few steps away and couldn’t risk him getting back up, so I jumped on him then slid his gun a few feet away.

          “What’s up bitch ass nigga! Who sent you?” I yelled hit him twice in the jaw then aggressively shoved my forearm into his throat. It was the guy from the restroom that I bumped into. I then realized I was locked up with him. But we never had any problems, so I let up my choke hold to hear what he had to say.

      “Fuck you nigga! That was a hit, you better be lucky you were there to play captain save ah hoe. Other wise your bitch was a done deal. Her days are numbered.” He spoke then spit at me.  I punched him repeatedly in his face. Blood flew up and splattered all over I heard the sirens and saw the red and blue lights as they approached, but my intent was to kill the nigga with my bare hands. 

    “Freeze! Put your fucking hands in the air!” I heard the police yell; I punched him once more then put my hands in the air. I stood to my feet and turned towards the cops. I was still on parole and couldn’t risk going back on a violation.

      “I said freeze!” The officer yelled out once again.

      “No don’t shoot! I’m unarmed!” I yelled back that was when I heard the first shot.

     “Aww shit!” I yelled, I had been shot in the back of my shoulder by the nigga I chased, once I flew to the side the police opened fire and killed him.

     “No!” My wife screamed and covered me with her body.



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