What happens when your life is governed by a set of rules? This story is about a young woman who has lived by her own rules. She doesn't answer to anyone.  She doesn't believe in consequences. She is unapologetic about the life she lives. She loves beautiful women and doesn't believe in monogamy. Her appetite is for sexual connections and she does not make any excuses.

What happens if you haven't  healed from your past, so you bleed on others?

Follow Desirae as she learns what it means to love and lose. She believes she has it all figured out until one night of passion. What  does it mean to be faithful? What does it mean to be selfless? 

Eventually, she will learn if you play with fire, you will get burned. 




She begins to say my name like I've heard it a hundred times before. 


She yells, “Fuck yeah! Suck your pussy!”


I don’t own one piece of pussy in the City of St. Louis. My tongue may borrow a few at a time. I feel a gush in my mouth and I swallow knowing I achieved my goal.


She looks at me with those honey brown eyes and I already know she wants to return the goes another  argument.


“Can I do you?”




 “Why not? You always act funny after we make love.”


“Make love,  is that what you call it, when you get fucked and you enjoy every minute.” 


Those eyes stare back at me as if they could kill. She decides to raise her voice in my home. 


“Fuck you, I'm just trying to give you some pleasure!”


“My pleasure is giving you pleasure.” I replied calmly.


She looks frustrated and sad at the same time. Ask me do  I care, hell no.


I look at her and realize that she is just another pretty face. I get up and proceed to start my day, she lays there knowing that will only piss me off.


”Get the fuck up and don't start this shit today!”


This is exactly why she doesn't spend nights over my damn house. Eva’s overnight pass is officially revoked. 


“As long as I have this pussy, I will always spend a night. You are so fucking weird! You’re a lesbian fucking freak!”


I laugh at her stupid comment and walk the fuck off to get ready for work. She throws a pillow at me and I turn around and give her that bitch don’t fuck with me face.


I walk into my bathroom and stare in the mirror. I can hear her cursing and throwing shit around. As long as she doesn't touch my shit.


I stared at my reflection in the mirror. I pull my long thick black hair into a ponytail. The reflection that looks back at me is a woman that could put a room on pause when I walk in it. I have almond-shaped hazel eyes, thick lashes, long black hair, full lips, and dimples. I stand about 5”7 and 155 pounds. I have a body most women have paid for. It's all natural for me. I have full breasts, a flat stomach, wide hips,and a fat ass. I'm 36-24-44 perfect in every way. 


I'm a feminine woman who loves other feminine women. I have a fetish for beautiful women. My name is Desirae Rodgers.  I believe in giving a formal introduction since y’all about to be all in my damn business. If y’all have a problem with profanity, I suggest y’all pick another damn story to listen to. I say what the fuck I want. Now, we have all that out of way, it’s time to learn a little bit more about me. 


It's the truth, no woman has a chance when these lips,  fingertips, and tongue touch her pussy.  I come to leave my mark but not just physically but mentally as well.


My lovers all agree to my terms until feelings get involved. I'm always clear about what I offer plus I have rules. I know what I want out of life. I'm not going to get married or settle down because that life is not for me. I love my freedom. Some call it harsh, I call it real. 


  1. No overnight visits unless I invite you. Don't ask! Dont blow my phone up… 

  2. I'm not looking for love. I'm looking for sexual and intellectual compatibility

  3. I will always give the truth no matter who feelings are hurt.

  4. I will always date multiple women. No one can have all my attention.

  5. If you want more, please excuse yourself from our fuckuation

  6. I don't fall in matter what you offer me


Those are the main rules that keep shit in order for me. I don't waste time and I don't want my time wasted. If you can't deal, I promise I will not be mad. No pressure over here.


My best friend Quentin says I sound like a man. I am not a man. I am all woman. Men come my way every day and they can't understand why I ignore them. I tell them we play for the same team and they don't believe it. I have been attracted to women since I was old enough to understand the difference between a girl and a boy.


My thoughts travel back in time...