This story is about how we live outside our means based upon what other people have. We have to learn to live with what we have. Material possessions cannot replace people. If we have more, much is required. Nothing in life is free. 


Welcome to Eden's Lake where the wealthy, barely making ends meet, and fake reside. I'm going to let you enter the world of people who don't have it all. They pretend to be something they are not. Their attitudes are judgmental. They believe in material possessions. They can barely afford to keep the gas in those luxury cars. They are in so much debt. They are too busy trying to keep up with the Joneses but they don't have their money. Money doesn’t buy everything...or does it?


Welcome home…



            Neve waited longer than two minutes before heading back down the stairs. She found Mya at the bottom chatting to another guy. Mya looked at her and smiled, “Where have you been, I was looking for you,” she said.

            “I got side tracked, everything okay?” asked Neve.

            Mya eyed her suspiciously but decided not to push Neve, not in front of this guy she’d only just met. “I got a call from Finn, he’s angry because you didn’t answer your phone,” she said. Neve’s eyes widened in panic. Finn was the kind of man to jump in his car and come to find her even though they weren’t together anymore. She’d left her house unexpectedly and hadn’t brought her cell with her. Mya read her mind and held out her own cell for Neve to use. She smiled gratefully and rushed out to the back garden to make the call. She moved to the corner away from anyone else and dialled Finn’s number, she knew it off by heart because of the need for her to check in every hour when they were together.

Finn answered within the first two rings, he didn’t speak, just connected the call and waited for her to explain herself.

            “Finn, is everything okay? Is Harlee okay?” she rushed out.

            “Where were you Neve?” he grated out.

            “I’m having drinks with Mya, I told you that earlier,” she sighed.

            “I spoke to Mya, she didn’t know where the hell you were!” he yelled. Neve pulled the cell away from her ear, flinching at the volume of his tone.

            “Look I’m not going to argue with you Finn. Put Harlee on so I can talk to her.”

            “Don’t dictate your demands to me, Harlee went to bed upset because her mommy wasn’t around to talk to her. Were you with another guy?” Neve checked her watch, it was only seven in the evening, Harlee wouldn’t be asleep yet, bedtime was usually half past seven.

            “You’re only spiting Harlee by not letting me talk to her. No wonder she didn’t want to come to you. Did you manage to spend time with her today?” Finn laughed at her attempt to anger him. There was no way she’d be this brave if she was face to face right now, they both knew that.

            “Enjoy the rest of your evening, I’ll bring Harlee back at some point tomorrow.”

            “No, Finn the agreed time is noon. I promised her I’d watch movies with her.”

            “Well you also promised to answer my phone call so you could speak to her. Jenifer is now having to spend time consoling our daughter because of you. I don’t need to remind you of what will happen if your shoddy behaviour continues around my daughter.”

            “Jenifer, who the fuck is Jenifer?” snapped Neve beginning to pace back and forth with frustration. They’d agreed to keep new partners away from their daughter until they’d established proper relationships and cleared it with each other. Neve didn’t want to confuse Harlee with new partners if they weren’t permanent.

            “Goodnight Neve and don’t forget the picture or there will be issues with me returning her at all tomorrow.” Neve took deep breaths to calm herself, blinking fast so that the angry tears didn’t spill down her cheeks. She continued to pace back and forth, her hands on her hips and her head hung low. She was so sick of Finn calling all the shots, being a hot shot lawyer, he knew just what threats to throw her way if she didn’t comply to his every command.

            “Is that lover boy checking up on you?” Ryders rumbling voice startled her and she spun to look at him, her face flushing slightly when her eyes met his.

            “No,” she replied bluntly.

            “I’m assuming you want to keep it on the downlow if you’ve just cheated, I’d also appreciate it if you didn’t tell my brother, he’d get all stupid about it.”

Neve sucked in an angry breath, what was it with men treating her like crap just lately. “Firstly, I’ve never cheated on anyone in my life. That was my very first and very final one-night stand. Secondly, I don’t have a clue who the hell your brother is, so I won’t be telling him nor anyone else for that matter, I’m not the kind of girl to gossip especially about myself.” Neve stomped away, not sticking around to wait for his reply.

            She passed Mya in the passage way, “I’m going home. You coming?” asked Neve, holding out Mya’s phone. Mya took it and smiled.

            “Sure, let me just say goodbye to…” she trailed off.

            “Bear,” answered the guy with a grin. Neve rolled her eyes, Mya never seemed embarrassed by her brazen ways. Neve headed for the door. She’d had her fill of arrogant men this evening.


            “You did what!” screeched Mya glaring at her friend in shock. Neve had blurted out her surprise one-night stand with the mysterious stranger as soon as she’d closed the front door and they were in the safety of her home.

            “I wanted to prove to myself that I wasn’t uptight, I know it sounds stupid, but I wanted to live a little.”

            “And you thought you’d have sex with the motorcycle gang leader?” laughed Mya.

            “Leader?” Neve repeated, “I thought he was just friends with Griffin. Is he important? Oh my god is he some kind of criminal mastermind because honestly at first I thought he was a mute.”

            “He’s the clubs president. I don’t know how it all works but he’s a tough guy, he’s got a lot of respect amongst the other guys,” said Mya.

            “Oh well, it doesn’t matter now. He was good for my first one-night stand, but I won’t be doing that again. How do you do it? I felt so used,” groaned Neve, making Mya laugh out loud.

            “Neve, you’re so innocent. You go into it knowing you just need one thing, don’t expect any more,” she said, “That way, you don’t feel used or let down afterwards.” Neve felt like that sounded like lying to yourself, how could anyone just switch off their emotions like that, wasn’t that what sex was all about?

            “I did go in to it knowing that, actually I didn’t even have chance to think about it, he kind of ambushed me, but it was the way he acted afterwards that threw me. He must have women falling at his feet looking the way he does with all that brooding manliness. What are sweet butts by the way?” Neve poured them both a large glass of white wine and passed one to Mya.

            “Women that hang around and keep the guys satisfied if you know what I mean, most of them hope to get a husband out of it, become ol’ ladies to the guys but most don’t ever get that.”

            “You’re like a mind of knowledge, how do you know all this? I have zero knowledge on motorcycle gangs let alone all of their gang terminology.”

            “I read books,” grinned Mya.

“I don’t believe for one second that you read,” smirked Neve, “Anyway I’m gonna hit the sack, I’m exhausted,” sighed Neve standing and draining the last of her wine. “Are you staying over?”

Mya shook her head and smiled. “I might pop back next door for a while, it’s still early to us single, non-parent girls,” she said with a wink.


            Neve climbed in to bed. Pulling out her cell phone she took a picture of herself, a headshot with her pillow in the background. She sent it to Finn to appease his incessant need to know where she was and what she was doing. Within seconds her cell phone lit up, an incoming call from Finn. She sighed as she accepted the call.

            “Are you alone?” he asked, and she rolled her eyes, knowing that he couldn’t see her.

            “Of course.”

            “Video call me,” he said, disconnecting his call.

            “For goodness sake,” she muttered out loud to herself. She video called Finn, he was topless in his office. “See, all alone,” she muttered moving the camera around her bedroom.

            “Good. See you tomorrow.”


            Neve was woken early the next morning, someone outside was screaming and laughing. She sat up quickly, alarmed by the noise. Diving from her bed she rushed to the bedroom window to see a group of people next door having a water fight. She rolled her eyes, she’d thought something bad was happening. Instead she was witnessing Griffin, topless, chasing her best friend around his garden with a jug of water. Mya screamed as the water hit her, soaking her shirt through. Neve’s eyes fell to the few guys that were watching them. In the doorway of the house was Ryder and wrapped around Ryder, literally, was a female with long blond hair, short denim cut offs and a bikini top. Her legs and arms wound tightly around him like a baby chimp clinging to its mother. He still had that blank look about his face. Ryder glanced up to her window, it was almost like he felt her staring. They briefly locked eyes before she stepped back out of view, mortified that he’d caught her watching him.



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