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Coal Wada Fresh dives head on into the literary genre of street literature...

There's something about the writing of this unorthodox author that says, he's outside of the mechanized society that is being imposed upon the mass of the population. He truly is entertainment and the voice for people of color. 

Coal Wada's tone is dark, focusing on the wrong side of the tracks. Fast living, violence and sex follows on the heels of his cutthroat tales.

As an avid reader of Zane, Sister Souljah and other prolific Street Literature writers, Coal Wada Fresh does not shy away from or water down the material.

The author draws upon past experiences to depict the storylines. Coal Wada Fresh has been writing since the days of elementary school. As a student he won many, many literary contests and had multiple poems and short stories printed in multiple magazines.

His storytelling ability made him an underground legend on the streets of Montgomery, Alabama. Now that he's been signed to his first major publishing deal, the world is in for a thrilling ride. Coal Wada Fresh is officially on the Street Literature scene. Get your popcorn ready and enjoy the ride...

Check out his releases below...

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