“What goes on in this house stays in this house!”

That was a rule that Lyric and everyone in her household took very serious. On the outside looking in her family seemed like they had it all together and everyone thought they were perfect until their dark secrets were exposed.


Everything done in the dark, eventually comes to the light. Once Lyric finds herself in a very troubled place and in desperate need of having someone in her corner to help her get out of this stick situation, she learns that the one person she thought would always be there to love and protect her turns her back on her. Her mother.


Completely on her own or so she thought, Kareem has always been in the background but has been completely unaware of what was going on with her. Confiding in him wasn’t something she planned on doing but as soon as she does, she experiences love on another level which had always been something she never thought she would ever experience. Will the toxicity of the close relationships she’s had affect her as she tries to move forward with Kareem?


Nessa’s true colors show when she finds herself doing anything for the love of man and social status. She refused to lose everything she’s worked so hard to obtain, even at the risk of losing her relationship with her daughter Lyric. Can her marriage and the image she cares so much about survive this big family scandal?


coming soon...

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