Welcome to Crossroads Ministries where some members get on their knees to pray while others get on your knees to do other things.  


Pastor Kofi Jackson and his family are all at odds with themselves. The Jackson family learns the hard way that just because you get dressed up and attend church doesn’t make you exempt from sin.  


The Matriarch of the family and also the Pastor of Crossroads Ministries, Kofi Jackson has always been a man with a powerful tongue and a wandering eye.  Over the years, his wife turns a blind eye to all his infidelities but when karma comes knocking on Kofi’s church door, he has no option but to face his past. The problem is, when you’ve done so much dirt, you make a lot of enemies so the question isn’t if someone is after Pastor Jackson but WHO IS IT.  Time is running out and Kofi finds it very hard to hide behind his suits and thousand dollar smile.  


Vivian Jackson, wife of Pastor Kofi Jackson finds out all too well that some people attend church to not get on their knees and pray but they set out to accomplish one thing...and that’s being the new and approved First Lady. Vivian had a hard life before meeting her so-called prince charming but she refuses to let anyone at Crossroads Ministries push her out of her marriage so over the years she learns how to turn a blind eye to all the disrespect but she she sees her family crumbling, she tries to find a voice...but is it too late.


Let’s bow our heads and pray that it’s not too late for the Jackson family but Crossroads Ministries has an open door policy and when the past comes knocking, the doors are blown open.  It’s time to answer your sins!

“Beretta, we have to talk.”  He took a seat across from me and it was then that I noticed that he had on different pants.  This man must think I’m dumb as hell.  Good thing he wasn’t sitting right next to me because I didn’t want to smell anyone else's pussy on his clothes or breath.  “What was all that about with Ava at the church earlier and why would you even think Keegan having her shower there was a good idea?  If I didn’t know any better I would say you’re doing things to intentionally piss me off.”

“Nice pants.”  i replied looking directly at him.  “Funny how you had on black slacks this morning and at church but right now you have on pinstriped pants.  I swear Knox, you can at least try and fool me.”

“Woman please, I had a mistake and I’m not going to sit here and defend myself.”

“The only mistake you had was nutting on your pants but we can talk about Ave and Keegan if you want.”

I stopped giving a fuck a long time ago and now I was becoming more vocal with him.  I’ve cried myself to sleep plenty of nights knowing my husband was out spreading his holy water everywhere.  Those emergency phone calls at night were nothing more than booty calls.  That hurt and pain turned into resentment and distance and then before I knew it, I had another dick to ride on myself so I didn’t give a damn who was blowing Knox off.  The only thing that really pissed me off was the fact that I knew he was fucking women that attended the church.

“Don’t insult me that way woman.  Are you crazy Beretta?  I wish you were more secure than this.  Every time I leave this house, you think I’m fucking someone.  My job is not to minister only to men for goodness sakes.  All you do is complain about what I do but have you stopped and thought about the people that I’m making myself available to are the same ones that give to the church which allows not only me but you and Gunner to live the way you do?”

Here we go with the bullshit.  Knox was the type of person who would argue you down the damn wall knowing the whole time he was wrong.  I refuse to sit here and go back and forth with him about what I knew he was doing.  He can sugarcoat it any way he liked but being there for a person in need and having someone on their knees sucking you off are two different things.  

“Knox, I’m your wife and Gunner is your step-son, anything you’ve done for us should never come back and slap us in the face.  Don’t come in here after you’ve done all your dirt for the day and pick an argument with me.  I’m so sick of you thinking I don’t have feelings.”  Tears started burning my eyes but I refused to let him see one tear drop.  I shared my past with Knox because I trusted him, i never thought he would use it against me.  He knows my struggle so why in the fuck woud he turn around and do the same thing?

“I’m not slapping you in the face Beretta but you act like I’m just useless.  Have I not changed your way of living?  That’s all I’m saying.”

“Ok Knox, I see you want to play tonight.  Yes, you changed my area code but try changing my outlook on men?”

He shook his head at me, turned around and disappeared upstairs.  The shower started not too long after he left and I was relieved.  How did I let this marriage get so far in the dumps.  Here we were the Pastor and First Lady of a church and we were a terrible example to follow.

The anger inside me was building so high and hot, i decided to do what I normally did to calm me down...I called the one person I knew would be happy to hear from me.



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