The drama is just getting started with Kari’s kidnapping being the main task at hand. Not knowing who to trust anyone around her could easily be the blame. Kari is back living yet another nightmare while anxiously waiting for someone to come to her rescue.

With business being at its best, Ty gets thrown a difficult challenge from Kari’s disappearance. With no luck to finding Kari’s location she gets presented with an opportunity that forces her hand and gambles her chances. After making the sacrifice for love, Ty is led into a trap that costs her more than her life.

Once bringing his feelings to the forefront, Deondre gets turned down cold heartedly. He knows the show must go on whether Kari is in his life or not and continues to focus on his future professional career. While putting his feelings on pause for Kari, Deondre gets an unexpected surprise from his past that leads him towards a different direction.





I swiped my thumb across my iPhone 11 pro to look at the time and it was now five minutes after eight. For Kari to not give me a heads up about her running late was beyond me and had me feeling pissed. I was beginning to think she was doing this shit on purpose and had decided to cancel at the last minute. This was some straight up bullshit and Kari would soon get a piece of my fuckin’ mind. Like what else did I have to do? I done showered her with everything under the sun and yet she still wanted to be stubborn. Playing hard to get was a slight turn on but ass kissing was something I refused to do.  Not wanting to look like a fool any longer, I dug into my pocket, took out my wallet and placed three twenty-dollars bill on the table. I had two shots of Patron silver and gave the waitress, who was very pretty, a nice tip as well. I got up from my table, left out the restaurant and hopped in my ride.

“I’ma try her ass one mo’ damn time.” I said to myself as I tapped on Kari’s name in my phone. Her line rung four times before going to voicemail. I sucked my teeth and opted to go check on business that wasn’t too far away.

When I made it to the trap, I parked my car in the stone-made driveway and exited my vehicle. Once entering the two-story home, I went straight towards the office where I had a hidden room that was built behind a bookshelf. Counting the neatly stacks of money and product, I made sure to double check my inventory. I was happy to know everything was accounted for and that nothing was missing. I learned the hard way to not put my trust into anyone when it came being in the game. Once I left out the office, I was wondering where my main worker was hiding, because his car was parked out front in the driveway. I checked every room on the first floor and came up empty which led me to go upstairs to see if his ass was anywhere up there. The closer I got to the top of the stairs., I heard loud moans and groans that made it obvious that someone was doing some serious fucking. I took out my Glock 40 from my waistband and held it down to my side. I made sure to not make any noise because whoever was in the room would soon meet their maker. I cracked opened the door and almost gagged when I seen Mud, who was one of my runners, fucking this high yellow female in the ass. The way he was pounding her shit made me want to vomit right where I stood but I kept my composure.

*Pop! Pop! Pop!*

I let off a few rounds as I watched Mud scramble to get himself together who was looking like a deer in headlights.

“Next time you call yo’ self fucking on my damn time, that’ll be yo’ ass in a damn body bag! Get the fuck up and go put on some damn clothes. And get back to work!!” I demanded. I was disgusted with his nerve and was close to saying ‘fuck it’ to pop his ass as well. Mud was a good hustler which saved him from dying alongside with his ho. I watched him take the sheet from off the bed and wrapped it around his waist as he jogged out the room. I quickly shot a text to my clean-up crew to come and take away the dead body laying in the middle of the bed. Before leaving out to go back home, Mud gave me a run-down on how much bud had been sold and gossip within the streets.

“I’m sorry again about tonight. It won’t happen again boss lady.” Mud apologized.

“I know it won’t.” I shot him a death stare before heading back to my car. I turned over my engine and got on the highway to drive back home. My vibrator, shower and bed was calling my name. I was bummed that Kari had not yet returned any of my calls let alone text me to let me know what was up. The way she was acting had me rethinking about being in a relationship with her. If this was how she acted when she didn’t get her way then I wanted no parts. I had felt a headache approaching and knew it was past time for me to lay it down. As I was driving, I glanced over to this gas station to see a car that looked identical to Kari’s but I wasn’t a hundred percent sure. Instantly my intuition told me to turn around and I did just that. I made a U-turn in the middle of the street almost hitting a few cars in the process. When I pulled up to a pump, I saw three boys who looked to be no more than six-teen. They were each rummaging through the car to see if they could find anything valuable. I got out my vehicle and pointed my gun in their direction and hollered “Get yall bad-asses on some where!” The one boy who I assumed was the leader of the pack had a wallet tucked under his underarm, I instantly ran up towards him and snatched the wallet with ease. “Get the fuck outta here!!” I yelled watching them scurry back to their car and sped off. I unzipped the Michael Kor’s wallet and just as I suspected, I seen Kari’s driver license along with some cash and other credit cards in her name. My heart was now beating frantically knowing she was missing the entire time. I now felt like a dumbass as I ran into the store looking for the associate who was on duty. I looked behind the register and throughout all the isles until I figured he or she must’ve been in the bathroom. I banged on both the men and women’s restroom doors until I heard a voice say “Just a minute!”. A few seconds later I saw this tall skinny Caucasian man walk out. His face was filled with severe acne, his teeth were stained a yellow tint and the glasses he wore needed a serious replacement.

“Yes, can I help you?” The man asked me.

“Yea, have you seen this woman in the last hour or so?” I showed him a picture of Kari on my phone.

“Nah, I haven’t.” He answered.

“Are you sure? She didn’t come in buying any gas or anything?” I followed him back to the front of the store.

“No. I haven’t had a customer come in for at least two and a half hours.” He replied taking his seat on a stool.

“Aight.” I muttered and ran out the store. I went to look inside Kari’s car to see if I could find any clues but came up with nothing. I had made a call for her car to get towed and dropped off at my house. After the tow truck came and took Kari’s car, I then raced over to Aprils house.

When I made it to my destination, I accepted the blunt April was in the middle of smoking and took a seat on her sofa. I inhaled a few times to calm my nerves because I was damn near close to crying.

“Well damn did somebody die?” April questioned as she began rolling up another blunt.

“Nah. .  Kari. . . She’s missing.” I said.

“Are you sure?” April had the audacity to say.

“Fuck you mean, ‘am I sure’. Yes, I’m sure!!” I rolled my eyes and shook my head. “Me and her had plans to have dinner tonight. She had finally forgiven me for cutting her time short the other day. After leaving the restaurant, I went to go do a check in . .”

“Yea, I heard you gave Mud a lil’ scare. You ruined that nigga’s nut.” April chimed in and laughed.

“He’s lucky that’s all I did. That nigga had me all the way fucked up. But anyways, on my way coming back, I seen Kari’s car parked at that gas station near Burrow Street. Something told me to go check it out and there was some lil’ niggas trynna steal her shit but I handled they asses. We gotta hurry up and find her.”

“Hpmh.” April commented.

“You still got ill feelings towards her? I’ma need for you to get over that shit yo’. She ain’t did nun to you so what is your issue?” I felt enraged. It annoyed me seeing my best friend act this way towards the girl I wanted to be with.

“There’s just sum bout her. You wanna be hard-headed that’s on you. I can’t wait for the day when she finally shows you her true colors.” April pearled her blunt and lit one of the ends.

“You won’t even give her a chance! C’mon, I need your help. If not for her, will you do this for me?” I shot her a look of desperation. Now wasn’t the time for me to go back and forth with April because I needed her support. Only God knows what Kari was going through at the moment and the thought only made me sick to my stomach. There was a brief moment of silence before April spoke up.

“Okay. Only because I love you.” She cut her eyes at me.

“Thank you! You’re the best.” I gave her a light smile.

“Well, we already know that Tez’s people been looking to retaliate. So it has to be somebody on his team that may have took her. If not, do you know anybody else that has beef with you?”

“No one I can think of. Don’t Tez got a brother?”

“Yea but he died just a few months back. We gotta go back to that gas station and take a look at the security cameras. That’ll give us a better lead.” April blew out a cloud of smoke. “Let me go change right quick and we’ll be out.” April stated as she stood up.

“Yea, cause I don’t know who you was trynna impress with that skimpy shit you got on.”

“Bitch, I had plans on getting me some pussy tonight.” April strutted towards her room.

“Don’t feel bad cause I ain’t getting none tonight either.”



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