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My name is Courtney Brown aka Courtney B. and I’ve been writing for seven years now. I prefer writing hardcore street lit, because it’s the genre that attracted my attention the most.  I have three books out “ReBirth of A Boss” A street Love Tale, “NAP Town King’s”, and “How Could You Be So Heartless”.  As an established writer who hasn’t been on the scene a year. I find myself learning from my past mistakes to perfect my skills and signature writing style.


I’m looking forward to extending my journey as an Author with a more dependable name. One that assures reads, any book that I write will be worth their while to read. Here’s the link to my Authors page, and as I stated. This journey has allowed me to see the errors and the highlights of my writing style, and I’m a better Author because of it.

Thank you for your time,


Twitter: @Cnbrown1980

Instagram: Blackwallstreet_1980

Facebook: Courtney M Brownn      

Check out his releases below...

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