Season finally comes home after recovering from the tragic events that change her forever. She and her ex-Pete have forged a new relationship which helps her to open her eyes to things she hadn’t seen before and one of those things happens to be eyes for the envious. She comes home to face one more tragic event, burying her mother. Her mother’s last meaningful words are to watch the company she keeps.

When Season moves into her best friend Frankie’s guest bedroom, her only focus is to get back on her feet. But while waiting to receive monies from the lawsuit and her mother’s insurance policy- Miles shows up in her life again. This time he is discretely creeping with Frankie. Season doesn’t care. She wants to get as far away from it all, because Miles has proven to be smoke and where there is smoke there will be a fire.

Kaseem hasn’t been able to get the woman he’d held in his arms that fateful summer day. His sister, Krystal teases him about being in love with a dream, because she isn’t convinced this mystery woman even exists. He had felt her in his heart a few years ago but neither one of them recognized the energy with all the chaos going on. Now that life has calmed down, he is determined to make a move if he should ever run into her again. Now that she has made an appearance in his life again, how well will he handle the obstacles and road blocks that lead him straight to her heart?

Sirens can be heard in the distance. I know from my experience as a paramedic that there is no way the ambulance can get through the bumper to bumper traffic. It seems like everyone of this side of Miami is in a rush to get somewhere. And the ambulances rushing to get to the people that need them are caught up in the middle of all of it.

“Ahhhh, Season!!” I can still hear this yelling and apologizing. “I never meant for any of this shit to happen to you. I’m sorry for everything alright!”

A strange feeling comes over me as I lean down eye level with the woman. This feeling is one you get when you feel the urge to protect somebody. And I am confused, how can I feel protective of a stranger?

This crazy woman is still ranting and raving as if she’s not about to get locked up for mowing people down with a car. “You’re apologizing to her? Pen dojo, I trusted you”

“Go ahead Yanora, you’ve done enough.”

“No, that bitch is still living and you’re still yelling for her.” I flinch when I feel something hit me in my back. I assume this woman picked up something off the ground and throws it at me. The best thing for me to do is move, so without a second thought, I lean down then cradle her in my arms.

“I’m going to move you, I need you to place your arms around my neck.”

“Get her out of here bro!!Ahhh,”

These must be the last words before he dies because after that there is eerie silence. And the woman who must be named Season whispers, “Alright.”

She looks at me with hesitation. What causes us both to move to action is the sound of crackling and the crowd starting to yell and panic. When I lift her from the ground she cries out softly. After giving her sometime to recover, I adjust my own body to her body weight before beginning to move forward.

 “Hold on to me just a little bit tighter.”

As soon as I feel her arms tighten around my neck, I begin to move swiftly thru the traffic that is now deadlocked because of the freak accident.

 The paramedics meet me midway with the stretcher. In the back of my mind I know there is a chance that this woman that I just picked up in my arms, could very well sue me if she has been injured because I moved her. That’s the disadvantage of acting as a good Samaritan. But I wouldn’t change a thing about this moment. For some odd reason I feel like it was meant for me to be here right now.

“Are there any more victims?” they begin to bombard me with questions and I tell them what I know.

“A man was hit and from what I witnessed he is hurt pretty bad.”

I find myself following them as they push the stretcher through traffic to the waiting ambulance. Unconsciously, I am still holding the hand of this woman.

“Thank you.” she whispers to me before they put her in the back of the rescue vehicle. When she is gone from me, I feel a since of loss and I question myself how in the world could I have any feeling when those people are the typical strangers you could meet just about anywhere. I’m stuck, as I watch them put her on the truck. I’m stuck as they turn their sirens on and then disappear. I’m stuck…



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