Have you ever heard your elder say Envy can be dangerous? Well Season Stefeson is finding out firsthand that the phrase is so true. She’s had her share of bad relationships while her best friend Frankie tells her she’s crazy for even attempting to try love.

The truth is Season grew up craving the love she feels she never received from her parents. Love even leaves her blindsided by half-truths that tear a family apart and leave her with the deepest scars. How could someone profess to love while serving up lies. Do you think it’s true that we eat lies when we’re hungry?

When Miles Moore introduces himself to Season Stefeson, she sees a fine, well-groomed man who is on a mission to find a companion. She quickly becomes someone to fill his lonely nights with warmth and his days with good vibes and laughter.

After her breakup with her boyfriend Pete, Season just wants to take a break from men and relationships. However, Miles finds a way to get Season to reopen her heart. He becomes her breath of fresh air after dealing with Peter who operated in their relationship as a hardened thug.

Season’s best friend Frankie, wants more of Season. She often complains that it seems Season puts her relationships with the men in her life over her. When one crazy thing after another starts to happen, Season won't deem it as coincidental. 

In fact, she begins to give her best friend the side eye. Shouldn't she be rooting for her to fall in love rather than telling her to shun it, Especially when she knows Season's background. But the same question should be asked, of Season, shouldn't she be more careful with her love after the experiences she has had?

The moment I catch sight of the people standing in front of the steps of my apartment., I feel my blood pressure rise. When I feel my heartbeat quicken, I immediately take deep breaths to calm my nerves. Today I thought I would just come home to relax with my man. I thought we may even catch a good movie on Netflix.

It has been bothering me that he has been kind of quiet since I’d come home the other night ecstatic to share that I’d be starting as a guest MC at one of our city’s hottest restaurant and clubs.  This would be apart time venture in addition to the promotion I had received as a travel agent at the company I have been working for the last year.

When he congratulated me, he had a dry smirk on his face. Of course, I expected him to at least envelope me in a spirited hug then give me a kiss. But much to my chagrin the dry congratulations is all he offered before telling me he was about to go hang out with his boys for the night. Tonight, I hope he will stay home with me. In fact, I plan to give him a reason to stay in.


While I was at the mall with my best friend since elementary school. We went to a women’s sex and lingerie spot for hippie girls called Juicy. The moment I saw the sheer body suit, with little openings for him to easily access my goodies I had to have it. As I held the piece of material up against me and primped in the mirror, my friend shook her head at me telling me she doesn’t know why I keep trying so hard with my boyfriend. But I reminded her, when you love someone you just don’t give up on them because they don’t give you the kind of love you crave. You hold on to them and show them each day how to love you.


However, as I gather myself to get out of my truck, I am prepared for my attitude to send him out the door tonight, I already know. Because when I open my mouth about the crowd gathered at my front door, he is not going to like anything I have to say.

Every time I have mentioned it to him about his company, he has brushed me off, He would tell me that he has doesn’t mind their company at all and I shouldn’t mind them either because they don’t bother me.

When I share this with my friend Frankie, that it seemed like he preferred his boys’ company over mine she would always tell me how much of a fool I am being because she wouldn’t put up with his laziness and disrespect.

Even though my face would warm with embarrassment, I would defend the actions I had just been complaining about like we are standing before a judge in the court room. “Pete works a full time grave yard shift at a car parts manufacturer and he keeps telling me he forgets my schedule.” I know my excuse is lame, but putting up with his b.s. is way better than being alone.

This is when Frankie would always remind me that she is living a good life with no headache from dealing with a relationship and she has been living single for the last year.

My last two birthdays, Pete has somehow forgotten, every dinner date he had some how forgotten, every trip he had always missed. And when he missed something important to me I would end up at Frankie’s house drinking away my sorrows.

It’s been a sad year for us and I have to admit, it’s getting real old.



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