Can your first crush really turn into your first love?


After experiencing heartbreak from a person she thought was her first love, twenty-two year old shy and awkward Alana directs her time and energy to her future rather than relationships. But that all changes when her best friend, Gia, invites her to a party which is hosted by her older brother, Christian, and Alana’s  first crush that she never fully got over.


Christian is a sexy asshole, with a no- nonsense attitude that women tend to flock to, even though he gives them his ass to kiss. At twenty-six, he is a successful entrepreneur that lives by the motto ‘if you want something, you should grind until you get it,’ which he applied to every aspect in his life. But he never thought that it would include a person that he only saw as his little sister’s friend, until he starts seeing her in a new light.


After that night, Christian pursues Alana with vengeance.  Will Alana continue to run from the possible thought of being hurt again, or will Christian be the one that makes her question everything she knows about what love truly means?


As I was laying down on the soft grass in the back yard of my house looking up at the clouds as they moved slowly cross the sky I heard someone loudly calling my name.

''Alana! Alana! I know you hear me calling you” I glanced to the left of me and I saw my best friend Gia coming out the door.

“Sorry, I was distracted by something but what's up”, I said as I raised to my feet

''What are you doing tonight''?

“Most likely going over some notes for class and probably chill with my aunt for the rest of the night”, I said as I walked through the backyard door to the living room. 

''That’s all? Imma need you to get a social life. I mean its Friday and you don’t have anything to do”, said Gia as she sat down on the sofa.

“You have enough a social life for the both of us”, I laughed as I sat down on the floor

Gia was a social butterfly. She knew about every event happening around the city and not to mention she could make a friend out of anyone. I was the opposite however. I was more of the shy stay to myself type of person.

''Anyways, my brother Christian moved back here from California and he is having a get together at his house tonight and I want my bestest friend in the whole wide universe to come with me and before you say no, its just a small get together nothing major”

'' When did he move back?”

“Two weeks ago and if my memory serves me correctly I know that somebody had a crush on him.”said Gia smirking at me.

I mean yes I did have a crush on Christian when I was younger but he never looked at me that way. He was four years older than me and Gia and I figured he just looked at me as his little sister best friend, nothing more nothing less.

“That’s was a long time ago and you said that you would never bring that up again.” I laughed while throwing the  pillow that was next to me.

''But seriously though just come please.” She begged.

“Ok fine. What time does it start.”

“It starts at 8 and I’ll come back later to come and get you so be ready.” she says while getting up headed for the door. 

I went to my room and decide to take a quick nap before I got ready. I looked at the clock and it read 4:30 so I had plenty of time. Laying in bed, I couldn’t help but to think about my life. 

At 22 I can say that I have lived a very normal life, well for the most part. My parents died when I was younger in a car accident so I was raised by my Aunt Carla, who is like my second mom. I honestly don’t know what I would do without her. Growing up, I was always to myself. Not that I was against making friends I was just shy. In middle school is where I met Gia. She had just moved to Georgia from California. The teacher sat her in the seat next to mine and the rest is history. To say that she forced me to talk to her would be an understatement, but I'm happy that she did because I gained a best friend and a sister all in one. During high school I was considered a nerd because I rather read books than go out to parties or gossip about other people, but I was okay with that. Now I'm a senior at Georgia State University getting my degree in Business. So like I said before I lived a pretty normal life.




I looked in my closet trying to decide what I was going to wear but nothing seems to look right on me. I flopped down on the bed thinking of a way I could get out of going. As soon as the thought crossed my mind I got a text.

Gia: I will be there in 40 mins so be ready and before yo ass try to come up with an excuse for not going to this party I just want to let you know that I will personal come in and drag your ass to this car if I have to.

I looked at the text and burst out laughing. I should've known that she would already know that I would do that. I decide on wearing a pair of black high waist ripped jeans, a blue crop top, and my black converse. I looked in my full length mirror and admire myself. I wouldn’t describe myself as sexy or anything but I am pretty. I am 5'7 130 pounds with caramel skin, dark brown eyes and full lips. My hair is a little pass bra strap length with red highlights. I’m not thick or close to being that I'm more on the skinny side, but I love it.

I checked the time on my phone and headed downstairs. Ten minutes later, I heard Gia blowing her horn. Looking in the mirror one last time, I grabbed my purse and headed out the door.

“Look at you, looking all cute and stuff.” Gia said after I got in the car.

“Thank you. You look cute as well.” 

Gia wore a Lakers t-shirt dress with black heels. She was very pretty with her hair  cut in a bob that she wore curly all the time. She was a beautiful dark  color like Tika Sumpter. Even though we were the same height and weight she actually had curves while I didn’t, and  she didn’t care about showing.

Heading to the party we listened to Migos. I’m really not into their music like that but I had to admit that their album was lit. I’m more of a Bryson Tiller, Drake, Jhene Aiko, Kehlani type of person which is very ironic since their music is all about love and I wouldn’t say I've been in it before.

Twenty minutes later, we pull up to this house that looked liked like it belong on the cover of a HOMES Magazine. Gia texted her brother to let him know that we made it so that  security would let us in.

I looked over at Gia with a confused look on my face.

''Is this your brother's house?”

“Yes, this is his house.” She looked at me while laughing

“What exactly does he do.” I asked

“That's actually a good question, but I don’t know. He never  said anything about it and I never mentioned it.”

“And you aren’t curious at all?”

 “No not really but since you are so curious about it then how about you ask him when we get inside.”

After finding a parking space, we head to the door where we walked pass security. I thought it looked amazing on the outside but the inside was beyond that. It look like an upscale hotel with a water fountain right in the middle of the living room. The interior was a light brown and white color with a marble floor. While I was admiring the house, I didn’t notice that Gia had left me standing there alone. I looked around wondering how I would find her with all these people here. After 10 minutes, I gave up and went outside to sit by the pool where there wasn't as many people. Taking off my shoes, I put my feet in the water while looking up at the dark sky and listening to Drake song 'controller' that was playing on the inside.


 I quietly song the words to the song, rocking my head back and forth. Suddenly I felt a presence behind me . I turned around and saw the most sexiest man. He was tall, looked about 6'5 with a caramel complexion. He had very curly hair that was cut into a fade with muscle that you could see even with the black shirt he had on and he had a sleeve on his right arm. I guess I was staring to hard because he looked at me, smirked, and came walking towards me.

“hey, how you doing.” he said

“I'm good, umm how about you?” I ask nervously.

“I'm good. I notice you, noticing me and I just want to put you up on notice that I notice you as well.”

I burst into laughing.

“Does that line really work for you?”

“It made you laugh didn’t it, so it worked. So what are you doing sitting out here? The party is inside.” He said as he sat down next to me. I notice that he had light brown eyes and dimples on his checks that reminded me of LL Cool J.

“I'm not really big on crowds plus I prefer sitting out here, it's actually nice.”

“Yeah I feel you. So how did you find out about this party? No offense but this doesn’t seem like your type of crowd.”

“My friend invited me. Its actually her brother's party.”

“Oh really.” He said while smirking “so have you met her brother before? How long have y’all been friends?”

“ Somebody is nosy, but we have been friends since middle school and yes I met her brother but I haven’t seen him in years though. So how did you find out about this party?”

“ Its my party and my feelings are kinda hurt that you didn’t know it was me.”He laughed.

I looked at him in shock. How could I not notice him. I mean he did look at little bit more muscular and he was taller  than I remember and his hairstyle had changed but other than that he was the same. 

“I'm sorry, I didn’t know it was you.”

"It's cool. Its been a while since you saw me so ill let it slide this time.”

“So how have you been? What have you been up too?” I asked.

“Nothing just working basically and living life.” He said.

We talked for a while  just making general conversation while  vibing to the music that was playing on the inside.

He stared at me with a facial expression that I couldn’t read and it was making me  nervous.

“Why are you looking at me like that? Is something on my face?”

“No I'm just thinking.”


“I want to take you out.” He said

To say that I was shocked is an understatement. I had been crushing on this man for years and to hear him say those words were surprising.

“Wouldn’t that be kinda awkward and stuff, you know your sister is my best friend and you are her brother.”

“Last time I checked we are all grown ass hell in this situation plus you and I both know that Gia crazy ass wont care. Are you trying to turn me down in a nice way or some shit? I mean I know it cant be because I'm ugly or anything,” Said Christian as he arrogant stroked his chin.

I thought about it for a minute. It was just a date and it wasn’t like he was asking me to be in a relationship or anything but what if the date didn’t end well? I would still have to see him.

I guess I was taking to long to answer because he looked like he was getting impatient. 

“I don’t think that would be a good idea. It has nothing to do with you I just have a lot of stuff going on and I really don’t have time to date or anything.” I said .

I grabbed my shoes, quickly walking in the house not caring to look back at him.

It was a little after two in the morning and most of the guest had left. I spent most of the party avoiding Christian which was easy seeing as how he had a girl in his face every five minutes which showed me that I made the right decision of turning him down. I don’t do competition, especially for the attention of a man no matter how sexy I think he is, not that I'm afraid or anything, its just pointless to me. 

Looking around, I tried to find Gia one more time. I was starting to get concerned though. I mean she does stuff like this all the time but to be gone for hours is not like her. I decided to go out to her car and wait for her there when I bumped into someone and I saw their phone drop to the ground

“I'm so sorry!” I said while picking up the phone.

“First you turn me down and now you breaking my shit? Did I piss you off in some kind of way?”

I froze. I looked up praying that it wasn’t who I thought it was but apparently God wasn’t listening to me because it was Christian.

“I wasn’t looking where I was going. Sorry.” I looked down praying that he didn’t notice how embarrassed and I was and that he would leave. 

“Last time I checked, my face was up here not on the ground. Look at my face when I'm talking to you its disrespectful.”

I looked up and notice that he had a scowl on his face which added on to his sexiness. 

“Now that we got that out the way, you are staying here tonight.”

“WHAT!” I screamed looking at him like he lost his mind. “I’m not staying here. As soon as I find Gia I’m going home.”

I turned around, walking towards Gia's car when I felt Christian yank my arm pulling me close to his body. I felt the firmness of his body against mines and I could smell the scent of his cologne invading my nostril. I closed my eyes enjoying being this close to him until I realized what I was doing and moved back from him and that’s when he spoke.

“Why do you have to be so damn stubborn?” He said while looking agitated. “Gia is upstairs sleep because she is a light weight and cant handle her alcohol.”

“Its okay, I can just call Uber or something.”

As soon as I pulled out my phone, he snatched it from me and put it in his pocket.

 Look, something you got to learn about me is that I hate repeating myself, shit is annoying as fuck so for the last time and I do mean the last time, take yo ass in the goddamn house.”

He must have lost his mind. 

“Last time I checked I have a daddy and he ain’t you so will you please give me my phone so I can-,” Before I could even finish my sentence he picked me and threw me over his shoulders and carried me back into his house while I kicked and screamed. He carried me upstairs to a guest room and threw me on the bed. I looked at him with a mean mug on my face.

He smirked. “You ain’t scaring nobody with that look on your face. You actually look pretty as fuck when you do that.”

I rolled my eyes and stuck up my middle finger.

“You had your chance but you turned me down.” He laughed then turned serious. “But like I said you are staying here tonight and you can leave in the morning. Its a bathroom in here and you have some towels. Toothbrush and toothpaste in there too.”

He started walking towards the door and turned around, looking as if he was in deep thought

“And for that smart ass comment you made about me not being your daddy, you right, I’m not you daddy. yet” He wink, closing the door behind him.

I quickly got up and tried to turn the doorknob but it wouldn’t open. This asshole really locked me in this room. Sighing I walked toward the bed pulling off my shoes. I got under the covers and before I knew it I was knocked out as soon as my head touched the pillow.



I woke up hearing loud music and voices, which sounded like it was coming from downstairs. I looked around wondering where I was and then it hit me, Christian had locked me in this freaking room. As I was getting up Gia burst into the room and jump on the bed and started laughing and stop when she saw that I was looking at her with an angry look.

“ Why are you looking like that?”

“You left me by myself last night.”

“ I’m sorry, I saw my future ex husband and we ended up chilling the whole night.”

“ But why would you leave me by myself though especially since you beg me to come and I really wanted to go home and lay in MY own bed.” I whined.

“ In my defense you wasn’t entirely alone, I sent Christian to find you. By the way how did that go?”

“ So you sent your brother, who I haven’t seen in like years and is practically a stranger to find me? That’s suppose to make me feel better? And yes he did find me and he locked me in the damn room the whole night.”

“He did what!” She yelled, getting up and running downstairs. I ran behind her wondering what she was about to do. As soon as I hit the corner I heard her yelling

“ Did you really lock Alana in a damn room!” Screamed Gia

“ Who are you screaming at me like you ain’t got no damn sense! Yes I locked her ass in the room.”

“ Why did you do that though if she wanted to leave you could've let her leave.”

“ Maybe because I didn’t know if she had been drinking or not and I didn’t want to have to listen to your or Ma mouth if something happened to her.” He said.

“ She doesn’t drink dumb ass.”

I walked into the kitchen and froze for a moment. Christian was standing near the stove with an annoyed facial expression and he was shirtless with a pair of red basketball shorts on. His abs was on full display and I could see his V-line. When I took my eyes off of him I looked toward Gia who looked like she was three seconds away from killing him.

He glanced at me with a smug look on his face

“I see that you didn’t go anywhere. Are you hungry?” He said while completely ignore Gia and turning his attention back to the stove.

I rolled my eyes and turned my head towards Gia.

“ Do you mind taking me home please?”

“ Yea girl let me get my purse and keys from upstairs.” She said and walked away leaving me alone with Chrisitan.

To avoid the awkward silence I decided to go in the living room and wait for her by the wall then suddenly  it hit me that he didn’t return my phone to me. Walking back in the kitchen I went towards him, tapping on his shoulder to get his attention.

“ Can I get my phone back that you have?”

He turned around with his body leaning on the counter.

“ Depends. What do I get out of this?” He questioned wearing a sneaky grin.

“A better chance of going to heaven, now can I please get my phone.”

He burst out laughing 

“ You are low key funny as hell.” He said while going into his pocket and giving me the phone.

“I’m ready.” Gia called out,

“Okay.” I said as I headed out the door. Then I heard my name being called.

“Alana! You know you are going to be mines eventually right?” He said with a serious look on his face. 

 I didn’t know what to say or if I should even take that comment serious so I just walked out the door. Im not ready for dating someone and what comes along with it, maybe in a few years, but not right now.


After Gia dropped me off I spent half of the day studying and the other half catching up on some much needed sleep. By the time I woke up it was around eight at night. I laid in bed for a little while trying to decided if I really wanted to get up or not but my stomach made the decision for me when I felt it growl. I went into the kitchen praying that my aunt cooked something.

“Aunt.”I called while searching for some food. 

She didn’t reply so I assumed that she had gone out somewhere. I decided to go the wing shop that’s down the street to get me something. I put on some black legging and a blue hoodie with some black UGG boots. I grabbed my phone and my keys and headed out the door. Since it wasn’t that far I decided to walk. I didn’t live in a bad neighborhood so I didn’t have to worry about random people walking up on me or getting robbed or anything but I did have my pepper spray on me just in case. To make the trip quicker, I put in my headphone and vibe to Tink  mix tape Winter Diary 4. Walking in the shop I put in my order and took a seat in an empty booth waiting on  my order to be called. I decided to catch up on a book that I was reading on kindle, when I saw a large group of people walk in, one in particular caught my attention. He was the captain of the basketball team for our university. I saw him around campus sometimes, always with a crowd, like now. Also he gave off the vibe of being extremely cocky but with his looks I could see why he felt that way if my assumption was correct. He stood around 6'3  athletic built with a tattoo of a lion on his left shoulder. He had dreads with brown tips that reached the middle of his back that he either kept in a low ponytail or in individual plats. He actually looked like the rapper future only with a baby face. I would be lying if I said I didn’t find him attractive, but he wasn’t my type personality wise. I’ve heard too many stories about him and his crew womanizing ways. A few minutes later I heard my number being called to get my food, I walked over to get it when I felt someone bump into me nearly knocking me down.

“ Aye, my bad I didn’t see you right there. Are you okay?” I heard a deep voice say.

“ Yeah its okay, I’m good” I said fixing my clothes not paying attention to the person that was speaking to me. 

“ Okay that’s whats up. I didn’t get your name.”

I finally looked over, placing a face with the voice and it was the basketball player. Just my luck.

“Alana” I answered while grabbing my food.

“ Alana?” He repeated. “Nice. Cam.” He held out is hands for me to shake which I accepted. “I feel like I know you from somewhere though.”

“  Well I do go to Georgia State University so you might have seen me around or something.” I said.

He stared at me for a few seconds like he was in full thought of something  then he snapped his finger and smiled

“ I have seen you. You are that the girl that always sit in the grass under that big tree on the quad.” 

“ That’s me. Nice meeting you Cam.” I said trying to end the conversation while walking out the door.

He ran behind me and grabbed my arm gently.

“ Aye, can I get you number?”

“ I don’t think that would be a good idea.” I removed my arm from his gasp.

He took a step back.“ Oh, you must must have a man or something?”

“ No, its not that. I don’t have time to date or entertain anyone at this moment. No offense.” I said.

“ Its cool, I understand. It was nice officially meeting you.” He smiled and walked back inside.

I wanted to ask him what  he meant by officially meeting me but I heard my stomach growling which let me know that I could think about that statement later, right now I needed food. I put in my headphones and walked home.


While I was eating, my aunt sent me a text saying that she was staying at her boyfriend house tonight, so it looked like I had the whole house to myself. I called Gia to see if she was down for a movie night but she already had plans with her “ future ex husband” as she calls him. So I guess it was going to be just me. I stroll through DEMAND trying to find a movie that I could watched. I decided on the movie Twilight since I haven’t saw it in awhile. I turned off the light and snuggled up with my blanket on the couch ready to enjoy the movie. Midway threw it, I heard my phone go off alerting me that I had a text from an unsaved number

3462763: wyd

me: who is this

3462763: your future lol

I looked at the text and ignored it. I didn’t have the time or energy to entertain someone that wanted to be childish. Five minutes later the number called. I debated on whether to answer it or not, before I could decide, it stopped ringing then the person called back yet again.

“ Who is this?”  I answered the phone.

“Damn ma, who made you angry?” He laughed.

Once I heard the voice I immediately knew who it was

“ Christian how did you get my number? Did Gia give it to you?” I questioned. If she did, I’m killing her.

“ Nawl, I have my ways of getting things, now answer my question. What are you doing?”

“ I was watching a movie until you interrupted me.”

“ You and that smart ass mouth of yours. What happened to that shy girl that always use to stare at me all creepy and shit?” He laughed.

“ I didn’t stare at you and if I did it was probably because I was wondering how God made someone as ugly as you.” I joked.

“ Yeah right, even you don’t believe that shit. So why you not out somewhere with my wild ass sister?”

“ I’m not the going out type. I could ask you the same thing,”

“ I have meetings and stuff to go to all this week so I’m trying to get my mind right of them.”

“ What exactly do you do?” I asked curiously.

“ You’ll find out eventually.”

“ Why cant you tell me? Why are you being so secretive about it?”

“ I'm not being secretive about anything” he laughed “you know what, once you become my woman then ill tell you anything that you want to know.”

 “ Who says that that will ever happen? I was serious about not dating anyone and if I was why you think that it would be you? You ain’t special.”

“Because I know. Now what are you watching?”

 He said completely ignoring my statement but I was okay with that.

“Twilight” I said

“That weak ass movie where the vampire twinkles? I don’t understand y’all women fascinating with that bullshit knowing damn well if y'all encounter a vampire in real life y'all run like hell, wigs off and everything. Step your movie game up.”

 I laughed so hard my stomach started to hurt. “Wigs off? Really? You are stupid but I like this movie, its cute.”

“ Vampire movies aren’t  suppose to be cute, ma. Gay ass vampires.”

 We spent most of the conversation with him making jokes about the movie and me laughing. He was really funny even though it didn’t seem like he was trying to be. After 2 hours I started getting sleepy

“ This has been a very interesting conversation, but I’m about  to sleep.” I announced. 

“ Okay, gets some rest, I’ll holla at you later.” He said.

As soon as I was about to hang up the phone I heard him speak.

“I meant what I said earlier today, I’m coming for you. Not  right now because I got shit I need to do and I know that you trying to stay focus on school and I would never distracted you from getting an education, but just know you are going to me mines whether you like it or not.” He said then hung up the phone.

 I stared at the phone for awhile then put it down.  The way that he said those words gave me goosebumps. I did like him but I wasn’t ready for anything with anybody right now. Finishing school is my main focus plus it seemed as if he had too many secrets anyways and him not telling me what he does for a living didn’t help his case at all.