“Fool me once, shame on you. Fool me twice, shame on me,” not so much the case the second time around.


Optimistic about her future as a first-time single mother, Dylan choses to live life without Ace, leaving him on one knee asking for her and in marriage all because of the possibilities of another woman being crazy in love with her man. Sticking to her grounds while dealing with post-partum, Dylan decides its now time to fight fire with fire while relying on heavily on Amere to clean up her mess back home while she’s away on a possible bae-cation.


But will that leave her in the very same situation for a third time around with a completely different guy? Will her trauma and disappearance be all that’s needed to test the loyalty of her friendship with her best friend? Will her confidence in her friendship and relationship test the loyalty of those around her on a day to day basis? Or will enough be enough and this be the breaking point needed to turn her savage up ten notches?

Chapter One




It felt so damn real. Real enough to make me clutch my stomach while reaching out to lean on the door that sat beside me in an attempt to catch my falling body. It took for Ace to run to my side for me to remember what was going on. But how? I easily remember confronting Ace then running out of this place to being hit by a moving vehicle. Getting more comfortable on the floor where Ace now had me sitting, I looked down at my stomach just to make sure this shit wasn’t a damn dream. But once again, how? How the hell am I sitting here as if nothing happened? I couldn’t have been dreaming because if I was, I’m sure my ass wouldn’t be in the environment I’m in right now. What the fuck was going on with me? I felt like I was losing my damn mind.


“Baby, are you okay?” Ace asked while helping me into the nearest chair his boys brought over for me.


Just hearing his voice brought me back to reality and made me realize what the fuck I was doing here to begin with. Without saying one word to his no-good ass, I immediately looked in my right hand to see that I was still holding on to the vanilla envelope that sat on my windshield as I left my house. I had no words or no more emotions at that given moment, I stared his ass down until I made him so uncomfortable that he had no choice but to look the other way.


“Dy, talk to me,” Ace said. “Are you okay?”

“I was okay until I walked out of my house and saw this shit laying on my windshield,” I said plunging the envelope into his chest. “You said you’d never do me this way, and you did!”


There it was, the same shit happening to me all over again. I vividly remember myself saying this to him right before I stormed out of the venue shortly before being hit by a moving vehicle. This shit was weird but literally our exact conversation happened to me minutes before it’s happening now. Too bad I didn’t have time to ponder on what was going on, at the end of the day I’m sure its stress and me going crazy from dealing with another Karon in a completely different body.


“Do you what way? The fuck is you talking about?” He asked as he opened the envelope.

Before I even got the chance to respond I noticed the look of guilt that lied on his face which was everything I needed to see.


“You’ve been sleeping with this bitch for the past two months, and don’t lie and say you haven’t, because it’s text messages and pictures that show proof. You are so fucking disgusting!”


As soon as those words left my mouth, I saw the look on everyone’s face who stood around watching as the drama unfold. I saw smiles turn into pain, hurt and sorrow and as embarrassed as I was to have my life fall a part in front of people who genuinely care about my happiness, I didn’t give a flying fuck. This bitch hurt me! This bitch lied to me! This bitch did me dirty and for that he deserve every look of disgust he’s to receive from here on out. Not being able to make eye contact with our audience any longer, I hurried to my feet as fast as I could and headed towards the venues lobby with tears in my eyes.


“Dy wait,” I heard Ace yell from behind me.

“Ain’t no fucking wait, you nasty ass piece of shit!” I yelled as I walked toward the entrance of the banquet hall. “We’re done! The nerve of you!”


Once I reached those doors, I knew there was no going back, and in all honestly, I didn’t plan to. Just like it was fuck Karon, it’s fuck Ace and this damaged love triangle. I was through with his no-good ass and would raise this baby all on my own if I have to. But what was crazy is the fact that I vividly, and I do mean vividly, remember having those exact same thoughts what I assumed to be a few minutes prior. I must have been having déjà vu because I remember hearing Mere yell my name in an attempt to save me but this time she wasn’t. She was standing in the window of the hall watching just as everyone else did, which was quite odd to me.


“So just like that huh?” I heard Ace ask from behind me. “Just like that? You gone up and leave a nigga huh?”

“Nigga you left me!” I yelled as tears fell down my cheeks.


I felt weak and vulnerable. I told this man every single thing I’ve gone through in my last relationship, I’ve told him what I was and wasn’t willing to deal with all for him to promise me he’d never do me that way just for him to turn around and do me that exact same way. Being hurt was an understatement. Leaving Karon’s no good ass to finding a man who I thought would treat me so much better had given me hope, only for that same man to shatter my dreams. Why was this my reality? Why me? I was supposed to be laid up in bed loving all over my man preparing to be a first-time mommy and here I was dealing with another heartbreak.


“Baby it’s not what you think,” Ace said. “I swear I’d never do you that way. Ever in my fucking life and you know that!”

By this time, he was yelling and on a continuous path towards me as I walked away. I was so angry just hearing his voice that I couldn’t do shit but turn around and head in his direction.


“I am so sick of you filthy ass niggas hurting me,” I said. “At what point did you think about me? At what point did you think I’d be hurt all over again? At what point did you consider your foul actions of having an affair with the one woman who broke up my last relationship? At what point did you think about me? Oh, you didn’t because you a selfish ass bitch, well guess what, go be selfish on your own time because I promise you I’m done!”


Without even allowing him to go deeper into his lies, I immediately rushed inside of my running truck prepared to pull off when I caught a whiff of smoke. Too stuck into my thoughts about how I’d be leaving his home first thing in the morning, I paid it no mind until I put the car in drive and noticed smoke coming from the inside of the dashboard and the bottom of the car by my feet.


“Dyyyyyyyy, nooooooooooo!” I heard Amere yelling from the doorway of the hall just as I looked up to see her taking a dash towards me.


Within that same instant, I saw Ace running my way reaching for my door handle when it all clicked, something just wasn’t right. I didn’t even have time to think before he yanked the door open right before my cherry red G-Wagon went up in flames. Everything was moving so fast and before you know it, I felt the heat from the fire cover my entire body within the blink of an eye.





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