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Kade Richards is quiet, mysterious and dangerous all in one. After a night out with his cousin King he met Antasia Whitfield. The classy-hood chick is beautiful in more ways than one. After spending time together Tasia realizes his lifestyle may be too dangerous for her.

What happens when two people fight against each other in the midst of danger? Will the two withstand the turmoil or will they call it quits? Come and experience the journey with Kade and Tasia.

Chapter One

    Tasia ran her hands through her short blonde curls. Her light stare penetrated into Kade’s soul. It had been a month since the two had been doing whatever they were doing. The night when her and her best friend Zuri went to Ultra Vibes she didn’t expect to meet anyone. That night was about getting her best friend out of a depressed state.

    Now here Tasia was a whole month later standing with a man she knew and didn’t know. What she did know he was a very dangerous man. Kade and King were into shit they would sure be in jail for if it wasn’t for who they had on their payroll.

    “Why are you staring at me like I’m a fuckin’ monster Tasia?”

    “In a lot of ways you are,” she spoke softly.

    “What I do outside of us doesn’t change who I am when I’m with you.” He took a step closer to her.

    Tasia took in how fine he was. His bronzed skin kissed by the sun was packed with the right amount of muscles. A few tattoos scattered across his body. What really stood out was the tiny nose stud in his right nostril. Silky waves rested on top of his head with a two small parts on the left side. His beard was cut low and groomed perfectly. This man was gorgeous.

    “I don’t know if I want to do this anymore.”

    An immediate frown marred Kade’s face. Murder was on his mind. There was no way in hell he was letting her go. He didn’t know what the fuck she thought this was. His hand gently, but yet firmly gripped Tasia’s neck.

    “The moment my dick slid into your pussy raw was the moment you entered the danger zone. The moment my seeds flooded your womb was the very moment you became mine. I don’t give a fuck what you talking ‘bout,” he warned in a chilled tone.

    “You don’t own me, Kade.”

    He chuckled before he pecked her lips and backed away. “I have some business to handle with King. I’ll be back later tonight.”

    Tasia didn’t say a word. She stared at his retreating back. This man was crazy as shit. She had unintentionally witnessed him blowing someone’s head off. The cold and evilness in his eyes did something to her soul. It was crazy how he didn’t give a fuck when it came to the streets, but with her he was soft.

    As soon as she thought he was gone she was leaving. She had to get far away from him. This man was going to be the death of her. He was a whole different type of crazy. He and his cousin were two peas in the pod. Tasia had no idea how Zuri dealt with this shit.

    She wanted to reach out to Zuri, but her and King was on vacation. Tasia wouldn’t lie and say she wasn’t happy for her girl because she deserved it. King was all about her and would kill for her. Hell the nigga had.

    While in her thoughts she remembered she needed to go handle something important. Grabbing her things she made her way out of Kade’s downtown condo that overlooked the city. Too much was happening and it was happening too fast for her liking.


Chapter Two

    Kade looked at the man across from him. This man had caused Tasia so much pain in her life. The mental and physical abuse had taken a toll on her. If Tasia knew he was out here on some reckless shit yet again, she would flip out. Kade honestly didn’t care. All he cared about was bringing his baby peace.

    Kade held a gas jug with a blunt hanging from his mouth. He was in kill-mode. Nothing else mattered. His tall frame walked slowly around Tasia’s father who looked like he wanted to piss on himself. 

    “So you have nothing to say?” Kade taunted.

    Andrew Whitfield looked at Kade like he was crazy. Hell he was. Kade was crazy about those he loved. No matter how much Tasia tried to say he didn’t he knew he did. Besides what sane person would collect a sleeping body from their home and bring them out to nowhere? After he had heard the stories of how her father treated her made his blood boiled like hot lava. 

    “I-I never meant to hurt her. I was just trying to teach her what love was and not to be weak.”

    “Fuck kind of shit you on? That wasn’t love. You fucked her up mentally, but it’s cool though. You are going to pay for all the pain you caused her.”

    “Man it’s not that serious.”

    “Oh muthafucka’ it is that serious.”

    Kade pulled from the blunt blowing a cloud of smoke from his full lips. He poured gasoline all around Andrew. He shook the chair trying to find a way to be set free. Only thing he was going to end up doing was falling over.

    “Be still because whether you are sitting up or on your face, you still are going to die. I want you to remember this moment because it will be your last.”

    One single silent shot went to the back of the head. Kade scratched a match and threw it on the gasoline. He walked away removing his phone. The cleanup crew knew what to do without him saying a word.

    Now it was time to get back to his baby. He hopped in his car and sped away just as the crew pulled up. He hated being away from Tasia. These past few weeks she seemed more emotional than she ever had been. Tonight he had plans on catering to her. She deserved it and so much more.

    When he pulled up he narrowed his eyes upon seeing her car was no longer in the spot it was before he left. The muscle in his jaw ticked frantically. He grabbed his phone trying to call her and it went straight to voice mail. She was playing games with him. Not bothering to go inside and shower he backed out and headed to her house.

    “This girl really think I’m something play with. She gon’ learn today,” he talked to himself.

    It seemed like it took him forever to get to her house. When he did he parked where she couldn’t get her pretty ass out. He hopped out of his car and rushed to the door. Kade’s fist pounded on her oak door like the police. If Tasia knew what was good she would answer the door.

    Tasia slid down the wall in her shower with tears pouring from her eyes. This was not supposed to be in her plans. How did she let this shit happen? Thank God she had options. Right now her option was one she only knew about and she planned to keep it that way.

    Getting herself together she stepped out of the shower. She grabbed a towel wrapping around her curvy body. She paused upon hearing shit downstairs. With her towel wrapped tightly around her body she grabbed the gun she kept in her drawer by her bed. 

    Tasia tip-toed down her steps. When she hit the landing she saw Kade sitting there with his eyes directly on her. The cold menacing look sent chills down her spine. This nigga was crazy as fuck. She placed the gun on the table by the bottom of the steps as she made her way into the living area.

    Still Kade said nothing. He watched her every move intently. It was like he was sizing her up to see if he could tell something about her. The way he was staring it unnerved her so much. Only Kade could do that. She hated it too.

    “What are you doing here?” she asked.

    He chuckled. “That’s a good question. Only thing is I’m trying to figure out what the fuck you are doing here. Last thing I said is I would see you when I got home. So what the hell are you doing here?”

    “I-I needed space. Some time to think.”

    “Space? Time to think huh?”

    “What the fuck is going on with you Tasia?”

    “We have had this discussion already and there is no point in talking about it anymore.”

    “Is that right?”

    “It sure is.”



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