For three years Xavier Starks has worked his butt off at Washington Law Firm hoping to achieve his lifelong goal; becoming partner before turning 30. His hard work finally pays off and he is offered an opportunity of a lifetime. To celebrate his impending promotion Xavier invites his boss, Tre Washington to a night out on with another member of Washington Law Firm. An unexpected party crasher, Rhonda Montgomery, the firm’s secretary appears and turns the celebration upside down. Not letting her take away from his good time Xavier overindulges, and against his better judgement Xavier accepts a ride home from Rhonda, she’s going to drop him off and go about her business, right?

Malaysia Starks wants to celebrate her husband Xavier’s promotion, but at the last minute is called into work. Disappointed but knowing her husband is in good hands with Tre, Malaysia shrugs the opportunity off. Fresh off work, Malaysia walks into their home and lays eyes an act she won’t soon forget. Unbeknownst to Xavier and Rhonda they set into motion a chain of events with severe consequences.


Fresh off the heels of solving her first major case at the 33rd   precinct, Detective LaKisha ‘Kisha’ Sherman has adjusted to living in Chicago but has become bored of solving simple crimes. Kisha is considering a retransfer back to her original precinct in Detroit, Michigan when she receives an unexpected phone call from Tre Washington. She hasn’t spoken to him since she walked in on him wrapped in the arms of another woman. Even though Tre isn’t her favorite person, he reaches out to her with an enticing offer. Curious, Kisha agrees to investigate and is drawn down a rabbit hole of lies, deception, and murder. Will Kisha be able to sort through fact and fiction in a timely matter?

Find out in Deadly Consequences: A Woman Scorned!

Chapter One:


            The moment he’d been waiting three long years for had finally arrived…or so he hoped it was good news he was receiving from his boss, Trevon ‘Tre’ Washington today. When he’d called him back to his office, his voice hadn’t given anything away. For the last three years, Xavier Starks had been a junior attorney at Washington law firm, and he’d been busting his ass since day one to prove to Tre he had the skills to be an associate at Washington Law firm.

            Nervous, but confident, Xavier adjusted his maroon tie and knocked on his boss’s wooden door,

            “Come on in Xavier.”

            Xavier opened the door to Tre’s massive office and entered. Xavier knew Tre because their moms shared some history with one another. Coming from separate Chicago high schools, the two women attended Spelman College, in Atlanta, Georgia and coincidently both women pledged and made the same soro; Alpha Kapa Alpha, thus making them sisters for life. After graduation they both moved back to Chicago and managed to stay in touch with one another over the years. Once Tre found out Xavier was in law school, he’d offered him an internship at the firm. Which in Xavier’s opinion should instead be called gophership, because during the time he was interning at the firm he felt like all he did was go and get things for everyone at the firm. Xavier hadn’t let it slow him down, because he knew he had to start from the bottom and work his way up to the top. He was grateful Tre took him under his wings and given him a place to intern and learn the ins and outs of what it took to become a successful lawyer, because a lot of his classmates got stuck at internships that they ended up not finishing because they hated their boss for not allowing them to gain knowledge during their internship.

            Another thing he respected about Tre was he didn’t give him any special treatment even though their moms were very good friends, you’d never know the two men knew each other outside of work unless you saw them in public or chilling in Tre’s office.

            “What’s up Tre?” Xavier asked sitting down in a black winged back chair facing Tre.

            “I called you in here, because I have a proposition for you. How does Washington, Starks, and Casteel sound?” Tre asked pushing an embellished business card in front of Xavier.

            “Sounds like it’s about damn time bruh!” Xavier exclaimed examining the business card,

            “Casteel, as in Gerald Casteel?”

            Gerald started his internship a few weeks earlier than Xavier and helped him get used to how things operated in the office.

            “Yeah. Since day one you two have worked harder than some of the veterans around here and what better way to show my appreciation than to ask both of you to partner with me. What do you say…partner?” Tre asked holding out his hand for a handshake.

            “Without a doubt Tre. I’m not going to let you down.” Xavier replied shaking Tre’s extended hand. He couldn’t believe he’d made partner at 29 years old! He was beyond excited to be accomplishing a life-long goal.

            “Great. I’ll make the announcement bright and early Monday morning during our all staff meeting. What do you plan on doing to celebrate?”

            “I’m going to call my wife and we’re probably going to celebrate at our favorite Chinese restaurant.”

            “Alright Xavier sounds good. Give Malaysia my love and congratulations on your promotion. You deserve this promotion; you’ve been a huge asset since joining the firm three years ago.”

            “I appreciate it man. Do you have any plans tonight?”

            “Nah. I’m going to go over these notes for my next court appearance, then I’m going to go home and catch the last half of the Chicago Bulls game.”

            “Oh, ok. I’ll catch you Monday Tre.”

            “Yeah you will. Later Xavier.”

            Xavier stood up and walked out of Tre’s office. Once the door was completely closed behind him, Xavier fist pumped the air and did a little jig to celebrate the fantastic news he’d just received. He couldn’t wait to tell Malaysia.

            “Baby, that’s great news! But I can’t celebrate with you tonight. My job called me in for a flight to California at the last minute.” Malaysia said sadly.

            Xavier sighed heavily into the phone. Malaysia, his wife of two years was a flight attendant for Windy City Airlines. She’d been a flight attendant for almost a year and even though he loved the flight benefits and money Malaysia was making, he hated the inconsistency of her schedule. She never got a day off and when she was off, she was on call and almost always got called in to work, usually at the very last minute.

            “Babe, you don’t want to celebrate with me anyways! Go hangout with Tre and make it a boy’s night. I’ll make it up to you when I get back from California.” She purred seductively into the phone.

            He felt himself growing hard thinking of Malaysia putting it on him in the bedroom,

            “Mhmm, you sure you don’t mind? Because any other time you have a whole lot to say when I want to chill with the fellas.” Xavier teased.

            “Yes Xavier, you have my permission to hang out with the fellas tonight.”

            “Aight and hey buy something sexy while you’re out in Cali. I love you.”

            “I’ll see what I can find. Love you too and be safe.” Malaysia said before disconnecting the call.

            He’d met Malaysia on a coffee run for the firm three years ago. He had no idea what the hell he was ordering, and she could tell, so she’d helped to get all the orders correct. When he’d left the coffee shop that day, he’d gotten everyone at the firm their proper drinks and Malaysia’s phone number as well. After their first date Xavier and Malaysia had been inseparable, she was always at his house and vice versa. Realizing he loved Malaysia Xavier popped the question on their one-year anniversary and were married nine months later. Their two-year wedding anniversary was fast approaching, and Xavier didn’t know what to do or buy for his wife.

            Xavier repicked the phone out of its cradle and dialed Tre’s extension to see if he had left yet.

            “Trevon Washington.” Tre answered on the third ring.

            “Hey bro, instead of going home to watch the Bulls do what they do best, which is lose why don’t you and a few of the fellas toss some back with me?”

            Tre chuckled at his young protégé’s candor. No one in the firm understood Tre’s love for the Chicago Bulls. It had to do with one word…history. He was born, raised, and still resided in Chicago; it would be disrespectful to like any other team on the east coast.

            “We’re in the rebuilding phase. Give them two years and they’re going to be good.”

            “I doubt it, but back to the question at hand. I’ll even buy the first round.” Xavier offered.

            “I’m down and you don’t have to buy my round. It’s your celebration, so the first round will be on me.”

            “Alright boss. I’ll meet you at Bar 409, say in twenty minutes?”

            “Sounds like a plan.”


“Twenty minutes my ass! I’m on my third brewski!” Tre said holding up his half empty Corona bottle.

            “I was not sitting at the bar with only you. I bought a reinforcement.” Xavier said looking over his shoulder.

Out of the six guys Xavier texted, he took what he could get. Gerald Casteel was the only guy who responded back to him.

            “Well, come and sit down. Let’s get this party started. Angel three shots of Henny, please and add it to my tab. Anything else these guys order, put it on there too.”

            “You said you were only ordering the first round for us Tre!” Xavier protested.

            “It’s cool Xavier, enjoy the celebration, you two earned it.” Tre said fanning off Xavier’s concern.

            Once the shots were in front of them, they clinked their glasses together,

            “To my new partners. Congratulations my brothers. Cheers.”

            Clinking their glasses together, they downed the shots quickly.

            “Whew, that’s that shit that puts hair on your chest!” Xavier slammed his empty glass on the wooden bar and waved the bartender over,

            “A corona please and put the lime in the bottle.”

            “For real bro? Real G’s drink theirs straight.” Tre snickered taking his bottle minus a lime that was placed in front of him.

            “Might as well had ordered a Margarita.” Gerald added taking his Guinness.

            “Says the guy drinking a Guinness. Those beers haven’t been a thing since 2Pac rapped about them in the 90’s.” Xavier quipped back.

            Gerald gave him the finger and took a hearty sip,

            “Ahh, this beer tastes great and what do you know, it doesn’t have any fruit in it.”

            “I thought you were celebrating with Malaysia tonight, what happened with that?”

            “Man, she got called in at the last minute to fly out to California.”

            “That sucks X.”

            “Especially since it was her day off, which she never seems to get anymore. Feels like I’m single sometimes the way she’s always gone without me.”

            “But those flight benefits come thru in the clutch though huh?”

            “Pssh, you’re not hearing what I’m saying to you, Tre. Asia is always gone, so our family has been enjoying those benefits more than we have.”  Xavier placed his empty bottle on the counter,

            “Enough about that. How are things between you and the female Detective that came into the office a while ago?” Xavier asked changing the subject.


            Xavier nodded his head yes.

            “That stalled out right after she caught that nut job who killed my best friend. She came to my office for an unexpected visit and saw Angelina Rodriquez not only comfortable on my desk but had me in a compromising embrace. Kisha walked in and the look on her face is one I haven’t been able to forget.” Tre said and waved Angel the bartender over.

            “Same thing for everyone please, Angel.”

            Did you want another lime sir?” Angel asked Xavier sheepishly which caused the men to laugh.

            “Go ahead and make it two.” Xavier said holding up the peace sign to let her know there weren’t any hard feelings, once Angel was gone Xavier continued,

            “Damn, that sucks.”

            “Right. It was Angelina Rodriquez of all people! I have no feelings for that woman, but she wouldn’t leave me the fuck alone! She came to the office to give me an invitation to her grand opening that I didn’t even go to.” Tre said shaking his head at the horrible memory.

            “That’s cold-blooded Tre.”

            “It is what it is, X.”

            A pool table became vacant, and the trio made a beeline for the newly empty table. Xavier and Gerald started a round against each other with Tre egging them on. They tried to make it a competition, but all three of them were tipsy, so the competition didn’t last for long. Xavier was aiming to shoot the eight ball and secure his victory when,

            “I’ve got winner.” Said a familiar feminine voice, which caused Xavier to miss the eight ball completely. The white ball continued rolling and dropped into the bottom right corner pocket.

            “Awe Xavier I sure wanted you one on one too.”

            “Yeah too bad Rhonda.” Xavier said handing the pool stick to Rhonda, who grabbed onto his hand and held on to it longer than she needed too.

            There was one downside to Washington Law Firm and her name was Rhonda Montgomery, the law firm’s secretary. Since the first day she’d met him she let it be known she was attracted to him, but Xavier in no way had those type of feeling for her. Several times Rhonda had made several references about him that made him downright uncomfortable and potentially could get her fired for sexual harassment, but just as nasty as she was, she was just as smart. She always made sure to make her comments when no one was in ear shot or paying attention to her, just like now. Tre had made his way back to the bar and was flirting with Angel and Gerald was off searching for the rack to rack the balls for the next game. Xavier and Rhonda were completely by themselves.

            “When are you leaving that wife of yours?”

            “Rhonda, does ‘until death do us part’ not mean anything to you?” Xavier asked taking a step back, which caused Rhonda to step closer.

            He’d invited Rhonda to the wedding to prove to her that she had no chance in hell of getting with him since his words were falling on deaf ears. When he handed her the invitation she took it and ripped it up right in front of his face, stepped over the scraps of paper and told him, “I give you and your little wife two years before you’re in divorce court and I’m going to make sure of it.” Not only had she not come to the wedding, but she was hell bent on making sure her words came true every chance she got.

            “Found it Rhonda. Come on and rack these balls up.”

            Gerald yelled bailing Xavier out. Rhonda eyed Xavier’s junk and licked her lips,

            “To be continued X. Here I come Gerald.”

She walked to the pool table and took the rack from Gerald’s hand. She didn’t wrap his hand up like she’d done Xavier’s. What had he done to deserve her unwanted attention? There were other single dudes at the firm, why was she gunning for him so hard? Xavier walked to the bar and sat in the stool next to Tre.

            “Another Corona, sir?”

            “Please Angel.”

            “Coming right up.”

            “Seems like she’s a nice girl.”           

            “Yeah, but she’s hella young. I feel like a pedophile if I messed with her being that I’m 31 and she’s 22.” Tre said placing his empty Corona bottle on the bar.

            “Yo, did you tell Rhonda that we’d be here?” Xavier asked irritated

            Hearing the accusation in Xavier’s tone Tre frowned,

            “Yeah on my way out the office, because she asked, she is my secretary. Wait a minute, is she here?”

            “Yeah, she is.”

            “I also told her it was bros night. I don’t know why she decided to come knowing there wouldn’t be other females here. I’ll go talk to her.”

            “Don’t even bother. You just need to stop telling her your every move, especially when it involves me.”

            “X, you’ve got to stop with this stalker shit. I did an internal investigation myself and I didn’t find squat during my investigation. Rhonda is good people.”

            Of course, Tre hadn’t discovered anything during his weak investigation, because Rhonda had known she was being scrutinized so it was obvious she was going to be on her best behavior.

            “I just have to know did you hit that?” Xavier asked taking the bottle from Angel. He nodded his head and mouthed ‘thank you’ Angel smiled and continued serving other patrons.

            “Rhonda? Hell nah, she’s not my type…at all. I can’t stand a woman that has to use her looks to seduce men to get what it is she wants. Case and point, our friend Gerald is getting his ass beat, because he can’t concentrate on the game and she’s taking full advantage of it.”

            Which was true, every time Gerald’s turn came up, Rhonda did something provocative with the stick to distract Gerald which worked each time he shot because he scratched the cue ball.

            “I honestly think he’s still a virgin.” Xavier said downing the rest of his drink.

            “I was thinking it but didn’t want to say it.” Tre laughed and handed Angel his debit card.

            “Definitely has a 40-year-old virgin vibe going on.”

            Rhonda took her final shot, and when the eight ball went into the left side pock she began bouncing up and down triumphantly, much to Gerald’s delight.

            “Definitely a virgin, check out his pants.” Xavier said nodding in Gerald’s direction.

            “Oh, c’mon man, you’re not supposed to be that obvious you’re turned on Gerald.”

            Realizing his predicament, Gerald escaped into the men’s room to fix his stiff situation.

            “Hey Tre. Did you guys see Gerald’s woody? He’s too cute.” Rhonda said laughing at his mishap.

            “Hello Rhonda, you’re so wrong for doing Gerald like that.”

            “What? I didn’t do anything! Besides, it’s not my fault Forest Gerald hasn’t been around a beautiful woman such as myself before.”

            Xavier tried to shut her ego down, but his phone vibrated in his trouser pants. Thinking it was Malaysia he pulled his phone out and checked it. It was a message from Gerald.


            “What?” Tre and Rhonda asked at the same time.

            “Gerald texted me and said he’s going home because he suddenly feels ill, he said he’ll see us at work Monday.”

            “Ok, why the outburst then?” Rhonda asked confused.

            “Gerald was my ride home.”

            “Oh, I can take you.” Rhonda volunteered a little too quickly.

            “Tre, you got a brot…?” Xavier turned to see Tre helping Angel clean up the bar. Tre didn’t even work there, and here he was going above and beyond! Fuck, everybody was ditching him.

            “Come on Xavier, I don’t bite…unless you want me too.” Rhonda said cracking a devilish smile.

            Xavier would rather walk the 30 something miles to his house, but it was winter in Chicago. He’d turn into a human popsicle in that below freezing Tundra in a matter of minutes.

            “Let me check the ride share sites right quick.” Xavier said stalling for time.

            Checking his go to sites he realized nobody was on the road this time of night. Xavier even checked to see if public transportation was still running, but they’d already done their last run for the night. Great, just great.

            “Ayo, I’ll catch you two bright and early Monday morning, I’m going to give Angel a ride…”

            “I bet you are Tre Washington, I bet you are.” Rhonda said chuckling.

            “A ride home is what I’m giving her. Xavier you and I are here.” Tre said pointing his middle and pointer finger at Xavier’s eyes and then back to his own.

            “Yep, you already know chief. See you Monday.” Slapping palms Tre and Angel walked out of Bar 409.

            “Weeeelll, what’s it going to be Xavier?”

            “Let’s go Rhonda.”

            “Yay! You won’t regret this I promise.”

            Xavier didn’t know why, but he felt that by agreeing to ride with Rhonda he was making a deal with the devil, a she devil to be exact.

Forty-five minutes later Rhonda pulled into the driveway of Xavier’s brick two story home. She parked next to his jet-black Range Rover,

“Nice place you’ve got here.” Rhonda said in awe mixed with a twinge of jealousy.

“Thanks, my wife picked it out.” Xavier said slurring his words.

            “Are you drunk Xavier?”

            Indeed, he was, Xavier didn’t know if it was because of Rhonda’s erratic driving or his adrenaline had finally died down, but Xavier was on a good one.

            “Nah, nah, nah, I’m straight. Thank you for the ride, I appreciate it.” Xavier said reaching for the door handle, his house keys fell to the floor in front of him. Rhonda tried to help and reached to grab them, but Xavier swatted her hand away,

            “I got it, I got it.” He bent down and grabbed the keys. This was not a good move, because he sat up too fast and the blood came rushing up and made him woozy.

            “Here, I’ll help you get in your house, because you look like you’re not going to make it by yourself. It’s a good thing you didn’t drive, how much did you have to drink?”

            “I honestly don’t remember. I lost count after my Corona with two limes.”

            “Wooow, ok give me a sec and I’ll come to your side.” Rhonda got out and made it to Xavier’s side quickly,

            “Ok, Xavier, you’re going to have to help me here, because you’re a big guy.”

            Which was true, Xavier stood 6’6” and weighed 210 pounds. Doing as he was told, he was able to get out of Rhonda’s Mitsubishi Outlander Sport without hurting himself and Rhonda,

            “Here, put this key in both locks.” Xavier handed Rhonda a gold-plated house key. Climbing onto the porch Rhonda did what she’d been instructed to do and opened the mahogany front door. Crossing the threshold Rhonda closed the door behind them,


            “Upstairs, it’s the second door on the right.”

            Together they climbed the short flight of stairs and made it to the bedroom. Xavier stumbled to his bed and fell face down into the covers. Rhonda turned to leave but knew in her heart of hearts that with Xavier lying the way he was it could be potentially fatal if he threw up, he was going to choke on his vomit. Rhonda groaned out loud and moved closer to the bed to reposition him. Removing his shoes Rhonda placed his feet in the bed and she glanced at the size…15. She knew he had to be packing in those black trousers,

            “One little peak and I’m out of here.” Rhonda said pulling his pants down, she pulled out her phone. No way was she not getting evidence to use as leverage on Xavier,

            “You’re mine now X.” She lifted the opening of his boxers and the sight left her breathless. Mrs. Starks was one lucky woman and Rhonda was willing to bet her last dollar she didn’t know what to do with such a beauty. Rhonda snapped several pictures at many different angles. She turned to leave, but his powerful hands wrapped around her tiny waist and tossed her effortlessly on to the king-sized bed,

            “Where are you going Asia? I’m horny and I missed you. Come show daddy how much you missed him.” Xavier said kissing Rhonda on the lips.

            Oh yeah Xavier was gone if he thought Ronda was his wife. Her head was screaming for her to walk away and leave as fast as her legs could carry her, because she’d rather deal with sober Xavier, but a tiny voice in the back of her head told her to take full advantage of the situation at hand, because there was no telling if an opportunity as golden as this was ever going to fall into her lap again. Throwing caution and consequences to the wind, Rhonda removed her clothes quickly, pulled Xavier’s boxers down to his ankles, and climbed Mt. Xavier. When her sticky, sweet wetness connected with his solid, full hardness Rhonda screamed out in extasy and slow grinded her stolen trophy, letting out cat like moans of pleasure.



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