What happens when you make a deal with the devil? You lose your soul, 30-year-old Javari Haynes learns the hard way, when he embarks on a partnership that results in his life ending tragically.


Detective LaKisha ‘Kisha’ Sherman has unexpectedly been transferred to the 33rd precinct in Chicago, Illinois, much to her disappointment. The officers on staff are notorious for blundering investigations quiet frequently, so the precinct has become a laughingstock among its peers and community, especially amongst criminals. Her new captain insists that this transfer will be a steppingstone in her blossoming career, but it doesn’t help that since arriving in Chicago she has yet to receive a viable case, instead she’s been stuck behind a desk doing paperwork. All that changes when a body is dug up in an unlikely place and knowing the importance of this investigation, Kisha is tasked with solving the case. With no eyewitnesses or clues Kisha vows to have this case solved in a short amount of time.


Trevon ‘Tre’ Washington is a local divorce attorney and unknowingly the last person to see his best friend Javari Haynes alive, but because of the two men’s differing schedules, Tre is oblivious to the fact that Javari simply vanished when he dropped him off after a housewarming party. So, he is shocked to learn during an interrogation with the very attractive Detective Sherman, that his best friend has met an untimely demise, he refuses to believe and is under the impression that Javari has left town on winter break from his construction job, to get a much needed break. He doesn’t know how wrong he is.

All though the interrogation is awkward to say the least, there is an attraction between the two of them, but Kisha downplays the whole thing, because a romance is the last thing Kisha feels she needs on her first major case in a new city, so she puts Tre on the back burner so that she doesn’t get distracted.

But when an unexpected event brings Kisha and Tre together, will they act on their feelings towards one another, or will Kisha continue her all work and no play policy ignoring Tre completely? And will Kisha be successful in bringing a turnaround to the 33rd precinct, because they need this turn ASAP.

                                                Find out in Deadly Liaisons


“Thank you for the gifts Tre and Javari, I’m sorry that you couldn’t stay longer, but the fact that you two actually came is plenty enough.” Rasheeda Smith said holding the front door open to her brand-new, modest, house. She’d thrown a house-warming party to celebrate her accomplishment and had invited the two friends to join her and a few of her friends to have a good time. Normally Tre and Javari would say they’d come and never show because of scheduling conflicts, but tonight the two of them had shown up to the party together.

            “I wish I could stay longer too, but I’ve got opening statements in the morning. The case that I’m trying will be big for my firm once I win it. So, I need all the rest I can get. Word around the firm is that Porter and Coles Law Firm have never lost a case any of their lawyers have tried, but I plan on hurting their feelings and giving them an L for their loss column.” Trevon or Tre as he’d been called by everyone who knew him said and hugged his little cousin Rasheeda. They were first cousins and they were closer than close, so there was no way he was going to miss celebrating her big achievement.

            “You be good baby girl.” Javari said kissing Rasheeda’s left cheek on the way out. He was Tre’s best friend since coming out the womb 30 years ago, so he considered Rasheeda his cousin as well, they just didn’t share blood, but the way they acted towards each other you would never guess that they weren’t blood.

            “I will Javari, you need to stay out of trouble.” She said and hugged him tight before he walked out onto the porch.

            “Now Rasheeda, you know I don’t go looking for trouble, trouble always has a way of finding me. For you though, I’ll try to avoid it.” Javari said returned her embrace and kissed her forehead before he jumped in Tre’s Cadillac Escalade on the passenger’s side. The three waved goodbye to each other and Tre drove away from the curb, unaware that this was the last time the three of them were going to see each other for such a joyous occasion.

            Tre parked in front of Javari’s apartment building a few minutes later. On the ride from Rasheeda’s Javari hadn’t spoken a single word, which was odd for him, usually Javari talked about any and everything under the sun and he wouldn’t shut up. For him to be this silent something had to be up, before Javari climbed out the truck Tre asked,

            “You alright J, is everything good?”

            “Why does something have to be wrong man?” Javari asked defensively, he stopped climbing out the truck with his right side halfway out the car door.

            “It’s doesn’t, you’re just never this quiet. Just wanted to make sure that you’re straight.” Tre answered back and put the truck in park.

            Javari laughed and said, “Yeah that’s true, just don’t want to talk about this situation that has to do with Nikkole.”

            Nikkole had been his on-again, off-again girlfriend for the last six years. The two of them could never make up their minds about one another. When they did reach an understanding pertaining to their relationship, it never lasted for very long, because Javari never kept his word and that would cause Nikkole’s feelings to change towards Javari and they’d break up. Javari would start entertaining other females and word would get back to Nikkole and when it did, she’d want to reconcile, and the cycle would start all over again. Something needed to give with those two.

“What about Nikkole, Javari?”

“She wants to get engaged before the end of the year and married by next summer.”

“What’s wrong with that? You two have known each other for six years! Now is a good time to do it, if that’s what you’re wanting to do.”

“There’s nothing wrong with it. I just don’t know if that’s what I want right now. This week we’re engaged and the next week she’s given my ring back and told me to go fuck myself. Listen, I don’t want to burden you with this. I’ll let you go. I know you have work in the am with that big case. Nikkole and I will figure our thing out.”

“All right man, I’ll catch you later. It will work out for the best when it comes to you and Nikkole.” Tre said reassuringly.

“Whatever happens is going to happen bro. It’s above me now, good night Tre.” Javari reached in with his right hand and Tre slapped palms with him. Javari pulled the rest of his 6’1” body out of the Escalade truck.

Tre started his truck, put it in drive, pulled away from the curb and honked his horn.

When the Escalade disappeared around the corner, Javari looked at his gold Rolex watch. It read 11:30 pm. It was time to go to the meeting place. Nikkole had been a cover to smooth Tre over. He didn’t have the heart to tell his friend the real problem he was about to face in a few minutes. His do right best friend would have tried to bring the police into the matter, which would’ve been all bad. He and his associates didn’t need that kind of unwanted attention bought to them and their business. Nah, this was going to be handled by him and him alone, he was a big boy and didn’t need Tre bailing him out of everything, even if he did happen to be a damn good lawyer. He walked down the block to get this situation handled once and for all.

At the entrance Javari met up with three men dressed in all black attire, blending in perfectly with the pitch-black night. Had his eyes not adjusted to the dark on his walk over, he would have walked right past them.

“Yo, you ready?” Maurice asked when Javari stopped in front of them.

“Let’s do this, fellas.” Javari answered back nonchalantly. They walked into the entrance past the dimly light playground and basketball court. It felt like they’d been walking forever when finally, they stopped at the old raggedy jungle gym on the outskirts of the park.

            Tyrone Anderson was casually leaning against the rusty steel frame of the gym smoking his Newport cigarette. The four men stopped in front of him. Tyrone took one last drag of his cigarette and let the butt fall to ground still letting off smoke. Tyrone bought his black colored Timberland boot down and smashed the butt hard into the pavement. The three men that had walked in with Javari left Javari’s side and stood on both sides of their boss. Tyrone spit on the pavement and looked at Javari coolly,

“So, where’s my shit Javari?”

“How you been Tyrone? Long time no see.”

“Man cut that friendly shit, I’m not here to be sociable, I want my shit back, all of it. It’s been in your possession for way too long. I’ve been nice, practically going door to door trying to find you so that we can talk man to man and now after three weeks of ducking and dodging me, you’ve finally decided that Javari wants to come out of hiding and communicate. Now that’s some fucked up shit! And from the looks of things, you’re empty handed.” Tyrone shook his head disappointed and continued,

“I thought you’d have enough sense to bring something, be it cash or product to show that you haven’t been goofing off during all these weeks you’ve been missing in action and you couldn’t even do that. That shit pisses me off, because this isn’t the first time you’ve burned me Javari. You know what, I’m done giving you chances to disrespect me, you’ve got to suffer the consequences for your actions.”

“Sales have been slow Tyrone, I need a few more days. That why I wanted to meet with you so that you could know my situation. I haven’t been slacking on you! I even have half of the profits from the product I have been able to sale at my crib right now.” Javari explained almost pleading, he’d been around Tyrone enough to know what happened when he got fed up with someone.

“Should I even believe him? Javari has been skating with me for too long and him being around me the longest, he of all people should know I do not like to play games, nor do I like to be given the run around. Nah, I think it’s time Javari learned his lesson and not only that, think of the example Javari is setting for the other pushers. The rest of my boys will think they can disrespect me when they feel like it. I can’t have my business run like that. These types of shenanigans will make my organization cripple and I will allow that to happen.”

With his mind made up Tyrone asked Javari,

“You’ve got half at your house, right?”

“Yes. I’ve got a stash and cash at the crib.”

“Good. I’ll get that on the way home. Give me your Rolex, chain, wallet, nine piece, studs, and rings. I want every piece of it.”

It took Javari some time to get it all off, that’s how much of it he had on.

“Man, look at you flashing all this gear in the streets. All I asked from you is the product you don’t sell and a 45% cut on what you do sell, and you can’t even do that correctly. Your ass is worthless.”

Finally, Javari handed Tyrone all his stuff. Tyrone turned to the three men that stood beside him,

“You know the drill make it nasty so no will recognize him. I’m going to hit up his crib and get the stash and the money. Nice knowing ya J.”

Once Tyrone was away from the four men he whistled and the three men pounced on Javari simultaneously, Javari tried to defend himself with a few punches himself, but they were muscles, trained executioners. They absorbed Javari’s blows and continued laying haymakers and upper cuts on him. Finally, his body and head couldn’t take any more punches and he collapsed on the pavement. Not sure if he was unconscious or playing possum, Maurice slapped him on the cheek, but he didn’t respond when he slapped him as hard as he could. He waved to one of the other men and he stood across from him on Javari’s right side. Together the two men lifted him off the ground, drug him a few yards, and laid him on his back in the grass.

“Let’s just bury him off the trail in the park.” Maurice said and kicked Javari in the leg. When he didn’t move, he knew for sure he was dead.

“Nah man, you know you’ve got to shoot him first and then we can bury him.”

“I didn’t bring my gun with me tonight.”

“Da fuck, Mo how do you forget to bring your gun? Every time we do a hit for Tyrone you do the kill shot!”

“I know, I know.”

“You two are really up here arguing about a got damn gun while I’m freezing my balls off? Move out of my way and I’ll do it my damn self.” The third guy responded annoyed. He pushed Maurice out the way and without hesitation fired three shots into Javari’s head causing his body to jerk violently,

“Glad that’s over with, I couldn’t stand his punk ass no way.” The shooter said and put his gun in the back of his jeans. The trio lifted Javari up and took him into the woods and buried him under leaves, twigs, and any other debris they could find along the path.

After that was taken care of, they headed to Javari’s apartment, once on the second floor, Maurice gave the secret knock and Tyrone walked out onto the porch and closed the door behind him,

“I didn’t find money or product in his apartment that he claimed to have had, but I did find other things that will substitute for the loss. I’m glad I didn’t let his ass live, that fool was always lying. Come on let’s bounce on out of here Javari Haynes being dead is one less problem I’ll no longer have to deal with.”



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