Massachusetts Democratic Senator Malcolm Dumars is found murdered in his Boston mansion.  The state of Massachusetts and the country are in shock and want justice.  Assistant District Attorney Savannah Hilson is put in charge of the case.  Savannah is overjoyed to be the prosecuting attorney.  But her boyfriend Lamont wants to take the next step in their relationship, and this couldn’t come at a worse time for Savannah because her focus is finding the culprit for Senator Dumars’ murder.  She follows the evidence, and they lead her to Senator Dumars’ gorgeous wife, Sasha Dumars.  Sasha is arrested and Savannah is ready to fully prosecute her.

Sasha Dumars owned a successful PR Firm, until she met the brilliant, charismatic Malcolm Dumars.  They are quickly smitten with each other.  He is soon to start campaigning for Senator.  They marry and Sasha focuses on being a Senator’s wife and raising their daughter Daisy.  When Sasha is arrested for his murder, she vehemently denies murdering her husband even though there is hard evidence against her.  She admits their marriage wasn’t a fairytale romance, but she isn’t responsible for his murder.  Sasha hires Jared Logan an ambitious defense attorney to represent her. 

Jared Logan is a defense attorney that represented and won high profile cases.  He started his own firm and representing Sasha Dumars is exactly the kind of case he needs to increase his firm's success.  Conflict at home starts when he takes Sasha’s case because his wife Kennedy is demanding he spend more time at home with her and their five-month-old son Brice.  Jared is spread thin, but he doesn’t want to give up a career building case like this.  He believes Sasha is innocent and is intrigued by her beauty and mystique.  As the trial goes on Jared realizes he may have taken on more than he bargained for.  Did Sasha murder her husband?  It’s the question the whole country is waiting to find out.





     The shrill ring of my cell phone awakened me from my deep slumber.  I yawned and wanted nothing more than to turn off my cell phone and continue to sleep but being the Assistant District Attorney I could never ignore my cell phone.  I reluctantly reached over and grabbed my cell phone off the nightstand and answered it.

     “Savannah, I need you over to the Dumars mansion.  Senator Dumars was found murdered in his home.  I need you over at the crime scene now.”  my boss Winston rushed out.

     Now fully awake, I sprung up and turned on my lamp light.  “Oh my!  Did this just happen?”  I glanced at my clock on the nightstand and saw it was 4:35 in the morning.

     “We don’t know how long he’s been dead, that’s why I need you over there now to get all the details.  I’m going to let you take the lead on this case.  When you arrive at the scene let me know.  I will text you Senator’s Dumars address.”  he told me.

     We ended the call and I hopped out of the bed and dashed into my bathroom.  I turned on the light and washed my face and brushed my teeth.

     “Where are you going baby in such a rush?”  Lamont asked and wrapped his arms around me startling me.

     I forgot he was here.  He had come over tonight and we had dinner, watched a movie, and spend the rest of the night fulfilling each other’s needs.  It was great but now duty called.  I could feel my adrenaline pumping thinking about what prosecuting a case like this could do for my career.

     “I have to go.  There was a murder tonight and I have to go to the scene of the crime.”

     A disappointed look washed over Lamont’s handsome light brown face.  “Oh, who was murdered?”

     “I’ll tell you all that later.”  I said as I made my way around him and hurried to my closet and quickly put on a pair of jeans and t-shirt.  I turned around about to head back to the bathroom to run a comb through my hair and bumped right into Lamont.

     “Sorry babe.  I hate it when you leave like this.  It seems like every time I’m over here you have to rush off.”

     I looked at him and frowned.  Is here serious?  Judging by the impatient look on his face I could tell that he was.

     “I’m the Assistant District Attorney.  That’s my job.”  I said and walked around him to the bathroom.  I combed my hair back and put it in a clip.  When Lamont appeared behind me in the mirror, I could feel myself getting annoyed.  I turned around and faced him.  I’ll see you later okay.”  I told him and was about to leave the bathroom when he grabbed my arm and pulled me back to him.

     “Where is my kiss?”  he asked and wrapped his arms around me and pulled me into him.

     My annoyance was at an all-time high.  He was following me around everywhere and now he was begging for a kiss.  Didn’t I tell him I had to go?  What part of that was he not getting.  I wanted to give him a piece of my mind but instead I obliged him.  I gave him a quick peck on the lips.  Thinking that was enough.  I turned to leave the bathroom again when he pulled me back again.

     “You can do better than that can’t you. I want a real kiss.”

     He pressed his lips against mine and then parted my lips and slipped me a little tongue.  Usually, I was turned on by his kisses, but instead I was irritated.  He was acting desperate and clingy, which was a turnoff.

    After the kiss ended.  He gently stroked my face.  “I’ll see you later.”  he told me.

     “I don’t think so.  Please be gone when I get back.”  I said and left out of the bathroom and headed downstairs stopping to grab my purse out of the foyer closet and hurried out the door.

     I stepped out into the dark night air and was irritated as I fumbled in my purse and snatched my keys out and hit the unlock device to unlock my Audi-et-Tron.  I climbed inside and started up the engine.  I tried to shake off my irritation as I started the engine and pulled out of my driveway.  I took out my cell phone and opened up the text Winston sent me containing Senator Dumars’ address and typed the address into my GPS system.

     I wanted my mind clear as I had to prepare myself at what I would see at the crime scene, but Lamont had me beyond irritated.  That’s why I didn’t do serious relationships.  It took too much energy and focus.  I thought by dating Lamont, a younger man he wouldn’t be so serious.  We had been together for three years.  He is now twenty-eight years old.  He was fine with his butterscotch complexion and lean physique, and he was great in bed, but now here he was acting all clingy.  When I told him, I had to go and that I was going to a murder scene.  He should have said “okay” and went back to sleep, but he had to follow me around the house like a little puppy complaining about my job.  I worked hard to get where I am.  At thirty-four years old I was the Assistant District Attorney, and I was proud of myself.

     My mind then went back to Senator Dumars as I made my way down the freeway.  He was the democratic Senator of Massachusetts and a respectable man.  I wondered who could have murdered him.  When someone is murdered their spouse or significant other is the number one suspect.  So, all eyes would be on Mrs. Sasha Dumars.

     As I pulled into the gated community and drove closer to the mansion, I could see numerous police cars and some reporters were standing on the lawn.  It was to be expected this was huge news.  I parked my car along the street in front of the mansion and hurried up the stone driveway.

     “As you can see Assistant District Attorney Savannah Hilson has just arrived at the scene.  We are speculating that Senator Dumars is lying dead in his very own home.  Miss Hilson is there anything you can tell us.”  the red-head reporter asked me as she struggled to keep up with my long strides.

     I cringed inside at the reporter's lack of tact, but that was their job to report the news at all costs.  I ignored the reporter as I headed into the mansion.  There were police all around the mansion examining everything.  I walked up to one of them.

     I pulled out my badge and showed it to him.  “Where is Senator Dumars body?”

     “He’s upstairs in the bathroom.  He was shot in his shower.  His room is located on the third-floor last room on the left.”

     “Wow.”  I said. And turned around and was about to walk upstairs when I spotted his wife Sasha and daughter sitting on the black suede couch.  She was crying and wiping her eyes with a tissue as she talked to the policeman.  The young girl who sat next to her had a despondent look on her face.

     I wanted to walk over to her because I had questions for her, but I needed to see the body first.  I made my way up the stairs and into the room.  The detectives were dusting for fingerprints in the bedroom.  I took in the bedroom.  The bed was still made but it was a little ruffled like someone had been sitting on it.

     “His body is in the bathroom.”  one of the detectives said. 

     I walked into the bathroom and another detective whose badge read Henderson pointed to the shower.  I walked to the corner where the shower was located.  The glass shower door was open, and I gasped a little as I took in Malcolm Dumars’ body.  His mouth was open wide in shock, and he had suffered two gunshot wounds one to the chest and one the abdomen.  Blood stained the shower walls and floor.  I had seen a lot of dead bodies but seeing the shock look on Senator Dumars’ face told me how shocked and scared he was in his final moments.

     “It’s been determined that he has been dead for about four hours.  His maid Aretha found his body when she went to who his room to let him know he had an urgent call.”  Detective Henderson told me.

     I tore my eyes away from Malcolm and looked at Detective Henderson.  “Who called him?”  I asked curiously.

     “She said it was Senator Ennis.”

     “Okay.”  I said as I took in the information.

     Then another thought came to me.  “He was found by his maid, so where was his wife.  Wasn’t she in the room too?  And no one heard any gunshots?”  Everything was starting to sound bizarre.  If no gunshots were heard perhaps the killer used a silencer.

    “She’s downstairs being question now.”

     “Thank you.  I’m going to head downstairs and speak with her now.”  I took another look at Senator Dumars’ body.  I was overcome with a feeling of sadness.  He was a good Senator and didn’t deserve to die like that.

     I left the bathroom and headed downstairs and over to Sasha Dumars.  She was sitting on the couch dressed in a pretty silk lavender robe with her arms tightly around her daughter.  Sasha was gorgeous.  She has a pretty caramel complexion, high cheekbones, and hazel eyes.  Her hair was long and wavy.  Her daughter was a beauty too.  She appeared to be about five years old and looked a lot like Sasha.

     “Hello Mrs. Dumars, I’m Savannah Hilson, the assistant district attorney.  I’m sorry for your loss.  How are you holding up?”  I said as I sat in the armchair beside the couch.

     Sasha looked at me with red rimmed eyes.  “As well as to be expected.  I didn’t expect to be awakened to the news that my husband had been murdered in our home.”

     I examined her face closely to see if there was a hint of deception.  She did appear to be genuinely upset, but on the other hand she could be a good actress.  I had a lot of questions for Mrs. Dumars.  I looked at her daughter, who was dressed in pink pajamas.  I didn’t want to do this in front of her.

     “Hey, what’s your name little lady?”  I asked her sweetly.

     She looked at me with sad eyes. “Daisy.”

     “That’s a pretty name for a pretty girl.”  I looked at Sasha.  “Is there someone who could watch her I need to ask you some more questions.”

     “Yes, Aretha is in the kitchen.  Come on sweetie, I’m going to take you into the kitchen to with Aretha.  Maybe she can make you a snack or something.”  Sasha suggested as she took her daughter by the hand and took her into the kitchen.

     I needed to talk to Aretha too since she found the body, but I was most interested in talking to Sasha.  I was curious to know why she didn’t find her husband’s body.  Sasha came back a moment later with two mugs.

     “I brought you a cup of hot tea.  I thought you could use some.  I know I need it.”  Sasha said with a small laugh and handed me the mug.

     She seemed nervous.  Could it be guilt?  I took the mug and took a sip of the tea.  It was delicious and soothing.  I sat the mug on coaster on the glass coffee table.  I waited until Sasha got comfortable on the sofa before beginning my questions.

     “Mrs. Dumars, I was told your maid Aretha found your husband’s body.”

     “That’s correct.  She rushed in the room and woke me up frantic.  She was so upset she could hardly get the words out.”

     “You were lying in your room and didn’t notice that your husband was dead in the shower?”

     Sasha looked offended by my question and then an embarrassed look came across her face.  “I didn’t sleep in the bedroom last night.  I slept in the guest room.  Malcolm and I had been having some problems.”

     “I see.  So, when was the last time you saw your husband?”

     Sasha appeared to be in deep thought.  “It was in the afternoon after Daisy got out of school.  I took Daisy out to eat at her favorite pizza place and I took her home and left her with Aretha.  Malcolm wasn’t home.  I went back out to my friend's house and stayed there to about 12:45 and didn’t get home until 1:00 in the morning.  I checked on Daisy who was asleep and then I went to bed.”

     “Without looking in on your husband?”

     Sasha frowned.  “Yes, I told you we were having problems.  So, I wasn’t going to go to his bedroom and give him a good night kiss.”  Then a desolate look came over her face.  “But I wish I would have.  Despite our problems I really loved Malcolm.”

     I mulled over her response in my head.  Malcolm’s time of death would have been about 12:30 a.m.

     “When you came home did anything look out of place.  Like the house had been disturbed?”

     “No everything looked the same.”

     “What’s your friend’s name?  I need to verify your alibi.”

     “Of course.  Her name is Maxine Stanson.”

     I took my notepad out of my purse and wrote her name down.  Malcom was dead when she arrived home and there was no disturbance to the home.  So, it seemed as if the intruder may have been someone he knew.

      “Thank you, Mrs. Dumars.  I know this his hard for you.  That’s all the questions I have for you at the moment.”

     We both turned around as the coroners came inside and headed upstairs to take the body away.  The detectives and policeman would turn all the crime scene photos over to our office so we will have all the evidence we need.

     Sasha stood up abruptly.  “Wait, I need to see my husband again before you take him out of the house.”  she yelled and darted behind them.

     I stood up and looked at her as she ran upstairs.  it seemed as if she was being a little overdramatic, but she could just be traumatized.  I went into the kitchen to question Aretha.  This definitely was going to be an interesting case that the state of Massachusetts and the country wouldn’t forget.