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Destiny Lavigne is the author of several novels including "The Devil Wears A Choir Robe", "Sinning for a Savage," and "Preaching on the Down Low." She is a Special Education teacher from Los Angeles and has been in education for 6 years. She has been writing since she was a teenager and decided that it might be something she would like to become more serious about following the death of her grandfather. She considers the obituary she wrote for him one of her greatest pieces. Destiny also does some work as a demo rapper with her husband under the name "Lisa Pimpson." She currently lives with her husband in Pasadena. 


With a Pentecostal background she hopes to make her readers laugh, cry, and be encouraged through her writing. She hopes to continue to inspire more readers (Christians, and non-Christians alike) to discover the hidden stories of one of the oldest organizations in the world, the church, to light. Other genres she enjoys writing in include African American Romance, Interracial Romance, and Christian Suspense.

Check out her releases below...

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