If you were married and had a chance to have an affair with someone you’ve been interested in knowing you’d get away with it, would you? These are the thoughts of two co-workers, Chris and Tracy, who after working a long night find themselves in a tense sexual situation. It’s Tracy’s last day, and even though the two are in committed relationships, she decides to express her hidden feelings. Knowing this would be the last time they would see each other, Chris and Tracy have an affair in the storeroom before saying their goodbyes seemingly for good.


Two years later, both of the ex-coworkers reunite on the reality competition show Team Experiment, much to their surprise. With the world watching, the two try their hardest to go unnoticed, but fail when struggling TV executive Dunbar learns their secret. In order to boost ratings to keep his job, the executive reveals the old co-worker’s affair and secret conversations to the world, unknowingly to Chris and Tracy.


With emotions running high, Chris and Tracy try to resolve their feelings for one another while also trying to remain in the running for the one million dollar cash prize. Will their emotions cause them to falter as the rest of the world, including their spouses, watch the former co-workers' relationship play out on TV? It’s a story where reality turns real, creating ratings that dominate the airwaves while going viral exposing secrets that will ultimately change Chris and Tracy’s lives forever.

Chapter 1

The Affair


In a local cell phone shop located in a suburban area of Dallas, it’s closing time as several of the shop workers are making their way out of the store after a long day. As always, two workers remain behind to close and clean the store prepping for the next day. Tonight’s workers are Chris and Tracy, who are exhausted themselves but have a long night ahead of them. It’s Friday, which means it was a stock day where all the items delivered earlier had to be cataloged and checked in onto their system in addition to the cleaning that needed to be done. As Chris locks the front door behind his exiting coworkers, there’s a look of frustration in his eyes. It seemed like he and Tracy, the only two black employees in the shop, are constantly chosen for closing on stock days. Tracy has already pulled out the inventory and is already logging the items into the computer when Chris makes his way over.

“Doesn’t this shit just piss you off?” He says as he looks over several boxes that have been pulled out. “I mean, it seems like every time there’s a big shipment, me and you are stuck stocking through the night. I mean when was the last time someone other than us had to do this shit?”

Tracy chuckles as she enters an item into the system. She agrees with her coworker that the supervisor seems to choose them more than others. The two have become really close throughout the year and a half they have been working together. While she agreed that they were always getting screwed over with the stocking duties, she didn’t mind it much because it allows her to spend a little extra time with her friend. This time, however, is different. Tracy needs to break some news to Chris but was struggling to do it. She sighs as she decides it’s time to let him in on her secret.

“Hey, so, um… I got something to tell you,” she says before letting her hair down removing her scrunchie and making sure it was presentable.  “I didn’t tell anyone else this, but today’s gonna be my last day.”

Chris is stunned as he stops what he’s doing and walks over to his friend.

“Last day? Are you serious?” He asks. “I mean, you didn’t give notice or anything?”

“I was, but I was notified this morning about it a job out in Houston,” Tracy explains. “They want me to start on Monday which is a quick turnaround, I know, but it’s something I can finally use my degree for. Besides, Templeton is a dick, and I didn’t feel like talking to him anyway. I’m just gonna leave a note for him to see when he comes in Monday. Oh my God, if you’re here Monday when he gets in, please watch for the look on his face. If you can, snap and photo and send it to me. I would love to see it.”

Chris chuckles as he’s still struggling to take everything in. The move is so sudden, and he can’t believe Tracy had been keeping this from him.

“Houston, huh?” He replies as he begins helping out with the inventory. “So what’s your husband gonna do?”

“Well, for now, he’s gonna stay behind and get things together here. We’re gonna have to put our things in storage until we’re ready to officially move,” Tracy answers. “There’s a branch of the company he works for out there too, so he’s in the process of being transferred. I’ll be looking for apartments while I’m down there, but for now, I’ll be in a hotel.”

Chris nods his head with understanding.

“Wow. I mean… that’s a big move so quickly. I’m… I’m happy for you,” he says trying to remain positive even though he’s hurting a little bit knowing he’s losing his friend. “I’m not gonna lie, I’m gonna miss having you around here. You made this shit bearable, you know.”

“Yeah. Truth is I wouldn’t have never lasted here if it wasn’t for you,” Tracy replies sharing her friend’s sentiments. “I remember when I first started here, you were the only one who took me under your wing and helped me get my sales skills on point. I would have never made quota if it wasn’t for you.”

“Bull shit, you were a natural,” Chris replies. “You just needed the technical knowledge. Your sales skills were already on point.”

“I see someone has forgotten them few months where I averaged only two phones for the month,” Tracy replies with a smile. “Templeton was about to write me up until you jumped in and saved me like a knight in shining armor. I never did thank you for that. You can say what you want, but me and James were struggling back then and I really needed this job to work out. I couldn’t have done it without you. Thanks.”

Chris smiles as he nods his head.

“Yeah, I was being nice then. I thought you were cute, and anytime I could spend with someone fine, I tend to take full advantage of it,” Chris admits causing Tracy to look up from her computer towards him.

“Oh, so you thought I was cute?” She replies with a smirk.

“Yeah, I did but that was before I was officially married,” Chris points out. “I was still in the single mind frame even though me and Alexis were together. Was still testing the waters so to speak just to make sure I wasn’t making a mistake. Was sick as shit when I found out you were married though.  Alas, what could have been.”

Tracy starts laughing as she gets back to work on her computer. From their past conversations, she knew Chris had a thing for light-skinned women, and his wife, Alexis, seemed like the perfect woman for him as she met all his standards. When she attended the wedding almost a year ago, she felt a little strange seeing her friend getting married. She didn’t think Chris was attracted to her, but to hear him admit that she was cute was stunning, to say the least. She was the exact opposite of his wife being dark-skinned, shorter, and more reserved. Tracy wasn’t as glamourous as his wife as well, as she tends to keep her look basic, other than her hair which was her only vice as it has to be on point at all times, even while working. Alexis, however, was glamourous from head to toe keeping with the latest styles and trends, so to hear Chris’s thoughts about her being cute brought an itch she’s been wanting to scratch ever since the two became close and decides it was time to scratch that itch.

“Hey, Chris. Since this is the last time I’m gonna see you, I have a confession to make,” she says, looking towards her friend. “I… well, when we first met way back when, I actually was a little attracted to you as well.”

“Really?” A curious Chris responds.

“Yeah. I mean it’s a little embarrassing, but I thought you were kinda cute too,” Tracy admits getting her true feelings out for the first time. “I mean I always thought highly of you, and once we became cool and I got to know you, all those thoughts were what they were. I never saw myself being as close to someone like you especially while being married. I guess what I’m trying to say is I took a few glances of you too when we first met.”

A confident Chris nods his head with a big smile on his face.

“See, I knew it,” he boasts as Tracy rolls her eyes. “I knew you had a thing for me. I felt that shit from day one.”

“Negro, please. Your ass didn’t know shit,” Tracy fires back. “Like I said, I thought you were cute when we first met. Knowing you like I do now, I can’t believe I even entertained the thought.”

“Oh, so you entertained thoughts?” Chris replies, making his way over towards his friend. “See your story keeps changing more and more. I think you liked me a little more than you’re letting on.”

“Come on, Chris, we got a lotta work to do, so can we get it together?” Tracy responds going back to her computer.

“Not till you admit the truth,” Chris replies as he towers over her. “Admit it, you wanted to be a little more than friends when we first met.”

“I’m not about to entertain your ass,” Tracy replies working on her computer. “Now, come on, let’s finish this.”

Chris chuckles as he quickly reaches down and brushes his finger on Tracy’s ear causing her to yelp and jump up.

“Chris! Don’t do that!” She exclaims while giggling.

“Then admit to me that you wanted to be a little more than friends,” Chris replies as he continues to approach his friend.

Tracy is giggling as she’s backed into a corner with nowhere to run. Chris reaches for her ear again but is blocked off by Tracy this time who grabs his wrists. The two are playfully wrestling with each other when Chris gains control of her pinning her to the wall with her arms over her head. The laughter between the two slowly fades as they get a glimpse of each other’s eyes. Chris peers into Tracy’s dark brown eyes as if he’s pulled in by her beauty while Tracy has a hard time looking away from Chris’s light brown eyes. His muscular build always attracts Tracy, and to be this close to him was more than she could have hoped for. He always has the perfect cologne that intoxicates her daily, and with that fragrance combined with his freshly cut fade and perfect smile, she found herself yearning for his affection. The tension between them is thick as neither one of the friends knows what to say next. With their attraction to each other at its peak, the friends don’t know how to react. As Chris moves in to kiss Tracy, she turns her head denying him a chance.

“We… we better get back to work,” she replies quietly.

Chris slowly nods his head before releasing his grasp on Tracy’s wrists. She quickly walks back towards her computer and begins working as Chris takes a deep breath before continuing his work as well.

About forty minutes have passed as both Chris and Tracy are in the back storeroom putting away the now logged inventory. Tracy is struggling to put a box on the top shelf when Chris looks and notices her full body extended. He snaps out of his glace and quickly makes his way over behind her helping her balance the box to put it in its place. His body pressed upon hers for a brief moment excites her slightly. She hasn’t felt the touch of a man for a couple of months now since she and her husband weren’t as intimate as they once were. She thinks about the playfulness between her and Chris earlier and realizes that’s the most she’s felt a man touch her in a long while. As the box is quickly set on the top shelf, Tracy turns to Chris as they glance into each other’s eyes once more. Chris can tell she’s a little uneasy.

“My bad. I was trying to get the box-,”

“No, no, it’s okay. It’s fine,” Tracy responds reassuring her friend. “Thanks for the help.”

Tracy quickly walks off taking a seat in a nearby desk looking over some paperwork. Chris continues to sort through the inventory as the two take subtle glances at each other off and on.  As he finishes up he looks over things before turning his attention back towards Tracy.

“Looks like we’re good to go,” he says as he approaches her.

“Yeah. Paperwork is straight,” Tracy says as she rises from the desk area.

They both try to speak at the same time before laughing nervously.

“My bad, go ahead,” Chris says.

“No, you go first, I’m sorry,” Tracy replies.

“Please, Trace, I insist,” Chris responds awaiting her words.

There is an awkward silence between the two before Tracy decides to try to speak her mind.

“Well… I guess I wanna say thank you again,” she responds holding back her true feelings. “I… um… I guess that’s all I wanted to say. Thank you.”

Chris nods his head as Tracy walks over and hugs him. He takes in her very essence as the scent of perfume pulls at him. They once again make eye contact as the touch of their bodies brings something out of both friends. Once again they are at the brink of kissing when Chris’s cell phone interrupts the mood. Tracy backs away to allow him to answer. Chris takes his phone out of his pocket and notices it’s his wife calling him before quickly answering the line.

“Hey, baby… No, I’m still at the job,” he says to his wife. “No… I’ll be home in a few… yeah… okay… love you too… bye.”

Chris hangs up the phone and looks back at Tracy.

“Hey, Trace, look… I’m-,”

“No worries,” Tracy responds cutting off her friend. “It… it was a moment of weakness on both our parts. No need to talk about it, or whatever.”

Chris nods his head with agreement.

“Yeah, I guess it was,” he agrees.

“I mean, seriously, what were we thinking?” Tracy says with a chuckle. “I mean we’re both married. How much sense would that make?”

“True, true,” Chris replies nodding his head.

“Could you imagine what would happen if we did something like that?” Tracy says with a nervous laugh. “I mean, how could we live with yourselves?”

“So true,” Chris replies before pausing a moment. “Of course, if we did act on it, and do our thing, nobody would know. It could be destiny.”

Tracy’s nervous laugh begins to fade as she starts to entertain the idea of hooking up with her friend.

“Right, but again, I think we did the right thing,” she says. “Technically, you’re right, nobody will know what we did… well wouldn’t know had we done it. Not to mention that we won’t see each other after tonight so we won’t ever have to live with it. It would literally be impossible for anyone to find out and… aw the hell with it!”

Tracy has had enough trying to fight her feelings as she moves in and aggressively begins kissing her longtime friend much to his surprise. Chris reacts as he begins feeling on her breasts which drives Tracy wild. She quickly begins to unbuckle his belt and starts undressing him. Chris returns the favor as he quickly pulls her shirt off between kisses and starts to take off her pants as she kicks off her shoes. Tracy pushes Chris to the storeroom floor as the coldness of the floor sends chills down his spine. Tracy chuckles as she notices his reaction.

“You didn’t think I was gonna go on that cold nasty ass floor, did you?” She mocks as she mounts him.

Chris is about to respond but is silent as Tracy grabs his shaft and inserts his manhood inside of her. The feeling of Chris inside of her causes instant bliss. Not only is this the first touch from a man in months, but it’s her fantasy coming true proving that she was into Chris more than what she led him to believe. She slowly starts grinding on her friend making sure he felt every pump of her body on him. Chris closes his eyes as Tracy’s grind gets him harder than he has been for a while. Unlike Tracy, Chris and his wife have sex regularly, but he finds himself bored with her antics at times. She wasn’t into trying new things, and while the sex was good with his wife, he has grown tiresome of the same old thing day in and day out. To feel something new is a pleasure for him, and the fact that it was Tracy made the passion feel even better. She lets out several moans as she increases her grind on her friend. Tracy wanted this to last as long as she could. The feelings she felt were rushing throughout her body as a smile enters her face. Chris decides to turn the tables on his friend as he quickly turns her over towards the ground sending the coldness rushing through her body.

“What’s that about you not being on this cold nasty floor?” He mocks causing Tracy to giggle.

Chris begins putting in work as he grinds on Tracy much to her delight. With each thrust comes louder moans from Tracy who allows Chris to take over her entire body. The passion is driving her wild as she moans louder and louder before trying to fight back a bit. She didn’t want to pique too quickly. She didn’t want it to stop. His touch as he ran his fingers up and down her body felt so good to her. Once he started fondling her breasts while stroking her, Tracy begins wavering as her body becomes weak. Chris’s stroke was magnificent with perfect rhythm, unlike anything she’s felt before. Her husband wasn’t into pleasing her the few times they would have sex. It was more about him and getting his, but Tracy can tell the sex session she’s currently experiencing wasn’t about Chris. He was taking his time making sure she was taken care of as well which excites her even more. Chris is looking to test her will as he lifts one of her legs up continuing to grind her with passion. Tracy finally breaks as the position she’s in has her too weak to fight off the pleasure any longer. She fills the room with moans as she has her first orgasm in quite some time. Chris, knowing he’s broken her down, moans slightly as well as he finishes up himself. Tracy opens her eyes and watches the muscular body of Chris tensing up just as he finishes his orgasm before collapsing on top of her. Both friends, now lovers, are out of breath as they gaze into each other’s eyes once again. Tracy clinches him tightly not wanting him to come out of her just yet. After several moments Chris rolls over to the side of her finally breaking their connection. He chuckles as he watches Tracy cover her face with embarrassment.

“This was nice,” Chris says finally breaking the silence.

“Just nice?” Tracy replies looking towards him.

“Maybe a little more than nice,” Chris responds with a chuckle.

Tracy leans in and kisses Chris once more before backing away with a sigh.

“So what now?” Chris asks.

“What now is we go our separate ways,” Tracy answers.

“Do we have to really do that?” Chris inquires. “Look, Tracy, I-,”

“Chris, don’t,” Tracy says cutting off her friend. “I didn’t look to do this, you know. I wasn’t trying to get one off before I left. What happened, happened. It was a onetime thing, and we’re gonna leave it at that.”

Chris nods his head as both he and Tracy begin getting dressed.

“The store is ready for closing, but I suggest we leave the door open to air out a little,” Tracy suggests.

Chris nods his head with agreement as Tracy makes her way out of the storage room back into the main floor. Chris sighs with his feelings running wild.

About fifteen minutes later the two friends are getting their things together as Chris locks up the inventory room. He looks around the area making sure everything is taken care of before glancing at Tracy.     

“I guess this is it,” he says breaking the silence.

“Yeah, it is,” Tracy says with agreement. “I gotta say, I never thought I’d actually feel sad about leaving this place.”

“Well, after what we did I would hope it would be a little harder for you to go,” Chris quips causing Tracy to smile.

“It definitely will be something that will be on my mind for a long while,” Tracy responds before walking up to her friend and sharing a quick kiss. “Take care, Chris.”

“You too,” Chris responds.

They look at each other once more before Tracy walks out of the store for the last time. Chris follows her as he sets the alarm before making his way out as well. After exiting the store, he locks the door and turns his attention toward Tracy. He watches as she enters her car and drives off waving at him in the process. He waves back sighing, knowing that this would be the last time he would ever see her in person. Sure they can keep in touch via social media, but this would be the last time he’d smell her perfume or have playful fights with her he thinks to himself. It was as if she was walking out of his life forever, and after the lovemaking session they just had it would be hard not to have her around. After sorting through his thoughts, Chris makes his way to his car and pulls off with Tracy still fresh in his mind.



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