Meet Dynasty, a twenty-six year-old chick from the hood. She’s beautiful with a banging body and a nasty, savage attitude. Growing up she didn’t have the best life, which caused her to search for love in all the wrong person. Her current boyfriend showed her firsthand just how toxic he was.

Things take a drastic turn and Officer Nathan Daniels enters the scene. One look at the red-haired beauty he was instantly smitten. What seemed to be a budding friendship turns into a whirlwind of drama he wasn’t expecting. A tragic event has Nate running to Dynasty’s rescue. After all the events and drama has taken place Nate is tired of it all.

Will the two be able to mend what she has broken or will Nate walk away leaving it all behind?

Chapter One

            Dynasty looked at Doug like he had lost his fucking mind. That nigga had her fucked up on so many levels. He wanted to play this dumb game messing around with all these scum bucket hoes. She had something for his ass.

            “So you had the bitch in my shit! You fucked her ass up through in here, Doug? This the flaw shit yo’ ragged ass on?”

            “Fuck is you talking ‘bout D? I ain’t had no bitch up in here. You tripping.”

            “Mothafucka’ you tripping. I know you had the bitch in here because the dumb bitch tagged me on social media showcasing my shit like she lived here.”

            Doug remained quiet because he knew that he was caught and there was nothing he could do about it. He knew how Dynasty got down and she didn’t mind swinging on him. The problem was he would swing back. They fought like two men in the streets. Her skin turned red which let him know she was about to jump stupid real quick.

            “Nigga you ain’t shit!” she yelled as she ran up and stuck him dead in the mouth.

            Blood gushed from his mouth from the hard impact. Doug’s nostrils flared and he punched her dead in the eye like it was nothing. “Bitch is you stupid? The fuck wrong with yo’ retarded ass?”

            Dynasty could feel her eye swelling and that angered her. In a blind rage she took off upstairs. She was looking for her lockbox so she could get her twenty-two out. When she got it out she headed back down the stairs and fired twice. One bullet hit him in the stomach and the other hit him in the upper leg. He immediately dropped to the ground, flapping like a fish.

            “Get yo’ weak ass up and hit me again with yo’ dirty dick ass,” she said kicking him.

            BOOM! BOOM! BOOM!

            “Police open up!”

            Dynasty looked at her door and back at Doug’s bitch ass. She already knew her nosey ass neighbors called the cops. They always were on some bullshit. What went on in their apartment was their business. Her neighbors should have been used to this with them. This was a once a week thing.

            “The fuck you beating on my door for?” Dynasty questioned as she abruptly opened the door.

            “Ma’am someone reported yelling followed by gunshots.”

            Dynasty was stuck for a minute as she looked at the tall muscular piece of chocolate. Dark waves adorned his head followed by a close cut beard line perfectly. Full lips graced his face and intense light-brown eyes fringed with long lashes rested on his face. When he said ma’am again she caught a glimpse of his braces and she almost creamed her panties.

            “Yeah they heard right. I shot my dirty dick boyfriend and he’s currently bleeding out on my kitchen floor. He’ll be alright.” Dynasty rolled her eyes.

            Nate took in her beauty despite the black eye. She was a redbone with red hair hanging down her back. She was thick as hell and pretty as hell. He could tell she was hood at heart by how she was talking. Breaking out of his trance he called for backup and for the paramedics.

            “I’m Officer Daniels. I need to check on the victim.”

            Dynasty stepped to the side and let him enter. She caught a whiff of his cologne and she thought she would melt right then and there. She couldn’t believe she was acting like this because he was so far from her type. He was fine as hell though. In no time the paramedics along with a couple other officers came on the scene.

            As usual the neighbors were all out in the apartment complex being nosey. Officer Daniels was busy telling the other officers what was going on. Dynasty already knew she was about to go to jail for shooting Doug’s dog ass, but she didn’t give a fuck.

            “Ma’am can you tell me what happened?” Officer Daniels asked.

            “It’s Dynasty and I shot a fuck nigga. End of story.” She shrugged without a care in the world.

            “Did he do that to your eye?”

            “He did, but I busted him in his shit first.”

            Nate listened intently as she told her story. By the time she was finished her boyfriend was on the stretcher and she was being placed in handcuffs. This shit was beyond crazy to Nate. If a woman hit him he wouldn’t hit her back. The way her eye was swollen and bruised, he knew that her boyfriend had almost knocked her the hell out.

            Nate shook his head sadly because Dynasty was far too beautiful to be dealing with dumb shit like that. Apparently she didn’t know her worth. There was a story underneath her rough exterior. Once things were settled there he got back in his squad car and moved on to the next call of duty.

            He was afraid he would never get the beautiful woman out of his head. Nate knew he needed to because he couldn’t go that right for the sakes of his sanity. Dynasty was too much for him he was sure. He needed calmness and peace in his life. A turbulent storm wasn’t what he needed. Nathan was twenty-eight and living his life the way he saw fit.

            Nate still had a few more hours on his shift and he was ready to get them over with. It was a good thing he would never see Dynasty again after tonight. The question was did he want to see her again? Shaking his thoughts away he pulled up to his next call. He hoped it was nothing like the call he was just on.


            Nate had just got out of the shower. A white fluffy towel was wrapped around his waist as he stepped into his bedroom. He couldn’t get over the day’s events. It appeared that it was domestic violence day or something. He was placed on another call where the husband had laid hands on his wife. He didn’t see the point in hitting a woman. That was not how he was raised. No matter how mad he got at the woman he was with there would be no way that he would hit her.

            While he was slipping on boxers his doorbell rang. He wasn’t expecting company so he had no clue who it was. After the long day he had, he really wasn’t in the mood for company. He slipped some ball shorts over his boxer briefs and headed to the door shirtless. When he opened the door he stood there staring back at his ex, Brittany. Why she was darkening his doorstep he had no clue.

            “What are you doing here?”

            “You’ve been ignoring my calls. This was the only way I could reach you.” She stared at him with hopeful eyes.

            “I been ignoring your calls because I don’t have shit to say to you. You act like you have amnesia or something. Did you forget you cheated on me with some dope boy? The type of nigga you said you didn’t want and was afraid to be with.”

            “I made a mistake,” she whispered.

            “Nah. You showed me what it was. It’s all good. Guess the nigga got one too many hoes to pacify your ass.”

            “Nate why are y-“

            “Brittany it’s best if you leave. I’m trying real hard to respect when I know you don’t deserve it. The longer you stay the more my fuse is bound to forget that I have a grain of respect for you.”

            Brittany blinked back tears hating the fact that she fucked up. If she had thought better of her dumb decision she wouldn’t have so quickly hopped on another niggas dick. It was the thrill for her and obviously the thrill for him was gone because she hadn’t heard from him in weeks. With one final look she headed back to her car. She wasn’t going to give up. Somehow and someway she was going to get him back if it were the last thing she did.

            Nate closed his door and headed back to his room. His mind couldn’t help but go back to the beauty from earlier. There was something in her eyes that pulled to him. He knew that was a dangerous thing because she had the hood mentality and he knew shit would be hell between the two. She still had some growing up to do.

            For her sakes he hoped she got out of that toxic shit she was in. There was never a good ending to shit like that. Apparently she didn’t know her worth. The jackass that put hands on her had depleted her of feeling worthy. There was a story there. If it were any other time he would be the one to unfold the pieces of the paper. He ran his hand down the length of his face because it was fucking with him that he was thinking of her.

            After today he knew he wouldn’t see her again. For one they didn’t travel in the same circles. He hoped he could get Dynasty off his mind. She was driving him crazy mentally and he didn’t even know shit about her.



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