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E.Nigma started his writing prowess as a scriptwriter initially, with dreams of seeing his work on the big screen. His first script "The Afflicted" was based on a dream he had one night, and thus began the first work of many by E.Nigma.

His first feature work that was filmed was a youtube video created by HeavenandHell Entertainment, which filmed a short based on E.Nigma's popular series, The Professionals. E.Nigma's followed that up with his first feature film entitled "Twisted Affair" which he wrote, edited, and directed. After other various film shorts, E.Nigma dabbled with animation, where he created a series based on his characters from the aforementioned "The Professionals" which garnered a cult following.

Even though E.Nigma had turned his attention towards more video/animation work, he never stopped his first love of writing. In 2016 he completed his first novel work with "Confessions of a Call Center Junkie - The Diary of Lellow" which is a mock diary documenting the day and life of a recovering addict as she struggles to maintain herself in the workplace.

Since then, E.Nigma has gone on to write a multitude of works covering various genres such as drama, science fiction, romance, crime drama, and more. His unique writing style allows him to be diverse while capturing captivating stories to satisfy any reader's thirst for imaginative writings.

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