Vanity Jones a popular makeup artist is living her best life. A weekend business trip turns into a weekend filled with unexpected pleasure. Qasim Jackson, a popular photographer is in Miami on business when he crosses paths with Vanity. He can’t take his eyes off her during the photo shoot she’s doing makeup for.

The two end up vibing with one another which leads to a very explosive night of passion. Neither sought out for one night of mind-blowing sex, but what happens when the two part ways after one night? In this hot and steamy tale find out how summer seduction ignites flames like never before.

Chapter Thirteen


They were in VIP enjoying the vibe. Drinks were in their hands while dancing on each

other. Qasim bit down on his lip as she rocked those mesmerizing hips against him. The short red

dress had her thick creamy thighs on display. His hand ran up and down her thigh. Not being

able to resist his hand went in between her thighs.

“You know how bad I wanna fuck you right now? I want my dick buried so far in your

pussy while I deep-stroke you into a climatic orgasm.”


“What, baby? You wanna feel this shit massaging them tight walls?”

“Can we go?” she turned in his arms grabbing his dick through his jeans.

“We can do whatever the fuck you want. It’s your world baby.”

They made their way down the spiral staircase with no idea they were being watched like

a hawk. A jealous rage rushed through Stacy. Qasim was really out her loving on the next bitch

like she was never good enough. She watched until she couldn’t see them anymore. She waited a

good minute before she followed behind him.

Qasim helped Vanity into the truck. He jogged around getting in. Before he could put the

car in gear after starting it, Vanity crawled across the seat straddling him. She pulled his bearded

face towards her locking their lips in a heated kissed. She ground her thong covered pussy in his

lap. He reached down sliding her thong to the side rubbing her slick nub.

“Fuck, baby! I needed to feel that pussy choking my dick now,” he said gruffly ripping

her thong.

She got his jeans undone bringing out her chocolate friend. He lifted her enough so that

she could slide down on him. They both hissed in pleasure. Her pussy was ridiculous. The way


she bounced on his dick had him gripping her neck. He kissed her nastily as he fucked her from

the bottom. Just as shit was getting even better it all came to a shattering halt.

All you could hear was glass shattering in the back window. Vanity screamed while

Qasim yelled, “What the fuck?”

“Baby you good?” he asked gripping her face.

She nodded.

“Nigga you got me fucked up out here fucking random bitches like you wasn’t just with

me. This what you do, Qasim! Huh? Fuck over good girls,” Stacy yelled.


Careful not to hurt Vanity he managed to fix himself charging Stacy. “Have you lost your

got damn mind?! The fuck is wrong with your slow delusional ass!”

People had started to form a crowd taking in the scene. Q couldn’t believe this shit right

now. There was no way this could even be happening. Security came rushing out pulling Q away

from the scene. Stacy was still on the same toxic bullshit as she was before. She had almost got

him locked up when he was dealing with and she was about to do it again.

“Tell that weak bitch to get out the car! She could never be me!”

Vanity stepped out of the car. She wasn’t one for drama and definitely not the disrespect.

“Qasim fuck you! And fuck this retarded ass bitch!”

“Vanity! Vanity!” Qasim yelled after her, but he was detained by security.

Stacy smirked because her job was done.