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Michael St. John II loves women and women love him. Even though his two best friends, James Thomas, and Matthew Phillips II married and fathers, he has no intentions of following in their footsteps. When he met Tamara Walker, Dianna, James’ wife best friend, she was the first women he had ever met who was just like him. Tamara loves men and men love her. She did not want to be in a relationship with anyone and she and Michael became the best of friends when James and Dianna have major drama in their lives before marrying. Bonding with each other while going through the family crisis made their friendship solid. They party and travel together, and no one understands their relationship. All their families and friends keep telling them they are more than friends, when they insist there is nothing romantic between them. Both were determined to keep their relationship on a friendship level and not to cross that line because they do not want to destroy the friendship they have.

A horrific tragedy happens, and it wakes Michael up on how he really feels about Tamara. He faces his true feelings for her when he realizes love has been in his face all the time, but she has not faced how she feels about him and still wants to keep their relationship as friends. Just as the family gets over that tragedy.


Michael’s entire world crumbles along with Tamara, not accepting his feeling for her. Michael faces deceit from someone close to him and, like her best friend, Tamara does what they do. She disappears. Michael is losing everything and fighting for his life, but the main part of his life will not be complete without her in it, and he now does not know if he will ever have that missing piece… a life with Tamara.


    “I’m telling you. I saw another side of him when they kidnapped Dianna last year.” Michael St. John, Sr. drives his golf cart while talking to his best friend and partner in crime, Matthew Phillips, Sr.

    “Do you think he’s ready to settle down and be with one woman?”

    Mike Sr. stops in front of the golf course hole they are going to play on. “I think he is. He just doesn’t know it yet.”

    Matt Sr. gets out of the cart to grab his golf clubs. “Your son Michael is buck wild. I think he is worse than James was before he married Dianna. He does not seem to have a caring bone in his body, especially when it comes to settling down with one woman.”

    “Yeah, I thought the same thing until I watched him last year with Tamara, Dianna’s best friend from New York. Remember when we were looking for Dianna and Tamara joined us out in L.A.  He showed a sensitive side I had never seen before. I have never seen him take care of any woman the way he took care of her.”

    “You think she’s the one?”

    “No. Their relationship is platonic. He finally broke it down to me. They are just friends and when everything happened. They truly were just supporting each other during the crisis. He said when she came to Memphis for the wedding and stayed with him at his condo. They did not sleep together and never have.”

    Matt Sr. makes his putt. “Well, that answers that. They really must be simply good friends, if they have stayed in the same house together and never slept with each other.”

    “I know. They make such a cute couple, but if it is not there. We cannot make something happen as good as we are with getting people together if there are no sparks between them. I think they both are big players and just like to flirt with each other. I also think they get a kick out of confusing people about their relationship.”

    “Now that sounds like something your crazy son would enjoy doing, and you know if Tamara is Dianna’s friend, she is just as crazy as Dianna. I can see how they are close friends and just like messing with people about their friendship. But it doesn’t solve the problem of us finding him someone to settle down with.”

    Mike Sr. and Matt Sr. have been best friends for over fifty years and were previous law partners at their civil law firm they owned. They both are in their sixty’s and like their sons are over six feet tall. Mike Sr. is caramel skin color, black curly hair that is slightly gray with dimples and Matt Sr. is dark skin with salt and pepper hair. Both are slim and trim from playing golf all day since they have retired. They left their law firm after retirement to Michael and his law partner Bruce Newman to run. As matchmakers, they got their two kids Matthew and Christina together. Next, they had a hand in getting their other golf buddy, Charlie Thomas’s son, James who is best friends with Matthew and Michael together with Christiana’s, best friend, Dianna Wright last year.  

    Both men along with Charlie are grandfathers and you would think they would be content, but now they want to get Mike Sr. only son Michael married. They feel now that all their children are married except him, so he should be next.

    “I think it’s time we stop by our law firm to see if there is anyone there who might catch our eye that he could settle down with.” Mike Sr. smiles, because he loves a new adventure, and he knows to get his son to settle down is going to be quite the adventure.

    “This will be the hardest one to date. Michael truly has no interest in just one woman. You would think since his two best friends are married and fathers. He would at least slow down a bit.”

    Mike Sr. gets back into the golf cart to drive to the next hole. “That’s why it’s time for us to step in and find him a woman. The first step with him is to get him to just date one woman at a time and then we will pull out the big guns to get married.”

    Matt Sr. smiles gets into the other side of the cart. “That’s sound like a plan to me. Let the games began.”





    “Girl, you’re crazy as hell.” Michael St. John II laughs while talking to his buddy, Tamara Walker as he cleans off his desk to go into a meeting. He glances out his office window at the weather that is still nice even though it is September it is usually not cold in Memphis, Tenn.

    “I’m telling you, Michael.” Tamara’s eyes wide stares into space. “Why would I want to settle down with this man when I know how pilots are? I work with them every day. Just because he flies for Delta Airlines, and I work for American Airlines. What makes him think, I do not know how some pilots are with messing around with different flight attendants. I live the same way he does. I was just fine hooking up with him when we both are in the same city, but no, he wants to have a relationship.”

    Michael shakes his head cracks up laughing. “I told you about hooking up with all those jerks you keep picking up,” he stands up to put on his jacket to his suit before he looks over the file to discuss in his meeting. “You know you’re supposed to be my baby mama. See, we wouldn’t be having all these problems with you messing around with all these different men. We would have our beautiful baby who would stay with you for six months in New York and then stay with me here in Memphis for six months and that way neither of us would have time to play around with other people. We would have the best of both worlds. Come on in,” he hollers out to Randall Johnson, one of his senior attorneys and running buddy in Memphis.

    “I know that’s right.” Tamara takes off her flight clothes to get into the shower. “I think I’ll go out tonight to meet me some fresh new men.”

    “Okay, baby, just don’t pick up anyone like those last two. I thought we would never get rid of them. I almost had to kick their asses to get them out of the picture.”

    “I know you’re not talking when you had a stalker. I told you that girl was going to be trouble, but you wouldn’t listen.”

    “Yeah, but she was so good in the bed.”

    Tamara laughs. “That’s going to be the death of you yet, a good piece of ass.”

    “Well, at least I get something out of it when all you get is drama. I was thinking about coming to New York to see you, are you going to be there?”

    “I think so, darling. I’ll check my schedule and I’ll call you back to let you know.”

    “Okay, the love of my life. I have a three o’clock meeting I’m getting ready to go into. I’ll talk to you when I talk to you.”

    “Okay, sweetheart… have a good day. Talk to you when I talk to you.”

    They always say goodbye to each other with the same line because they never know when they will talk to each other again. From day one they ended all their conversations whether face-to-face or over the phone the same way. Good friends with each other who flirt and talk to each other in a special way that most people not only thought they were a couple, but they married. Their relationship confuses everyone in their families because neither wants to settle down and they say they are only best friends, but their interactions with each other shows something else. 

    “What?” Michael half-smile asks Randall, who stands there shaking his head.

    “Man, I don’t get your relationship with Tamara. She is fine as hell and you two keep up with each other as if you’re married. You all in her business and she’s all into yours, but you have never dated or even slept together.”

    “I know.” Michael grins, shows his famous dimples, straightens his red silk tie and picks up the file to take into the meeting. “We just have a special relationship. We bonded when they kidnapped Dianna last year and have remained close ever since. Best friends, even though no one wants to believe that because she’s a woman and I’m a man, everyone feels we can’t only be friends, but we are. That line has not been crossed and we do not plan to cross it. Once we cross the line of friendship, that’s when all the drama starts and neither of us want drama, so we’ll just remain close friends.”

    “Something ain’t right. It’s just not normal for a man and woman to be so close and have not messed around with each other. Since you have not had that and do not want it, why don’t you hook me up with her?”

    “Hell no.” Michael frowns raises his voice at his friend. “I will not hook you up with my best friend. I know you are no good.”

    Randall laughs at him, points his finger in his face. “See what I mean. You do not want to share her with anyone, but you claim you do not want her for yourself. I’m telling you, you two have a sick relationship.”

    Michael ignores Randall to stop by Lisa’s office to let her know he is going into his meeting, but if Tamara calls to get him because he is waiting for her to call back with some information.


Lisa O’Neal and Randall look at each other because, like everyone else, she does not understand their relationship either. She has been Michael’s personal assistant for five years who takes care of his business and personal schedule. Lisa is five-four, mocha skin color, slant dark brown eyes, divorce, and the mother of two little boys. She had never heard of Tamara until last year after he came back from L.A. where he had a family emergency. Now she knows she is top priority and when she calls, he always takes her calls. They even travel together, but he still has all his other women he plays around with.

    “Michael, do you need for me to send some flowers to Tanya your date you stood up last night?” Lisa looks up, still on top of things about his personal life.

    “I forgot all about her. No, don’t send any flowers because she will think I still want to see her when I’m over that.” Michael exasperates sighs heads down the long hall to go to the conference room.

    St. John, Phillips, and Newman Attorney at Law is the law firm his dad and his Uncle Matt open before he got out of high school. He went to Harvard Law with James and Matthew, his two best friends who he has known all his life. Matthew, now married to his sister Christina who has his one-year-old nephew Zachary Nigel Phillips and James, his former partying buddy married to all of theirs best friend Dianna and they have his play niece Kennedy Dianna Thomas one years old as well. They all live in L.A., while Michael still lives in Memphis.




The law firm specializes in civil law and has offices on the entire eighth floor in the Renaissance Center along prestigious Poplar Avenue Corridor on Aaron Brenner Drive. Michael lives downtown in a condo on the bluff in The Shrine Building Condominiums because that is where all the action is if you live in Memphis. All the young urban people live and party in downtown Memphis where any night of the week you can hangout on Beale Street or eat at one of the many restaurants. Michael mainly works in Memphis but is always traveling to L.A. to see family. He goes to New York to hang out with Tamara and Florida to just hangout. He loves Miami, Orlando, and has a house in Key West. The house in Key West is where he goes to chill and regroup from work and partying. He has never shared his house in Key West with any family member or woman.

    Waiting for him in the conference room are fifteen of the twenty-five attorneys who work there along with Bruce Newman, who is a partner. There are three senior attorneys, and they are getting ready to hire the fourth one from Atlanta, Ga. This is what some of the meeting is going to be about to discuss the new attorney they are going to hire to join the firm.

   “What’s up everybody, let’s get down to business.” Michael sits at the head of the conference table. Laid back and known with family and friends to be a complete nut, but in business. He is serious and a shark in the courtroom who does not play.

    “Let us discuss bringing on this new attorney, and then we can go over the caseload. I want everyone input on if you feel we need to add another senior attorney. Bruce has been interviewing Amber Anderson from Atlanta, GA. I have not met her, so I’m going to let Bruce tell us about her, so we can discuss.”

    Bruce Newman, five eleven, dark brown skin color, and low haircut who wears eyeglasses is quiet and reserve handles all the law firm business along with practicing clears his throat before he speaks. “Amber Anderson has been with the Georgia D.A. office for five years and has not lost one case. She is a hard worker and very devoted to her career and comes highly recommended by her law professors and several prominent attorneys in Atlanta.”  

    Right before they get ready to discuss the new attorney, Lisa interrupts Michael with a phone call from Tamara.

    “Hey baby, what’s the deal are you going to be in New York for a while?”

    “I’ll be here all next week until I leave out the following Sunday afternoon heading to L.A. before I must go to Europe, so if you’re coming you need to get here Friday. That way baby, we can hang out all weekend and next week.”

    “Why don’t I come Friday evening after work and then we hang out there in New York until Thursday. Do you want to go out to L.A. to see the kids? We can do some serious partying and that way you’ll already be out there in L.A., for you to fly out straight to Europe?”

    “Okay, let me get us a flight out of here for Thursday. Do you want to fly out morning or evening?”

    “Let’s get a flight out in the afternoon. Do you think we can catch some of the US Open tennis match before we leave for L.A.?”

    “I’m sure we can I’ll call my brother, Joshua for his box seats for one day at the tennis match and book us a flight out for Thursday afternoon. I’ll talk to you when I talk to you.” 

    “Alright baby, talk to you when I talk to you.”

    Michael turns around after talking to Tamara on the conference room phone to continue his meeting. “Okay, tell me some more about Ms. Amber Anderson and why we should bring her on as a senior attorney. Besides never losing a case and good recommendations. I need to know will she fit in this office, but also why she wants to do civil law when she’s been in the DA’s office since law school.”

    “She wants to do civil law because the DA’s office has interfered with her personal life, and she’s ready to practice a different type of law. She also stated she is ready to get out of Atlanta to start fresh.” Bruce passes Amber’s file to Michael to review.

    “Well…she needs to be ready to work hard because some of our cases can be difficult. I hope she’s ready to devote herself. What I will do is review her file while I’m flying to New York on Friday. I will know more about her after reading her file, but I trust your judgment Bruce, so we probably have us a new senior attorney.” Michael sets her file aside to continue the meeting. 



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