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All Kashmir wanted was to be successful and she waa doing a good job until Karter blew into her life. She worked hard to achieve the level of respect in the industry by working twice as hard as any other man. Will her sudden entanglement with Karter ruin her representation that she has worked so hard for. Will she be able to brush off from her current company without anyone trying to back door her. When we left off she finds out she was pregnant by Karter and then her whole world went black. Who is responsible for this and how will Kashmir recent when she finds out.


With Karter it's something about her that he couldn't shake from first time they met. It was like he was drawn to her and he couldn't understand why. As he fights to keep Kash safe he must decide what he wants to do with someone he considered family. This decision could turn him into the person he has worked so hard to leave behind. Which one will choose?



I could hear the sound of beeping but I couldn’t make out where I was. No one was speaking, I heard a faint sound of a TV playing. As I opened my eyes the sun was shining bright into the room. I looked to my right and saw a lady that I didn’t recognize. In front of me was my father looking at some papers and my step mom sitting next to him. Serenity and Starr were on the couch looking down at their phone and Karter had his head on my lap sleeping. Clearing my throat his head shot up.


“Kash, Thank god!” He said.



When he said that everyone rushed to the bed while Karter walked out of the room returning with a nurse.


“Hello there Ms. Pitts, I’m Amanda your nurse. You had everyone here worried. I’m going to check your vitals really quick before the doctor comes in to check you out,” she said.


As she was finishing up taking my vital the doctor walked in with his tablet.


“Hello, Ms. Pitts I’m Dr. Rhodes, I have been caring for you while you have been with us,” he stated.


“Hello,” I replied with a dry throat.


“You were out a little while huh,” he said.


“I guess so. How long was I out?” I asked.


“Four days,” Karter replied.


“I was out for four day, what happened?’ I asked.


“You don’t remember being hit by a car?” Karter asked.


“Wait someone hit me with the car? Who?” I questioned.


“We are working in finding out now baby,” Karter replied.


Could everyone step out for a little bit I have to examine Ms. Pitts really quick, Dr. Rhodes said.




As everyone began, I file out of the room I held onto Karter’s hand tightly. He looked down at me and kissed my forehead.


“I’ll be right over there on the couch okay,” he said.


I nodded my head and turned my attention to the Dr. as he began to speak.


“Your vitals are good but I want to make to order another CT scan to make sure that there isn’t any bleeding or any damage from when you hit your head. The baby is fine nothing from the fall caused any injuries,”


When he said the word baby Karter stopped whatever he was doing on the phone and looked up to listen to what the doctor was saying.


“What you mean baby? How come you didn’t say anything to be about her being pregnant before now?” he fumed.


“I couldn’t violate my Doctor/Patient confidentially and I wasn’t sure of your relation to the patient,” he replied. 


“So, you knew and didn’t tell me?” he turned his attention to me.


“I was going to tell you but as you can see, I never get a chance to tell you,” I replied.


I’ll give you guys a couple minutes and I’ll let the family back in,” he replied.


When the doctor walked out of the room there was an awkward silence in the room. I stared at my nails while Karter stared at me.


“So, you don’t have nothing to say?” he asked.


“What do you want me to say Karter?” I question.


“Something, tell me your scared, tell me you’re mad, just says something,” he replied.


“Yes, I’m scared to be a single mother to a child I conceived with a married man, yes I’m scared that I’m going to ruin this baby’s life because I work too much. I don’t want to be one of those women who had goals and all of them went to shit because I had a baby and couldn’t bounce back,” I said.


“For one, you won’t be a single mother I’ll always be there even if we don’t make it. Your goals will be accomplished of I have to drag you there myself,” he said.


We walked over to me and sat on the bed looking at me as I started to shed a tear.


“Kash, what’s the matter?’ he questioned.


“I wanted to be happy but will my father think? He I am pregnant by a married man,” I responded.


“Stop saying that shit,” He said as he stood up and grab something that off the table that was next to me.


“What is this?” I asked.


“The divorce papers that my lawyer drew up. There isn’t anything left for us especially since she is abusing my girls,” he replied.


“Oh wow,” I replied.


“So, you having my baby?” he asked.


When he said that I immediately that of Jodeci and forever my lady, I loved that song when I was in school.


“Look we aren’t going to stress about this right now. What we need to do is get you healthy, keep my baby healthy,” he said as he kissed me.


“Oh, Boss Lady I’m glad that your,” Mico stopped.


I think that Mico was caught off guard because he didn’t even know about Karter and I because he had been so undercover with what we had going on.


I’ll give y’all a minute I got to make a couple calls right quick,” Karter said kissing me again.


“Well I see that I missed this whole situation that you and this fine ass man got going on,” Mico said.


“It’s a long story, I’ll have to tell you later,”


So, the industry has been buzzing about you,” Shanna said.


“I bet they have been spreading nothing but lies, haven’t they?” I asked.


“Not really, just a bunch of prayers and wishing speedy recoveries,” Shanna said.


“I have rescheduled your meeting out for two weeks that way it will give you a chance you recover and get yourself together,” Mico said.


“That’s good. Now all I have to do is get released from this hell hole so I can start moving around and getting back to business,” I said.


“Kash, do you realized that some purposely hit you with their car and left you for dead?” Karter asked.


“Yes, and that is exactly why I have to get back to work to show them that it didn’t work and that I’m standing tall,” she replied.


“I guess you didn’t notice this,” he said pulling the covers back.



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