Everything was all good in the hood...until it wasn’t.

That’s the way Kendrick Graves is looking at life after doing a bid in jail. He’s on a mission to improve his station in life and doesn’t care about leaving to do so.


For Destiny Hawkins, she can’t understand why her childhood friend would want to leave. Unlike Kendrick, the hood is all she has. Why leave?


Their two different ways of life and what these two childhood friends want, have been driving them a part, but what happens when well-hidden secrets of their past brings them together? With secrets unveiled, shame and sadness turn to passion.


Although Kendrick doesn’t desire living in the hood, he finds that his desire for Destiny is making him forever about that hood love.

Prologue # 1 - 19 Year Old Destiny

He was “Uncle Basil Bey” or “Bey” for short as well all called him. When I was little, Mom called him “Uncle” but he couldn’t have been real family since she fucking him. There’s was always a stack of money on the kitchen table the next morning when she gave him some pussy the night before. I always wondered where all the money came from. I couldn’t believe it when I caught a Moor slingin’.

All I knew was that he was the devil. I heard him creeping into the house around eleven o’ clock in the evening. The stumbling, fumbling, and falling from the living room let me know that he was drunk. I thanked God that Momma was home. He never did anything when Momma was home. I’d have to spend the next hour hearing my Momma getting fucked, but that was a small price to pay rather than experience what would happen if she wasn’t there at all. 

Thank you! He’s going to Momma’s room. 

That was my thought as I got comfortable to go to sleep. That was my thought. Unfortunately, that was not the reality of this night. 

I heard his footsteps stop in front of my room. There’s was no way—no way he would do anything with my mother only a few feet away. But again, I was thinking logically. This entire situation wasn’t logic to it at all. It was a matter of lust.

That’s why I felt from him as my bedroom door crept open. It was pitch black, so I couldn’t see any part of him, but I knew it was him. A black mass in the form of a man walked to the edge of my bed. 

I screamed as he ripped my night clothes off my body, then white silk panties that I had on underneath it. I didn’t have on a bra, so the air made my nipples instantly harden.

His eyes devoured me as he took in every inch of my naked body. He bent his head to my breast and used his tongue to trace every ridge on my nipple. 

As his teeth grazed the bud, my body shivered, and I let out another scream at alert my mother. She was home. She kissed me goodnight and the front door hadn’t opened until the devil came into the house. 

As his mouth assaulted my breast, he reached in between my thighs, parting the folds with his fingers, and started rubbing my clit with his thumb. My body instantly started going numb as I felt my body betraying me. My sacred space began creaming from his touch. 

Bey lifted his head from my breast, staring at me with his lust filled eyes. ”I want to taste my pussy, so bend your ass over!” 

He said it as a command. I couldn’t move, frozen in terror. When I didn’t move, he gripped me up and put me in the proper position for his pleasure. He pushed me further up towards the top of the bed and my forehead smacked the bed frame. 

“Ahh!” I held my head in pain.

He didn’t give a fuck about my pain. He was too busy rubbing on my ass. He spread my ass cheeks apart. His tongue slithered out of his mouth and into my wet pussy.

“No, Momma!” I shrieked as his thumb found its way into my asshole, stretching it until he was fully in. 

Where is my mother? I thought.

I felt his hard-thick dick, filling my pussy. He spread my ass cheeks far apart and started long stroking me deeply. It felt like he was snatching my soul from within me so I moved, trying to get away from the sensations.

“Don’t move baby girl,” He ordered, forcing himself into me.

It must have turned him on, because this demon growled, and started slamming his body down upon me. My pussy contracted as he fucked me harshly. He pounded into me from behind, making slapping sounds as his balls hit against my ass cheeks.

I hated myself as my orgasm hit me like a ton of bricks, causing me to scream out, as it crested, in wave after wave of pain. My legs were shaking, as my pussy walls contracted on his pulsing dick, as he warm semen hit my womb, in thick ropes. 

“Ugggggggggh,” Bey growled, pumping every last drop into me until his black sweaty body, collapsed on my back.

I felt him kiss the nape of my neck. He heard him close my bedroom door. I just stared at ceiling as I cried myself to sleep.

Prologue # 2 - 19 Year Old Kendrick 

I hate living in “the hood.” That’s all I could think as the judge sentenced Mr. Kendrick Corey Graves to three years in prison for Personal use or “simple possession” of cocaine or crack is a felony violation. I got the lightest sentence because I was a first time offender.

Worse yet, I got caught up in a drug sting where My Boss, Chris betrayed me. He completely sold the whole crew. He was walking free while we were going down. I was a member of a group of individuals that sold weed, cocaine, and every other drug imaginable at all times of the day and night known collectively as “the Blazes.”

Now I wasn’t selling drugs for the fame or clout of the streets. I was selling to make enough, trying to go to school. My brains didn’t get me a scholarship and my basketball skills didn’t get me recruited to a college team. The money selling a little bit poison was better than no money at all.

That was until today. Until the sting. Chris threw me to the wolves. He was like a father figure to me. I thought of my friend, Destiny a hot second. My friends and family flashed before me as the realization hit me that since the police since had any evidence against me, my public defender didn’t put up any kind of fight against my charges and got me a plea deal for three years. Two years in with a year of probation.