Why do men feel the need to lie about their intentions? They could have it all only if they were honest about what the situation is.

What happens when you belong to everybody and nobody?

We all have to face our dirty deeds. Arizona has done his fair share of dirt. He is currently in his feelings with another woman that’s not his current girlfriend. He’s always played the field and never thought about it twice. Will he change his doggish ways or will he lose everything he ever wanted?

Cash loves a good time, especially in the bedroom. He’s addicted to cheap thrills. He’s supposed to be in a committed relationship but his actions don't support that. What he doesn't know is that he’s not the only one with secrets. Will he realize he’s been a player and not the coach?

Eugene thinks he has the game and gone with it. He loves variety and always thinks he has what every lady wants. Eugene has some issues from his past that he has never dealt with. Will he get caught up in the wrong things and learn the lesson a little too late?

Follow Arizona, Cash, and Eugene through their dawg azz tales as they learn what it truly means to be for everybody. Sometimes when you think you’re running the game; the coach is playing you the whole time. You can’t keep fucking over people and not realizing our games will catch up with us.

Cash Simmons

For Everybody by Kash Doll

These niggas for everybody

These niggas for everybody

These niggas for everybody

These niggas for everybody

These niggas for everybody


“What the fuck are you doing, Cash? Why the fuck do I have to chase you down? You’re a dog ass nigga!” Kammy screamed.


“Don’t fucking do this right now! I told you I would be home shortly!” I yelled. I was buttoning up my jeans. She almost caught me getting head from this thot. She shall remain nameless right now. I was expecting her to pop up.


“Open the fucking door, Cash! I'm about to beat you and that bitch’s ass!” Kammy yelled.


“Bitch, the only ass you’re beating is your man’s! You can try me if you want!” The thot screamed.


“Bitch, open that door to find out! I’m not the one to be played with it. He’s getting it and so are you. I don’t discriminate. I hate you side chick bitches. Y’all give women a bad name!” Kammy pointed out.


“No, bitch you give women a bad name. Take care of home and your man. He wouldn’t need service from me!” The thot screamed.


“Wake the fuck up, Lil bitch! He’s a nigga that sold you a bunch of lies and now you feel good about fucking him. However, you know the truth. He gave empty promises that he can’t keep. You played yourself!” Kammy made clear.


“The only person that’s playing themselves is you! You’re out here looking like a damn fool. We in your brand new car fucking!” The thot yelled.


“Don’t do this, baby! I’m sorry. Let’s go home and talk about this!” I commanded.


I watched Kammy walk off. I knew she was on a fucking mission. How the fuck did I get caught? I thought she was at work. I dropped her off earlier. I had everything lined up for the night. I should have known some shit was off. Nonetheless, I wanted my dick sucked. She had been teasing me all day with that damn tongue.


I see Kammy walking back to the car with a brick. She raises her arm and tosses it through the front window. I flinch and I see the bat in her hand. She went around that car beating on the windows. The tints were preventing her from breaking the windows. She started applying pressure. It was my turn to jump out of the car and stop her. I opened my door and grabbed her. She went crazy as fuck. I have only seen her this way a few times. I knew I was in big trouble.


“Get the fuck out of here, Tisha! If I let her go, she’s going to kill you!” I made known.


Tisha was scared shitless. She took the opportunity to run. I wanted to laugh so badly because she was barely running. I knew if I let Kammy go it would be over for her little ass. All that shit she talked was out the window.


I was hugging Kammy tight and I whispered in her ear. “I know I’m a fuck up and I’m sorry. I shouldn’t have come here tonight. I’m wrong for what I did baby! Please forgive me!” I pleaded.


“You do this dumb shit to me! I'm tired of your nasty ass! You will reap what you sow! Take me back to work and park my fucking car at home! Who the fuck is watching Chloe? I don’t give a fuck about her being fourteen. Don’t leave her home alone!” She accused.


I let her go. Everything she said was the truth. I did a lot of dumb shit to her. I would lie straight to her face. I had so many secrets and told way too many lies. I was tired of keeping up the charade. I loved pussy and what's better than pussy is new pussy. It gave me an adrenaline rush to fuck a variety. It was that simple.


I took the baseball bat and walked her to the passenger side. She was crying. I shut the door. I knew I wouldn’t be talking my way out of this one. I would have to deal with what I did. I guess y’all muthafuckers caught me at the wrong time. I don’t like people in my fucking business. I tell my boys the truth. I can never be honest with Kammy. I will always need something on the side. I hope to grow out of that need one day. Except right now, I can't.


I guess I’ll explain a few things to y’all. Kammy is my girlfriend and yes I love her. I care for her deeply. She has been in my life for six years. She helps raise my daughter, Chloe. Chloe’s mother died from a drug overdose when she was three. I have full custody of her. I met Kammy and she changed my world. She was the only woman that genuinely got to know my daughter. She spent a lot of time with her. I loved that so much. I wanted a family for Chloe. Kammy was the perfect fit.


Yes, I have desires and needs to be with other women. I guess y’all can consider it an ego boost. When I was growing up, I was overlooked. I wasn’t considered attractive. I was constantly made fun of. I grew up and so did my appearance.

 I dress in the latest and greatest. Everything must match down to the socks and underwear. I'm sure y’all are anxious to find out what I look like. I’m 5’9 with light brown eyes. I have a beautiful smile with a grill. I have a fresh lining with dreads. I work out five days a week. I’m considered buff. I love lifting what I fuck. I have to apply that pressure. I take pride in my body and appearance. I get attention everywhere I go. It’s hard to fight the women off. I enjoy the attention and I love to flirt. I try to refrain from doing it in front of Kammy. Believe it or not, I have a lot of respect for her.


My boys and I  agreed to fuck all the women who wouldn’t give us a second thought. I go after what I want. I could never turn a beautiful woman down. Y’all don’t get me wrong, I don’t fuck anything. I am choosey about who I fuck. Now, getting my dick sucked is a different story. There’s nothing, like popping an ecstasy pill and watching a tongue, slide up and down on my dick. Trust me, I have enough to feed the needy.  I love watching a woman be a boss with that mouth. It’s my secret addiction. I don’t have to fuck you in order to get my dick sucked. I love some oral stimulation. I love receiving rather than giving. I’m definitely choosey about where I put my mouth. I can honestly say only a handful have received this tongue.


Anyway, I'm a cheater. Yes, I know better but right now I still have some shit I need to work on. I should have been honest with Kammy. I should have kept shit one hundred but I didn’t. I lied in order to make her mine. She’s a good woman and I don’t want anyone else to have her. It’s selfish and so fucking what, I can do that.


Let’s get this shit out of the way! I’m quite sure y’all curious. I move how the fuck I want. Yes, Im currently fucking three other women. I don’t have a problem and y’all shouldn’t either. I am currently seeing  Jasmine, Yasmine, and my little secret. Yes, I'm withholding information. I can’t give it all to y’all all at once.


We all have secrets and tell lies. Eventually, I’ll be ready to settle down soon enough. I know who and what makes me happy. I don’t like seeing Kammy unhappy. I promise I’ll get there…



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