Struggling model Tanisha is on her last leg pondering suicide after having one of the worst nights in her life. Searching to find any reason to live, Tanisha looks back on her traumatic life which includes her abusive father who spent years taking out his frustrations on her mother and eventually her. It’s something that has always haunted her since becoming aware of it at the age of five.


As she grows older, she struggles to maintain a meaningful relationship until she meets and falls in love with Marcus, a wealthy stockbroker. When their relationship hits hard times, Tanisha finds herself in the same situation her mother was in after vowing never to stay with a man who abuses her.


Things continue to escalate between the couple when Tanisha witnesses her now five-year-old-daughter being traumatized as she once was at that age and decides she can’t pass this monster on to her daughter as it was passed to her. It’s one woman’s story of abuse and the struggle she faces to remove both her and her daughter from the traumatic life she’s had to endure.




The End Is Near


All is quiet in the Douglas Homes Projects located in the Manhattan borough of New York City, as the dimly lit rough and rugged area is a backdrop for drugs and other illegal activities. Dope boys make their transactions in the darkness of the night as the fiends are plentiful looking for their next fix, not worrying about what tomorrow will bring. A police siren in the distance catches the local dealers’ attention, but they shrug it off, realizing it wasn’t meant for them. While they conduct their business on the outside of the building, Tanisha makes her way out of the roof entrance on the tallest building in the projects which reaches twenty floors high. She’s wearing a white all-in-one sundress and struggles to maintain her balance in her matching white four-inch heels. Several bruises cover her honey-glow skin, including a vicious and still bleeding scar on her left cheek damaging the usually stunning female’s face. She removes her sunglasses she’s wearing at night to reveal a badly bruised left eye that is almost closed shut. Even with all the bruises on her face, her beauty still peeks out from behind her dark curly hair that flows down to her shoulders, touching her back. She tosses her purse to the side and sighs as she stumbles over towards the edge of the building and looks below.

“Shit,” she says as the height startles her.

She sighs as a few tears start to flow down her face as she tries to work up the nerve to dive from the top of the building. She’s had a dreadful day in a traumatic life that has been filled with dreadful days, so much so that she no longer has the will to continue on. She never envisioned her life going the way it has, especially with everything she witnessed growing up. She promised herself she never was going to be in a situation like her mother was. She would never let any man lay hands on her no matter what. Still, here she is, after a run-in with her husband looking to end her life to stop the cycle before things get out of hand.

She works up the nerve once again to look down at the bottom from the edge of the building. She takes a deep breath before climbing up to the edge of the building, peering below at what’s before her. She closes her eyes and is about to jump, when she suddenly pulls back at the last second, tumbling back onto the rooftop, scraping her leg. She sits up and notices her bloody leg which causes her to sob profusely. The pain from the scar set her over the top as the emotional pain she’s endured for so many years finally overwhelmed her. With everything that’s happened earlier that night, she didn’t have time to address her emotional wellbeing until this very moment.

After several moments of tears, she crawls over to her purse and opens it trying to find one reason to live. She looks in her purse and after a few moments, pulls out a magazine page that featured her and several hip hop artists gracing the cover. It’s an old tattered and torn page that is showing its age. She smiles briefly, remembering the photoshoot as one of the best days of her life. She looks at her then twenty-two-year-old self on the page wearing a sexy bikini outfit wishing she could go back to that moment once again. The smile on her face is short-lived, as she realizes her modeling days are behind, especially after what ‘he’ did to her. In a mad rage, she rips the page apart while screaming as her failed life angers her to no end. She tosses the remnants of the page to the side before noticing she’s still wearing her wedding ring.

“Muthafucka!” She yells before snatching the ring off and tossing it off the roof.

The pain of the day’s events is too much for her to handle as she begins crying once again. She looks towards the sky teary-eyed seeking answers, but not hearing anything feeling truly alone. Battered and scarred both figuratively and literally, Tanisha is losing all hope. There’s a monster inside of her that she fears passing on to her five-year-old daughter, Tonya. It’s a monster she believes has been passed down from her mother and she’s not about to let it infect her daughter the way it did her. The only way to truly ensure the monster ends with her in Tanisha’s eyes is to take her own life, allowing her daughter to be free of such a burden. She thought it would be easy to end her life, especially after what happened earlier that day. She’s finding it harder than she anticipated, however, as she sits silently on the rooftop with nothing but her thoughts to distract her. With everything that’s happened, she decides to look back at things from the beginning. It all started here, at the Douglas Homes a little over twenty-seven years prior.



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