What happens when all bets are off?


Serrati Million has always been a man of his word. He has never run into a problem he couldn’t solve--until Koren Boisseau. Koren has come into Serrati’s life, making him break all of his rules. He makes her an offer she doesn’t want to take, but can’t refuse--a deal that he knows, for sure, will end in his favor. Koren has other ideas in mind and has her eyes on a new man before Serrati can process the fact that he has lost. Koren beats him at his own game, and now he is standing in her bedroom in the middle of the night, uninvited, and he doesn’t plan of losing this time.


Corey is Serrati’s best friend and a playboy to the bone. He has no plans on settling down. There aren’t enough days in the week to keep up with his heavy rotation of women. Even though he enjoys spending time with Meerah, the only plan he has for her is to drive her crazy. Corey is on a mission to have Meerah chasing behind him like a sad puppy. The only problem with his plan is…Meerah is highly unbothered. Meerah knows the game and knows what to expect from a guy like Corey. While Corey’s on a mission to have Meerah chasing behind him, he never stops to realize that he’s the one doing the chasing this time. He’s in for a rude awakening, and Meerah has no problem showing him that time waits for no man.


Koren has a lot on the line. She knows what going up against a man of Serrati’s caliber can bring; she just doesn’t expect for it to hit her all at once. She’s trying to keep everything together after finding out that her friend with benefits is a married man, but who he’s married to is what shocks her the most. With everything that has happened, she just hopes that Serrati doesn’t come and pull the rug from under her feet. Koren has no clue that not only is Serrati coming, but he has plans to turn her world upside down.


Will Koren be able to withstand Hurricane Serrati? Can Serrati accept defeat and move on? While Koren and Serrati are trying to figure out the answers to those questions, there’s someone lurking in the shadows that doesn’t want Serrati or Koren to figure anything out. They’d much rather see them both dead.


Matters of the heart should always be handled with care. A neglected heart can be a dangerous one and a hard lesson learned. Serrati and Koren will find this out the hard way.

Chapter One



Married? I heard Serrati say it, but it really wasn’t registering for me. I had no time to dwell on what Serrati had just said about Jacob because I was too busy trying to pull him off Jacob. Believe me I wanted him to beat his ass, but I didn’t want him to get into any kind of trouble for it. Bitch, just admit it you got real feelings for this man.

“Serrati! No!” My pulling on his arm did nothing. He was in a zone; he was fucking Jacob up.  The way he was fucking him up was like he some kind of deep seeded hatred for him. Searching for my phone I searched for the one number I knew would be able to help me get this man under control.

“Coreeeeyyyy! Get back over to my house now. Serrati is in here going crazy.” He didn’t even answer me he just hung the phone up in my ear. I was now back to trying to get Serrati off of Jacob’s naked ass.

I didn’t want to jump on his back because I didn’t want to risk him becoming distracted and losing the fight. Because if Jacob happened to start getting the upper hand then I would have no choice but to jump in and help Serrati. My confused ass was hopping around the room trying to figure out the best approach.

“Put some fuckin’ clothes on.” Serrati had jumped up from off Jacob with lightning speed and was now back on my ass.  Aww shit. Jumping back, I hadn’t moved fast enough because Serrati had taken a hold of my arm guiding me over to my dresser. I could hear Jacob on the floor moaning, peeping over towards him I noticed he was trying to get up.

“Serrati, I called Corey he’ll be here any minute now.”

“Where the fuck is this old ass nigga’s clothes at? He bout to get the fuck up out of here.” I guess Serrati wasn’t trying to answer any of my questions right now, because had straight up disregarded what I had just told him about Corey coming over. For the first time since knowing Serrati I was afraid of him, I was afraid to even say a word to him.

“I can’t believe you fucked him. Where the fuck is his shit at?” He shouted in my face making me jump out my damn skin. I pointed to the pile of clothes that were laying at the bottom of my bed. Gathering the pile of clothes Serrati threw them over on top of Jacob, who had now gathered enough strength to sit up. Once Serrati noticed that Jacob was sitting up, he immediately covered my body with his.  Boy, I done fucked that man on numerous occasions. He done seen all of this.

“Put some clothes on!” He growled in my ear and my pussy jumped.  Bitch you should be mad; you should be fighting this man. He came in here and disturbed you. I hurriedly slipped the nightgown over my head and Serrati let my body go.

“You need to get the fuck up and go, nigga.” Serrati stood over Jacob like he hadn’t just beat his ass.

“Koren, doesn’t want me to leave.”  Jacob’s woozy ass said still planted on the side of my bed. I was still wondering how these two knew each other. Serrati turned to me like he was waiting, no daring me to take Jacob’s side.  Nigga you may as well turn back around because Koren ain’t saying a damn thing.

“I don’t give a fuck what Koren wants. You heard what the fuck I just said. Matter of fact!” Serrati took a few strides back towards Jacob. Jacob had to still be out of it because his reaction time was way off. Serrati quickly snatched him by his arm like he was a child dragging him from my room.

“Serrati! Where the hell is Corey?” I shouted to no one in particular. It seems like it was taking him forever to get here. Running out my bedroom behind him I came out just in time to see Serrati dragging Jacob’s naked body down the steps and straight towards my front door.

I couldn’t believe the sheer strength that Serrati was demonstrating. I mean Jacob had to have him by at least ten pounds. Serrati was wasn’t small, but Jacob was bigger weight wise and here Serrati was ragging Jacob around like he was a damn child. I wanted Jacob out as much as Serrati did, but I didn’t want him to get in trouble. Why the hell are you still thinking about his wellbeing?

“Open the front door Koren?” Serrati shouted and I ran my scary ass ahead of him and Jacob, who was still on the floor looking pathetic. Opening the front door, we were met by Corey.  Oh, thank god he had finally gotten his ass here. I breathed a sigh of relief for the first time since I had discovered Serrati was in my house.



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