Felicia Murray is a beautiful church-going young woman from Little Rock, Arkansas, until she falls for the wrong man, Eugene Marks, her married pastor. When the affair comes to light, the fallout is bad, and her own family is ashamed of her. After being hurt, betrayed, and embarrassed, she makes a bad decision that she later regrets. That decision turns her into a woman filled with anger and bitterness, and she wants payback.

Felicia isn’t going to play the victim anymore and applies for jobs at large corporations to entice the men to sexually harass her and then files lawsuits against them. Felicia wins big and enjoys living in different cities and states. Felicia doesn’t feel any guilt until she sets up her last victim, Carlos Dutton. Things doesn’t go as planned, and she finds herself really being harassed and stalked. Even though she wins another settlement, it isn’t worth it because her life is at risk.

Felicia decides she wants to be a different person and meets Kelvin Harris, a handsome radiologist who adores her. Still, it couldn’t come at a worse time because Felicia’s life is being turned upside down. She is afraid to tell Kelvin about her current situation and past in fear that he will leave her.

Kelvin Harris feels he has finally met the woman he is supposed to spend the rest of his life with, but Felicia is complicated and mysterious. When all is revealed, will Kelvin and Felicia get their happily ever after?


  “Miss Murray, we agree to your terms, and a check for two hundred thousand dollars will be delivered to you by the end of the day,” Dillion Charles, The CEO of Galson Energies, said to me in a polite voice, but the look in his eyes told me that he felt nothing but contempt for me.

   “Thank you. Just sign these papers, and everything will be settled,” My lawyer, Kimberly Lanier, said, taking the documents out of her briefcase and slid them in front of Dillion.

   I was elated, and I couldn’t stop the small smile that formed on my lips. I looked at Christopher Simms, the man that I was suing for sexual harassment. I could see the burning hatred in his eyes, but I didn’t care. I had won and had accomplished what I set out to do.

   After Dillion signed the papers, Kimberly handed another set of papers for me and Christopher to sign that stated that we couldn’t talk about the incident. This is something that Dillion had demanded in negotiations. We signed the papers and then left the conference room.

   Once we were outside the building, I hugged Kimberly. “Thank you again for winning another case for me.”

   Kimberly is a pretty brown-skinned woman with long hair that she had pulled up into a bun. “No problem at all. These men need to learn that they can’t get away with saying whatever they want to say to a woman,” Kimberly said with a smile.

   “You’re right about that,” I said, but I knew it was more to it than that. But Kimberly never questioned why I needed her for these types of cases all the time.

   “Call me if you shall ever need me again,” Kim said, winked at me, and then got into her black Lexus ES.

   I crossed the street and headed towards my silver Infiniti Q50. I was almost to my car when someone grabbed my arm from behind. I turned around to see Christopher with an incensed look on his face.  

   “What you did to me was cruel, and you know it,” he seethed.

   I looked at Christopher’s handsome brown face and shrugged my shoulders. “You shouldn’t have made those remarks to me and groped me the way you did,” I said in a bored tone.

   “Please, you flirted with me first. You said all those dirty things to me. I’m a man, of course, I was going to respond!” he yelled in my face.

   “Calm down. I still didn’t give you permission to touch me. You lost, and that’s all there is to it. Just be thankful that you still have a job.”

   Christopher gave me a pitiful look and then shook his head. “You should be careful with this little game you’re playing. What goes around comes around,” he said and then walked away.

   An eerie feeling came over me, but I quickly shook it off. I wasn’t going to let him get to me. I was two hundred thousand dollars richer, and now it was time to move on to another city.

   My name is Felicia Murray, and I wasn’t always a cruel person. Most people consider me pretty. I have a smooth honey complexion with a small frame and curves in all the right places. I have long hair, and I stand at 5’6. I grew up in Little Rock, Arkansas. I was raised in the church. My parents Jacqueline and James Murray, were great people of God. My father was a deacon and my mother helped with different ministries in the church. I followed their example, and later took a job as the church administrator at God’s Kingdom Worship Center in Little Rock when I was twenty-three years old. It was one of the largest churches in Little Rock, led by Pastor Eugene Marks, a great man of God. I worked closely with the pastor at times, and I noticed that Pastor Eugene started giving me these looks and touching me. It was subtle touches like he would hug me a little too tight and long or rub my shoulders.  I liked it, and I felt myself starting to fall for him. He was thirty-eight years old and very handsome, but he was also very married and had two kids. I tried to fight the temptation, but we started having an affair. It was hard keeping it from everyone. He told me he loved me and even said he was thinking about leaving his wife, Nadine. That was music to my ears, but I didn’t know how he would do that being a Pastor and all. We had an affair for two years without being discovered until I attended an out of town conference with him. A reporter saw me exiting his hotel and reported the story. It was a huge story, and it was obvious what was going on since I wasn’t supposed to be at the conference in the first place. Word spread, and after further investigation, it didn’t take long for the public to discover we had been having an affair for two years.

   I was embarrassed and ashamed, and so was my family. But it was also a sign of relief for me because now Eugene could leave his wife since everyone already knew. He quickly crushed my dreams when he told me that it was a mistake for him to get involved with me, that he loved his wife and wasn’t leaving her. I watched as he gave television interviews stating how sorry he was with his wife by his side. The public eventually forgave him but was not so forgiving of me. I was relieved of my duties as church administrator because his wife didn’t want me working that position anymore. I couldn’t get a job anywhere else. People who weren’t even in church didn’t want me working for them. People at the church shunned me and even my own family. My mom and dad gave me a lecture about adultery. I left the church, but staying in Little Rock was hard because I didn’t have the support of anyone except my cousin Latrice. Her mother and father moved to New York City when she turned twenty, so she didn’t see them often, and we grew even closer. She didn’t condone what I had done, but she said that everyone deserved forgiveness. But people didn’t see it that way. I was a pretty young woman who almost brought down a great man of God. They wouldn’t forgive me, but they forgave him, and that hurt me deeply. I called Eugene and asked him to meet up with me. He reluctantly snuck away to see me, and I told him how much I loved him and asked how he could do this to me. He told me he was sorry and that he never meant to hurt me. His words soothed my aching heart, and that led to us having sex. After that, I had some hope that maybe he changed his mind. But all my calls went unanswered after that, and I knew I had to leave Little Rock.

   I left Little Rock and moved to Oklahoma. Shortly after moving there, I discovered I was pregnant as a result of my last night of passion with Eugene. I thought about calling him and telling him, but I knew that me being pregnant wouldn’t make a difference. When people found out that I was carrying his baby, it would make things worse for me, so I had an abortion.

   I later regretted the decision because I knew I wasn’t thinking clearly. I was mad and broken-hearted, but what was done was done, and I went into a deep depression, but then my sadness turned to rage, and I wanted payback. Powerful men like Eugene could do whatever they wanted to do and not suffer any major consequences, but a woman’s life would forever be blemished. At that moment, I decided I would target men in positions of power and bring them down.

   I started my plan in Oklahoma, I took a job at a large company as an administrative assistant, and I would flirt with one of the bosses. When they flirted back and started making inappropriate comments, I would file a sexual harassment lawsuit. In fear of their position and reputation, and not wanting their wives or significant others to find out, they would settle quietly. It was all fun and games to me, and it felt good to pay men back for their weaknesses. I didn’t have to be a victim if I didn’t want to. I would then move to another state or town and do the same thing over again. I had done this five times in the last five years. My bank account was looking pretty good from the settlements. I could get away with it because the companies I worked for kept the incidents quiet and couldn’t talk about it if another job called asking about a reference. I was now thirty years old. My last stop was Oregon, where I made Christopher pay.

   My next stop was Las Vegas. I felt even bigger things would be in store for me there.


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