Hope Cooper is living on cloud nine with her husband Misfit and they’re looking forward to making their family complete with the birth of their next child. Everything seems to be going well in Hope’s life until a blast from the past shakes her up. While trying to keep her anxiety at bay, she is faced with more extreme issues involving her and her baby’s health. Will Hope be able to pull it together or will her holiday’s be ruined by her mountain of issues?

Chandler “Misfit” Cooper is excited about the changes that have come to what was formerly the youth center. He now runs the building as a community center and great things have been coming his way to help the families he serve. Still bothered by Rashad’s death, Misfit is determined to continue making a difference in the lives of the youth he encounters. He meets Derek, who reminds him of Rashad, and immediately he knows he has to do what he can to save him. Hope doesn’t want him to get involved, but he refuses to allow another young man to succumb to death or jail. Will Misfit’s involvement help or destroy peace for the holidays?


Derek Chapman gets caught up in the street life with hopes of providing for his family. The oldest of six siblings, Derek feels it’s his role to help his single mother raise them. She encourages him time and time again to focus on getting back in school and doing something with his life while she worries about the household. However, Derek is tired of watching his mother struggle and in an effort to make sure his family has the best holidays, he gets caught up with the wrong person.


Will Misfit be able to save him and give him hope for the holidays, or will Derek be another lost cause?

Chapter 1 Hope

            I felt exhausted as I laid Chandler Jr. down in his crib. He finally fell asleep after almost a complete thirty minutes of non-stop crying. He was nine months, so we were past the colic stage, but something had him extra fussy at night these past few days. The only other thing I could think of is that he must be teething. Thankfully, he hadn’t had any fever or loose stool that I knew was common with it. I stood there, continuing to watch him for a minute and breathed a sigh of relief when he stayed sleep after a few minutes. I jumped when I felt Misfit’s arms wrap around me and his lips touch my neck.

            “Shit bae, you scared me,” I said, placing my hand on my chest.

            “Shhh...don’t wake him up,” Misfit replied.

            He took my hand and pulled me out of Chandler Jr.’s room, gently closing the door. He knew I liked to leave it open so I could hear him from down the hall, but he said that’s what the baby monitors were for. We were both new to parenting, and day-by-day I was learning more about our different styles for raising our child. I don’t think that Misfit was wrong in what he chose to do for our son, but sometimes I figured a mother knew best.

            “How was your day?” I asked, as I let out a yawn and plopped down on the bed.

            “Long,” he replied, sitting on his side of the bed to remove his shoes.

            “I’ll be glad to return to work so I can have some long days. Don’t get me wrong, I love being here with Chandler Jr. and I’m nervous about hiring a nanny, but I also miss my career.”

            “I’ve told you several times before to take the entire year off. We’re doing well financially.”

            “Yeah, that’s not gonna happen,” I chuckled. “I know there’s plenty of money, but I’ve been going insane doing nothing for almost an entire year now.”

            “You wouldn’t be doing nothing. You’d be taking care of our son.”

            “You know what I meant,” I rolled my eyes.

            He smiled and pulled me close to him, planting a wet kiss right on my lips.

            “Ew, bae. You know I hate those wet kisses,” I told him, scrunching up my face.

            He gave me more wet kisses all over my cheeks and forehead. I giggled because I loved this man so much. I loved him beyond his wet kisses, especially since they weren’t very often. We endured so much to be together and our marriage was growing stronger as time passed. I watched him with admiration as he stepped out of his clothes to head to the shower. I pulled myself off the bed to pick his pile of clothes up and put them in the dirty clothes hamper. I already knew he wouldn’t make any attempt at picking them up later and it would get under my skin the longer they sat there.

            As I picked up his jeans, a folded up piece of paper fell from them. I opened it up and smiled, noticing it was the flier advertising the start of summer camp at the community center in a few weeks. The community center center, which used to be a youth center, is where I met Misfit a little over three years ago. He hired me as a human resources manager and we had this whirlwind romance, but it all worked out for us in the end. I eventually left the youth center after one of our many break ups to work as a human resources manager for an organization called Inner Circle. Sometimes I missed working with him, but we needed to separate business and pleasure anyway.

            I placed the paper on the dresser as I put his clothes away. I heard his phone ring from somewhere down the hall, likely the kitchen where he set it down and left it. I blew out a breath and went to retrieve it for him because I knew he’d be looking for it in the morning. When I found it on the counter next to the mail, I saw he had a missed call from Bones. It was late, so he would have to wait until tomorrow to talk to Misfit about whatever he needed to discuss.

            Bones was one of the young men Misfit helped at the youth center a while back. He made a great turnaround in his life, becoming one of the many success stories of that place. Thinking about Bones made me think about Rashad. Misfit did everything he could to save Rashad and he thought he did. Unfortunately, Rashad tragically lost his life when someone he thought was his home boy shot and killed him. His death took a serious toll on Misfit and he needed counseling to help him process everything so he could stop blaming himself. I was grateful that my husband was a good man and loved his community, especially the youth, but sometimes I wished he would remember to separate work life from home life.

            Misfit had been doing very well with maintaining the community center. He almost lost it after a scandal with a woman Angelica he dated during one of our break-ups. She had Misfit investing the youth center’s money into a ponzi scheme she was running, but thankfully he got back what he lost ten-fold. The entire situation was a mess, considering Angelica was married to my friend Shara’s boyfriend Doug. Shara had no idea Doug was married, but she was into some corrupt mess with him as well. She was the lead detective for her district and Doug was a prosecutor. Both of them were stealing money in addition to filing bogus criminal charges against people. In the end, all three of them were arrested.

            Misfit came back into our bedroom from the shower dripping wet. He flexed his muscles as he bit his bottom lip, and that turned me on. He sat next to me on the bed as he finished drying himself off. He started talking about something, but my thoughts were in the gutter, so I basically tuned out what he said. All I could think about was him going deep while I arched my back. Everything about Misfit was amazing from not only the way he treated me like a queen, but the sex was mind-blowing.

            “Bae, did you hear me?” he asked, pulling me from my thoughts.

            “No baby, I didn’t. What did you say?”

            “I said that orientation starts next week for the employees working the summer camp. I’m excited because this year funds permitted me to pay them one dollar an hour more than last summer and give them two passes to Six Flags as a perk for joining the team.”

            “I’m pretty sure they’ll like that. For many of them, this is their first job and any teenager between sixteen and eighteen would appreciate that added bonus.”

            “I hope so. I thought it was a little cheesy at first, but I’m trying to remain positive. When I was younger, I would have loved for someone to give me free passes.”

            “Times have changed bae,” I laughed, “But stop sweating it. They’ll be happy about it.”

            “I believe we have another great summer ahead of us.”

            “I’m sure you do,” I yawned again.

            “Don’t fall asleep yet. You know I’ve been waiting to slide in you all day.”

            “See, that’s how we ended up with Chandler Jr. and the one I’m carrying in my belly now.”

            “That’s even better. You’re already knocked up so I can nut all up in you without you fussing about it,” he said, pressing his dick against my leg.

            “Misfit, you irk,” I smiled.

            He was right though. We found out last week I was pregnant again and although I wasn’t ready for another baby just yet, we agreed it was best to get our two kids out the way. I was going on birth control after this because I’d be damned if I had another one. It sucked I would be going back to work and then right back out in a few months, but that was the way life worked. Meanwhile, I was hoping for a smooth summer like Misfit said, hell, a smooth rest of the year. We were stable and things were going too good for us to be thrown off balance.

            “If you don’t get your mind off whatever you’re thinking about and over here on this dick, we’re going to have some problems,” Misfit said.

            I gave him a kinky smile as I climbed on top of him. I was already wet so I slid right down on his rock hard dick, letting out a moan as he filled me up. My mind was no longer on other things but on how I needed him to fuck me twenty different ways from Sunday. When he pulled my nipple into his mouth, I sighed and braced myself to enjoy one hell of a ride.



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