If His Status Aint Hood.jpg

Londyn St. Claire is foolishly in love with Choppa and has been since high school. Loving him through thick and thin, she puts up with the physical altercations, pregnancy scares and all of the other unnecessary drama from all of the many other women he messed with on the side - all for the sake of being in love with a ruffneck. Meanwhile, Jay, who is the complete opposite of Choppa, is the person that Londyn least suspects to declare his love for her and vows to love her the way she deserves.

Bed hopping from one to the next, Jabari Carter AKA Choppa, thinks he’s God’s gift to women. Getting in the panties is never the problem, that’s the easy part. But what he never seems to learn is anything that’s easily given to you comes with a price and may not be worth keeping. His “new booty, no strings attached” philosophy blows up in his face when he hits rock bottom. Once he finds out he might be looking at doing hard time, he soon realizes that he can’t depend on any of them. Locked up, broke and stuck - all of his females disappear when shit gets real. The only one left by his side is the one that he disrespected, cheated on and didn’t fully appreciate, Londyn.

Kennedy Jones is on a mission, and that’s to be more than Choppa’s sidepiece. While focusing on being his main, she lusts after him with no shame or regard for Londyn or her position in Choppa’s life. Determined, nothing stands in her way not even her very own relationship with Raymond, which she carelessly tosses to the side like trash.

Will Kennedy measure up to be the woman Choppa needs in his life when the chips fall?

While Londyn and Kennedy chase after their ideal hood love, will they pass up real love from someone worthy just because they’re not from the streets?

If their status ain’t hood, they’re not feelin’ em.


I sat in the same spot for almost an hour, waiting for Choppa. I swear this shit was getting old. He would have me cancel my plans, get me excited and ready to go out somewhere, then stand me up.

I knew as soon as I got up from the couch, changed my clothes, and got in the bed that he would call with some sorry ass excuse. I looked at my phone for the hundredth time, searching for a missed call or text that I swore I didn’t hear. My phone was dry as hell, and as much as I kept telling myself that I wasn’t going to keep blowing up his phone, my fingers were busy typing at rapid speed.

Don’t even bother bringing yo’ ass over here. I’m done!!

There was so much more I wanted to say, but it was pointless. I paid too much for my dress, and I wasn’t about to let it go to waste. I knew my girl Mesha was probably out at a club somewhere, so I knew what my next plan would be. I was tired of sitting up in the house waiting on him.

Scrolling through my phone, I found her contact picture and slid my finger across the screen. As soon as she answered, I could hear the music bumping in the background. It didn’t matter where she was, I knew she was turnt up, and I was jealous I was homebound looking at these walls.

“Aye, what’s up chick!” she hollered through the phone.

“Ain’t nothin’ where you at?”

“Roxy’s, it’s live up here tonight bitch! You coming through or you up under that nigga Choppa?” I could literally see her rolling her eyes through the phone. She couldn’t stand him, and she never missed an opportunity to let it be known.

“Fuck him, I’ll be up there in a minute.”

“Aawwww shit, look who coming out to play. Jay at the door tonight too, so hurry up!”

Jay was her brother, and one of the bouncers at the club. We always got in free when he worked the door. I always walked up to the ropes like I had it like that, and that shit made me feel like I was a VIP up in that piece.

“Aight, I’m on my way.” I rushed off the phone and quickly looked over my Halle Berry cut that I had touched up this morning, and my makeup in the mirror before I headed out the door. Since the club was downtown, it wouldn’t take me that long to get there.

I wasn’t sure how many traffic laws I violated as I sped through the city streets of Oakland, but I managed to get to the club in less than fifteen minutes. Parking was a nightmare, and I didn’t feel like walking far in these stilettos.

Damn it!

I circled the block a few times before I gave up looking for street parking. As soon as I finally made up my mind to park in the garage, I saw a spot right across the street from the club. I busted an illegal U-turn in the middle of the street and aggressively took the spot I deemed mine. After I reapplied my pink lipstick, I fixed my pink dangle earrings and stepped out the car.

I strutted down the street towards the club with a sense of freedom and for the first time in weeks, I was about to enjoy myself. This would be the third time Choppa flaked on me in three weeks, and each and every time, I would just keep my ass at home.

Roxy’s was the place to be if you wanted to be seen; everyone came through here. Of course the tight ass, yellow strappy bondage dress with the cutouts on the sides I chose to wear had all eyes on me. I loved to show off and show out, and initially I picked this dress for my date with Choppa tonight. Every now and then when we went out, I would find the most revealing outfit I could find to make sure these bitches saw me on his arm. It worked both ways too; he saw how these niggas looked at me and it drove him crazy.

I switched my ass with an extra sway in my hips as I clacked my hot pink heels against the pavement with major attitude as I tried to rush inside. These niggas that sat outside the club killed me with their whack ass pickup attempts. They couldn’t even get in the club, yet somehow they thought it was impressive to sit on their cars with the music blaring through their speakers, hollering and whistling at a woman like me. TUH!

Once I spotted Jay, I smiled. He always hooked us up and showed us love when we came here. Although he kept a stoic expression on his face at the door, he really was a huge teddy bear. Since he played football throughout high school and college, his body was ripped. He reminded me of Terry Crews’ goofy ass; his size was intimidating, but he was truly a gentle giant. He noticed me immediately and held his hand up as a signal for me to walk up to the front.

“Aye, surprised to see you out, come on through,” he laughed as he unlatched the ropes to let me through.

“You’re not even funny,” I playfully pinched his arm as I strolled past him and walked in the direction towards the bar. I knew Mesha already had a few drinks by time I called her, so I needed to catch up.





Rolling through Roxy’s with the baddest nigga to ever grace the streets of Oakland, had me on cloud nine. Choppa was the highest paid, sexiest man a girl could ever have. Since I was on his arm tonight, that automatically meant that I was the girl that every other girl wanted to be. Truffle Butter was blasting through the club as me, Choppa, and the rest of his entourage bypassed the line and made our way upstairs straight through VIP. I had spent my last hundred bucks on this all-black leather mini dress off the discount rack at Macy’s, and I was really feeling myself. I’d only been kicking it with Choppa for a few weeks, so I didn’t want to come off as needy. He was the kind of boss who needed a girl who could make her own, and though I was struggling, I wanted to make myself seem like I could be more than a jump-off. I wanted Choppa to think that I was on his level, so that one day I could hold the number one spot in his heart; even if it meant eating Ramen Noodles and Peanut Butter sandwiches until the check came through from one of my side pieces next week.

VIP was live, and the liquor was flowing as I grinded my apple ass in Choppa’s lap. I loved how all the women kept glancing my way, trying their best to stand out and get Choppa’s attention, but couldn’t none of them do it like me. We were drinking and partying our asses off until the bitch I never wanted to see walked through VIP with this girl Mesha that I’ve never liked.

“Yo Choppa’ ya baby mama just rolled through,” Tyga, Choppa’s right hand man, alerted him.

“Shit,” he muttered, tapping me on my ass to get me up. I rolled my eyes and stood up reluctantly as I watched Londyn stroll towards us with a look of straight irritation all over her face.

“Yo, what the fuck are you doing in here? You supposed to be at home with our son?!” Choppa told her, a little too loud.

“No Choppa, what the fuck are YOU doing here?!” she yelled back, stepping into his face. I could tell that she’d been drinking a little too much, because her words slurred, and she was rolling her neck and talking to Choppa like she didn’t give a damn who was watching. I stood to my feet, and had the thought to make my way over there, but I knew that I needed to calm my ass down. I didn’t want to mess things up between Choppa and I before it even got started. It was clear to me that Choppa was just like every other hustler; a cheater, and I was going to use that to my advantage. I took a seat and crossed my legs, waiting on Choppa to get rid of his baby mama so that we could continue our night. A mix of rage and embarrassment shot through my body as I watched Choppa motion towards Tyga and whisper something in his ear; then he grabbed Londyn by the arm and walked with her out of the club.

“Where that nigga going?” I asked Tyga. He looked at me and smirked.

“Home to his family,” was all he responded, then turned back to a big-breasted chick who’d been pushing up on him all night. To say that I was pissed was to say the least. I had put in time and money to try and make sure that I hooked Choppa tonight, and now it had all been ruined because of his on again, off again ex.

Everyone on the Southside of Oakland knew that Choppa and Londyn were together, but I figured that he was only devoted to her because they had a child together. You have to be a bad bitch to hook a man like Choppa, so when I found out through my girl Mia that he had asked about me, I was ecstatic. We rolled through a party his crew was hosting, and the night was history. I was a good girl that night, and I refused to let Choppa hit. I think that made me even more tempting, and I realized that the more I ran, the more Choppa chased. This shit would be easy, but with Londyn hanging on, it was certainly proving to be more challenging than I desired.

Leaving the club early, I caught a taxi and let it take me straight to my fiancé’s house. I really didn’t plan on marrying Raymond, but he was a lawyer and his money was incentive enough for me to keep leading him on.

“Hey baby. The girls ditched me tonight, and I left my cash at home. Can you take care of the cab driver?” I lied, stepping out of my heels as soon as I stepped foot into Raymond’s brand new penthouse. He was relaxing in his den with a glass of cognac and one of those boring periodical magazines that he liked the read.

“Of course, let me grab my wallet,” he told me, standing to his feet and kissing me briefly before disappearing to grab his wallet, and then heading outside to pay the driver. I finished his drink and then stripped completely out of my clothes. I had been planning all day to feel Choppa’s length inside of me, but since that plan was a bust, for now I was going to enjoy Raymond. He was pretty good in bed for a square ass lawyer, so I was going to enjoy him while I could.

“Damn,” was all he muttered as he stepped back into the room to witness me playing with myself drunkenly. I smiled at the imprint slowly growing in his pants.

“You like this?” I asked him, licking my fingers and then replacing them on my sweet spot. He nodded his head and before I knew it, his tongue was replacing my fingers and sending me right where I wanted to be. As Raymond enjoyed my taste, I imagined that it was Choppa’s lips feasting on me. I imagined that it was Choppa’s hands grabbing my thick behind, and I plotted in my head all the ways that I was going to get Choppa to myself.