If the love was meant for you to receive and keep, let it go, and if it comes back to you then embrace it like never before, and that’s exactly what Mason Ruthers did. He and his college sweetheart, Wynter Chaney, were in the prime of their college careers as well as their relationship, before things took a turn for the worse. The one thing that Wynter never wanted to happen to she and Mason came to pass, and she was left with picking up the pieces of her broken heart, and left with so many questions that only one person could answer.

Eight years later, on Valentines Day of all days, caused some unlikely events to happen that caused the two to be back in each others presence. While one person was prepared to do whatever it took to win the love of their life back, the other was still on the fence about their old flame new found presence. Eight years is a long time to be without someone, especially the love of your life, but the heart can never deny what it wants.

The heart and the mind are always in a constant battle, and ultimately it’s always left up to the person to decide on which one they will listen to. The heart can never deny its true soul mate, but the mind, the mind is something that has the potential to over think itself and keep true soul mates a part. What happens when one Valentines night changes the course of what happened between the couple eight years ago? It is true when they say, if it’s meant to be, let it be?

Chapter One.

“How the hell did this shit happen?” –Beyoncé


Wynter popped up from the comfortable bed that she knew for a fact wasn’t hers so that she could run to the bathroom and release all the contents of her stomach. Wynter run to the bathroom was delayed because she had no idea where the bathroom was. She looked around confused until she saw a door that was slightly open. Wynter ran towards the door and could have cried when she saw that it led to the bathroom. After she finished throwing up Wynter walked out of the bathroom slowly, realizing, that she was in a hotel room, and her clothes and someone else’s clothes were scattered all over the hotel room.

“Did I have sex with someone?” Wynter whispered to herself and it’s almost as if God was sending her a sign because her pussy was sore as hell. She was in such a rush to get to the bathroom that she overlooked the soreness in her legs and pussy. Matter of fact, if Wynter was being honest with herself, her whole body was sore. Instead of trying to recall the events from the night before, Wynter decided to get her clothes and throw them on so that she could be gone before whoever it was that she was here with woke up.

As Wynter moved throughout the hotel room, she accidentally stepped on her earring which caused her to yelp out in pain.

“What the fuck?” Wynter asked bending down to pick up both of her earrings. Now, Wynter was really questioning what took place in that hotel room the night before.

“I should have known yo ass was going to try to dip, before a nigga woke up.” The deep voice said causing Wynter to jump. Her eyes landed on the bed that she had just hopped out of not too long ago, and at first she thought she was still drunk because her eyes had to be playing tricks on her.

“Somebody got to be playing games with me.” Wynter said as her eyes lingered on the man in the bed for a few more seconds before she hurriedly tried to grab her clothes and put them on.

“Aye, Wynter-“

“No, you don’t get to say my name. How in the hell did I end up in a bed besides you out of all damn people in the world.” Wynter fussed.

“The fuck that’s supposed to mean?” The man asked as he sat up some more in the bed.

“Mason, you can’t be serious right now.” Wynter exclaimed. It had been eight long years, but she could still see that Mason was still the same asshole.

“I’m dead ass serious, baby girl. Who the fuck else would you prefer to be waking up next to?”

You, but I’ll be damned if I let him know that. “Anybody but yo ass. How the hell did this shit happen anyway?” Wynter asked as she struggled to put on her clothes. Truth was, all Wynter wanted to do was throw up a few more times and get back in the bed and sleep off the rest of her hangover.

“Well after I brought you a drink last-“

“Wait that was you?” I guess he does still do something to my body. Wynter mind went back to how her body felt once the bartender pointed out who it was that had brought her a drink. Wynter thought it was the shots that were making her tingle on the inside, but she then realized that the tingling came from Mason. Eight years later and he still had an effect on her body, whether he was touching her or not. That was the last thing of last night that Wynter remembered.

“Yeah, that was me. When I approached you, I thought shit was all good because you called out my name with a smile and gave me a hug. Hell, we sat at the bar and talked for hours just like old times. I saw how drunk you were so I offered to take you home, and I was surprised when you let me-“

“Ok, if you were taking me home how the hell did I end up here?” Wynter crossed her arms over her chest and looked at Mason with a pissed expression on her face. Mason knew that she was mad, but the look on her face was something that always got him. He loved Wynter’s pissed expression, because it made her look sexy as hell.

“You ended up here, because instead of you giving me your address so that I could take yo ass home, you unzipped my pants and whipped a nigga dick out talking all nasty and shit. I tried to fight yo little ass off, but I forgot how aggressive and strong you were when you got drunk. I asked if you wanted to come to my hotel, and you said yes and here we are.”

Wynter looked at Mason with a scold on her face, because his story was believable, but that didn’t excuse the fact that he had sex with her while she was drunk. To Wynter that was a problem for her, on both her end and his as well.

“Why didn’t you just bring me back here and let me sleep the alcohol off. You knew I was drunk, Mason, so why would you even want to have sex with me? You know how I feel about shit like that.”

Mason looked at Wynter and was distracted by her body. Wynter still looked like the same Wynter from eight years ago, the only difference was that she had gotten thicker in all the places that she allowed him to kiss and lick on last night. Her breasts were a lot fuller than he remembered, and he knew for a fact that her thighs were thicker than before because of how she had him locked in between them last night. As thoughts of last night flooded Mason’s mind his dick came to attention, which caused Wynter to stop talking and look down at the bed.

“Really, Mason? I’m here talking to you and your dick is getting hard? Where are the rest of my clothes so I can go?” Wynter started moving around the hotel room swiftly picking up all her article of clothing.

“Aye, calm all that shit down, Wynter. Dramatic ass.” Mason got out of the bed and stretched before he grabbed his briefs that were on the floor beside the bed. Wynter tried her best to keep her eyes off Mason and instead tried to focus on getting dressed.

“Have lunch with me, today.” Mason sat on the end of the bed as he eyed Wynter.

“Boy, are you still drunk? It’ll be a cold day in hell before I do anything with you. This,” Wynter motioned between the two of them, “Was a mistake, and it will never happen again.” Wynter finished getting dressed and started looking around the room for her shoes.

“Have lunch with me, so that we can talk and so I can explain everything from that day to you.” Mason walked up behind Wynter with her shoes in his hand.

“We can do all of that right here, right now.” Wynter turned around and said. Once she realized that he had her shoes she snatched them from him and slid them on to her feet.

“I know, but I prefer for us to be in a different setting, one preferably where I’m not tempted to throw you in the bed and fuck the shit out of you, again. And plus, I know yo ass still like to eat, so I figured why not do lunch.” Mason shrugged.

“You’ll never fuck me again, so I hope you savored every lick, touch, and kiss from last night.” Wynter grabbed her phone and ordered her and Uber before she realized she didn’t know where she was at. She looked around the room and saw a notepad on the nightstand that had the hotel’s name on it. She finished ordering her Uber before she went to pick up her purse so that she could leave.

“Mrs. Kisses.” Mason called out to Wynter. Hearing that name made her legs go weak, but she was able to catch herself.

“Don’t call me that.” Wynter said not turning around.

“You know that you’ll forever be the kisses to my heresy, Wynter. You have a name so cold, but an appearance that doesn’t reflect that at all. You know how weak I am for you, Wynter. Please, come to lunch with me.” Mason begged something that he never did, but leave it up to Wynter to pull that side out of him.

You couldn’t be too weak about me, because if you were we wouldn’t even be here right now! Wynter wanted to turn around and yell and cuss him out, but instead she turned around and gave him a head nod indicating that she would meet with him. “One hour, and I get to pick the place.” Wynter negotiated.

“You’re the boss, baby girl. Wherever place you choose, and I’ll be there.”

“Atlanta Breakfast Club, two o’clock. Show up late and I leave.”

“Ok, I gotcha.” Mason agreed. Wynter eyes lingered on him a little longer that he should have before she turned to leave.

“Aye, how you getting home?” Mason asked as Wynter’s hand touched the knob of the door.

“Uber.” Wynter answered as she left out of the room. She didn’t want or need Mason to know where she stayed, so she left before he could offer to take her home. She couldn’t believe that after eight years and out of all the places in the world she ran into her ex-boyfriend. The love of her life. The only man that could ever say that he knew what her mind, body, and soul were like. The only man that she had ever loved, and even to this day, as much as she didn’t want to admit it, still loved. How the hell did that shit happen?

Fifteen minutes later Wynter’s Uber pulled up, and the trip home took another fifteen minutes. Once the Uber dropped her off, Wynter kicked her shoes off as soon as she entered into her home. Her feet were sore along with every other body part, so she knew that she needed to soak, but first she needed to call her sister and cuss her out. Wynter pulled out her phone and found her sister’s name in her phone and clicked on it.

“So, how was the date?” Summer answered the phone all jolly making Wynter roll her eyes.

“Bitch, calm yo ass down. That raggedy ass nigga didn’t even show up, and I got half the mind to cuss yo ass out for setting me up on a damn blind date in the first place. I told you that I didn’t want to go on that date in the first place, hell. I wasted a good outfit, because a bitch was bad. I wasted a beat face, because you do know my face was beat to the muthafucking Gods honey, and I also wasted some of my life minutes waiting on his fuck boy ass.” Wynter expressed.

“Wait, his ass didn’t show up? Wait til I see his ass at work.” Summer exclaimed.

“Summer, I don’t know how many times I have to keep telling you to stay out of my personal life. When I’m ready to date for real then I know how to catch a date.”

Wynter was the youngest out of the two, and on most days it showed, because Summer was that older sister that didn’t know how to mind her business sometimes. The sisters were close, because they were five years a part and because they were raised that the only friends they needed in life were each other. Summer was more social than her baby sister, but Wynter was the friendlier one. Which, was why Summer couldn’t understand why it had been eight years since her sister dated anyone. It wasn’t like Wynter wasn’t beautiful, because she was breathtakingly beautiful and was smart as hell. Wynter could sometimes be a tough cookie to crack, but once a person got to know her they immediately feel in love with her, because her personality was bomb as hell.

“Well, when are you going to be ready, because it’s been-“

“Summer, you’re more worried about me getting a man than I am. Please, calm yo ass down.” Wynter said to her sister annoyed. Wynter decided to start the water to her bath, because she didn’t see herself being on the phone too much longer with her sister.

“All I’m saying is that after you and Mason broke up, it’s like you basically gave up on love. I know what y’all had was good, but I just think that it’s better out there.” Summer tried to reason with her sister.

Summer knew how hard break ups could be on a person, but the way Wynter took things when she and Mason split was something that she never wanted her sister to experience again.

“Thank you for trying to look out for me, but your baby sister is going to be ok. And, speaking of Mason, guess who I ran into last night?” Wynter said, prepared to give her sister half the story.

“Who? I know not, Mason punk ass.” Summer said defensively. That was the exact reason why Wynter knew that she couldn’t tell Summer about them sleeping together. She didn’t feel like Summer and all her extraness. 

“Yes, Mason ass. He asked me out to lunch and I told him to meet me at the Breakfast Club today at two.” Wynter smirked.

“But the Breakfast Club isn’t open until Saturday.” Summer said confused.

“Exactly, I’m not having no damn lunch with him, especially not after he was the one that broke up with me.” Wynter pointed to herself as if her sister could see her.

Wynter’s pride wouldn’t let her go on the lunch date with, Mason, and if she hadn’t been drunk last night, she know for a fact that they would have never had sex. If anything that drink the he ordered for her would have been all over him. Every time she thought about their breakup it pissed her off every time.

Eight years ago.

“Babe, I just passed my last final. Now, I’m ready to walk across that stage and get the fuck.” Wynter exclaimed as she walked into Mason’s apartment.

“I told you that you were going to pass, I don’t know why you were worried about that final.” Mason said to Wynter before he gave her a kiss on the forehead.

“Yeah, I know, but you know the hell that professor had been putting me through this semester.” Wynter said looking at her boyfriend.

“You’re smart, you’re beautiful, and you’re amazing as fuck.” Mason repeated the same three things that he always did to Wynter every day before she got her day started. Mason, believed in speaking life and successfulness into his women. “So, I want you to stop doubting yourself.”

Wynter looked up at her boyfriend and silently asked herself what she did to get so lucky to have Mason as her boyfriend.

“Thank you, baby. What did you cook for us?” Wynter walked over to the kitchen so that she could peak inside of the pots on the stove. Before she could lift one of the tops Mason walked over and popped her hand.

“Getcho ass on, man. I told you I was cooking for you tonight. Go wash up and then go sit at the table so I can serve you.” Mason directed. Wynter rolled her eyes, but walked off so that she could change into some comfortable clothes and wash her hands. Ten minutes later, Wynter was sitting at the table that Mason deemed the dinner table, and waited for dinner to be served.

A few minutes later, Mason walked in with two plates. He sat one down in front of Wynter and the other in front of the seat he would be occupying soon. He left out and grabbed a bottle of, Wynter’s favorite wine and two wine glasses before returning. He placed a glass in front of Wynter and poured her some wine before doing the same for himself. Mason finally sat down and the couple joined hands in prayer. After they were done, Wynter looked at Mason and smiled.

“What you smiling at?” He asked clueless.


“What about me?”

“I just love you so much. I don’t know why you fixed my favorite food, with my favorite wine, but thank you for all of it.” Wynter said genuine before she started eating. Guilt hadn’t crept in on Mason, until Wynter expressed her gratitude for the evening, Mason had planned for them both. He felt that what he was about to do was going to be the best for Wynter and her career.

“I need to talk to you about something.” Mason said after the couple had been eating for a while.

“What’s up baby?” Wynter smiled. That smile, Mason thought. That smile was making it very hard for him to find the words to say to Wynter. When Wynter saw that Mason wasn’t smiling, hers dropped.

“What’s wrong, Mason?” Wynter asked now concerned.

“I love you so much…” Mason trailed off. Wynter head cocked to the side as she looked at him, because she needed him to finish whatever it was he about to say.

“Ok, go on.”

“I think that we need to slow things down a bit.” Mason said lowly.

“Excuse me, say what?” Wynter asked again for clarification, because she knew that she hadn’t heard him right.

“I think that we need to take a break-“

“Ok, so I did hear you correctly. What is this all about, Mason?” Wynter face was balled up as she shook her leg repeatedly, because she was trying to be patient and hear his reasoning, but Wynter’s patience was running thin quickly.

“We’re just both heading down different paths in our lives right now, and I think-“

Wynter raised up her hand, signally for Mason to stop talking. She was so pissed that she couldn’t even form words. Wynter quietly got up from the table and exited the room. She had no words for Mason at the moment.

Eight years later, and Wynter still didn’t have any words for Mason. He could kiss her ass and go choke on a big fat ass dick for all she cared.

“Yeah, I don’t blame you. Fuck him. Tell him, Summer said fuck him.” Summer yelled into the phone, bringing Wynter back to the present. Wynter shook her head as she put the phone on speaker so that she could start the process of cleaning off what little make up was left on her face.

“Well, I can’t tell him that, but if I do so happen to run across him anytime soon, I’ll be sure to pass the message along.” Wynter joked.

“You have to work today?”

“Nope. I don’t have another client until Monday morning, thank you, Lord. I plan to relax all weekend long.”

Wynter loved her job as a physical therapist and athletic trainer, but sis, was tired, and needed the rest. During a typical week in Wynter’s life she was always on the go, because she was either working with the professional football team that she was the athletic trainer for or she was working with her own personal clients trying to get them back to a hundred percent. Wynter didn’t mind working as much as she did, because she didn’t have any kids or a man that she had to tend to, so it made moving around for her a lot easier. Some days, she did wish that she did have a family waiting on her after a long day of work, but she knew that would come when the time was right. Until then, Wynter was working her ass off.

“Good, because you work entirely too much. Me and mommy was surprised that you actually took the day off yesterday to get ready for that date. Speaking of mommy, have you talked to her today?” Summer asked. It wasn’t unlikely for either of the sisters to be caught on the phone with their mother. The trio was close as hell, even with the sisters being in Atlanta and their mother being in New York.

“Nah, I plan to call her once I get out the tub. Matter of fact, I’m about to get off the phone with you so that I can soak. I’ll talk to you later.” Wynter informed her sister.

“Well, damn. I know how to take a hint.” Summer said playing hurt.

“Girl, that wasn’t a hint, that was a very direct, I’ll talk to you later. Love you and goodbye, Summer Reign.” Wynter said as her finger hovered over the end button.

“Love you too, Wynter Grace.” Summer said before they both hung up.

Wynter continued with taking off her makeup and once she was done she turned around and turned the water off. The water was so hot that Wynter could see the steam rising from the tub. She couldn’t wait to slide her body deep into the tub and just relax. Wynter stripped out of her clothes and got into the tub. Initially the water was hot as hell to her, but her body quickly got adjusted. Wynter eased further into the tub and before long the water was to her neck, and her head was resting against the back of the tub.

Wynter closed her eyes and let the stillness and quietness of the bathroom consume her. Wynter loved her peace and tranquility so this moment was bliss for her. Slowly, her mind was invaded with thoughts of Mason, that she tried to fight off, but failed miserably. Wynter couldn’t deny that she still had feelings for Mason, but she couldn’t be dumped again. That was just something Wynter couldn’t let happen again, so as much as he was on her mind, she had to keep telling herself that not meeting up with him for lunch was for the best.


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