Rebecca Marie Johnson and Temple (Harris) Evans have been best friends for a while. Before Temple gets swept off her feet by Multi-Million Dollar Brick and Mortar Mogul- Cairo Evans she and Temple spent most of their free time together.


Now that her friend has hardly any time for their friendship beyond quick conversations on the phone. She doesn’t have much to do to keep her mind off of the tragic loss of her mother.  But here comes her best friends brother, Trey. He had noticed her before but out of respect for her. Even though he and his wife just signed papers to end their marriage. His soon to be ex-wife, Asia shows up on his arm at Temples wedding, just to keep up the façade that they are still together.


Asia still isn’t quite sure she has made the right decision. However, she knows the lies she told and the secrets she has kept so that Trey will remain by her side. Everything could very well blow up in her face.  How much can she do to keep those secrets secret? And can she keep this new female out of his face long enough to get him back?


If They Only Knew about Us is a twisted love story that will make you wonder what the rumors would be if people think they know about you.

"Listen to your mother Rebecca." He says as he turns his back to me to walk out the door. Turning back to my mother she has her cell phone in her hands and I can see that her hands are trembling. She has made the call.

It seems to take law enforcement forever to come to our house. By the time they arrive, my mom is a mess, she is trying to hold herself together in front of me, while pacing back and forth across the bedroom. When I begin to turn the chair at her computer desk upright, she tells me in a very controlled voice to leave everything just like it is. Somethings are overturned, somethings are broken and almost everything destroyed. The number one thing being trust.

I listen to my mother tell the officer through tears, "Things have gotten bad between us, but I never expected him to put his hands on me." My heart begins to hurt for my mother because I can see the pain in her eyes. Suddenly, I realize I've seen that look in her eyes before except this time it is more pronounced. You know, she almost looks like a kid who doesn't quite know what to do every day, yet she gets up and goes through her day with a smile. Although she isn’t wearing a smile today, I admire her for her strength.

My older sister, Stephanie, walks in just as the officers get back in their cruisers with a statement from both me and my mother. She looks around in bewilderment before throwing her arms up. "What happened? Why are all momma's clothes out there like this?" She has picked up some of our mother’s clothes in her hands, her intimates- panties, bras and even her socks.

Instead of answering the question, our mother smooths invisible wrinkles from her clothes, just before asking,

"Would you two pick my things up for me?"

It isn't until this very moment, that I notice the bruises around her slender brown neck. At the sight of what he had done to her, tears well up in my eyes again. My sister looks at me expecting my reply, but I can’t verbalize what I feel just yet. My feelings are stuck, where my loyalty should never be.

 "What happened? Will someone tell me what in the world is going on?" My sister is two seconds from throwing a tantrum. Something that neither my mother or I has the patience for.

Our mother turns to us in the hall way with tears that she had been holding back for so long running down her face, causing a black trail of mascara from her eyes to beneath her chin. "What happened is, I have been trying to force love into a space where it wasn't meant to fit. It just wasn’t meant to fit. But, girls,” She clapped her hands together to get attention from us that she already has. Stephanie and I are both looking at her visible scars while her heart lays exposed. “I want you both to know I tried so hard, I tried hard to make him happy so that we all could be happy. But, I'm sorry- I couldn't pretend that this is what really makes me happy anymore. I am so sorry, please forgive me." She looks at us with wide eyes, expecting a response, when we are too young to know the right thing to say. She leaves us alone when the silence between us no longer makes sense.

Our mother disappears into her bedroom, leaving us to pick up all of her clothes strewn across the yard. "I don't ever want to fall in love like that." Stephanie rolls her eyes as she stomps back out of the house toward the front yard. Her words echoed throughout my head, trying to force a love into a space that was never meant to fit....



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