Growing up Aaliyah was the girl that every boy wanted but Rashad was able to snatch her up and make her his. She was smart, beautiful and made her own money. After being in a relationship for a couple of years things started to change. After standing her up she knew that he was hiding something from her. Her friends Nykee, Elena, and Shaunie always told her that he was no good and that he would break her heart but she did not listen. After an unexpected phone call and text message, she found out something about her man that would devastate her. Will she forgive Rashad and try to repair their relationship? When she is dealing with a broken heart Amir appeared and made her realize how a woman should be treated. Will she give him a chance? Or run back to the man that created this mess?  


Rashad is an up and coming rapper that has all the females going crazy for him. He’s been in a relationship with Aaliyah and still sleeping around on her. He made a mistake by messing with Breisha. Breisha was everything Aaliyah wasn’t her bright wigs, nice body and skin full of tattoos attracted Rashad. He was working on his album when she came strutting into the studio and they have been messing around ever since. When he realized he was into deep with her it was too late. The damage to Aaliyah had already been done. 

                            “My friends tell me to slow down but every time that he's around 

                            my heart's on lockdown”-Rihanna 


            “Where the fuck is this nigga at?” Aaliyah said to herself. After calling her man Rashad, she’s been calling his phone since she got home from work at 4 PM. It’s going on 12 in the morning and he has not picked up not once or responded to her text. Aaliyah was mad as hell she rushed through her work, skipped a meeting with the head boss and made it home in record time, she took a shower lotioned her body, sprayed herself with Rashad’s favorite perfume got all dolled up just for him to stand her up. Not one to let her friends in on her business, but she just had to let them know. She dialed Nykee and Elena and both of those bitches didn’t pick up the phone. Nykee was probably getting her back blown with her freaky ass and Elena ass never picks up anyways so I don’t know why she was even thought of. After waiting for a response from her so-called man she sat on the couch and jumped up and ran to the window every time a car passed by to see if it was him pulling up. This no-good ass nigga she thought to herself while dozing off.  


Aaliyah jumped out of her sleep and ran to see what set the alarm off. Soon as she got to the door, she saw Rashad stumbling trying to put the code to the alarm in.  

     “Are you fucking serious?” Aaliyah asked with a look of disdain. Here she was waiting for him to come home and he was out drinking with lord knows who.  

     “Wassup baby, come help me with this shit.” She walked to go turn the alarm off and caught a whiff of him, it was a mixture of Hennessy, weed, and some cheap-ass perfume. Now she wasn't with him all day and he damn sure wasn’t at his mother's house because she works all day at the nursing home. This nigga was tripping or maybe it was her fault because she was allowing it. He never acted like this before, but lately, something has been up with him and she did not like it one bit.  

     “What happened to you taking me out tonight?” Aaliyah asked him. 

    “My bad babe,” he said slurring his words. He walked over to the couch and passed out. Aaliyah went upstairs, laid in her bed and scrolled through Instagram and she spotted a video of Rashad in the strip club throwing a stack of 100’s with a bottle of Henny in his hand. “This nigga got me fucked up,” she said throwing her phone onto the bed and laying down.  


The smell of bacon and eggs lingered in the air and caused Aaliyah to wake up her stomach growled soon as the scent entered her nose since she didn’t eat anything last night since she waited for her man who never showed up to take her out. The door opened and it was Rashad with breakfast in bed.  

   “Good morning Babe.” He said sitting the tray over her.  

  “Good morning my fucking ass. What happened to you last night? I got dressed and waited for you all fucking night.” 

     “I’m sorry I got caught up with Pete and them last night.” 

   “So, your phone wasn’t working? Cause I blew that mafucka up, and I didn’t get an answer. I saw your dumb ass was in the strip club though.” she said throwing the tray of food on to the floor. 

     “I got up early to cook this shit for you and you’re throwing shit like you ain’t got no fucking manners.” He said picking up the contents from the tray. 

     “Me, No manners? You’re the one with no decency to pick up the phone and let me know that you weren’t going to take me out. Had me get dressed to sit in the living room like an idiot.” she said getting up to go into the shower. Aaliyah locked the door behind her so he didn’t try to bring his simple behind in there with her. After a quick 30-minute shower she brushed her teeth and headed to the walk-in closet to pick something out. Rashad wasn’t in the room so he probably went to clean up the kitchen. Looking through her closet she picked out a white t-shirt dress that draped in the front, black sequin heels, a classic black Louis Vuitton bag. She rocked a bun until she was able to get to Nykee’s shop to get her hair done, and she went for a natural face only applying eyeliner, mascara, and a nude lip gloss. Grabbing her Dita shades and purse she headed downstairs to grab an apple until she was able to grab something to eat. Rashad was in the kitchen washing dishes and stopped once he noticed she was finally out of the shower.  

     “Where are you going dressed like that?” he asked.  

    “Not with you and that’s all you need to know.” 

    “I don’t know who you think you’re talking to. Don’t make me slap the shit out of you.” He said turning to face her. Not one to back down she got in his face ready to go off.  

     “Nigga I don’t what’s been up with you lately, but you got a bitch fucked up if you think you’re going to be in here threatening me like I’m scared of you,” she said putting down her bag ready to beat his ass. “You know what I’m leaving before one of us ends up in the emergency room and it damn sure won’t be me.” Grabbing an apple and a Fiji water she headed to her Matte Black Jeep Wrangler and chirped the alarm. Soon as she pulled off Rashad kept calling her and she sent him to voicemail each time. He thought she would just stand by and be disrespected; well he had another thing coming. Out of the 10-years, they’ve known each other and the 2 they’ve been dating, he never did anything like that to her. They had known each other since they were children and finally started dating when she was in her Junior year of college, he helped her out with the things she needed so she didn’t have to work. Everything was going great and he was the perfect gentlemen until his little rap career started taking off. Rashad recently got signed to an up and coming record label and since then he’s been feeling himself a little too much. From going out and not answering his phone Aaliyah didn’t know how much more she could take, who knows if he was cheating on her. He was getting a lot of money now and it didn’t help that he was fine as hell either, standing at 5’9, light skin, brown eyes, long hair that he kept braided, and a 6-pack. He kind of resembled the rapper Dave East, all the females went crazy over him and she hated that, but she kept her cool and never said anything to him. 


               It was nice as hell in Bridgeport. It was June 1st and you could tell that summer was finally here and the city was about to get crazy. Riding down park ave she saw a few people she knew but kept it going and being a snob, she is she didn’t even wave. Pulling up to Nykee’s salon Styled by Nyk she got out and gave the valet the keys for them to park the car. Walking up to the entrance she admired her friend’s salon because she put a lot of time and money into it. Nykee came a long way from doing hair out of her father’s apartment. This was the hottest salon in the city. It was a full-service salon who catered to natural hair, but you could also get a bomb sew-in, or a custom wig made. The salon also offered makeup services, waxing and every new cosmetic procedure you could think of. It was beautiful as well when you walk in the main colors were purple, black and white. Crystal chandeliers hung from the ceiling and vintage furniture and pictures of old black stars made up the decorations. It was always complimentary wine, champagne, cheese, and fruit when you walked in and not the cheap stuff either. It was the hot spot to come get pampered even celebrities got their hair done here whenever they came to Connecticut. Stepping foot into the salon made you forget about your problems, that is, if you didn’t want to give everybody the tea on what was happening in your life. Women from all walks of life came into the salon and came together and talked about parenting, relationships, and job dilemmas. Being the boss that Nykee was she was also working on her hair care line for natural hair, as well as a product to keep your bundles nice and bouncy. She even had her own bedazzled hair tools, Nykee was doing it big. All of that did not go to her head. She was humbled and appreciated everything because it was a time, she cried herself to sleep because of the stress of everything. Standing at about 5’3, she had a nice shape to her. You know some people either had big boobs or a big butt, but she was blessed with both her brown skin was smooth with not a blemish in sight, she kept her hair short and changed the color whenever she felt the need for something new which was every month. Nykee was also very sweet and would give you the clothes off her back if you needed it. Aaliyah and Elena always told her it was nice how she was always so giving, but some people took that as a sign of weakness and then that’s when it was time to beat bitches ass for trying to play her, but that’s another story.  

     “Heeyyyyy bitch. Long-time no see, your man get a record deal and you leave us regular ol’ folk behind.” Shaunie said.  

     “Boy if you don’t shut your ass up, I have been working my ass off.” 

   “You always got something to say. Be quiet!” Elena said. Aaliyah went and sat in Nykee’s chair and waited for her to come in, she was always late but her clients waited no matter how long it took her to finally bring her ass through the shop doors. Looking through the magazine she thought of ways to get her hair done, maybe she should get a new color, try something different for once.  

    “Heeyyyyy best friend” Nykee screamed loud as hell.  

  “What am I chopped liver?” Elena asked, clutching her invisible pearls.  

  “You're my bitch too, but I see your bougie ass every day, and Little Miss Aaliyah has been missing in action for the past month,” Nykee said hugging Aaliyah’s neck from behind.  

     “Yall just ghetto and loud, for it to only be 11 AM,” Shaunie said rolling his eyes. 

     “Shut up!” Nykee and Elena both said to him.  

   “I’m going to be professional and not argue with y'all birds.” 

     “Yall are a mess, I missed being around all the time. I’m finally in good graces with my boss so I don’t have to work overtime anymore, we have to start going out again” Aaliyah said.  

     “Sounds like a plan I’m always ready to tear the city up,” Nykee said sticking out her tongue and twerking. “Count me in” Elena agreed. Aaliyah told them all about what happened with Rashad last night while she was getting her hair done.      

“He did what?” Elena said getting up from her chair.  

   “You know that’s my nigga but, you need to check his ass,” Nykee said spinning the chair to face her.  

     “I cursed his ass out and I haven’t said anything about his behavior yet, but it’s coming because I don’t know who he thinks he is.” 

     “Shit you better tell him something cause all these fine niggas out here, you ain’t about to get played like some damn fool, not my bitch. I’ll put you on with someone else.” Elena said strutting back to the front desk. Elena was a strutter, she was born to be a model her long smooth skinny, but toned cocoa-colored legs demanded everyone’s attention, standing at about 5’8 she had the perfect body to glide across that stage she wasn’t too skinny like the other models her booty had a little bounce to it and she had nice size breast, not too big. Her chinky light brown eyes were beautiful and she had high cheekbones, and the perfect cupid’s bow lips ever, no one ever saw her real hair because she kept a bone straight Peruvian lace-front wig on it.  

     “You really be out here dogging these niggas out huh?” Aaliyah asked her.  

     “Yea niggas come a dime-a-dozen, as long as a nigga hit me off with some bread he can come and go as he pleases. These niggas ain’t shit anyway.” 

     “Ever since that one Puerto Rican dude broke your heart, it’s been fuck niggas get money ever since,” Nykee said to her.  

     “Oh shit, I forgot all about that. Elena girl you need to let that go; it’s been almost 10-years.” Aaliyah said to her.  

     “Nahhh fuck that nigga.”  

     “Aaliyah now I know you may be upset at the moment, and you have a good reason to be, but remember y’all been friends forever try to remember that. When you get out your feeling talk to him and try to figure out what’s been up with him and after that if you feel the same way then leave his ass, you’re beautiful, smart, ambitious, and you make your own money.” Nykee said to her. Out of all of them, she was the voice of reason lately, and Aaliyah didn’t know when all of that changed because Nykee got locked up, expelled, and beat bitches up without warning, and now she was always the level-headed one. 

     “Let’s grab brunch after this, I’m starving,” Aaliyah said.  

     “I could go for some good food,” Shaunie said. They all agreed to go have brunch downtown since they could just walk there. Once everyone was all set, they left out the shop door and walked around the corner they decided to get a table on the patio since the weather was beautiful.  

     “When y’all want to go out?” Elena asked.  

     “I don’t know give me a date and I’m in,” Shaunie said.  

     “It’s a party at M. White next Saturday, you know we are going to fuck them Sour Amaretto’s up,” Nykee said.  

     “It’s a plan, I won’t be doing shit anyway,” Aaliyah said. “Damn look at them, niggas, on the bikes,” Shaunie said. The girls turned their heads to the sound of the motorcycles and noticed about 6 guys getting ready to park and come to the same restaurant. “It’s going to be a good day. They all look good.” Nykee said eyeing the dread head. The guys got closer and Aaliyah couldn’t help but stare through her Dita shades at the brown skin one, with his deep dimples, grey eyes, full lips. He was perfect, yes Rashad was handsome as well, but it was something about this guy that made her want to know more about him. “Damn bitch take a picture if you’re going to stare that hard, you might have those shades on but I can see you, you ain’t low,” Shaunie said.  

     “Bitch shut your mouth, ain’t nobody staring at him,” Aaliyah said.  

     “I’ll be back, I’m about to go grab a drink at the bar,” Nykee said standing up adjusting her dress. “You know damn well they can bring the drink to the table,” Elena said laughing. Nykee walked up to the bar, ordered her drink and while she was waiting, the dread headed walked up to her and they started talking and she pulled out her phone and took down his number. Nykee walked back to the table with a smirk on her face and sat down. “He’s taking me out tonight,” she said.  

     “You know you always find you a date whenever we go out,” Aaliyah said taking a sip of her mimosa. They ate and had a great conversation and once they were finished, they parted ways. Aaliyah got in the truck and decided that she wasn’t ready to go home and deal with the drama with Rashad. Pulling up at St. Mary’s by the Sea, she put the truck in park and walked until she found an empty bench. These last few years have been hard trying to finish school and dealing with the loss of her Grandfather. She never had a father figure once her mother got pregnant her father went missing and he popped up occasionally when she was a kid but he never put in the effort to build a relationship. Now here she was having relationship problems, this should have been the time in her life when she was getting ready to get engaged, but the way things were going with Rashad, who knew where their relationship would end up.  


              Opening the door Aaliyah stepped into an empty house and she was grateful for that. Walking into the kitchen Aaliyah admired her townhouse, it was located on Park Ave in a gated community her townhouse was 2289 SqFt it had 3 bedrooms and 3 bathrooms. It was decorated in neutral colors the living room had very light beige walls and grey wood floors with a cream sofa, light green, grey, and tan throw pillows lined the sofa with a faux fur throw blanket laid across the armrest. A 70-inch flat-screen TV hung above the fireplace. Silver accent pieces hung on the wall as well as the glass coffee table. Two chairs lined up with the plush area rug. Her kitchen was white, black, and grey that also had a fireplace. There was a bathroom and first guest bedroom downstairs. Upstairs was the extra bedroom with an attached bathroom. The master bedroom was big enough for a king-size bed, and a loveseat. There was a tall Grey upholstered bed, white walls with the same hardwood floors as the living room, the room was decorated with light pink, grey, and white decorations. Above the dresser was a 60-inch flat-screen, and in the stood a vanity filled with makeup. Thank god for her Grandpa, even in death he made sure she was financially set, he left her with a life insurance policy of $500,000. After buying and furnishing her house, jeep, going on a shopping spree and investing some of the money into Nykee’s shop she was left with about $200,000 in her savings. Going into the kitchen to make dinner she loved coming home to an empty house, at one point she used to come it to Rashad playing his game, now he came home whenever he wanted. It would be times when he would just be getting in and she would be passing him on her way to work. What type of relationship was that? When did everything change? Was she a fool to still stick around? Is he seeing someone else? All those questions lingered in her mind, but she didn’t have definite proof he was cheating. After she ate her spinach, mushrooms, and chicken pasta in homemade alfredo sauce, she went to her bathroom and ran a bubble bath with lavender bath salts and oil. Putting Destiny’s Child “Is She the Reason” on repeat, she took her clothes and eased her way into the warm water. Closing her and taking in the sound of Beyoncé’s smooth soulful voice she thought about her relationship.  


The sound of a car pulling up snapped her out of thoughts. Letting the water out of the tub she went to take a quick shower before putting on her PINK short set pajamas. She decided to sit up and catch up on Grey’s Anatomy. Surprisingly Rashad was home at 10 PM, he came walking into the room with a bouquet of white roses and a bag from Tiffany’s. Rashad went in the bathroom to take a shower; he came out in nothing but a towel. After going into the closet and putting on some basketball shorts, he grabbed the flowers and bag and sat on the side of the bed and grabbed Aaliyah’s hand.  

     “Look I’m so sorry baby. I’ve been going out and treating you like shit, you’re the love of my life and I can’t imagine life without. I promise I will do better and be the man you deserve.” He said sincerely. Aaliyah just looked at him, not sure what to say. Did he think buying her things would cover up for the way he’s been treating her? Maybe he was out handling business, he was a rapper and the nightlife comes with the job. Snatching the Tiffany bag so she could open his gift, once she opened the square box her eyes got misty from the $5,300 diamond watch with the signature Tiffany Blue as the backdrop. “Do you like it?” he asked. This was the most expensive thing he has gotten her since they were together. It wasn’t the price tag that impressed her, it was his ability to actually listen to what she was saying. A few months ago, they were sitting by the fireplace and she mentioned that she wanted a watch for work, so she could look more professional, and didn’t have to look at her phone to get the time. It was times like this that made her love him. Yes, he tried to fix his mistake with material things, but it was the thought that counts and effort to try and make things right.  

     “I love it! Thank you so much baby” she said trying on the watch.  

     “Can I get a hug, kiss, or something?” he said standing up. Getting up she walked toward him with a grin on her face, wrapping her arms around his neck kissing him on the lips. They spent the night talking about his album that he was working on and he was so excited. She smiled as she thought about the long hours, he used to spend writing his raps while she did her homework. His career was finally going somewhere and she couldn’t be prouder of him. Rashad’s parents were upset when he decided that he didn’t want to go to college so he could pursue his rap career. His mother eventually came around when she heard the song that he wrote for her and she played it for everyone to show him off. Now, his father, on the other hand, didn’t speak to him for a year and they still weren’t close like they used to be. College isn’t for everybody; it is a lot of work and dedication. There were times that Aaliyah wanted to drop out because she wasn’t able to have a social life. Most of her free time was spent with Rashad, leaving her friends feeling left out. One of the things she was happy for was that her grandfather had set up a college fund for her because the amount of money that would have been accrued in student loans was well over $100,000. She promised her grandfather that she would go to college and graduate and that’s why she pushed through to make that happen for him. Once she put her mind on something, she would finish it. She took summer classes so she could graduate early and get started in her career so she and Rashad would have enough time to make money and when it was time to have children, they would be able to raise them. Aaliyah knew she didn’t want to be the type of mother who handed her kids off the nanny while she spent most of her time at the office. She wanted to have her children raised in the house with both parents and be the family that took vacations and had traditions. Growing up she had a mother who did the bare minimum she made sure Aaliyah had clothes on her back, food in her stomach and a warm bed to sleep in. That’s what parents were supposed to do but she craved a close bond with her mother where they would go get their nails and hair done but she was never into those things. Her grandparents were the ones who made sure she got to do things and they would fly her to Florida to be with them for summer breaks. When her grandmother passed away her grandpa got depressed and would send her money and she understood. Her grandparents had been together since they were fourteen years old and if she lost the love of her life, she wouldn’t want to do anything either. She didn’t know her grandfather had left her money when he dies a few years later. Her mother had come rushing into her room and asked her to sign a few papers and Aaliyah told her she would do it after she finished her homework. Once she finally got to the papers, she decided to read every single page and was shocked that her mother wanted her to sign over the rights to her money to her without even telling her. It was her being sneaky and trying to take her money that made Aaliyah realize that even your own mother would steal from you without caring. She called Rashad crying and telling him about it he assured her that he would make sure she was straight. Her and Rashad had been inseparable ever since and when he started staying out, rushing out the house after getting a phone call it made her start to question him.



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