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Based off of the novel Infected: Betrayed By True Love, this story is a nail-biting prelude to the actions that occurred there.


Darkness brews in the streets of Mobile, Alabama and all the streets want is green and bodies. Ezekiel aka Zeke or The Devil, a savvy streetcat, finally left the life of slanging and dealing into a life with minimal funds and high hopes for better.

Yet, the dime bag seems more promising than the shipyard and the underworld ruled by Quella beckons him.

Entwined in such a toxic relationship with Zara, he attempts to be happy.


Harmony, a recovering addict, stumbles upon Zeke in a whirlwind of consequences described as her life. With such stumbling, she ends up in Zeke’s clutches. However everyone seems to be each others' nemesis. Friend? Lovers, perhaps? Can the peace that Zeke and Harmony strive for rule over all or will they become infected?




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