Aniyah Walker has Cinderella dreams with her soon-to-be husband and prince charming, Da’Quel Williams aka Quella. She is ticking down to her winter solstice wedding in 15 days and all she can do is smile and embrace her new lifestyle with open arms. With a baby in her belly, a wedding ring on her finger, peace in her heart, and a lawyer on her arms, her happily ever after is finally secured and nothing or no one can stop it. Or so she thought.

She receives a vicious phone call that she is HIV positive and with her eyes only knows one direction to turn towards the deception, her own prince charming.

This myriad tale of dramatic twists, turns, and secrets has Aniyah hunting down the age old question: Who is she?

What do I do?

How do I protect my child?

Will Quella give her the truth? Or will she have to find it out her own on how she became infected?

Part 1

 Da’Quel Williams aka Quella


            I took a sip of Peach Cîroc as I chased it with tonic water while I viewed the evening skyline in my condo of Bayfront Road Mobile, Alabama overlooking the waterfront. However, it was very easy to do so in the second story as I watched my circular tipped corona cigar cease its flame. The water looked so serene as the waves tossed just a bit back and forth as its peace gave my own self serenity. Night was upon us as I guzzled the delectable remnants and chomped on the succulent ice cubes. What I craved, however, was far more satisfying than a mere beverage that tasted like peach soda. I wanted the sweet nectar that lied in between a woman’s legs, that sweet honeysuckle that men fought wars for, even died for. I was willing to even stoop so low be an aphid and hop from each flower just to procure each droplet as my own.

            Speaking of nectar, a text just came through from my shawty, Ariana. Ariana stood at a busty 5’9 with her long, gleaming Brazilian hair that I brought her strapped in a ponytail. Her jet black hair glistened like morning dew that it matched her latte skin and I couldn’t wait to go to Starbucks and order her in vente’ and savor her addicting caffeinated beauty. I thought about placing my fingertips on her velvety skin to envision is it like dipping my toes into the Amazon River to find that perfect Zen. Every time I saw a message from her, all I could think about is her plump strawberry lips sucking the soul out of my thick, mushroom tip. Each time she did, she peered into my soul with those mocha colored eyes and blinked her charming yet long eyelashes. She just knew that she had the pastiche to be better than all the other girls, that she could steal every nut that I could conceive and I let her. Her boobs were like oranges being trapped in those chest prisons she adored so much but she was a bit slim for her gargantuan size as her full-sized, curvy ass was so soft that Serta didn’t have anything on baby girl and tuft enough to hold with just more than a mere palm. Every time I grabbed it, it jiggled for me, as it welcomed me in its softness. She was a tall drink of water but she knew her place for me was on her knees, pleasing me.

            Even now, I thought about that ass I stroked myself to her fine self as I disguised by acting like I was relieving an itch but I thought of Ariana. I always responded late to her because my fantasies controlled me as it wove another tale of ecstasy and proclivity. The first time I fucked her was in her house when her nigga was calling her, begging her to come back home and with each call that came in, I stroked her harder, making it impossible for her to ever wanna be with another man. She came into the kitchen with nothing but dark nude linen bra and panties set as she challenged my manhood with her dark, erect nipples. I couldn’t enjoy her Gushers-type wetness like I wanted to with that damn phone ringing non-stop. I just knew I needed more. I wanted to pinch all of the juice out of her sweetness and guzzle it all for my own as she was a variety of sweet flavors. It didn’t matter if I got cavities, I would remove all of my teeth for her to be mine and mine alone. My addiction for that sweet Ariana was alike any other and she knew I was enslaved to each and every charm she possessed. She didn’t even have to speak with her celestial voice but each time we fucked, I knew God was a woman.

            When are you coming to see me again? I missed you my King. She texted as I knew my return would be imminent.

            King? I smirked as I responded. I just saw you last night, what fucking in your kid’s bed wasn’t enough for you?

            Those illustrious three dots continued our conversation as I awaited her quick responses. I could hear her silky voice each time she stroked that keyboard. I still heard her voice as angelic just like the curves that she possessed and I would love to be stepdaddy any day but her nigga wants her to be committed. Commitment is nothing but prison chains called on by an oligarchy and as humans we should possess every fruit that we can. I, personally desire an arboreal forest of sweet nectarines waiting for my beckon call. But what she wants is her King, a real man, not no fuck boy who cannot handle human nature’s true feast of lust.

            You’re dirty for that but no it wasn’t enough so come give me more. My nigga been talking later shifts and my son sleeps earlier so come whenever you want.

            Fuck yo’ nigga I don’t wanna hear about him no more. It’s only about me and you. It’s always been about me and you.

            Sorry but you fuck me so much better than he does and I don’t want anybody but you Quella. I never wanted you to leave my bedside.

            What I tell you about yo nigga?

            Damn, she caught feelings and that turned me off just a bit so I double texted her back with.

            Look, I got business to tend to, maybe tomorrow night?

            You lying Quella, you just saying that to spend time with your fiancée’.

            She caught me as I sneered.

            So you jealous?

            Of her never. She can’t suck your dick or fuck you like I can so I’m good and that’s why you’re always over here. I just love you Quella and can’t get enough of you.

            Here she go with the sentimental shit again. Love is a feeling that is too complicated with what we have going on. What we have is pure desire towards each other and love just gets in the way of that but if it’s to make her feel better, she can love some good ole me.

            Did yo’ nigga do anything special for you for Mother’s Day?

            Just flowers and a card.

            That’s unacceptable from a man. Broke ass nigga shit. The same type of dude that gives gifts from the heart when what really matters is if she’s financially secured. I just sighed as I wired her some money to her bank account. Riches meant nothing to me, I lived a very luxurious lifestyle ever since I was a kid and knew how to keep wealth in my tough grip. My family was full of lawyers, doctors, nurses, and the top one percent of powerful black men and women in the country. I myself graduated from University of Alabama School of Law and received my Juris Doctorate in which I can practice at any law firm in this grand ole state. Where the real funds come is for the Law Offices of David M. Allen. Those white men were happy to have an intelligent brother like me to represent the “trash” clients and acquire all of the victories and secured the bag for their firm. So I gave her chump change in my opinion but half a salary to someone making minimum wage. Anyone apart of my family, lust, or legacy was never going to be without the riches that they sought from me. Money meant nothing as my riches can shortly be replenished with hard work and a simple smile.

            Check your account.

            Omg. Thank you Quella.

            10Gs ain’t nothing but a thing for you baby. But how about I come rock your world tonight mami.

            I changed my mind, I knew that she needed me tonight and I didn’t want to disappoint.

            See you then.

            See you too.

            My pussy will be wet and ready when you get here. J

            I didn’t respond as she made me shiver done to the bone as I slid my iPhone 11 in my suit coat pocket. I left her on read on purpose. She knew what the business is and that I’m in charge. It’s all about power and I hold hers right in the center of my palm and can easily crush it with a single mush. Single mothers and sad women are so easy to manipulate because all they want is someone to love, that’s all. They’ve already been hurt before so they don’t want all the extra attachments that normal women strive for. Women like Ariana just want their kids loved, toes sucked, pussies licked, and to be fucked so good that they’ll marry you over and over again. However, marriage is just meeting the status quo for me but I still had some play left in me for the cards I was dealt always refills handsomely.

            My fiancée’ Aniyah and I just got back from a church banquet in which the food was less than adequate and the service was an homage to all mothers, young and old. My gorgeous Aniyah stripped down from her sapphire high heels and suit combo to just a large Tupac’ t-shirt. If I peeked hard enough from where I stood and she bent over, she wore those lazuli panties I enjoyed so much. She barely stood at 5’4 with her milky light caramel skin and thick lips round enough to suck a golf ball through a garden hose. They were so light and airy that each kiss felt like I kissed God and she knew she was irresistible and needed no man to convince her otherwise. I have a thing for women with big asses so she has a booty so bouncy that I had to spread her apart to find her sacred treasure. That tight hole glistened each time I took a peek at it and I was the only one with the key to the kingdom. Her hair came in a simple bob and slicked the rest of it with gel like we were back in 2002 in which touching was strictly forbidden. Her stomach was barely visible with her sizable grapefruit beauties that stayed strapped behind a sports bra. It was too easy to fondle those chocolate nipples that stayed perky for me. She was the perfect figure of a woman to fit inside of her mermaid style wedding dress that was braided with real VVS diamonds. I always did the best for something that was mine and the family ordered how I showered her with blessings but all I did was be in their good graces. Quella could do nothing wrong in her or their eyes.


Hell ‘Niyah was a tomboy so it took a long time to convince them that she couldn’t wear Jordan’s with her dress even if it meant securing her own individuality. I almost have to square up with her every Sunday to wear a dress to church like a woman should. She didn’t believe in the original Pantheon of the dress wear for men and women and I tried to strip her of that bad habit. I’m marrying a lady, not a dyke. Men and women are separated for a reason and I believe that manly actions are for men and women should know their place regardless of what this new society presents to us.

She had steaks, assorted veggies, and potatoes fired up on all the burners and had the whole condo smelling quite delectable. The blended seasonings and butter spread had my open the senses of my nose and I knew the steak was going to be juicy and well cared for. She knew that the only way to cook a steak as well was medium rare and for anyone else who thinks otherwise is a peasant. She knew some nifty tricks in the kitchen even though she grew up privileged, which was strange for majority of our race living in the “great” state of Alabama. Her mother and grandmother were raised traditionally and sat her and her sister down and taught them how to take care of a man by satisfying their appetites. Best way to keep a man is to make sure he’s full before his departure.

I skulked behind her as I gripped her tiny waist and smelled her gracious perfume as it tickled my nose and her cheeks pressed firmly against my rock-hardness. She wiggled her hips just to play around with me. I placed my lips on her neck and smooched lightly as she attempted to nudge me off but she knew she had to cave.

“Baby…stop..” She moaned as she became weak to me. “Lemme fix yo food first.”

“Open yo legs then. I can eat enough to never starve,” I chuckled as I pulled her shirt up as I rubbed her waxed arena.

“Boy stoooo..” She beautifully exhaled a moan as she swiftly popped my hand as my hand still lingered, not feeling the pain. “We just got out of church.”

“So?” I caressed her slick pussy lips and felt wet up for me and she cringed as her head rested solely on my chest. She had to be moist before I even traveled my hands down South.

“And people…” Her eyes rolled to the back of her head as I sunk my fingers deep inside slicking her overflowing chalice onto my hands. “Think..we never had sex.”

“Let them think that.” I imposed as I suckled from her sweet neck flesh as it formed into a perfect angular hickey.

“Uhhh…” She bit her lip as she moaned and moved her hips as she oozed gently. “I…wanna do things right, Quella.”

“That’s not what your body is telling me.” I inspected her wavering eyes as I pressed my lips on hers as I said. “And it’s Mother’s Day.”

“What about it babe?” She inquired. “I’m not a mother.”

I swiveled the stove tops on low as the meal’s smell simmered calmly. I turned her around as she was dazed, picked her up, set her on the island, and spread her legs apart as I viewed the succulence that I had to indulge in. She was frosted like a glazed strawberry cake and I knew the icing was the best part.

“Our mothers had their chances to be free before they settled down and I just want to give you the best gift of all on Mother’s Day.” I smiled at her as I stared into her dark indulged eyes.

Her dark eyes turned smoky as she asked, “Like what? You being here and as my fiancée’ is enough for me.”

“Nah, I want to make you a mother on Mother’s Day.”

She tapped my chest with her mannish power as she said. “Quella stop playing.”

“Who said anyone was playing with you, ‘Niyah? I want to have kids with my soon to be wife.” I saw her face lighten up as her cheek blushed.

Hook, line, and sinker.

“And you my husband.” She didn’t disagree.

“But right now what’s my name?” I said as I pushed her back and kissed down her t-shirt and atop that pulsating clitoris.

“It’s Daddy!” She shrieked as I suckled from her clit and her honey-kissed lips. I slathered my tongue all around it, as I made it mine. She oozed from her honey-pot as like Winnie the Pooh, I slurped it gone and she whimpered for me.

“Baby…” She forced my head deeper as my tongue dipped inside as I gorged on a whole feast and it surely wasn’t Thanksgiving.

“What’s my name ‘Niyah?” I barked as she obeyed and her neck swayed back as I went back to gorging on her wondrous lobes.

“You’re my Daddy, my King, and my everything!” She moaned fiercely as her arms grabbed the island as she moaned louder for me.

The smoke from the stovetop enamored the mood as the spiced seasoning blended into my nose. I knew my magic touch would wane so now I had to pull out my magic wand and Leviosa. I slid my pants off as I cuffed my long pole as she exposed one of her breasts for me to fondle her hardened shaded nipples. I pinched them and soon I had my entire mouth on it as she feigned her head back some more. I fed from them like I was her baby, that’s what she enjoyed so I made her feel special.

“Make me yours Quella.” She begged.

You already are.

She banded her legs behind my back as I sunk my ten-inch pole deep inside her.

“Ah fuck.” Her weakness decided to let out as I stroked her lightly as her white orbs flew to the back of her head as I felt me stretching her out. I lifted one of her legs high as I felt the back of her pussy and beat like she never was getting it back ever again.

“That’s it baby, take it, that’s my ‘Niyah.” I said as I stuck her big toe within my mouth. She always kept her feet cleaned and moisturized with the finest natural lotions in all the land so them toes were mine. I had no problem pleasuring women in any way possible. Each little piggie I suckled whole and like a trumpet, I pressed on every chord imaginable. I had no remorse to give her absolute Nirvana when them toes were under my control.

“You know I fuck with that Quella.” Her mind was out of whack as I smirked my fanatic smirk as I grinded just as hard.

“Oh baby…oh baby…don’t stop…please don’t.” She flexed her tight muscles and choked my strong arm. I pulled her close and pounded her walls with no remorse as I met her wet lips with a slight hello. They were glossed and tasted of bliss and strawberry delight as she used that special slave from Sephora her lips craved. She then bit my ear as she hummed her same moans to me. Our tongues met with a menagerie of goodness.

“Stay right there baby.” Her heat frothed so much that I could taste her sinister pleasure rise for me.

            “That’s my spot baby?”

            “Yes.” She responded with a smile. “It’s all yours. I’m all yours.”

            All I needed to hear.

            “I’m gonna show you something.” I bent her over grabbed the back of her neck from behind and beat those cheeks so hard that they clapped on command and in cadence as her perfection as it gobbled every inch of me, not without creaming at least. Each stroke, she slathered the shaft in her wondrous glaze. I pulled her closer to me as I muttered dirty nothings in her ear.

            “Who’s your King?” I commanded.

            “You are!” She cried.

            “And this good pussy belongs to the King don’t it?”

            “It do….It dooooo…” She moaned for me.

            I beat those cheeks hard enough until tears streamed from her eyes and her ass turned red from our repeated reverberations. She was throwing it back like it was Mardi Gras and I scooped up that sweet candy like a greedy kid that’s gonna hide it from his momma. Both of our foreheads flooded with sweat as we moaned together. It was a symphony between us that only we could share and could never be desecrated by anyone around us. She kept tightening my shaft and I kept sculpting out her core until all the sweetness was mine and no one else’s. We synchronized our heartbeats, our breathing, and our souls as one creature. I felt my nut being chased but I was too focused on her that I just exploded inside of her womb.

            “Oh shit, baby…fuck!” I coughed out as I rubbed my forehead and pulled myself out. I came so much that remnants of our union dribbled down her short legs as her ass stayed tooted up on the counter. She just laid there as she took short breaths to recover her strength as I slapped her ass just to watch it bounce for me.

            “Ow..that hurt nigga!” She lashed out.

            “You know you love it.” I joked as I massaged the spot I smacked.

            “Not when you hit it like that..shit.” She rubbed her ached spot.

            “Now go finish that food baby.”

            She heaved. “You know I only put up with you because I love you right?”

            “I know baby.” I lightly kissed her lips as she reciprocated. “I love you.”

            “I love you too.” She said as she seemed disappointed as she knew what was coming.

            “I have to head into the office and pick up my case notes so please make me a plate. I forgot.” My firm was about twenty-five minutes away and Ariana was on the way there.

            “You can’t have supper and then go do that at least? I don’t want you to just hit it and leave.” My little doe was upset.

            “No. Now you know I need them tonight babe, I’m sorry, I’ll make it up to you, I promise.” I insisted.

            “Ok…” She huffed and sulked like a child.

            “Aht. Aht.” I held her chin and hugged her close to me. “Happy Mother’s Day my love.”

            “Happy Mother’s Day to you too.” She brightened up or at least faked it.

            I put on the remainder of my clothes and headed out to the firm and I texted Ariana back, On my way.

            She texted back, I’m awaiting your arrival and your son is asleep.



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