You ever have a best friend that you’ve always had feelings for?


Meet 25-year-old Chanel Adkins, aka Coco. She is a beautiful, educated woman with her share of ups and downs in the love department. The only consistent man in her life is her best friend, LaTeef Johnson, aka Teef. In time, Coco wonders how it would be if her and Teef decided to become more than friends.


However, she is snapped back to reality by Teef’s gold-digging, child-like, on and off again girlfriend, Shamaya. Chanel tries everything in her power not to tell Teef how she truly feels about him.


Will she risk it all to see if the feelings that she have are mutual?


I remember like it was yesterday. It was the first day of the twelfth grade and we were in homeroom when LaTeef walked in the door. You could tell by his swag that he knew he was the shit. Trying to act all cool when the teacher assigned his seat next to me, I thought that I would faint when he walked past me smelling like Usher. He had all the girls in our homeroom flocking to him left and right, asking a million and one questions about where is was from. He was funny and cool as hell, and that's what kept me intrigued by him. LaTeef grew up in the hood in Cali with his mother. After his father passed away, they moved when her job transferred her here. LaTeef only needed a few credits to graduate, so he was only in school for half of the day. I was the quiet cute girl who kept to myself and did what I was supposed to do. We had a couple of classes together and were paired up to do a project for class. Ever since then, we have been stuck like glue.

 I was currently in nursing school trying to finish my last few classes for the semester so that I could start my clinical. I was single for the time being and over the whole relationship thing. Every time I thought I found the right one, they always would fuck it up with lies and cheating, so right now I was focusing on myself.  The only man that was always here was my best friend, LaTeef. I have had feelings for him ever since we were in high school, but I never acted on my feelings. I wanted to tell him so many times how I felt, but I just couldn't bring myself to do it. I  didn't want to ruin our friendship. I watched as he changed women like he was changing his drawls. I had been there for him when he was having issues with a chick and even whopped a couple asses for him. Even with all that, I still chose to put my feelings to the side, hoping that one day I would get the courage to tell him. I wanted to make sure the timing was perfect and right now definitely wasn’t the time since he had this situationship with Shamaya. I mean, she was cute and everything, but she has a sneaky side to her. I had been hearing things about her but decided against telling my Teef because we would say I’m tripping. Speaking of Trig, there he go now calling my phone.  

“Hello," I said.

“It’s been about three weeks since the last time that I talked to you. What, you been too busy to talk to me or something?” He asked. 

“Well if you must know, I have been busy with school and working,” I replied.

 Teef would always catch an attitude when he hadn’t heard from me, but he would get over it like he always does. It was like, one moment he was treating me like I was his lady, then the next minute, I was just the home girl that he grew up with. It was beginning to get confusing as hell to me, so I decided to take a break from him. I parked my car in the garage and kept my house dark. He had a key, but he would always call before he stopped by. The less I was around him, the better it was for me to mask my true feelings for him. 

“I don't even want to hear none of that. I miss you so I’ma be pulling up on you," LaTeef said, hanging up before I could get a word in.

 I’m glad I was already dressed. I cleaned up my books and washed the dishes that were in the sink. I was supposed to go to Christina’s shop tomorrow to get my hair done, so it was the perfect time to get the house together. I knew that it would be an all-day event messing around with her.



I knew from the first time I saw Chanel in class and got to know her that she was a special kind of person. Nook (I only called her that) was beautiful as fuck. Her skin was the color of caramel and she stood about 5’7 with wide hips, thick thighs and long, sexy ass legs. She kind of reminded me of that chick Kiyanne off Love and Hip Hop. She was feisty just like her ass and stayed ready to fight.  She has a smooth caramel complexion with long hair and her eyes were butter pecan brown. She had more than a handful of breasts and a flat, ripped stomach with an ass so big I could put a cup on it. Thick just the way I like them. I loved Chanel’s confidence. It was sexy as hell. She was smart as hell and didn't care what people thought of her. That spoke volumes in my book. I could always talk to shorty about anything and she never judged a nigga.  I never knew what true meaning of love was until I met her and for that, I will always love her no matter what.

 I didn't have a lot of male role models growing up because my pops died when I was still in mom’s stomach and moms didn’t really talk to her peoples like that, which is sad to say. When we were in school, I wanted to push up on her in high school, but I didn't because I liked having different options of women. I knew with her I had to come correct. So, I just settled for being her best friend and chasing any and every nigga away that I could. 

So, I decided was going to wait until I got everything out of my system before I stepped to her. The problem now is that I'm in love with her, but I got this little situation back at the house. Shamaya was cool people but she wasn’t Nook. She was flashy and wanted to be on the scene of everything that was going. She got a little job at this clothing store that one of my friend’s lady owned. The only reason she got that job was because I told her ass that I was tired of coming home seeing her and her friends all over the damn house. I knew I had to hurry up and make a change when it came to her and Nook because they couldn’t stand each other. And I wasn’t about to lose Nook for nothing.


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