Jagger McCall is on mission to hit District Attorney Stansfield where it hurts. After being lied to and his wife was killed, Jagger stops at nothing to make Stansfield feel his wrath. When he gets the call he has been waiting for he sets things in motion for his intricate plan. Jagger has to go out of town to Vegas on business. Once he finds out that Stansfield’s daughter will be attending vacation there he makes his move.

Gianna Stansfield is her parents pride and joy, especially her father’s. After much begging and convincing her best friend Liberty gets her to embark on a weekend long trip to Vegas. Gianna is reserved and well-polished friend who lives in the shadows of her parent’s. One too many drinks lead Gianna to a night of wild passion with the handsome Jagger McCall.


What happens when Gianna wakes up in a strange suite, with a man she knows nothing about? The shocking surprise she awakes to makes her panic. Things spin out of control all around Jagger and Gianna. Will the two grow to make the best of their situation or will it all crumble after secrets are revealed?

Chapter Four

            Gianna moved and groaned in pain from the soreness between her legs. Her vagina felt swollen like someone had given her the best dick of her life. Her head was pounding and she couldn’t remember shit. Slowly she sat up and looked around the luxurious suite. She furrowed her brows in confusion, because this wasn’t her room. The question in the back of her fuzzy memory bank was whose room was this?

            Every time she moved her legs she gritted her teeth. What the hell did I do last night? Gianna wondered as she ran her fingers through her tousled hair.

            The scent of the sheets made her heart race and her stomach drop to her feet. She lifted the cover to see that she was fully naked. “How did I miss that?” she said aloud.

            Her mind began to race as she tried to piece shit together, but she was coming up empty. Nervously she ran her hands through her hair again. When she did she had flashback of fucking a man who wasn’t Phillip. “Take this dick, Gia! You better not fucking run!” Gia stood up suddenly with the sheet wrapped around her naked body. She couldn’t find her balance and fell wrapped awkwardly in the white sheet.

            Gianna dropped her hands to her lap still in a state of shock and confusion. Her tired eyes landed on her left hand. Shakily she lifted her hand to see a rock with a wedding band behind it. Gia kept blinking and blinking as if the ring were going to disappear. This wasn’t the ring that Phillip had gotten her. In fact this ring on her finger put Phillip’s to shame.

            Her eyes caught sight of the gold wrapper on the floor. She knew then she had fucked up royally by sleeping with a total stranger. What in the hell was really going on? While lost in her thoughts, Jagger swaggered in. She looked up and her heart stopped and started again. Now seeing him in the light even though she was hung over, she realized how gorgeous he was.

            His tall stature was muscular and covered in ink. His chocolate skin made her lick her lips. Her eyes rested at the bulge sitting comfortably on his left leg. Her vagina contracted just thinking about it being embedded between her thighs.

            “I see you finally woke. There are a lot of things we need to discuss. First, I need to put some food on your stomach.”

            “How did I end up with you?”

            Jagger smirked. “You were begging to go with me.”

            Gianna’s eyes popped out like one of those cartoon characters. There was no way she was begging to go with a total stranger. Then again she could see why because he was something to see and do. “That is insane. I would never beg to be with a man, especially a man I just met.”

            “Guess the liquor really had you feeling yourself. Come on so I can feed you.”

            Gianna remained rooted in the same spot she had fallen. Her brain didn’t comprehend anything around her. This all had to be a bad dream. At least she hoped it was a bad dream. Before she saw Jagger approach she smelled him. He stood over her with his hand outstretched. Briefly she looked at it before allowing him to help her from the floor. She made sure she had the sheet wrapped securely around her body as he did.

            “This ring looks nice on your angelic hand.”

            As if water had been doused on her she came back to reality. She jerked her hand from his like his was on fire. “Why the hell do I have this ring on my finger? And where is the ring that was there before? You know the one that my boyfriend gave me.” Gianna frowned.

            “If you allow me to feed you then I can answer all your questions.” Jagger folded his arms across his chest.

            “Fuck food! What the hell is really going on here, Jagger?”

            “I see you don’t understand that things are not going to go your way, Miss Gianna. From this day forth know that your life will never be the same. Now come and eat before I carry you my damn self into the kitchen and make you eat,” Jagger said as he turned and walked away.

            Gianna stared at his retreating back. What the hell had she gotten into? Most importantly what had she done? Moving in the direction Jagger had gone she stood there watching him as he placed food on the counter. “Are you going to tell me what’s going on?”

            “I will. Just not when you expect me to. Now sit down so you can eat.”

            Stubbornly with a pout on her face she took a seat and her stomach growled at the food before her. Here she was with a man she didn’t know a damn thing about other than his name and what his dick felt like. This was the worst kind of mess and could potentially turn into the biggest scandal ever. She had a whole fiancé at home and she had slept with someone else. This wasn’t Gianna by a long shot. True Phillip had cheated on her, she didn’t believe in doing what he did to get back.

            Jagger watched Gia intently. She was so fucking beautiful and her innocence was cute as fuck. He knew so much about her life and she didn’t know shit about his. It was obvious she didn’t know anything about her family either. It was sad he had to result in doing what he was doing, but Myles Stansfield just didn’t realize how he had fucked up. Jagger was the wrong man to be fucked with.

            “Why are you staring?” Gianna looked up from her plate of food.

            “You must not be used to men staring at you. You’re beautiful and I can tell you underestimate how beautiful you really are because you live under the scrutiny of others when you should live for you.”

            “Are you trying to psychoanalyzing me?”

            “If that’s what you think.”

            “I tell you what I think. I think you are a crazy psycho who preys on women in nightclubs just to have a one nightstand.”

            “Gia, if that’s what you really and truly thought you would have ran your ass up out of here like the fucking devil was on your heels. Just to let you know the rest of your stay here you will be with me.”

            “Says who?”

            “Your husband.”

            My husband?

            “I’m not mar-“

            It was like a light bulb came on out of nowhere as her mind started traveling back to last night. The bits and pieces she was putting together had her head hurting. This couldn’t be her fucked up life right now. How did she allow this shit to happen? First and foremost what the hell was she going to tell her parents?

            “So you obviously drugged me or something because there is no way I would have slept with you nor married you. I don’t even know you!”

            “The only thing that’s in your system is the alcohol you consumed. Drugging you is for weak and sick man, Gia. That ain’t my style. Besides pussy is given to me freely on a daily.”

            This shit was crazy because she felt a way about him saying he was given pussy freely. Who raised these dumb bitches? Shakily she ran her hands through her thick mane for the third time that morning. She couldn’t wait to get back to Atlanta. There was no way she could deal with a domineering man like Jagger. Hell she didn’t even know his last name.

            “What’s your full name?”

            “Jagger McCall and you beautiful are Gianna McCall.”



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