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Who says you can’t have your cake and eat it, too?


Handsome, mack daddy, womanizer, Malcolm Geyser lives and breathes by the motto. He has a beautiful wife, a fine ass fiance’ on his arms, and a deadbeat baby mama on the sidelines with her hand out. He’s the owner of the most hottest, successful dealership that’s poppin’ in the 513 with his boys! He has the money, the cars, and the expensive jewels around his neck and wrist to outshine the competition. But, what happens when you cross the wrong person? Secrets Malcolm tried to hide become expose. Lies that were built up, come crumbling down. Will Malcolm be able to handle it all or will he be looking up at the barrel of a gun?


Everything that glitters isn’t always gold, darling.


Shaniyah Cane-Geyser has been with her, husband, Malcolm since forever. She loves that man to death! After he put a ring on it, her life was perfect! Nothing else could come in between them. Yet, she has her own demons she’s fighting. On the night of their Anniversary, everything starts to change in the matter in a blink of an eye. It pushes Shaniyah into the arms of another. Her husband’s best friend. Smells like a recipe for disaster! Can Shaniyah forgive Malcolm’s whorish ways and continue on to live happily ever after? Or move on with her knight and shining armor who’s been there for her time and time again.


Its Ms. Boss B.I.T.C.H. to you! 


Feisty, sexy, cool, Angel McNeal wasn’t looking for no man she was all about her coins! She wrote off being in any relationship after her first love took her heart and ripped it shreds. Ex-stirpper turned business woman, securing the bag was her only love, but all that changed when she met Malcolm. They became inseparable and fell in love! With the wedding fast approaching, Angel wasn’t prepared for the truth on her soon-to- be-husband. When one door closes another one opens, but she’ll be surprised who’s on the other side waiting for her with open arms. 


I rather be a paid hoe than a broke hoe!


Lizzie McGuiness was the true meaning of be careful who you have a baby by. She thought Malcolm was going to be hers forever, but that was lie! Malcolm wanted nothing to do with her heart feeling cold. So, cold that she left her daughter behind in Cleveland, OH for her mother to raise and never looked back. With a sway of her hips and flip of her hair, she opens her legs to get any man she want in Cincinnati, OH. Except for the man that truly belongs to her! Fed up, Lizzie links up with the sexy new owner of Bullet Enterprises and together they hatch a plan to take down Malcolm, Shaniyah, and Angel. She intends to get the last laugh or will she be the one getting laughed at in a pine box.

Chapter 1



    I was outside in the backyard on the deck sitting in one of the recliners with my coat on smoking my blunt and sipping on some Barefoot Pink Moscato listening to the sounds of the fire crackling from the fireplace, keeping me warm. I have been trying to reach my headache of a fiance’ for the last couple of hours now. Tonight was very important for me. Today, was my parents Anniversary and they decided to throw a big party at their house. The theme for the party was Another Eternity With You, Daddy went all out just for tonight and spared no expense. Mama wanted everyone that’s coming, dress to impress, which was good, I already had the right outfit just for this night. If I miss out on grabbing me up some lobster legs, oh baby, it’s going to be hell to pay! After I finished my blunt and wine, I put the fire out then went inside the house still calling, trying to get in touch with Malcolm.

    “Where the fuck is his ass at!? Ugh!!” I yelled out, throwing my cell phone at the wall breaking it. Sitting down on the bed with my hands on my face, I was fed up with continuing on to put up with this bullshit. All I ask is for one night! Just one fucking night! We were supposed to go over to my parents house for their Anniversary dinner together as we planned. They have been married for forty years now and this night was something special for them. I had to damn near suck the skin off my man’s dick in order for him go with me, but once again I get pushed to the side. My house phone started to ring and I already know it was my mother or either my sister calling looking for us. I let it go to voicemail. I didn’t have time to hear my sister’s mouth about Malcolm especially my mother. She couldn’t stand him and she made it clear every time she saw him. I think she saw a lot of my father in him. He used to cheat on my mother heavy back in the day and she would threaten to leave him plenty of times, but he took her as a joke. The last time he cheated on her was with one of his runners. I never knew her name, but it was the final straw for Ma. She stuck to her word, packing up all of our stuff. We moved to Evanston in a nice three bedroom house on Bevis Ave. We lived there for about two in a half years until my father came knocking on the door begging like Keith Sweat. Don’t get me wrong, I love my mother with all my heart, but right now, I just couldn’t deal with her mouth at this moment. I have been with Malcolm Geyser for the last three years and he proposed to me on Valentine’s Day last year. What I thought would be the most blissful moment for me in all my twenty-two years of living turned into a fucking nightmare. 




    I turned on my security camera and I could see my sister, Jonae, cussing me out on the screen. It was fucking hilarious watching her pointing at the screen, rolling her neck around. “You should know that I can’t hear you and you look like a fucking fool right now.” I spoke into the intercom, unmuting her.

    “Bitch, fuck you and open this damn door! My nipples could key up a fucking car right about now. Hurry up!” My sister yelled. 

    Laughing my ass off at her crazy ass, I rushed out my bedroom to the front door. She was shaking like a stripper. Poor thing. Not my problem, nobody asked her ass to show up here, anyways. Shit, I need a bottle of henny and a nice fat ass blunt right now to deal with my problems.. Pushing me aside, I continued to laugh at her frozen ass.

    “You know damn well you ain’t right hoe! Its dark as fuck in here!” She nagged turning the lights on. “I know you are not wearing that to mom and dad’s party!” She looked at my boy shorts and long sleeve shirt with my Winnie the Pooh slippers on my feet. “And where the hell is that fiance’ of yours?” With her hands on her hips firing question after question at me. My sister was twenty-six and looking like a fucking model. Smooth caramel skin as if she bathed in baby oil. She had a beautiful curvy body with a flat stomach. Working at Planet Fitness did its magic on her after she gave birth to my nephews. Antonio, her husband, was sitting in jail around the same time the twins were being born. It broke my sister down trying to take care of two kids, but Antonio left her and the kids a real nice lump sum of money. Putting her name on everything including, the cars and the house he had paid for and surprised her with before the feds repo or freeze anything. After getting a call and finding out from his lawyer, she hauled ass to his office to go claim her prizes. Planet Fitness who!? My brother-in-law was smart for that shit.

    “First off, nobody asked you to co/me over, that’s yo fault, and second of all, I don’t know where Malcolm is. I have been calling him since I got off work. I don’t have time to deal with mom’s ‘I told you so’ speech. I wish them a happy anniversary, but I’m not with the celebrating tonight.” I told her walking to my mini bar to grab me another bottle of henny, pouring me a shot. “I think saying yes to Malcom was the fucking worst deiscion I could have done. He’s been moving suspiciously and I’m scared to face the truth about it. I don’t know, is, maybe I’m over reacting, but I just have this gut feeling.” I said as my voice trembled. 

    “Aww, sis don’t cry. You want me to have Uncle Mike beat his ass?. You know he’s been wanting to lay hands on Malcolm since he first met him at Anton’s and Antwan’s birthday party. Unc ain’t no hoe.” Nae knew she play entirely too much when it came to the beef between Uncle Mike and Malcolm. I tried to keep my uncle out of my relationship problems, but it was hard because he didn’t play about us, especially me. He beat up my prom date, Evan Russell. He literally sat outside on the steps wearing some weighted gloves. I was supposed to return home at midnight, instead I showed back up at three in the morning after losing my virginity. When we pulled up, Evan tongued me down so good I was ready for round three. All that came to a halt when the window shattered, Evan was being yanked out the car. Uncle Mike was beating the shit out of Evan. It took my father and and some of the neighbors to pull him off of Evan. The way he acted you would’ve thought he was my father and not my uncle. Shaking my head at Nae, I walked to Malcolm’s stash box and took out five pre-rolled blunts then walked back over to the island sitting on the barstool trying to calm my nerves. I lit one and took a puff.

    “Look, let’s just get you ready for the party and we’ll talk about this more afterwards. You can even come home with me. Your nephews will be with Antonio’s sister tonight. W’re going to have so much fun. It’ll be just like old times I promise, Puddin’.” She said calling me by the nickname she gave me when she first laid eyes on me at the hospital. She took me by the hand heading towards my bedroom to find something suitable to wear. Once I got myself together in the bathroom, I decided on a red jumper that had a sexy deep V in the front to show off  my girls. The of it was backless with a diamond chain attached to it going down my spine. Pairing my fit with my clear pumps. The only jewelry I had on were my big diamond hoop earrings and my engagement ring. Jonae did my hair and make-up for me. She had my face beat like a goddess. I love when my big sis do my hair and makeup. She was cold as fuck with it. I keep telling her stubborn ass to open up a hair and makeup salon. She know it was always her dream, but she turns down the thought each time. She already have her cosmetology license back around the same time I graduated high school. Around her birthday, I was surprising her with her own salon its right out in Sharonville. Looking in the mirror I admired my sister’s work with a big smile on my face gazing my eyes towards my sister I can see her eyes watering. 

    “Now, sissy, you know we have no time to redo your makeup, but I love it and I love you. Please reconsider about opening up your own business.” I said sliding in the last part as I grabbed my hooded faux crop top fur out the closet.

    “You think you slick heffa, but I have been thinking about it. I haven’t even touched the money Ant left behind. I put twelve hundred in seperate account for the boys and I have been putting two hundred in each account from the money my clients pay me. Other then that I haven’t done much with it except letting it all stack up even more.” I set the alarm and locked up the house. Walking over to Nae’s black on black SUV. Pulling out of the driveway I made sure to grab the other blunts off the kitchen island and lit another one. I took two puffs and passed it to my sister, bumping Kevin Gates all the way to our parents house. 

Pulling up half an hour later to their crib, we could see that it was packed. I took another sip from my blinged out flask that was filled with henny tucking it away in my purse. Nae took her last pull of the blunt before putting it out in the ashtray, then we hopped out the car. Walking up to the door we saw a sign informing all guests to go around the back to enter. Knowing my mother she had new carpet put down in the dining room and didn’t want people to fuck it up. Entering inside, I see the planner that they hired did the damn thang putting together my parents party. The decorations were to die for and the color scheme was amazing. Walking further inside; I could see my parents dancing to Anniversary by Tony Toni Tone and it put a smile on my face seeing the love radiate off both of them. Nae dashed off to find the liquor bar and talk to Ant’s crazy ass on the phone. I walked over to the buffet table that had about three chefs serving food. Grabbing myself a plate, I had them fill it with crab legs with the sauce on the side. Mac and cheese, black eyed peas, green beans, and a buttery biscuit on the side.Finding the nearest table to sit down as my mouth watered, anticipating, to take a bite of the mac and cheese, but the moment was ruined when I heard my mother’s voice behind me.

“Glad to see that you decided to show up Miss. Thang. Where the hell is that husband-to-be of yours.” She asked looking around as if he’ll appear. 

I rolled my eyes before turning around to answer her. “Hello dear mother! You look very beautiful tonight.” I told her standing up giving her a kiss on the cheek. Ignoring the part of her asking about Malcolm.

“Aht, Aht, little girl! Don’t try getting cute and change the subject.” She starts sniffin’ around. “Then, you and your sister have the nerve to waltz up in here smelling like that damn weed! Ooh! So so, help me Lord, this child is going to make me slap her up the river.” My mother said as she started to cuss me out on the sly. Latrissa Ashley McNeal was a beautiful caramel colored woman. Stacked like a brick house and it was all for my father. Her light green hazel eyes were to die for when you gaze upon them. She had her locs in an up do making her face pop out more. Makeup wasn’t even needed. She wore a black off the shoulders dress that was long with a split coming up her left leg stopping at her thigh. Long sheer sleeves that had swarovski diamonds around the writs. On both hands she had her diamonds rings, blinging bright as fuck, on each finger. Diamond earrings were sparkling under the lights that adore her ears. My mother was drop dead gorgeous to be in her mid 50s. Gazing at my mother, I didn’t notice my father and uncle approaching us.

“LaLa, baby, leave my Lil’ Bit alone! She’s here and that’s all that matters. You look gorgeous by the way baby.” He told my mother than gave me a hug and kiss on the forehead. Saved by the bell! I thought.

“Thanks daddy.” As I stuck my tongue out playfully at my mother. She rolled her eyes and walked away with my father watching her ass sway to its own beat. I can see Unc peeping too. He better stop before his girlfriend Isis start to pop off on him again. She found out he was cheating with her best friend and sent him to the E.R. for a gun shot wound and stitches to his face. He now sports a long scar going down his forehead and across his cheek

“Show yo favorite uncle some love, Lil’ Bit.” Unc said as I gave him a big hug and kiss on the cheek as well. Both my father and Uncle Mike were some good looking men at the age of 60. Black surely doesn’t crack when it comes my family. My father whispered in my ear that he had to talk to me and for me to meet him in his office while he went to go find my sister. I nodded at my father and walked off with Unc. I checked my phone and seen I had not one single missed calls or messages from Malcolm and it pisses me off even more. I could have been dying or kidnapped and he wouldn’t even know it. I looked down at my engagement ring and really questioned my life choice. Was being tied down to Malcom for the rest of my life something I really wanted? I had doubts on him in the beginning, but I pushed it to the side and gave him a chance. I went to my father’s bar to pour me a glass of Jack Daniels to calm my nerves. 

“Slow down Lil’ Bit you know your father doesn’t like when you drink.” Unc said as he took the bottle out of my hands to pour himself a glass. He smiled and gave me another one on the sly. “How you been niece on some real shit.” He asked then gulped down his drink.

“I’m good, Unc. I just hired some more girls for the club and business has been booming! I owe it all to you and daddy for making my dream come true, honestly without y’all, The Devil's Daughter wouldn’t be opened right about now.” I truthfully stated. 

Five minutes later, my father walks in, closing the door behind him. Usually, when he sees me at his bar he would cuss me out, but this time felt different. I couldn’t read his facial expression as he placed an envelope in front of me. Confusion was written all over my face. Nodding his head at me, I saw the seriousness on his face making me snatch the envelope up opening it. My breath was caught in my throat. I felt like I was getting Punk’d. If Ashton Kutcher walks out with the camera crew right now, all they asses were getting nothing but head shots. My focus was still on the picture I see my fiance’ kissing another woman. The more I keep looking through them, I see the same woman in all of them with my future husband looking all happy and shit. I was confused to say the least.

“Daddy what the fuck is going on?” I didn’t mean to cuss at him like that, but I needed answers. Who the fuck is this bitch with my man? Our wedding is two months away and I get hit with this bullshit. This explain al the days he went out of town for business. Working over time late nights. This shit was a slap to the muthafuckin’ face. This fucker as been playing me this entire time!

“The reason why Malcolm isn’t here and is always disappearing is because of the woman you see in the picture.” He said taking a sip of his Jack. It felt like I was drowning, trying to catch my breath, the room began to spin. 

“Daddy? What the fuck are you trying to tell me? Unc?”

Uncle Mike shook his head with his hands up in surrender. “I’m stayin g outta this one, Lil’ bit. Ya daddy has the spotlight right now. Trust me, You don’t want to know what I’m thinking about that sleaze. Just know he got a beat down to coming to him. I knew I should’ve shot at his knee caps when you first brought that bitch around.” He spat.

“Please, Angie don’t cry. I wanted to hide this from you, but that’d not the type of father that I am. These were the type of men I tried to protect you and your sister from.” He sighs. “Her name is Shaniyah Cane-Geyser and she is Malcolm's wife and the mother of their son. I’m so sorry, Angie baby.” My father felt bad for me seeing the shock state I was in. my vision was becoming blurry. I needed to sit down. I tried to walk towards the couch to sit down, but I felt myself getting lightheaded. My legs felt wobbly. I took one more step, everything went black.



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