In the last installment of The Knight before Christmas a bomb is dropped and it causes a rift between Exotic and Knight. Terrah thinks she has won, but soon finds that scheming was in vain. After being dropped from Knight Records and sued she goes on a rampage to ruin Knight. She holds a secret that she thoughts no one knows until Knight’s lawyer digs deep to find out all about Terrah.

Exotic goes to great lengths to get Knight to understand why she did what she did. In the midst of her trying to tell him she has her own secret that may change things for the both of them. Just when they think things are good, things start to unravel and leaving them not knowing what to do.

Drama like never before is leaked to the media leaving Exotic and Knight with love on the line will they be able to move forward or will everything they have built crumble?


            Messy B has some hot tea for you. Knight Miller owner of Knight Records seems to be all in the media lately. It appears he has been dating Terrah and keeping her secret only because he’s been cheating with Exotic Wright, one of the baddest dancers and choreographers around. Don’t know if this is true, but from the looks of the pictures it’s very much true. Knight Miller has really been busy over the holidays. Stay tuned for more tea from Messy B.

            “This bitch!” Exotic growled.

            She had been back in town all of two weeks and was already in some shit because of Knight Miller. If she had of left his ass where he was that night at the bar things would be fine. Her pussy just had to go and be friendly the Knight before Christmas. If Knight knew he was fucking the thirsty bitch he should have admitted it. She had just finished her last class of the day and she was beyond tired, but she was about to make a special trip down to Knight Records. She was tired of the bullshit.

            It was cold as shit outside. She hustled to her car because the wind was whipping all around her. Hitting the fob to her car she eased onto the leather seats and quickly started the car. Turning the heat up and her heated seats she sighed in contentment. Pulling away from her studio she headed in the direction of Knights building. Twenty minutes later she was pulling up to his building. Knight was doing the damn thing because his building was nice. It had what looked to be seven floors.

            Getting out of the car she headed inside and went to the reception desk in the upscale lobby. There was an older black lady sitting there manning the phones. She looked up smiling warmly at Exotic. Exotic couldn’t help but smile back. “How may I help you sweetheart?”

            “Yes, I’m here to see Knight Miller.”

            “Let me call his office and see if his in.”

            Exotic nodded as she looked around the lobby. Pictures of different artist hung all around. Some were from the 80’s and some from the present. She was so into her surroundings she didn’t hear the woman trying to get her attention. Exotic turned apologizing for being in a zone.

            “May ask who’s here to see him.”

            “Exotic Wright.”

            The lady nodded. Seconds later the lady told her to take the elevators to his office. Smiling she headed towards the elevators. Once inside, she thought about the bullshit Terrah was on. Bitches were crazy as cat shit. She didn’t have time for all the extra shit. Exotic knew that was the territory when it came to being in the limelight. Finally the elevator dinged placing her at her floor. She made a left turn and she approached the door with Knight’s name placed.

            Knocking on the door she waited for her to tell her to come in. She didn’t have to wait long. His thunderous voice called for her to come in. When she entered he paused on his phone call. His hazel eyes slowly ran the length of her frame. The hunter green skinny jeans with small slits at the thigh hugged her curvaceous body. The black wrap shirt fit around her torso perfectly. The cheetah print booties gave her a bow-legged stance. Her hair was pulled back in a sleek ponytail.

            Ending his call he leaned back in his high back leather chair. “Come here.”

            “No. Why the fuck is Terrah on this retarded bullshit. You need to handle her before I do. I hate all this drama. Drama isn’t something I do.”

            “Exotic, come here.”

            “Are you even lis—“

            “Why the fuck are you so hard headed. Bring your ass here!” he gritted.

            She sighed and rolled her eyes. Moving the side of his desk she stood there with her arms folded across her ample breast. He stood, towering over her. Her breath hitched as she took him in. Today he was wearing black slacks and black button up with an Armani belt. He had a fresh haircut and his beard was lined precisely. Knight was fine as hell and he knew it.

            Pulling her to him he placed a long lingering kiss on her glossed lips. Deepening the kiss he lifted her onto the side of his desk, standing between her legs. He placed his hand at her cheek. Knight was in love with her, but he first had to get shit under control with Terrah. “I know why you’re here and I’m not worried about that bullshit. She’s fucking herself and don’t even realize it.”

            “She’s going to end up going too far and then what? I don’t have time for this bullshit, Knight.” She threw her hands up in frustration.

            “So you ain’t got time for me?” he tilted his head looking down into her pretty face.

            “That’s not what I said.”

            “Sounded like that’s what you said.” He smirked.

            “Knight I’m being serious. And I’m not working with her. I’ve already contacted Joel to let him know and he completely understands.”

            “I feel you, baby. So since you’re here how about us going to lunch?”

            She wrapped her arms around his neck as he stared down at her with his hands on her thick thighs. Shit like this he could get used to. She smiled up at him and he smiled down at her. Right then and there decided that she was going to let things go as she told herself the last time. This time she was serious.

            “I think I can manage us having lunch.”

            “I know what else you can handle too, but we’ll get to that later.”

            “You so damn nasty.”

            “Yeah and you love this nasty shit.”



            “You would pick the busiest and restaurant downtown.” Exotic playfully rolled her eyes.

            “Couldn’t miss up on the opportunity for some good soul food. Of course nobody can touch my momma’s food, but Lucinda’s is the next best thing.”

            “Oh this bitch is so damn extra.” Exotic gritted.

            Knight turned and looked in the direction of Terrah. She didn’t know how to chill. Her entourage like she was Beyonce or somebody. Cameras flashed as she moved through restaurant. She was all happy until her eyes caught sight of Knight and Exotic. It didn’t matter what she did, it seemed like the two kept getting closer and closer. Her schemes usually worked in the past. Now Exotic was making shit difficult.

            With a smirk on her face she knew how to attract attention. Strutting in the direction of Kinght’s table she acted a plum fool. “What the fuck is this shit, Knight? You keep disrespecting me by acting like my feelings don’t matter!”

            Knight abruptly stood and damn near knocked the table over because he was so angry. This bitch was doing the absolute most. She was bringing too much attention him and he didn’t like that shit at all. He grabbed her, daring her bodyguards to jump stupid. Her little friends looked on in shock and then glared at Exotic.

            “The fuck is wrong with your pebble-brain ass? You out here acting like a got damn fool and for what? Some dick you ain’t never had or never will get! Since you want to act like a simple bitch, I’m going to do you a tremendous favor.”

            “What are you going to do, Knight?” she smirked.

            “Drop your dumbass from Knight Records.”

            Without another word Knight headed back to the table only to find Exotic gone. She was so over the bullshit already. What woman acted that stupid over a man who claims he hasn’t touched her? The shit just wasn’t making any sense to her. After the door shut on her Uber, she head to her studio. She needed to clear her head and her heart of Knight. It was too much shit trying to be with Knight.

            She knew that her parents as well as his were rooting for them to be together. Exotic just didn’t see that in aligned in the stars for them. Terrah was going to make sure of that. She was sure it would be so more bullshit in the media. Apparently Terrah lived for drama and she was more than likely making money from what she was doing.

            When she finally pulled up to her dance studio, she hopped out. Unlocking the door to her studio she headed inside. She made sure she locked the door behind her and head to her private domain. As she looked around the private room, it brought back so many memories of their night. Shaking those thoughts away she changed clothes and turned music on so that she could get lost in dancing.

One Month Later

            It had been one whole month and he hadn’t seen or heard from Exotic. For all he knew she was away in LA. Her parents didn’t even know where she was. She only told them that she needed to get away from everything for a little. She had even gone as far as blocking him. Terrah wasn’t an issue anymore since she had been dropped from his label. Of all the things she tried to push into the media, her career wasn’t one of them.

            Terrah was out there pretending that shit was all good when everything was all bad. Her priorities were all fucked up. Instead of securing the bag, she went and tossed the motherfucker because she wanted dick. It was a New Year and it should have been new beginnings. Sadly he felt like he was in the same place he was before seeing Exotic the night before Christmas. Knight replayed a recent dance video of her dancing to “Chris Brown’s “Heat”. The way her body moved had him hypnotized.

            It had only been forty-eight hours since the video had been loaded. Exotic already had over a million views. He couldn’t deny that she was talented. Looking at her on the screen had him in his feelings. Deciding he had tortured himself enough he shut his computer down. He turned his chair around to look out of the city. His mind was all over the place and Exotic was the blame. Knight knew he just needed to erase. The thing is— he couldn’t.

            “You still crying over, Exotic?” Kase teased.

            “Fuck you.”

            “On some real shit I told you Terrah was on some other shit. That’s why I never fucked with her on any level. She wanted to get in the studio so I could so-called work on her mixtape a few years ago. That shit was dead as soon as I got word. The shit you had to deal with is what I wanted to avoid.”

            “I just can’t believe Terrah that damn crazy! How the fuck can you be with obsessed with a man who has never laid a finger on you?”

            “Some females are just unstable. And apparently she’s one who is.”

            “This shit is fucked up on so many levels. We didn’t even get a real chance and that’s all I wanted.”

            “There still is hope. This is a new year and you and Exotic should have been growing and building. I know there was a major bump in the road, but anything that’s worth having isn’t always easy to obtain,” Kase voiced.

            Just as Knight was about to respond his phone alerted him of an incoming text. He didn’t recognize the number. Opening the text his eyes narrowed as he looked at the picture. Knight prayed he was seeing shit. His eyes had to be deceiving him. He was so upset he almost crushed the phone in his large hand.

            Knight: Who the fuck is this??

            678-529-8800: Doesn’t matter who this is. Just blew up your fucking spot. BOOM!

            678-529-8800: And this juicy piece will be in the media in five…four…three…two…one…

            “Yo’ what the fuck?” Kase as he watched Knight flip his whole desk over.

            Knight couldn’t even formulate words. Instead he handed Kase his phone. Kase looked from the picture back to Knight. This was one time he didn’t have any words. The picture was worth a thousand words. Neither he nor Knight knew what Exotic was on, but all he knew was she better been able to explain the shit they were seeing.


            Exotic had been back in Atlanta for two days. She kept a low profile. She stared blankly around her home, lost in thoughts. Thoughts of what if? It was too late for that shit now. Holding the hot chocolate in her hands she looked out the window. She wished the darkness could give her some type of answers. Unfortunately they couldn’t. Exotic had been avoiding everyone at all cost. She knew eventually she was going to have to face the real world. She just wasn’t ready to do so just yet.

            Exotic placed her hot chocolate on the table. As soon as she stood she heard the notification alert go off on her phone. She picked up the phone and saw that she had been tagged in something on Instagram. When she opened the picture and read the headline, her mouth dropped open.

            BOOM! BOOM! BOOM!

            The pounding on the door and the picture had her stuck. Running a shaky hand through her wavy hair she began to pace as the incessant pounding continued on her door. It got so bad she knew if she didn’t open the door it would soon be off its hinges. Making her way to the door, she swung it open only to shrink back.

            “K-Knight, what are you doing here?”

            “Nah; sweetheart, you don’t get to ask questions! You are going to answer my fucking question!” he barked.


            “Shut the fuck up, Exotic! Answer this one got damn question for me. Did you abort my muthafuckin’ baby?”


Chapter One

            Exotic was stuck on stupid as she looked into Knight’s angry eyes. She had never seen him as angry as he was right then. She knew she had fucked up and was more than selfish in her actions. Everything was a mess and it was her fault. Then she took a moment to think about the picture she was tagged in and she became angry herself.

            “Did your bitch send that picture to the media?”

            “Fuck who sent what to the got damn media! I want to know did you abort my baby. Pictures don’t fucking lie and I pray you are smart enough not to lie.” He gritted with narrowed eyes.

            “What the hell do you mean it doesn’t matter? This is my fucking life on blast with the world thinking the worst of me. It’s only two months into the New Year and I’m already painted to be a heartless bitch that aborts babies because I supposedly don’t want to ruin my dancers body,” she yelled!

            “Are you fucking slow? I asked you a question that you keep avoiding, which leads me to believe you did do that selfish shit. Is that why you were away so you could clear your head to make that decision without even talking to me first?

            “This is my body and I can do with it what the fuck I want. Your bitch was that pressed she had to do all this shit just to make my life a living hell!”

            “What she did is nothing compared to what the fuck you did. I never took you to be a selfish and heartless bitch to do something like this. I was really falling in love with you and wanted to build something strong, but I see you’re too weak to even deal with shit when it gets hard.”

            “FUCK YOU!” Exotic screamed at his retreating back.

            “I fucked you and every waking day I regret that shit. At least if I had of nutted Terrah she wouldn’t have aborted my kid. She would have felt that shit was a privilege.”

            Exotic felt like she had been slapped by his harsh and cold words. She couldn’t blame him at all, but it didn’t mean his words didn’t hurt. They hurt like hell. Worst than a bee sting and those motherfuckers hurt. She watched with blurred vision as he walked out her door, slamming it behind him. A loud sob shook her core as she balled up in her chair by the window and cried her heart out. She was fucking mess and didn’t even know if she would be the same after having Knight before Christmas.


            Elena looked at her daughter with disappointment written all over her face. Her daughter had gone and created a mess. Now she was sitting at her kitchen island looking like a lost puppy. Elena had always instilled in her daughter to be open and honest. By trying to hide things they would come to the light when you least expected them to. For her daughter the shit came out in the media. The media was the worst place for something like this to come out.

            “Your father is so upset he can’t be around you right now. I don’t want to be around you right now because you are too got damn grown to be acting like some young girl who doesn’t know any better. You let that dumbass dick-chasing girl run you off. The whole time Knight was showing you that he was all about you, yet you ran when you should have showed her she didn’t run shit. Now she thinks she has a chance because she caught you slipping.”

            “Knight hates me.”

            “As he should. Even though you think he hates you he still loves you too.”

            “My question to you is how are you going to fix this shit?”

            Exotic looked at her mother not knowing what the hell she was going to do. Her brain was a scrambled mess. She had done enough hiding and tucking her tail. It was time for her to wear he big girl panties and get her shit together. Grabbing her things she kissed her mother and headed out. The way things were spinning around in her life she didn’t know if she would be able to get things under control. If she didn’t do it for herself, she sure as hell had to do it for the little one she was carrying.


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