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The masterly 5’11” Gemini known as Laconia ReNeè was born and raised in Dallas, Texas. She holds a Bachelor’s Degree in Nursing, where her expertise is wound care— from Louisiana State University. The mother of three didn’t stop her education there. She holds an Associate’s Degree in arts, specifically in theatre— with the University of Texas at Arlington also being her alma mater. Having to escape poverty and statistics from the Southside of Dallas, Laconia found her hidden paradise inside Black History books, poetry and stage writes until she picked up a pen herself at the age of eleven. After writing for friends and fun for a decade and half, she set off to master her own craft, and settled with a publishing home that could fit her diversity, range, and her lack of lazy fingers.

Another hobby of hers is music. Having an in-home studio has its advantage when there is an itch to loop a sound, record a few runs, or to simply organize a podcast. If not the music or writing, she also enjoys photographing candid moments or sketching her innermost pictures. “The universe is art, and without it, nothing is visual or heard of,” she’s quoted saying in a 2012 Tumblr interview during a contest of the most talented fan-fiction writers. “If nothing is heard or seen, then does it really exist? It’s almost as if without the art, we’re not really here.” Laconia is also an awarded advocate for Anti-Bullying, an advocate for Gay and Transgender Rights, an advocate for Diabetes Awareness, as well as her most challenging yet accomplished advocacy of Bi-Polar Depression Awareness.

Check out her releases below...

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