Yolanda Harris wants to live in a world where every life matters. Born and raised in Washington, DC; she has been trying to make a dent in the number of homeless individuals living in/and around the nation’s capital. When she’s not working as a Compliance Specialist for the local housing authority; you can find her feeding the homeless or completing course work to obtain her bachelor’s degree, in Psychology.  Spending time with her two adult children and Chihuahua, is pure joy for Yolanda.


Stepping out on faith, Yolanda decided to share the stories that have clouded her mind for years, with the world.  Loving the raw grit of urban fiction and being a romantic at heart, has led Yolanda to writing some stories that are sure to excite, pull in and trap the readers. She signed with Major Key Publishing and will soon release her first Urban Fiction novel.


Her favorite quotes are: “I don’t look like what I’ve been thru” and "I'm too blessed to be stressed and too anointed to be disappointed". 


You can follow Yolanda on all her social media outlets @ Yolanda Davis (Facebook) and Asianricaneyez (Instagram).


Check out her releases below...

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