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Joshua Walker has fallen hard. The one woman who has stolen his heart is the one woman he claimed for years he could not stand. He and Alexandra Cunningham have always made it clear they dislike each other. Alexandra feels he is too much of a player who does not care about anything but his business. Whereas Joshua thought Alexandra was too stuck up and a control freak. That all changed when they had a one-night stand. They hooked up when Tamara Walker-St. John, who is Alexandra’s best friend and Joshua’s sister when she was going through drama with her now husband, Michael St. John, II. They slept together that one time and no matter how many times their paths cross, they never slept with each other again. His interactions with Alexandra when they were going through the family drama were as if they were together as a couple. But what he did at his sister’s wedding showed Alexandra they would never have a future together.


Now, months after the wedding, Joshua realizes she is the one and tries to win her back. Alexandra does not want to have anything to do with him and at a family function she tells him it will be a cold day in hell before she is with him again. When Joshua has a family crisis, Alexandra sticks by his side, and he thinks they are back together on track with each other. A comment that Tamara makes while at dinner makes her panic because she feels he is just using her and she does what her two best friends, Tamara, and Dianna Wright-Thomas, do. She disappears. Joshua’s life falls apart from Alexandra disappearing, and his business is slipping away from him. Joshua faced losing everything and Alexandra had something to happen to her that no one was expecting. The families must reunite again to save Joshua and Alexandra. But can they save him from losing his business and be with the one woman he loves?


    “NO!” Joshua shouts out loud as he sits straight up in his bed to look over at his clock on the bedside table. It was four in the morning, and he woke up again with the same dream he had had for the past year and a half. The dream of him making love to Alexandra Cunningham from that onetime they made love last year. He and Alexandra hooked up when his sister Tamara was going through her drama with her now husband Michael St. John II.

    Joshua Stephane Walker gets out of his bed to go to his kitchen to fix a cup of coffee then goes over to the window to stare out from the 40th floor of his condominium on 5th Avenue at 325 Fifth Avenue in the heart of Manhattan. It is the middle of June, and it is going to be another sweltering day in New York. The thirty-seven-year-old who stands at six-foot-four with black curly hair, olive skin color, hazel eyes, and a straight nose. Most women found him sexy because of the shadow beard he had covering a cleft in his chin was a straight up player. He stood there tired and confused while talking aloud to himself as he sipped his coffee. 

“I cannot keep on like this. I have to talk to someone about these dreams I keep having. No matter what I do. I cannot get her or the way we made love out of my mind.”

    Joshua thinks back to a year and a half ago when he shared part of what was going on with him with Maria on their flight back to New York. He had taken Maria Bradshaw, one of his employees, with him to his sister’s wedding in Memphis, Tenn. 





A year and a half ago…

      Maria, one of the top stockbrokers in his firm, has quite a few questions on their flight back home to New York. “Okay, Joshua. What the hell was that about? You asked me to be your escort to your sister’s wedding, which I thought was strange because you could have asked any of your playmates. You dump me at the wedding, and after coming back into the reception after you disappeared. You looked like someone had just died. What is going on?” 

    Joshua closes his eyes to take a deep breath before he tells her what happened. “I ask you to go to the wedding with me because I was trying to prove to myself, I had no feelings for Alexandra Cunningham. I slept with her once, and we became close while my sister was going through her drama before her, and Michael got married. We became close like a couple involved with each other and I guess I did not want to face it. So, I thought if I showed up with someone else, it would prove to myself she meant nothing to me. I knew you and I had never crossed the line of boss and employee, so you were safe. If I took someone that I have messed around with. They would think I was serious about them because I was taking them around my family.”

    Maria’s beautiful face turns into an ugly frown as she curled her lips and glared at him with narrow eyes. “So, in other words you used me for another woman who you obviously care about a great deal.”


The way she looked at him and the words she stated made Joshua have a chill go up his body. The beautiful woman he has always known she had turned right before his eyes to a cold harsh person he had never seen. He did not comment, and they said nothing else to each other the entire trip back to New York. 



Present Time… 

    A year and a half later, neither has ever mentioned Memphis or the conversation they had on the plane. Joshua told her what happened in Memphis, but he has told no one what has been happening with him about the dreams he keeps having every other night. He knows it is time to talk to someone before he loses his mind. He needs to face what happened to him and Alexandra and he can move forward with his life. He went back to his master bedroom to get dressed to start his day. The three-bedroom condo where he had part of a bedroom next to his master bedroom was reconstructed to expand his walk-in closet to an enormous closet and the rest of the room for his home office. That was his favorite room because he loves clothes. The room has a chandelier hanging over a vast island in the center, a club chair, chaise, and a flat screen TV. 

By the time he finishes dressing, his driver is downstairs to take the CEO to his office in the Bank of New York building at One Wall Street and Broadway where his investment banking firm J.S. Walker and Associates is located. He has a nine o’clock meeting with his lawyer and one of his best friends in New York, William Wilcox III.

   “W3, what’s up, man?” Joshua sits with his feet propped up on the side of his huge open desk that is covered with client files. Joshua and William grew up together and have been friends since they were six years old. Their fathers are business partners in one of the top real-estate firms in New York.

   “What’s up with you? Man, you look terrible. You know you need to leave the night life alone and all the women you are playing around with.” William laughs at him and shakes his head because he has never seen his friend looking so bad. He’s six-two, tawny brown skin color, black wavy hair, jet-black eyes with a shadow beard and firm lips tilts his head wondering what’s going on with him.

    Joshua gets up from his desk to come around to sit in the opposite chair of where William was now sitting in. He has loosened his purple tie because he feels like he has worked twelve hours already by nine this morning said. “I’m tired, but not from hanging out or messing around with women. I’ve got something going on which has kept me up at night and I don’t know what to do about it.”

    William cocks his head to the side to look at him because he sounds serious. “Talk to me, man. I have never known anything to have you out of it like you are now. What’s going on?”

    Joshua gets up to go over to his office door to close it and then calls his assistant, Carolyn Jackson, who has been with him for eight years to tell her not to interrupt him and just take messages for right now.



“About a year and a half ago when Tamara was going through all her drama with my now brother-in-law and the plane crash. I was around one of Tamara’s best friends, Alexandra Cunningham. I never cared too much for her because I always felt she was stuck up, and she didn’t like me because she said I was too much of a player. We ended up being around each other because of all the issues going on and I even took her out to dinner once where we really got to know each other and had a nice evening. So nice I didn’t want it to end.” Joshua stares out into space, thinking about that night they went out to dinner before he continued. “When Tamara found out she was pregnant, and Michael was being investigated for embezzlement. Alexandra came here to my office to tell me what was going on. We left and went back to my condo. She broke down crying and I start comforting her which led to us making love. Now here is the problem. I have never felt or made love to any woman the way I made love to her. We only did it one night, but it was all night and the next morning and no matter how many times our paths cross we never slept with each other again.”

    “Damn man, that’s some heavy shit. First, I cannot believe you only slept with her one time if it was so good, and you have not tried to get with her again. You must be losing your charm because you usually have women chasing after you.” William yawns because he had a late night, and he can’t believe he had all of this going on.

               “You will not believe what else happened. I took Maria Bradshaw, one of my stockbrokers, to Tamara’s wedding, knowing Alexandra would be there because I was trying to prove she meant nothing to me. After I saw how much it hurt her that I brought someone else to the wedding. I tried to explain and tell her I was sorry, but she shut me down and told me to have a nice life and I have not seen her since.” 

 Joshua massages his temples as he drops his head then looks back up at his friend. “The problem is here it is a year and a half later and three or four times a week I have this dream. I keep dreaming about when we made love the one time and wake up in a cold sweat from the dream. No matter what I’m doing or how many parties I go too or women I try to mess around with. I cannot forget this one woman.”

    “Joshua, you are in love with the woman. You need to face that first before you can try to win her back if it’s not too late.” William was totally bored checking his iPhone for his emails.

    “You think it’s love?”

    William wide eyed stops in the middle of reading an email looks at him. “Joshua…what else do you think it could be? A year and a half have passed, and you are still thinking and dreaming about one woman you slept with one time, and you do not think its love. Have you lost what little mind you have left? The question is what you are going to do about it?”

              Joshua smiled for the first time that morning. “I am. I’m in love with her, and I have not said it out loud to myself because I did not want to face it. But… I’m in love with her. W3 every woman I have talked too this past year. I have compared them to her. No one has come close to being the woman she is. Now, I need to figure out how to see her again, so I can talk to her about the wedding situation of bringing another woman there, then I can tell her how I really feel about her.”

    “Is she here in New York? Can you call her to take her out to dinner so you two can talk?”


Joshua twists his lips as he crosses his arms across his broad chest. “Yes, she lives here, but she is a flight attendant, so she travels all the time. I tried calling, emailing, and texting her for the first three months after the wedding, but she would not respond at all. I know I hurt her, and I don’t think she will ever forgive me.”

    William avoids eye contact with him while reading his emails. He never looked up, but said “Is there anyone you can call to find out first what’s going on with her to make sure she has not run off and got married? If she is still single, they can help you out and set it up for you two to meet so you can talk to her. What about Tamara? If they are best friends, and if you tell your sister how you really feel about her, she will hook you two back up?”

    Joshua’s hazel eyes had a sparkle in them because he knew exactly what he was going to do. “Tamara is still mad at me because of what I did to her friend, but my brother-in-law who is now one of my best friends might help me out. He knows what he went through with my sister and now that I’m one of his boys. He might be the one person who can help a brother out.”

    William said he must leave because he needs to be in court in an hour. The two fine men give each other a man embrace and promise to get together soon for lunch or dinner. Joshua tells Carolyn to still hold all his calls because he needs to make an important phone call. He dials Michael’s cell phone to talk to him about his situation.

    “Brother-in-law. I’m in love.”

    Michael holds his phone from his ear and frowns. “Joshua, what the hell are you talking about?”

    Joshua tells Michael everything he just told William about the dreams and how he’s tried to reach Alexandra, but she was not answering. He also tells him how he has now faced the fact that he was in love with her.

    “Michael, please tell me she has not married someone. If she’s married, I don’t know what I will do because she’s the only woman I want and if I have lost her for good, it would just kill me.” Joshua heart pounding in his chest because he had not thought about maybe she has moved on with her life without him.

    Michael rolls his eyes upward while shaking his head, then starts laughing. “No, she has not married anyone. But we told you last year to go on and face your feelings about that woman. Now you have got to do some serious begging after the messed-up stunt you pulled at the wedding to even get this woman to talk to you.”

   Joshua felt relieved as he bit his lip. “Michael, please help me to get in touch with her so I can straighten this out.”

   “Since you are family and I know from dealing with your sister how you feel. I’m going to help you out. Everyone is going to L.A. for the Fourth of July, including Alexandra. I overheard Tamara talking to her and she promised her you would not be there. Here is the deal. I will tell Tamara on the flight out there you now have admitted you are in love with Alexandra, and you are coming to L.A. to see her. Now once you get out there. You are on your own, because I can’t promise how all the women are going to feel because they all are pissed at you for bringing another woman to the wedding.”

    “Thanks, man. I know if I see her face to face, we can work this out.”

    “Good luck man because you are going to need it. I’ll see you in L.A. on the Fourth.”



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